My Best Old Ex Friend Dave

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It was almost midnight and the house was dark except a light on in our bedroom. I was coming back from a long sales trip. The last thing I needed was for my key not to work. I was just about to go around and try the front door when I saw the note taped to the door:

“Robert –

Certain things have come to my attention that concern me. If you ever want to be able to get into this house without ringing the bell again, follow these instructions to the letter. 1) Do not knock on the door or make any noise that might wake the girls. 2) Put your car keys through the mail slot in the front door. 3) Take your suitcase and walk to the all night diner on the corner of Walnut & Main. 4) Wait there until David comes in 5) Listen to everything he has to say do not say a word until he tells you to. 6) Thank him for his kindness and do what he tells you. 7) Deviate from these instructions and the next person you will be hearing from is my lawyer.”


That’s our Karen. Very precise.

It’s probably about a mile over to that diner. It gave me a lot of time to think. How did she find out? I’d been so careful. What was she going to do? And, how did our old, dear friend Dave fit into all this?

It was 1 a.m. when Dave walked and sat down in the booth opposite me. I started to say hello, but remembered Karen’s rules and stopped. Dave smiled and said “Good boy. You always did pick up on things fast. Maybe not quite as smart as you thought you were, but smart. If I ask you a question, just nod or shake your head”.

“Remember Virginia? Karen’s old man’s personal secretary?”

“It seems that Virginia found your expense records a bit odd, even for the boss’s son-in-law who has no per diem limit and is encouraged to be comfortable on the road. Why were you spending so much time in Philadelphia and St. Louis when the company doesn’t get that much business from there? Why were you spending so much more on food and drink in those places?”

“Virginia’s been with the company for a long time and she had her hunch, so she called Karen.”

“Your father-in-law who loves his star salesman son-in-law and his beautiful grandchildren so much, takes good care of people who are straight with him. And not just you. You know that Bob. There a guys working in the plant who literally owe their lives, or their wife’s life, or their children’s education from his generosity. They’d do anything for him.”

Virginia was afraid that if her hunch was right and the old man found out, you might “have an accident.” That would be a terrible thing for your wife and children.

I’m squirming now and wondering what the punchline is to this story.

Dave went on, “So, Karen got a detective agency to see what was up. The day she got the report, complete with names, numbers, and photographs, she called me up.”

“I went over and while she was crying on my shoulder, literally, and was curled up against me like a scared kitten, I kissed her on top of the head. Sorry man. She was just so hurt and scared. It seemed innocent enough, but then she lifted her face up and kissed me. It was like we both were surprised by that and how good it felt. Then she stood up, never taking her eyes off of mine, and very gently tugged on my hand.”

“I need to feel all of you, David,” she whispered.

“Man, Escort Bayan I have lusted after Karen ever since high school, but there was never any question that you were the one she wanted, not me. But that night she wanted me and I couldn’t even imagine saying no.”

“Sorry pal, I didn’t really mean for it to come out like this. Things just sort of happened.”

I just nodded.

“OK then. Let’s get started. Karen is very angry and very hurt. She doesn’t want a divorce right now. She would rather find out that you don’t either. She wants proof that you really love her.”

I was nodding my head like crazy.

Here is a quick overview of her terms: Nothing appears to the outside world to have changed. You and I will be friends as we always have been. You will break off with the two women and assign a new salesman to those cities. When you do travel, you go strictly economy. No more 4 star hotels. No alcohol. You will both keep the family locator app on your phone on at all times and you will report your location to Karen by text message each time it changes. All receipts and reports will be presented to Karen first, and then to Virginia.”

Seemed to make sense so far. A pain in the butt, but probably better than I deserve.

“When you are not home, Uncle Dave will stay over just to make sure the three ladies are safe. Very discreet. I’ll stay in the guest room.”

“When you are home, same arrangement, but you will sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed and under no circumstances are to make any advances to Karen that she doesn’t initiate. The bed in the master bedroom will now be Karen’s and mine.”

“You will also treat your three princesses like exactly that, princesses. You will cook for them, clean for them, respond cheerfully to any request from any one of them, and you will thank them for the privilege of doing it. I will observe your performance and take corrective action if any of them feels that you are not giving her the amount and quality of attention she wants.”

“This will continue for at least one year or until you decide you don’t care enough and drop out. If you do drop out, Karen will ask her father’s lawyers to litigate the most severe divorce settlement they can get and she will ask him to put the word out in the business community that you cannot be trusted.”

Weird. With all this terrible news, I was sitting there with a hard-on.

“Do you know what this kind of set up is called, Bob?” Dave asked, not unkindly.

I nod.

“Write it on the napkin.”


“Yes, that is part of it, but the blackmail leads to another relationship among three people.”


“Exactly! Good boy! And, if it’s done well, it’s therapy for an overblown ego and a sense of entitlement that destroys marriages, but in this case it’s your only to still have a marriage.”

“So who are you? Write it.” Dave demanded


“So . . . are you going to do it? Or . . . do we go right to the consequences? Write it.”


“Alright. Then we’ll meet up over at my place to consummate the deal. Once we’re both there, you may speak, but only when spoken to.”

“Oh, and better give me your shoes. You’ll get more out of the walk that way.”

With that he walked out, got into Bayan Escort his truck and drove away. Shit! another long walk and this one without shoes. Oh crap! And a hard-on. Why the hell is this horror show turning me on?

An hour later I was standing at Dave front door, tired, cold, suitcase in hand. He answered the door and motioned me in.

“Thanks, Dave, I think,” I half muttered.

Dave looked at me with a big smile and said “Oh oh. Not off on a good foot there. Sarcasm is not allowed and from now on it’s Sir in private or David in public. Zero tolerance. Karen has already assembled quite a set of paddles, canes, and whips.”

“Oh, and just a minute, let me make sure the video cameras are running right. Karen hated to miss this, but of course had to stay with her girls.”

“Uhhh . . . yes Sir” I croaked.

“Now, to be sure you really mean what you just said about wanting to do this given the circumstances, strip, get on your knees and ask if you may give me a blow job.”

“May I give you a blow job, Sir?”

“Wow! I had no idea you were so pathetic. That came out too easy. Give me your watch.”

“Huh? My watch? This is a $3,000 Rolex,” I gasped.

“Yeah I know Bobby, but you see I’m the man around here now. I want it. So it’s mine. Any questions, loser?”

“No, Sir.”

“The thing is, Bobby, Karen was sitting at your desk with the report in her hand she came on all your cuckold stuff on the computer. I guess it gave her an idea of a way to test if you really are committed. I don’t know. It definitely gave me my chance.”

“It’s obvious that Karen is incredibly hot. That smile, long legs, perfect tits, great sense of humor, but I had no idea how much she loves taking care of a guy who appreciates her. I appreciate her, Bobby, . . . if you catch my drift. Actually, I’m more than a little pissed that I’m here and not back in bed with her. Hey,she says you never laugh at her jokes. Is that right?

“Uh, yes Sir.”

“Ooo-wee! You didn’t think she’s funny, and you just ignored her while you wanked to porn? With all that right in your own bedroom. The finer points of being a lover kind of eluded you. I had no idea you were that dumb. Oh well. My gain.”

“So. What’s it to be sucker? In or out? You’ve got exactly ten seconds to decide. Hand me the watch and step one is complete.”

“I can’t believe I’m giving you this watch, Dave.” I almost snarled.

“He grabbed me by the hair so fast and so hard that it took my breath away. Nose to nose, he said very quietly “that better be the last time you address me that way, turkey. You will regret it. Got that?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Ah. Good boy. I’ve always wanted a watch like this one. It’s even better that every time I look at it I know it used to be yours. I’ll be going through the rest of your stuff later to see what else I want.”

“This watch looks great on me. Don’t you think so, Booby?””

“Yes, Sir.”

“So we’ll just take this as “in” and move on.”

“A blow job might be nice . . . but only if you really get that it’s proof of your status now. Your status is lowest, humble, bottom of the bottom. You’re going to be calling the household pets Sir and Ma’am from now on. so, ask me nicely if I’ll fuck you in the ass first.”

All I Escort could get out was “Uhh . . . well . . . uh.”

“Ahh, now that’s better! Not so easy is it boy?”

“No Sir. I hadn’t counted on that, Sir.”

“Good. That’s good. What had you counted on shit for brains?”

“Did you realize that to play out your cuckold fantasy in real life there would have to be another guy involved?”

“In general terms, yes Sir.”

“In general terms. OK, I can see that. Sort of a cuckold-Bull gestalt. Sweet,” then he went on, “and I guess he was going to treat you like his ‘bro’ and the two of you were going wink about the whole thing? Doesn’t work that way, pal.”

“Did it occur to you that your wife would pick the guy?”

“No Sir, actually I kind of figured that she and I would work that out together.”

“Oh, you’d work it out together. Kind of a jointly agreed humiliation for you and a good fuck for her?”

“That wouldn’t be any fun for a cheating, wanking, sneak like you, would it boy? What’s the challenge in that? No thrill there . . . is there?”

Nose to nose again he glared at me, “answer me boy!”

“No, Sir.”

“You acted like a total idiot cheating on that beautiful woman who loved and trusted you. You were fantasizing about being a cuck. Well, this is it, right here, right now. You can step up and take your medicine, or . . . you can be just another pathetic loser whose wife dumped him. That’s not blackmail, idiot. That’s a choice!”

“Every step of the way for at least a year, that’s going to be your choice. I hope you’ve got the guts to stick with it. I want to push you hard! I’m looking forward to watching you sweat and squirm. Come on, the three of us can have some fun.”

“Well, on second thought, I’m sure two of us will be having fun. Maybe if your interest in those submissive cuckold websites turns out to be real, you’ll have some fun too. Otherwise, it could be kind of rough.”

I could barely breathe. I was shaking. My face must have been white.

“Scared baby boy? It’s really your choice. I win either way, but it’s your choice.”

“Would you fuck me in the ass Sir?”

And, . . . .

I just couldn’t go on.

“Can we clean up before . . .?”

Before the blow job? Man, you are a piece of work!! Trying to cut deals already!?!

“OK. Why am I so easy? Yes, you can lick me clean before the blow job. How’s that, loser?”

“Quit screwing around. On your feet. Grab that stick of butter on the counter there. That’s right ass boy. Now bend at the waist like a good slut. You’re already loving this! Aren’t you, boy?”

“No? The truth meter between your legs is hard as a rock. Get with it. Tell me you’re loving every minute of this.”

“I’m loving every minute of this, Sir.”

“Alright! Rolled over like a helpless little puppy. Just like your sweet, sexy wife said you would. I can’t believe you were such a wimp. She’s going to enjoy the video of our little meeting even more than she thought she would.”

“The video was Karen’s idea. She has a wicked sense of humor. Too bad you didn’t enjoy it. Now you get to be the butt of her little jokes. But, that fits too, doesn’t it, clown?”

“She figured we could use it as blackmail to keep you in line and even if we never had to do that, we could set it up on a loop for you to watch so that you could keep your mind busy when we don’t need your services.”

Great woman. Beautiful body. Smart. Funny. I’m looking forward to enjoying all the great service and laughs you’re going to give us.

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