My Co-Worker Traci

Group Sex

Traci is one of my newest co-workers but she was one of my customers before being hired on.

Traci is a good looking girl about twenty two years old. She stands about five feet five inches tall and weighs about one hundred twenty five pounds. Although she is thin she has kind of a stock look to her. As a member of a fire department Traci has to keep her legs built up and they are very noticeable.

She has a very nice ass which she usually shows off by wearing a pair of tight khaki pants to work.

Traci’s tits are nice and are about the size of small cantaloupes. She often shows them off too by wearing a tight navy blue polo shirt as opposed to the navy blue smock many of the other girls would choose to wear. Her face is good looking and she has a pair of pretty piercing blue eyes which she’d always highlights with a dark eye liner.

I hate to toot my own horn but everyone at my job loves me but Traci was the only one who would take an interest in what I was doing. Instead of me going over and talking to her she’s always come to be first. Sometimes she’d rest her elbows on the counter and kind of stick her ass out while she talked. I liken her posture to being catlike when she’d do that.

I liked some other co-workers more than Traci but for some reason I’d actually become kind of nervous around her especially when she’d be standing there talking to me like that.

She’d usually walk over and say something along the lines of; ‘Watcha up to darlin’?’ and I’d nervously answer her.

I think Traci was married, if not married I know for a fact that she had a man and she had a two or three year old child so I don’t think she was doing anything other then trying to be friendly.

Just like all of the other co-workers I liked I’d always check Traci out and I’m fairly sure that she has caught me looking over her as she’d be bending over the counter when she talks to me.

I only have one fantasy about Traci and in the fantasy her and I are working together and since she is still new to the job we’re both in the middle of having the ‘getting to know you’ conversations.

We’d go back and forth asking each other various questions and after a while she asks me if I had a girlfriend.

I explain to her that I do not have a girlfriend but I tell her about my good friend Jessie. I tell her that Jessie is the closest thing to a girlfriend I’ve had but the relationship that arap porno her and I have is strange.

Traci asks me what I mean by that and I explain to her that Jessie tells me all the time that she would love to be with me and that she really wants me to fuck her but every time it seems we could finally get together she makes up some kind of reason not to.

Traci asks me if I’ve ever fucked Jessie before. I tell her that I haven’t but I have done some stuff with her. Traci asks me what I did with Jessie so I explain to her that I ate her out and had used a few toys on her.

“I think I’m too specific for Jessie.”

I tell her.

“What do you mean by that?”

Traci asks.

I don’t want to answer but she begs to know.

I tell her that I think I’m too specific for Jessie because some things turn me on that Jessie doesn’t like.

“Like what?”

Traci asks.

I tell her that I like seeing women with cum all over their faces.

“And Jessie won’t let you do that?”

Traci asks.

I tell her that Jessie keeps telling me that she would let me cum on her face but if it really came down to it I don’t think she’d really let me.

“Well that’s not so bad.”

Traci tells me.

She pauses for a moment then looks at me.

“I’d let you do that.”

She says.

“Really?” I ask her thinking she is joking around.

Traci tells me she wants to hear more about the time Jessie and I messed around.

I tell Traci the entire story and wait for her reaction.

“She didn’t even give you a blowjob?”

Traci asks.


I tell her.

“Listen, call your ride.”

Traci says and hands me her cell phone.

“Tell ’em I’m going to bring you home tonight.”

She continues.

I duck down behind the counter and call my ride home and tell him that he doesn’t need to pick me up.

An hour later the store closes and I follow Traci out to her pick up truck. I hop into the passenger side and Traci slides in behind the wheel.

We wait until the parking lot is empty.

“Put your seat back a bit.”

Traci says.

I reach for the lever on the side of the seat and the back of the seat falls back.

I lay there and Traci begins picking at my zipper. She works it down and pulls my cock out through it.

“I’ll do what your friend wouldn’t.’

Traci bedava porno says.

She leans over, grips my cock in her left hand and wraps her lips around the head. She slowly works her mouth deep down then she comes up and licks around the rim. She licks the rim and head for a few seconds before taking it into her mouth again.

Traci slowly slides her mouth up and down each side while holding my cock still then she takes it in her mouth.

“How are you likin’ it so far?”

She asks.

“It’s fucking great.”

I tell her.

“I really thank you for doing this.”

I continue.

“It’s not a problem sweetie.”

She replies.

Traci continues sucking then with out warning she slides her mouth all the way down to the balls. She holds it there for s few seconds before pulling it back up ending at the head with a hard suck.

She slurps the head loudly and I jump at the pleasure.

Traci chuckles at my reaction and goes back to sucking. She slides her hand slowly up and down my shaft as she is sucking this time.

“Can I put my hand on your head?”

I ask.

Traci hums in agreement and shakes her head yes.

I lightly place my right hand on the back of her head and put it slowly up and down.

“You about to cum yet, darlin’?”

Traci asks.

“Not yet, but soon.”

I tell her.

Traci laughs and continues sucking.

“You want me to play with your balls a little?”

She asks.

“Yes, please.”

I tell her.

Traci slides her left hand into my pants and gently squeezes my balls. She does that for a few minutes before she stops.

A moment later Traci sits up and she lifts up her shirt exposing her nice large tits. She leans over and begins sliding her hard nipples around the head of my cock. She takes turns sliding each nipple around the head then she squeezes her let tit and guides her nipple around the head and he rubs it against my pee hole.

Traci continues sliding her tits up and down each side of my cock and she playfully licks the tip of it. She sits back up a moment later and she rubs and pulls at her nipples.

“I must be doin’ something right, my nipples are all sticky.”

Traci says.

She leans over again and takes my cock in her mouth once again. She deep throats it again and holds it down in her throat for five or cüce porno six seconds.

She pulls my cock out of her throat and again ends at the head with a hard loud suck.

Traci strokes and sucks rapidly making loud squishing noises as she does.

Sensing that I’m going to cum and second, Traci lays her head on my belly and she strokes wildly.

“I’m gonna cum!”

I yell at her.

She hold my cock back toward her face and she slows her stroking.

Three rapid fire streams fly from my cock landing on Traci’s forehead, temple and left cheek. Two streams hit her lips and one stream catches her right eye. A half a dozen small globs fall from my cock and land on Traci’s knuckles.

After I finish cumming Traci sits up and looks at me with a big smoke. I look back and see my cum on her face. A large glob dangles from her eye lid and the streams that had landed on her forehead and temple had begun t slide down onto her chin.

As they collect around her chin they each begin to dangle from it, one of them forming an inch and a half strand as it dangles.

“You got your camera on you darlin’?”

Traci asks.

I pull my camera from my Velcro case on my belt and I turn it on.


I tell her jokingly.

I take a few pictures of Traci’s face with my cum on it then I review the pictures.

Traci’s eyes are wide open and the cum that landed in her right eye stretches with her eye lid.

Each picture is like an animation as Traci moves slightly in each picture. The cum on her chin sways from side to side in each progressing picture.

Traci begins sucking my cum from her knuckles and then she exposes her tits again so I can take a few pictures of them. She pulls he shirt down then to my surprise she unbuttons and unzips her tight khaki pants and she pulls the front of them down followed by her underwear.

“Oh nice!”

I say to her and I take a few pictures of her plump bald pussy.

After I take the pictures Traci reaches over and opens the glove compartment door. She reaches in and pulls out a small roll of brown paper towels.

She unrolls a handful of them and wipes her face clean.

She starts the truck and we begin the drive to my house about twenty minutes away. We pull into my drive way and sit and talk for a while.

“If you want me to repay you please let me know.”

I tell Traci.

“Well, I got your number so… I’ll call you.”

She replies.

I hop out of the truck and watch her as she reverses out of the long dark drive way and wait until she pulls onto the road. She toots the horn softly as she begins to drive away and I wave goodbye to her.