My Best Friend’s Dad Ch. 04


The rasping roughness of his tongue as it slid along the velvety wetness of her cunt lips sent enormous tremors through the eighteen year-old girl. She had little experience of either, receiving or, giving oral sex. In her world of mainly inexperienced boys, it was hardly on the agenda as they were generally too keen to get their rocks off to worry overly about the girl’s pleasure. In any case in the usually rushed episodes in the back of cars or downstairs with parents in bed there was hardly the time let alone the opportunity for languid pussy licking or sensual cock sucking. In the world of the forty-five year-old man lying between the young woman’s opened legs, however, it very much was on the agenda for that’s how older men are.

Mark is divorced and lives alone. Sara, his nineteen-year-old daughter nominally lives with his ex-wife Eleanor, but as she travels a lot with her job Sara spends considerable time at Mark’s house, often accompanied by her best friend Sammi. Sara is away from home at a university week-end. Mark has just fucked Sammi.

He had held her tightly comforting and loving her as the traumas of her orgasm sent convulsions through her and created such strong emotions in her mind. Her whole being tingled and felt tender to the touch as tears of pleasure and relief, with a tinge of guilt poured down her cheeks. She wasn’t usually held and consoled after being fucked. More typically, the boy would have rolled away from her, pulled the condom off and would be pulling his underpants and jeans up by now.

Mark stroked and caressed her little, B cup tits that had the pertness of youth the feeling of which he had all but forgotten. He was stroking her shoulder-length, blonde hair as he had said.

“Oh Sammi that was marvellous, you were marvellous.”

“Was it Mark? Was I really?” she gushed so pleased to be told that by this much older man.

“Yes baby, yes it and you were incredible” he whispered turning her face and kissing her full on the lips. “Why are you crying?”

“I’m sorry I am just so happy.”

“So am I Sammi.”

Mark had known Sammi since she and Sara joined the same secondary school. He had seen her grow up and become such a beautiful, blue eyed, blonde haired, thirty four b, twenty four, thirty four inch young woman. Neither had felt anything sexual about the other until very recently. Neither could put their finger on just when it had started; just when both had started picking up vibes from the other and fantasising about them when they masturbated or just when they had imagined it was the other they were having sex with when it was a completely different person.

With Sammi, that was an older boy in his mid-twenties. He and his mate had been having sex with her and Sara in his car or on Mark’s settee or the floor in his lounge for a couple of months. It was just two weeks ago when he fucked her on the sofa as the other guy had Sara on the floor. Afterwards Sara had said. “Did you say Mark when you were cumming?”

Mark had no real sex partner. Since the divorce, he hadn’t dated much, but instead used a massage parlour where the girls did whatever the client wanted, at a price. It was a big-breasted, blonde-haired Latvian masseuse that one evening as he fucked her from behind bent over the massage table he had imagined was Sammi. That hit him hard.

These experiences made both of them realise that they were sexually attracted to the other, that they wanted to be more than a friend’s dad and a daughter’s best friend and yes, that they wanted to fuck each other.

The build up from that realisation had been slow. But then that’s how it needed to be. Although there was a tremendous attraction factor for both of them, they were sensible people and they realised the enormous risks involved. Risks with both making a move on the other, getting it wrong and being rejected and with getting it right, having sex and then coping with the aftermath. Both had come so near several times to making a pass at the other, but discretion and fear had made them hold back.

In the end though, the demands of their hearts and bodies had outweighed the cautions of their minds and they had kissed and held each other on the sofa where the boy had recently shagged Sammi. Her top had come undone and he had revelled in loving her unfettered breasts. Her ridiculously, but purposefully short skirt had ridden up her shapely, tanned legs until he could see her panties. As they kissed he had slid his hand up the skirt, caressed her and then fingered her to her first orgasm. She had thrilled him when she had said.

“Now you had better take me upstairs, undress me and then fuck me hadn’t you?”

He had done just that and for both of them the fuck was fantastic.

* “Oh my god” Sammi moaned holding Mark’s head in both hands as he licked the length of her pussy. He did it slowly with just the right amount of pressure making sure that the tip of his tongue fully anointed both lips and licked just inside them on that especially sensitive area. He sucked and Trabzon Escort kissed her covering every inch of the outside of her pussy before pushing the straightened tip of his tongue inside and probing upwards licking the insides as he started to tongue fuck her. At the same time, he was stroking and caressing her tummy and thighs and rubbing her bottom and chest.

Sammi had never experienced anything like this. The combination of Mark’s experience and knowledge with his patient approach, clear appreciation of her needs and his skill with his tongue was totally new to her. Her body was alive with sensations. She was tingling everywhere. Her breasts felt so full and seemed hotwired to her clit that felt to her as though it was pulsating. She could hardly get her breath, her pulses were racing and her heart was pounding as, feeling rather juvenile, but at the same time so female, she soared towards yet another orgasm, her fourth of the evening.

Clinging onto Mark’s head, moaning, groaning and sighing, her knees drawn up and her legs parted she pushed her pussy back against his tantalising mouth.

“Oh Mark, oh my god, oh yes, yes, yes” she muttered as those beautiful feelings swept over her.

“Yes baby, cum for me, cum for Mark” he muttered between taking mouthfuls of this gorgeous young thing’s cunt into his mouth.

They lay in each other’s arms, half snoozing and half just enjoying the wonderful sensation of this unexpected, but so welcome sex. Mark held her, he comforted and consoled her yet at the same time aroused her and himself even more.

“I never thought this would happen, did you?” Sammi asked resting her head on Mark’s fairly hairy chest and cuddling up to him.

“No I didn’t, but I have been hoping it would.”

Sammi laughed and stroked his chest. “You dirty old man.”

“You got it in one” he smiled running his hand down the girl’s slim back, His fingers found the crease of her bottom and slid in there a little way. She didn’t move away so he left them there.

It was nearly an hour since they had finished their first penetrative sex and Mark had cum. Sammi was used to the boys she went with wanting ‘the second half’ quite quickly and generally they were not gallant enough to entertain her needs, as Mark had done, without theirs. She ran her hand down his body and was surprised when she found that his cock wasn’t hard.

Realising that she might be concerned, but enjoying her touch on his penis he said. “Don’t worry Sammi, it might take a little longer and it may need some help, but it will be there soon.”

“Sorry Mark” she said, feeling rotten that she may have embarrassed him, but a little disappointed at his lack of erection.

“That’s how it is with us older guys, but we get there.”

That made her smile. Stroking his dick she felt some life in it and said huskily. “Let me help?”

“Mmmm that would be lovely” Mark responded enjoying her hand and fingers on him.

Sammi slithered downwards a little. She wasn’t very experienced with bjs as the boys called them and had never let one cum in her mouth. But for some reason she wanted to help Mark and use everything she had to do that. Holding his slightly harder cock she wriggled her face downwards until her mouth was level with it.

Mark loved being fellated, but realised that it wasn’t every woman’s cup of tea. Eleanor, for instance hated it saying that she felt as though was being gagged and suffocated. He had no idea whether youngsters did it, or whether it was a practice that couples grew into as they became more experienced. But as he felt Sammi lifting his cock and imagined she was moving it towards her mouth he thought she’s already shown she’s pretty experienced. And that made him wonder whether Sara had given blokes blow jobs. The feel of her tongue on the tender, knob end of his glans where his foreskin had slid back was like a shock. He gripped her head through the thick golden hair and grunted.

“Nice?” Sammi murmured.

“Oh yes, baby it’s lovely.”

She slid his semi-erection inside her mouth. That was a new experience for she had never sucked anything other than the rock hardness of a younger guy. Mark stroked her head and face as he made low moans and took in this new aspect of sex. It started growing in her mouth and that felt wonderful. Not just the feeling of having a hard cock in there, but also the sensation of her making it grow. Her hand involuntarily cupped Mark’s balls and she fondled them lovingly. She had never done that before and found that the feeling of them on her hand was wonderful. She rolled them and squeezed them gently sending spasms of delight through her older lover.

‘Fuck she’s an absolute natural’ he thought cupping one of her pert, rounded cheeks and squeezing. She took him deep into her mouth just at the same time that he pushed forward a little, which sent the end of his cock into her throat. That made her splutter.

“Sorry Sammi” he said, adding. “You don’t really have to do this, I am hard now.”

“But Trabzon Escort Bayan I want to” she replied feeling slightly disappointed. “Don’t you like it, aren’t I any good at it?” She asked removing it from her mouth and looking up at him. The seriousness and hurt on her face and the two deep pools of dazzling blue of her eyes made his heart melt for the youngster.

“Sammi you are very good at it, what you are doing is wonderful and I love it.”

“Shall I carry on then?”

“Yes baby, yes please.”

Sammi was finding it easy, ‘cock sucking is obviously my calling’ she smiled replacing his now full erection in her mouth. Gently wanking the base of his cock and caressing his balls she took him deeply in and out of her mouth. She wrapped her lips firmly around it replicating the grip her tight cunt hade earlier made on his thick cock. Licking, sucking and kissing it from the bulbous, slightly leaking tip to the hairy, thick base she gave him such strong sensations that he suddenly realised he was near to cumming. ‘Now that’ he thought ‘I can’t do this soon.’

“You’ll have to stop luv” he groaned pulling her head away.

“Why don’t you like it?”

“Yes too much.”

“What do you mean?”

“You will make me cum.”

“Oh I see. So?” She replied very matter of fact.

“And then we won’t be able to make love for some time.”

Looking up, catching his eye, with her mouth full of his cock she slid it out and said.

“We do have all night darling, don’t we?”

“True” he replied revelling in her lips going round the it once more.

Sammi felt very grown and womanly as she started to really get going on Marl’s cock. Sliding her mouth and down on it and stroking and rubbing his balls and thighs she shuddered with excitement as she felt his cock pulsating and him starting to meet her mouth movements with thrusts of his hips.

‘He’s fucking my mouth’ she giggled to herself as she also thought. ‘Well he’s fucked me with his fingers and his cock so fucking me here must be next on the agenda.

Mark couldn’t just cum in her mouth. She was too young and inexperienced for him to force that on her and, in any case, he quite enjoyed cumming on and between a girl’s tits. He pushed on her head.

‘What’s he doing?’ Sammi wondered having no comprehension that he was simply being polite and thoughtful. She didn’t move, but held him firmly buried deep in her mouth.

Mark panicked for he didn’t want to fuck things up between them before they hardly got going.

“Sammi I am near to cumming, let me go” he grunted.

She didn’t budge, but simply gripped him harder, licked the bottom of his cock and held the end of it near to her tonsils. She made her intentions very clear and Mark realise that, or nearly did.

“Are you sure?” He asked reaching out and holding her hand. She gripped and tried nodding her head as she heard him say. “Now I really am so near.”

Still she held him there making him realise that she did want him to cum in her mouth. And then he erupted. His cum shot and then seeped out of his cock onto Sammi’s tongue and deep into her mouth. Being his second time and with his age there wasn’t really that much, but to Sammi it felt as though there as loads. To her, the sensation of the sperm as firstly it oozed into her mouth and then dribbled down her throat as she swallowed it wasn’t that great, but the buzz of doing what she had for him was fantastic.

After muttering. “Was that alright Mark?” she lifted herself up and kissed him full on the mouth with little dribbles of his cum seeping out of her mouth across their lips and into his mouth.

“Oh Yes Sammi, that was incredible” he replied.


It was the first time that Sammi had slept with a man for the whole night without one of them having to get up and go home or back to their room in a hotel. She was the first woman who Mark had actually slept with since his divorce. It was a wonderful for both of them. They had held each other during the night and then they had fucked again in the morning.

In the morning, Mark prepared them breakfast. He was wearing a shorty, dark blue silk dressing gown and Sammi had borrowed one of Sara’s mid- thigh length tee shirts. They sat close together on the secluded patio outside the kitchen in the warm, mid-morning sun.

“Sex always makes me hungry” Sammi smiled stroking the back of Mark’s hand as she wolfed down the scrambled eggs and bacon. “This is great” she went on lifting his hand and kissing it.

“Yes a lot of people say that” Mark replied wondering just how much sex she and thus, presumably his daughter had. “It was good wasn’t?” he went on sliding his arm round the young woman’s shoulders and pulling her towards him. They kissed deeply exchanging the tastes of the breakfast. That made them both recall what they had exchange one of the last times they had kissed


“Oh Mark it was just wonderful, I feel so good. Thank you so much” Sammi said her hand Escort Trabzon almost involuntarily slipping inside his robe and stroking his chest.

“I said before never to thank me or any man for sex” he replied his hand as equally involuntarily finding her small breast and squeezing it.

He pulled her onto his lap and they continued kissing. She undid the tie on his robe and pulled it open. His cock was soft.

“Bit quick for that again” he smiled. “That’s the problem with age.”

“Yes but you more than make up for it with knowing what you are doing don’t you?”

Seemingly effortlessly Mark lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the wooden table. “Well we like to think so” he went on standing up as his dressing gown billowed open. He took hold of the hem of Sammi’s tee shirt and started to pull it up her body.

“Out here” she said a tremendous surge of excitement going through at the idea of sex in the open air.

“Why not, no one can see and nobody will come along will they?” He said slipping the robe off and putting it on the chair.

“No I guess not” Sammi said as she lifted her bottom up. He pulled the tee up and over her head. They were both naked.

Sammi was confused. Here he was stripping them both naked in his back garden, yet he was soft and had admitted he probably couldn’t go again just yet. “So what’s happening Mark?”

“You’ll see” he said quietly pushing her back on the table with her legs dangling over the edge. “Just lie there.”

Mark took hold of her ankles and lifted them up so that they were pressed against her boobs.

“Mmmm nice view” he muttered looking at the bloated lips poking through the backs of her thighs.

He ran his fingertips along the crease between them. That made her body jerk. He pushed his finger slightly inside her making her jerk even more. Sammi’s heart was pounding so hard. Naturally, she had not been in such a position before. But then not too many young women had been naked in a middle aged man’s back garden, lying on her back on a garden table with her legs in the air and her lover staring at and stroking her pussy.

“Oh Mark” she groaned reaching out for him only to have him move away.

“No, this is for you Sammi, this is an older man’s gift to a wonderful young woman.

Lifting her legs up even further, Mark bent so that his face was close to her. She jumped when she felt him blowing on her pussy. She jumped even more when his tongue slid along the length of her slit. And she jumped more than that when she realised that his tongue had not stopped at the end of her pussy. No they had kept going and had crossed that thin strip of skin behind her lips.

Mark was hardly thinking. He was so into Sammi’s body and what he was doing to her after what they had done last night that he was forgetting that she was so young and relatively inexperienced. He was not acknowledging that so much of his sexual knowledge would be virgin ground to the young woman. Due to that, he had forgotten that anal play would probably be new to her and he let his tongue slide into that delicious groove.

If what he had done so far as Sammi lay on the table had excited her the feeling of the tip of his tongue pressing against her bum hole made her feel as if her body would explode.

“Oh god, oh my god, oh Mark” she whined one of her hands gripping the table so tightly she was in danger of breaking her white painted fingernails as the other roughly gripped and squeezed her tits.

Nothing in what the several boys and one man, before Mark, had done to her had prepared her body for the sensations that she was receiving. Wave after wave of hugely powerful feelings went through her as she felt that tight hole opening a little. As extreme as the feelings were that his tongue had given her so far they simply got even more extreme when he moved his tongue and pushed that into her pussy. They increased even more when he replaced his tongue with his finger and that slid into her bum hole.

She had no idea that having something pushed up her bottom could give her such feelings. She had never been fucked there, by tongue, finger or cock and no one had really even played with it. But it was more than just his finger for as that sent tremendous feelings through so his tongue lapping at her pussy and clit added to those.

Of course that made her cum.

But Mark wasn’t finished. Although he had a slight erection he knew that he was nowhere near ready to fuck her, but he wanted to please and excite her; the typical feelings of an older man with a younger woman! So he backed off a little holding Sammi at the point just below a full orgasm, then built her up again and slowed down. He held her at that level for some time, although Sammi had no idea whether it was for five minutes or an hour. Again she was moaning and sighing, groaning and grunting as tears of part joy, part pleasure and part guilt poured down her face.

At last he let the damn of her orgasm break so that wave after wave of glorious feelings washed over her.

They agreed that it wouldn’t be a wise move for Sammi to be there when Sara arrived home. She had said she expected to be home around four, but to make sure Sammi was in text contact with her several times after the amazing experience on the table.