My Brother’s Best Friend Ch. 06

April Aniston

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Feline’s quiet breath as she sleeps is the only sound in my room. She’s so warm and soft. I want to let myself drift off with her but my mind is in overdrive.

Carefully I pull my arm from under her head and slide a pillow under her, making sure she’s comfy and then I slip backwards out of my bed.

I grab a pair of my joggers from the back of my door and throw them on and fish my phone out of my pocket of my jeans on the floor. Out to the living room I flop on the couch for a moment, thinking about the fantastic sex I just shared with Feline.

‘Shit, she made me cum just by telling me she loved me. That was incredible!’ I smile to myself.

I had no intention of coming that fast! I was enjoying the feeling of my Kitten’s hot sheath rippling around me as SHE came. I was going to make love to her all night. And then she said those words.

“I love you.”

And it was game over for me and my cock.

I laugh out loud a little and then remember why I came out here.

It’s over an hour later and I’m pretty sure I’ve watched enough youtube videos and done enough web searches I’ve found the phone!

It’s the same brand as her laptop that’s sitting on my coffee table, an Asus ROG gaming laptop.

So, I got her a phone to match, ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. I even got her the little fan cooler and kickstand case you can buy extra for it.

I punch in all my credentials, choose the expedited 2 day delivery and then I check out. Immediately I get an e mail saying my order was received.

I can’t have her without a phone anymore. Not now that a predator is on the hunt. The hunt for my girl.

I lay there, thinking about 8th grade. Shit, what was her name? Sally? Sydney?…SAMANTHA! Samantha Howard. That was it. Her family moved her out of town after Ted Steinberg, fucking piece of shit, walked free of all rape and battery charges. How in the hell the jury found that fucking guy innocent is beyond me! Her torn, bloody underwear had his semen all over them!

He beat her brutally. She was a petite girl like Feline. Short, small everywhere. I remember seeing her in newspapers, her arm in a cast, stitches still visible along her temple and down the side of her face as she headed to court with her family. She never came back to our school again.

FUCKING STEINBERG! That guy should be six feet under. I can’t believe how many times he’s gotten beatings for attempting to or straight up hurting girls. Lots of angry boyfriends and family members. And here he is! Walking the streets again and he’s already got his sights on Feline!

“Fuck, not my babe.” I whisper out loud, feeling despair begin to set in. I sit up straight and focus. “FUCK. THAT.” I grit out. “NO ONE IS TOUCHING FELINE.”

I can’t even imagine her like those pictures of Samantha blasted across front page local newspapers. Face so sad my heart aches. Broken. A beautiful thing, destroyed. Scarred forever and not just physically. Spirit completely obliterated.

I pick up my phone again and text Pat:

“You up?”

Pat “Yea buddy, everything good?”

“Feline is sleeping. I’m not.”

Pat: “Steinberg on your mind.”

There was no question mark in his statement. Steinberg was on Pat’s mind as well.

“Affirmative on that one boy.”

Pat: “You’re my best friend, so I know where your thinking is headed. Chad and Jon are on board. Already talked to them about it.”

I laugh at that last text. Pat knows me too well. That’s when I tell him about what Feline told me today, after she was so late coming to my house. I can almost visualize Pat’s face and his closed, clenched fists. This would be a moment where we go out to the carriage house and beat the shit out of Chuck’s punching bag, taking out our frustrations. Been awhile, maybe I should go pound on that thing tomorrow.

Pat: “I’m going to kill him.”

“What I said, when she told me.”

Pat: “Great minds.”

“Feline doesn’t have work tomorrow. She brought her laptop. I have this feeling she’s going to geek out while I study. I’m gonna have her over til Wednesday. Can you Sincan Escort tell Kristine and Chuck?”

Pat: “You can’t just keep my sister man. ;)”

“O yea? We’ll see about that Patty. ;)”

Pat: “LOL! Just let me know when and where and I’ll bring the guys and the jeep. This can’t go on. You and I, we went to school with this motherfucker. We know what he does.”

“We know what he does.” I agree. “Keep you posted. See you around noon on Wednesday.”

Pat: “Roger that.”

I lay on the couch for awhile, visualizing Steinberg’s face completely fucked up under my fists. That guy is going to get what’s been coming for awhile.

I look him up online and see the photos of the young woman who’s charges finally landed the cocksucker in prison. His ex girlfriend, was a cute girl. Sweet and innocent looking. Steinberg went to her house in a rage after she broke up with him for cheating on her again. His ex girlfriend who probably didn’t weigh an ounce over Feline and was even shorter at 5’1″. Tiny little girl. Long, black hair, curly. Like my baby.

I look up more news articles, pictures of Steinberg’s ex’s face, slashed with a razor blade. She had a broken pelvis, fractured femur, multiple stitches were needed for a myriad of cuts and abrasions, lacerations. He hit her so hard in the temple, she’s now blind in one eye. Dear God, what did he do to her to break her like that? She’ll walk with a cane for the rest of her life. She was 20 years old. She’d be about 23/24 now. How the hell did he only get 6 years, 3 with good behaviour? How the fuck is this our justice system?

I move on. Looking up more articles with Steinberg’s name attached to them. Accusations, charges brought, arrests made and then dropped by several women. I look up what he was accused of. Rape, battery, rape and battery, stalking, harassment.

I can’t look anymore. I’ll lose my fucking mind and let rage cloud my senses.

I get up and get a glass of water, back on the couch I down it in one go and flop back, getting a grip on myself.

Eventually I calm down enough to remember I have a beautiful goddess in my bed.

I think about Feline and just how absolutely gorgeous she is. How free she was tonight. When she took her shirt off in my driveway and made me chase her, topless. FUCK ME that was hot. Anyone could have seen! My shy, little, blushing Kitten, running around without a shirt on. Perfect, perky, firm breasts jiggling on that petite little body, glowing in the moonlight. Nipples, hard like little light pink pebbles.

I can feel myself growing hard in my jogging pants and move to adjust myself.

‘Damn, that feels good.’

I pull my waistband down so I can stroke it, imagining Feline’s mouth on me again. I close my eyes and grip my cock and pump it. Not too fast, just enough. I keep my eyes shut and fantasize about my girl and those lovely lips wrapped around me. Fisting my cock, I give it a squeeze. A drop of precum hits my stomach.

“You gonna waste all that and not tell me?”

I nearly jump out of my skin, eyes flying open.

Feline. Staring down at me on the couch, looking like one of the ethereal women in a John Waterhouse painting with one of my blankets draped over her shoulders and flowing onto the floor. Her hair a wild array of midnight black, spring-like spirals reaching all the way past her ass. She’s a goddamn Greek goddess of fertility.

I laugh.

“Hi babe!” I chuckle as she kneels down, divesting herself of that blanket, now completely naked in front of the couch I am laying on.

“Hi.” she giggles, doing that adorable blushing thing she does. Looking bashful, and full of mischief at the same time.

I release my cock and bring my hand over to my love’s face and stroke her cheek. She kisses my palm and looks down at my hard member.

“I’m horny Shawn.” she sighs, rotating her hips “So are you.” she’s giggling now and squeezing her legs shut. “I woke up from a wonderful dream and you weren’t there.”

“A dream hey?” I can’t help but smile at her. She’s too cute.

“A sexy dream.” her hand travels down and cups her own sex with one hand and then reaches over and grasps my cock with another.

“Fuck!” she completely takes me by surprise as she inches close to me and sits up to bend over my cock as I lay prone on the couch.

She takes me into her mouth.

“FELINE!” I call out. Goddamn I did NOT expect that!

I finger comb her hair over to one side so I can see what she’s doing, grasping masses of thick, jet black, spiral curls in my hands.

She’s gently stroking my balls as she swirls her tongue over and over the head to my member.

The sweet way in which she orally worships my body is so loving and warm. She’s so gentle. Her moans vibrate against me and the feeling is as close as I can imagine heaven being.

She’s sucking on the head of me, gripping me with one hand and palming my balls with another.

“Baby, look at me when you do that.” I tell her. Her eyes flick up to mine and Etlik Escort crinkle like she’s trying to smile with my cock in her mouth.

I chuckle and hold onto her hair for dear life as she takes me deeper in her mouth. She feels amazing. I reward her with so many moans and sighs and groans.

She concentrates on her task, looking up at me with every couple of strokes with her mouth. I can’t believe how much she’s able to take! God I’d love to know what it’s like to deep throat her!

“Feline. Wait a second baby.” I tell her. She pulls off, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“I did something wrong?” her crestfallen face makes me want to reassure her immediately!

“NO!” I laugh. “Shit no! That was heaven! Kitten…that was incredible.” I tell her, looking into her beautiful light blue eyes. “I just want to ask something of you baby. I want to try something.”

“Oooo try new stuff?” she grins. I love her enthusiasm. A woman with a sex drive and curiosity that matches my own!

“Do you think…would you want to try deep throating me?” I ask her, stroking her cheek again as she holds my cock with one hand.

“I have a pretty hair trigger gag response.” Feline says, slightly frowning. “But I want to make you feel good Shawn. I want to make you feel crazy good!”

“Baby you already are. If you don’t think you can, don’t worry about it. Just…go back to what you were doing.” I smile at her, reassuring her, laying back so she can continue.

“I want to try.” she says, nodding.

“You sure? No pressure Feline. Please, do not feel pressured to do this!” I look into her eyes and try and read her feelings.

“You never pressure me Shawn.” she says, shaking her head. “You’re so good to me.”

And then she takes me into her warm, wet mouth again and I am in paradise.

After a few minutes of her dragging my cock in and out of her hot little mouth I will myself not to cum and pull out of her.

“Up on your knees Kitty Cat.” I tell her, to which she instantly obeys.

I give her two cushions and tell her to put them under her, which she does, smiling up at me as I rise and stand before her, my cock bobbing, leaking precum, purple head pulsing and shaft hard as steel.

“I think this is the easiest position for you to try.” I explain. “At least, I hope it is.”

I let my joggers drop to the floor and kick my feet out of them and then I feel Feline grasp my cock. Immediately the head disappears into her sweet mouth and I groan.

Slowly I feel her testing my length moving just a little more so she can take me into her oral cavity just a little bit further.

Then she gags and pulls off me. Sputtering. Trying to breathe.

“Shit Kitten. Just forget about it ok?” I move to lay back down and she looks up at me with a pleading.

“No wait! Wait, I think I can figure this out! I think I can get past this Shawn. Please. I really want to try!”

Her eyes are so sincere and filled with love and passion.

What do I do? Fuckin’ deny her? HA! Ya, ok, deny a blowjob by a goddess. I don’t think so.

“Giver.” I chuckle and she adjusts herself again and then takes me into her mouth once more.

Ye Godz can I have this action on tap? Holy shit!

I look down, she’s looking up at me with so much love and adoration. I fuckin melt. She’s just so beautiful and sweet. She continues her slow, gentle descent upon my rock hard cock. Every other minute I can feel her bring me down just a little closer, just a little deeper.

Every once in a while she gags and has to pull off me, but immediately she is back on there and taking me down her mouth further. I find the gagging a bit of a turn on. Which surprises me.

Her mouth looks deformed with how much cock my baby is taking. I’m fuckin’ proud of her. That’s a lot of meat for a tiny girl.

“GODDAMN!” I shout, gritting the words out, throwing my head back, delving my hands into Feline’s gorgeous hair.

The noises her mouth is making as she sucks me off is absolutely salacious and so sexy, I could almost come just from those sounds.

I feel her jaw with one of my hands, stretched to it’s limit, and still she tries to cram more of me inside her mouth.

That’s when I feel something I hadn’t felt yet when she’s sucked me off prior. The limit of her mouth. The soft palate before her throat! My babe is almost deep throating me! I look down and gasp as Feline is slightly crying, a huge string of drool swinging from her chin. She gives me the thumbs up sign, letting me know she is good. Poor baby, crying and drooling from having this big ol’ cock crammed down her beautiful mouth. I smile.

I grip the back of her head and just enjoy this sensation. I don’t allow myself to thrust into her. I let her control every movement she makes on my member. I’m not going to ruin this experience for either of us by being overzealous.

God she feels incredible.

She’s making all kinds of pseudo gagging and gurgling noises on my member now as she bobs. And Çankaya Escort it’s hot. A total turn on. That long string of drool has dropped off her chin and onto her chest and is glistening across one of her nipples. Her eyes are streaming tears yet she seems not to care as she sucks me off like a woman starved.

I’m not going to last much longer. She feels too good!

I try to though, I put up a great fight as Feline gets me deeper. And deeper, dragging me out of her mouth. Coughing and sputtering, and then right back on there again. She’s using her hands on my shaft and my balls. Sometimes bracing herself on my thighs.

Feline pumps me in and out of the back of her mouth over and over. I’m not in her throat yet, but I know with more sessions that will come! I’m straining not to just thrust inside of her. Gritting out every swear I can think of between my clenched teeth.

“Baby I’m gonna cum soon.” I warn her.

She pulls off me. “Cum down my throat Shawn. Push your cock down there and cum.”

And she’s back on me again, gazing up at me, going deeper than she’s been able to thus far.

Did she really mean it? I try a small nudge down into her throat passage. She squeezes her eyes shut and then bobs some more on me.

O fuck she really meant it.

I gently grasp Feline’s head as I feel my orgasm building and building and building.

I feel like I’m climbing the highest mountain of pleasure! It goes on and on! Up and up until I am past the point of no return and I take Feline’s jaw in one hand and the back of her head in another and press myself into my loves throat and explode down her passage way with a shout!


It’s the only word I’m capable of. She’s gagging but she’s taking my cum, hands braced on my thighs, trying to swallow.

I’ve already cum twice this night but the load I shoot down my girl’s throat is nothing short of a metric fuckton.

I’m cumming and cumming, and it’s a powerful one! So powerful I feel like I see little points of light in my vision as I explode the last of my seed down my baby’s throat and pull out of her with a gasp.

I walk two steps backwards and collapse onto the couch. Feline scoots over and lays her head on my thigh, breathing hard as she strokes my cock and balls gently and I try to gasp air and come down from that one!

My heart is racing. Fuck I think that was the most insane orgasm I’ve ever had!

“Come up here Kitten.” I tell her softly and she climbs up and straddles me on the couch as I pull her into me, pressing my chest to hers. I interlace her fingers with mine for a moment before I travel my hands down and grip her smooth back, holding her tightly.

I bury my face in her throat and gasp for breath! I need my Kitten to ground me like she always does.

She soothes me with soft, small, feminine hands all over my arms and my chest. I tremble under her touch and try to remember what it’s like to be in a body again.

“Shit that was like flying!” I whisper to her. “That was insane.”

She’s giggles, kissing my neck, my jawline. She’s so soft.

After awhile I manage to control myself and settle back. Breathing deep.

“Wow.” is all I say.

“I did a good job?” she says quietly.

“Damn, did I not gag you to death with my load?” I laugh and she does too, nodding.

“I didn’t think I could take it all! There was so much.” she pulls up to look into my eyes.

“I felt that!” I said, nodding back. “I just kept cumming and cumming. It’s like you were sucking out every last orgasm I ever had!”

Her eyes are big as I tell her this. Then she smiles.

“You taste good.” she says shyly. That beautiful blush colouring her soft cheeks.

“Huh, well that’s good. Better than the alternative.” I chuckle.

She nods vigorously.

“Want me to return the favour?” I ask her, now feeling pretty playful and wanting to pleasure my girl.

“Really!?” her eyes are sparkling. “YES!” she gets so excited. I love that about her. Her youthful exuberance.

“Hell yea baby, let’s get you on the couch. Scoot over to the edge.”

I pick her up and stand, depositing her on the couch gently. She’s so small, she weighs practically nothing.

“You’re so strong Shawn. I love how you can just pick me up. Sit up and stand with me in your lap!”

HA! Nothing like the love of your life telling you how strong and capable you are. I feel my ego start to inflate and push that fucker down.

“You’re so teeny. You weigh nothing Feline.” I smile, fingering a lock of her hair. That riot of black spiral curled hair, making my girl look wild, free. A forest elf come to steal my heart.

She blushes again and I lean down and kiss her gently before kneeling between her legs.

“Get comfy baby, put some pillows behind you.” I tell her, bringing several throw cushions over so she can stack them behind her, which she does.

I begin just petting her. That soft, downy, trimmed black thatch of hair. I know how much she likes that as she sighs and spreads her thighs for me. She’s so soft. And wet. I can smell sex all over her. My cum mixed within her as she took two of my loads earlier. I don’t fuckin’ care. I dive in.

I love the short gasp she gives as I start by sucking both her outer lips into my mouth and lathing them with my tongue. Then I go from one to the other and suck and lathe, licking deeper.