My Clean White Panties


I’ve always loved white panties. My mom used to buy them for me at J.C. Penny’s and the cool soft cotton fabric felt so good against my sensitive skin “Down There.” I wore the brief style that came up to my waist but, after all, bikini panties weren’t around back then. It was the early sixties and the whole sexual revolution was years away.

I graduated high school and wasn’t really college material so I got a job at a Quigley’s dime store nearby and worked there afternoons. I had no grand plan for my life but, like most young girls back then, I hoped to meet a man and marry and have a family. So I passed my days at Quigley’s, smelling that stale popcorn and doing my best to serve the customers.

One day a boy I kind of knew from High School came in. He was buying a Louis Lamour western novel which I had already read. We struck up a conversation and he began refering to me as “Mame.” Then he kept asking me if I “Needed any help out at the ranch!” Well Andy came in just about every day after that and even checked out Louie Lamour books from the local library for me to read. I began to look forward to his visits and finally, he asked me out to the movies one night.

I was excited and nervous about my, well…not exactly my first date ever but it was the first time I was going out with a guy I really liked. I of course wore my best clean white panties even though I knew Andy wouldn’t be seeing them or anything.

We went to see “Ride the High Country” with Joel McCray which was pretty good but anything would have been fun sitting there with Andy. He wasn’t the best looking guy in the world but he was big and strong and held my hand during the movie. We got some ice cream and then Andy drove me home. We walked up to the door and he took me in his arms and began kissing me. Oh! that was wonderful! My pussy began to wet my panties as he excited me there on the doorstep. He thrust his tongue into my mouth which surprised me and then he cupped my butt cheeks and pulled me against his lower body. I could feel the outline of his hardon against my belly and he just frenched me for all he was worth! My Goodness! I was all out of breath when we’d finished. I dreamily said goodnight and went inside.

Well, as you might imagine, I had to launder my clean white panties after that escapade! I couldn’t stop thinking about the steely hard feel of him…rubbing right up against me. Right down there! I looked forward to his afternoon visits to the dime store and we began dating every weekend. It wasn’t long before we began to visit an unfinished housing tract in our neighborhood where we could park and see some city lights and…and be alone! I know it sounds bad but we would get in the back seat because Andy’s Gaziantep Yabancı Escort Dad’s car had bucket seats and we wanted to be closer than they would allow. Our makeout sessions were intense and after a few dates I gave in to Andys requests and began to fondle him. He wanted to feel my panties too but I was afraid of what might happen so I kept telling Andy I was a “Nice Girl” and couldn’t do something like that.

“It would be a sin.” I told him. Of course taking his penis out of his pants and stroking him was probably a sin too but at least I wasn’t as likely to get “In Trouble” which was a major consideration back then. So our dates slowly progressed from simple touching and feeling to eventually Andy removing his underpants and making me touch his naked penis. I got all turned on too. I stroked him softly like he told me until, for the first time, I got to see streams of jism erupting from his cock! We had to clean up the mess cause…it was his Dad’s car!

I now eagerly looked forward to these weekly masturbation sessions and then Andy, sensing as much, wanted to touch my panties too. I loved him and wanted to please him so finally one night I didn’t stop him when he stole his hand up under my skirt. He moved higher and higher until finally he reached the smooth soft fabric of my clean white panties. “Oh Angie!” he whispered when he realized where his hand now was. He was a gentleman and didn’t try to go inside my panties but even the feel of his fingers on the outside was wildly exciting to me. He softly rubbed his forefinger up and down my barely covered vagina while I was stroking his stiff penis. I felt my breath quicken as my body responded to his touch. I squeezed him a bit harder than usual and he gasped and then grabbed the hem of my skirt and pulled it to my waist. “Andy No!” I complained but it was too late. Andy’s eyes devoured the sight of my clean white panties and then he aimed his frustrated cock right between my legs and shot his pent up semen all over me! Streams of hot sticky come poured onto my panties as Andy apologized over and over. He knew it was wrong but he couldn’t help himself and…well, I guess I couldn’t very well blame him either. I made Andy get out of the car and I removed my panties and we rode home with them hidden in my purse.

I of course washed my panties after that incident and I’m ashamed to admit that I took to bringing along a second pair of clean white panties on our dates so I wouldn’t have to go home with no panties on. I know this is kind of kinky but I did enjoy…playing with Andy’s big hard penis and I took secret pleasure in bringing him to orgasm. I knew Andy loved my panties too and I got a kick out of the expression he had on his face when I let him see them.

We went several months like that. A fun evening culminating in a steamy hand job in the back seat of Andy’s Dad’s car. I now allowed Andy to occasionally slip his fingers inside my panties but just for a second before I complained. One night he wanted to touch his cock to my panties and, well, I didn’t say no. Andy proceeded to take hold of his prick and rubbed the head right on my clean white panties! “Oh Andy…do it harder!” I heard myself say. He responded by driving the head of his cock right at the barely visible fissure there between my legs which I had opened as far as I could to accomodate him. I began to consider the reality of Andy’s cock penetrating me for real at that point. Who was I kidding? I was 19 years old and now ready for sex! Andy was my boyfriend and he was the guy I wanted to do it with!

But Andy loved me too and, thinking what we were doing was somehow “Wrong” he just rubbed his cock all over my panties and then bathed them with his emission. Andy dutifully gave me a chance to change into a fresh pair of clean white panties and we drove home quietly.

I think at this point that Andy thought I wanted to remain a virgin until I married but I was definitly having second thoughts about that! I found myself thinking how sweet it would have been to simply pull the legband of my panties over to one side and let Andy…Fuck Me! My Goodness! Naughty Girl!

The next day as I was washing my panties a nasty thought came into my head. A plan actually. Once I thought about it I knew I was going to try it. I added bleach to the laundry as my panties were washing. I wanted my panties to be clean and perfectly white of course, but I had another reason. After the drier had finished, I rewashed my panties again…and again, each time with lots of bleach. Finally…they were ready for my next date with Andy.

We went out the following Friday night to see Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” which was pretty scary for back then. We got hamburgers and then drove up to “Plummer Hill” where we always parked. Andy was particularly eager that night and he kissed me passionately when we finally made it into the back seat. “Oh Andy!” I gasped, “Touch my panties!” Andy needed no further encouragement and fired by my request he reached for my now compromised white panties. The fabric was now so thin that Andy could feel my pussylips pouting inside my panties. “Don’t take off my panties Andy!” I breathed. “You can touch me but…” Andy was already opening his fly when I said it. He knew what to expect now and quickly had his hardened cock in his hand and moved between my thighs. I looked lovingly at him and lifted my skirt so he could see my panties. Then I felt his bloated cockhead right on my excited little pussy with just the flimsy fabric of my panties preventing penetration. “Oh it feels real good Andy!” I whispered. “Do it harder!”

I guess you can imagine what happened next. Andy reared back and pushed himself at my steaming little pussy and we both heard a barely audible ripping sound. Then…then Andy’s big hard cock tore into my no longer virgin pussy! I pushed up at him when I felt it happen and then the two of us were fucking there in the back seat of his Dad’s Supersport! Yes, there was a pinch of pain when he got me but it was quickly washed away but the intense pleasure that followed.

“Oh that’s it Andy!” I told him. “Fuck my little panties!” Andy didn’t speak…he didn’t really have to obviously. He began to pick up speed and rhythmically drove his cock into my panties until It really felt good! I knew I’d teased him too much but he loved it too. I thought about stopping to remove my panties completey so we could fuck naked but I decided I liked it better this way. I had my little white panties on and I was getting fucked real good too.

When I sensed that Andy was ready to spill his seed I called out to him “Don’t do it inside me Andy…” He grunted in response and smiled when I said “Come on my panties honey.”

With as triumphant cry Andy pulled his swelling penis from my well fucked pussy and began to ejaculate all over my lewdly exposed panties. There was now a little hole right in the crotch and Andy shot come right there too. Finally he was finished and we embraced. I felt such pure love for Andy right then. It was like I had been waiting for that moment all my life.

I saw no point in making Andy leave the car while I changed my panties after what had happened. I decided to let him remove my panties but they tore into pieces when he attempted to do so. “Oh Andy you’ve torn my panties!” I scolded him. Andy was smiling down at me as he ripped the waistband and then pocketed the soiled panties. He then pressed his palms to the inside of my thighs and treated himself to his first ever view of my naked pussy. His first but not his last!

Andy and I have been together for many years now. Many years. But we both savor that first time together. Nowadays he’ll buy me some real nice panties from Victoria’s Secret and then tear them off of me in bed. The sound of the skimpy fabric tearing does something to both of us. Makes me wet. Makes him hard. Then he fucks me good and hard with the torn remnants of my panties still clinging uselessly to my thighs. I usually complain to him too. “Don’t Andy! Don’t tear off my panties! Please…No! Don’t fuck my bare pussy! Give me back my panties!” This produces a ball jarring series of strokes and then a big hot load of sperm…all over my torn and ripped panties. I wouldn’t have it any other way!