My Buddy’s Wife Ch. 03

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Anal Dildo

Chapter 3: We Got Caught, By BigC

My name is BigC and I’m a trailer truck driver, you would probably think I live a dull boring life. But you’re wrong; my life is a real soap opera. I’ve been having an adulterous affair with my best friend’s wife. As amazing as it may seem; everything was working out just fine for almost everyone involved.

My wife and I were getting alone great, and I love her dearly; I just wished she was my sister, not my wife. Because that’s the way I felt about her.

My wife had started treating me like she was my Mother and I was one of the kids. This was just fine with me. Whether or not my wife knew about my relationship; I don’t know. If she did I don’t think she cared.

My wife has some twisted ultra religious ideas about sex and she has never cut the umbilical cord. So with me having an affair; I wasn’t bothering her about sex or how much time she spent with her family, so she was happily living a life of celibacy, and she was free to spend as much time as she wanted with her family.

Her family never liked me, they thought of me as a thug and a loser. So they were happy when I wasn’t around.

Those people also love to gossip. By my not being around them they could gossip about me as much as they wanted.

Annie’s husband Charlie is my best friend and he’s gay. Charlie didn’t want to be married, but he needed a wife to cover up his homosexuality at work, so he married his boss’s daughter.

He knew Annie wasn’t in love with him or happy being married to him, and he knew how Annie and I felt about each other. So he kept doing things that would get Annie and me together. He would invite me over and then find a reason to go out and leave me there with her.

Annie was miserable being married to Charlie too, she felt used and she wasn’t in love with him, she was in love with me.

She only married him because of her Mother’s demands. So she broke his balls about anything and everything especially his strange fishing buddies.

They were living together like brother and sister. When Annie and I started our affair she stopped breaking his balls, and let him do whatever he wanted to, and with whomever he wanted to. As long as he didn’t complain about us, and he didn’t.

But let me try and explain some more, you see Annie and I were high school sweet hearts. But things didn’t work out for us, because of her Mother.

As for Annie’s Mother, Mrs. Money Bags, She is a mean miserable person, and she hates me with a passion, what more can I say she’s a real bitch. So what she didn’t know about didn’t hurt her.

After Annie and I made love the first time; it was like we went back through time, and we were high school kids again. She was my girl and we were going steady.

We couldn’t get enough of each other; we talked on the phone and we would together in the mornings after I’d get back from my runs. If my wife was off at one of her family’s many gatherings. Annie and I met and go out for the evening.

Sexual we didn’t do a lot of kinky stuff; our making love would get a little wild at times. Sometimes we had oral sex, and sometimes she would get on top of me. But mostly I got on top of her and we would have intercourse in the missionary position.

I liked to watch the way she closed her eyes and opened her mouth as I entered her. She would flex her hips up taking me deeper into her vagina. Her pussy always felt so good; it was like my penis was wrapped in a warm moist velvet glove.

I would hold myself up on arms length watching her roll her head from side to side as I slowly gently made love to her; listening to the sounds of her breathing. She would arch her back, lifting up her hips as I pushed my penis in and out of her; then she would grip the bedcovers gasping for breathe; begging me to fuck her harder and faster. I loved teasing her, making her grovel with me to fuck her.

Once she started begging me to fuck her I knew she was ready to cum. I would loose it and grab her ass cheeks and squeeze them, while I pounded my cock into her in short hard strokes, she would wrap Urfa Escort her arms around my neck and start whimpering…ahhh…ahhh…ahhh.

She would push her feet into the bed lifting up her hips taking me into her as far as she could get me, her pussy would contract around my penis as her body shuttered in orgasm, as soon as I felt her cum, I would ejaculate way up inside her sending gob after gob of my warm sticky sperm into her.

Then we would collapse totally spend with me on top of her and we would whisper words of love to each other. That’s the way we made love gently at first; then violently fucking each other; until our passions built to a fever pitch and we climaxed.

So as strange as it may seem everything was going great, until…

We Got Caught.

It was a cold damp fall morning with a threat of rain in the air. I had just gotten back from my run. While my truck was being fueled I made my phone calls. First I called my wife; she told me everything was fine and all about her family’s latest party. Then she told me that she wouldn’t be home after work tonight, because she had to help get things ready for yet another of her family’s never ending get together. So I was on my own for dinner and the evening.

As I dropped another dime in the slot to call Annie; a cold breeze hit me sending a shiver through my body that gave me an awful feeling of dread. I though to myself, an opossum had just run over my grave.

I was in a Texas truck stop one night talking with a southern driver and his wife, when she got a chill and said,” an opossum had just run over her grave.” I gave her a strange look, and she told me that’s what they call it where she was from when you got a chill.

As soon as I heard Annie’s voice; I forgot all about the chill and the cold damp weather.

She was so excited to hear from me, she told me to. “Hurry up and get over here, I have a surprise for you.”

When I got there she opened the door wearing her house coat. I smiled at her, and kissed her on her forehead and asked, “Where’s my surprise?”

She blushed and giggled as she said, “Open off my house coat.”

I untried it and peeled it off her shoulders, then letting it float to the floor, leaving her standing there in a pale blue baby doll nightie, the same color as her eyes. It was so sheer; she may as well have been naked.

The top had a low cut neck line exposing her cleavage and it came down to just above her thighs, she was wearing matching panties under it that fit loosely around her legs.

She looked up at me, with a sparkle in her eyes and a smile on her lips, and asked,” do you like it?” Then, she said, ” It’s our anniversary… of the first we made love. It was three years ago tonight.”

I didn’t remember that. But my eyes were bugging out of my head. My cock got instantly hard. She looked like a virgin bride, on her wedding night. I got so excited, you would have though I was going to break her cherry. She has that effect on me. Every time we made love, I’d treat her gently like she was still a virgin and I was breaking her cherry and taking her virginity. I told her, “You’re beautiful.”

She jumped up on me throwing her arms around my neck as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I got my hands under her ass, to hold her up. We kissed deeply with our tongues playing in each other’s mouth.

I managed to get my fingers under the crotch of her panties and on her vagina. I was rubbing my middle finger between the moist lips of her pussy playing with her clit; she started moaning loudly as her body began to tremble, she came quickly washing my fingers in her juices.

She said, “Stop that, I want you in me, it’s been over a week. And it’s our anniversary.”

I laughed and said,” Our Anniversary.” “Yes” she said, “I just told you…of the first time you made love to me.”

I looked into her eyes and smiled at her as I said,” Huh what, of the first time, I made love to you. Oh yeah that’s right you told me.”

I didn’t know how she could remember that, but an idea came to me, as I kissed Urfa Escort Bayan the tip of her nose, I said, “this time, you’re going to make love to me.”

I carried her over to the recliner with my hands on her ass with her legs wrapped around my waist. She was sucking on my ear lobe and darting her tongue into my ear. Whispering to me,” Honey, I’m so horny, I want you in me.” She was driving me crazy.

She had one arm around my neck and her other arm was down between us trying to open my pants. It’s a wonder we didn’t fall, and kill each other. I kind of fell back into the chair, with her in my lap. She had managed to somehow get my pants open. She quickly got off me and pulled my pants and shorts down around my ankles. Then she climbed back on up on my lap straddling me.

This chair went all the way back making it a bed. So I ended up, flat on my back with her on top of me, straddling me. She pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, with one hand, she had my cock in her other hand. She started wiggling around until; she got the head of my penis, against her opening.

I wrapped my arms around her, and pulled her down on top of me. I kissed her deeply forcing my tongue into her mouth. With one arm over her back, holding her tightly against me, crushing her breasts against my chest. I had my other hand on her ass holding her in place.

I kissed her all over her face whispering to her.” Do it to me baby… cum on you can do it… Fuck me Honey”

I knew she was loosing it, and wanted it in her and that she needed to get off.

But I was going to drive her nuts, and make her beg. I was holding her so tight, that she could hardly move. She was squirming around trying to get my cock all the way inside her. I bit her ear lobe and stuck my tongue in her ear and whispered.” Annie your pussy is so wet… don’t you want my cock inside you?”

“Oh yes… yes… I want your cock in me.” She begged, “Let go of me so I can get you in me.”

She pushed herself down, trying to fill her hole with my cock; because of the way I was holding her. She was barely able to get the head of my penis between the lips of her pussy.

I whispered in her ear.” Come on baby, you can do it, try harder, I want you to fuck me honey.”

Annie begged. “Please let go of me… I can’t get it in me.”

I replied, “What do you want?”

She answered, “Your cock.”

I laughed and said,” where do you want my cock?”

“In me… in my pussy.” She said,

I knew I was teasing her, torturing her. I knew that when she finally did cum. She would have mind blowing, body shaking, cum gushing orgasm.

We were both moaning, as she was pumped against my cock; the head of my cock was rubbing crossed her clitoris, and just barely penetrating the lips of her vagina.

I had all I could do, to keep from rolling over on top of her and driving my cock into her and ramming her with hard quick strokes, until we came. But I didn’t.

My balls were aching for relief. I wanted to shoot my load in her, so bad. Then I felt my balls tensing up as my cock swelled bigger and got even harder. I moaned to her through my clinched teeth, “baby I’m cumming…please don’t stop…please don’t stop…I’m cumin.” She had me doing the begging!

My body started jerking uncontrollable upward driving my penis a little deeper in her, but not as far as I wanted.

My sperm came gushing up, out of my balls through the shaft of my cock, out the head of my dick, spurting gobs of my warm sticky cum just inside the lips of her pussy.

As she felt cum gashing out my cock into her, she screamed “I’m Cumming.”

Her pussy tightened around the head of my penis. Her cum was flowing out of her, over my cock, and onto my balls. We both saying to each other,

“I love you… I love you…I love you.”

She always says she loves me when she cums. For some reason, or other I started saying, it back to her. As I let go of her. She sat straight up, pushing my still hard twitching cock, all the way into her vagina. She closed her eyes and sighed, Escort Urfa “Oooh shittt that feels sooo good.”

She put her hands on my chest, looking down me smiling. I asked her, “How was that?” She laughed and said, “You were driving me nuts; but I came so well… it was great.”

Her face was flushed, with droplets of sweat on her forehead. Her whole body was moist and shiny with sweat. I could see her perky little titties with her hard pink pointed nipples, through the top of her nightie. They were just begging to be felt and I couldn’t resist, I put my hands under her top, and felt her breast.

Her breasts were firm, smooth, and sweaty. Her nipples were rock hard as I pinched her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. She closed her eyes and moaned, “Aaaaah shit, don’t get me started again.”

She was breathing through her mouth as she tilted her head back with her hands on my chest and slowly started to ride me pushing herself down on me driving the full length of my manhood up into her vagina, and then she grinded her pussy against my pelvis with my penis way up inside her.

I t felt wonderful to be in her like that. Then she started to ride me lifting herself up until, I’d almost came out of her then pushing herself back down driving my penis back into her.

She was in her own world riding me… up and down… up and down… in and out… over and over … her clit was rubbing against the shaft of my penis, our love juices were leaking out of her over my balls. It felt so good; I closed my eyes and enjoyed it.

It didn’t take us long, before we both gently came again. The muscles of her vagina were gripping my cock tightly inside her, what little cum I had left was squirting up inside her. She collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around and whispered, “Oh Baby, I love you, so much.”

Then she kissed my cheek and said, “I love you too.”

We were having our pillow talk, in the chair. Laughing and giggling, with her still on top of me. I laughed as I said, “Baby this was our third anniversary and you came three times.” She laughed, as said to each other,” I love you,” and we kissed.

Her Mother was calling as came into the room, “Annie’s, what gotten into you? I can hear you giggling you sound like a school girl!” She stopped dead in her tracks and sniffed the air; it was reeking with the odor, of sweat and sex.

We didn’t hear the back door open, as Ms. Money Bags came in. Her Mother came into the room just as we said to each other,I love you and kissed.

We must have given her, quite a site too! Annie was still on top of me, with her panties pulled to the side, and my pants were down around my ankles. My shrinking penis was still in her daughter, and our genitals and thighs were smeared with our juices.

Her Mother, Screamed, “Annie your nothing but a fucking Slut look at yourself? With this, good for nothing truck driver. What the Hell…could you ever see in him?”

To me she said. “I don’t know why you just couldn’t, stay away form her, like I told you to, when you were still in High School. You weren’t good enough for her then, and you’re never going to be good enough for her. Besides that you’re married now!”

She screamed.” Annie you’re married to Charles, Carl he’s your best friend. Annie you’re friends with Carl’s wife. I don’t care how much you two say, you love each other. You two are nothing more then, a couple of adulterous cheats. Remember, Cheating is cheating. With friends like you two… who needs Enemies?”

After she had her say, she stormed out the back door. Annie got off my crying, and ran into her bedroom, and slammed the door behind her. I pulled up my pants and went after her, but she wouldn’t open the door.

I could hear her crying as she said through the door, “Carl Please go away, just go away.”

I walked out the back door with my head down, and my shoulders slumped, with this sick empty feeling in my gut that never quite went away. I kept thinking about what, Annie’s Mother said. Most of it was true, but Annie’s not a Slut.

The wind was blowing hand now, and it had started to rain. The seasons were changing, and so was my life. My head was downcast, and my shoulders were slumped, but not because of the weather.

I tried calling her over and over, but she never answered, or returned my calls…

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