My Cousin Blackmails Me Pt. 05

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It was Saturday, roughly 9 in the morning. I was sitting cross-legged on my bed, buck naked, with my fingers crossed in front of my face and my arms leaning on my crossed knees. I was deep in thought.

Okay, Aunt London would return home tomorrow night. I’ve had an amazing Clothed-Female-Naked-Male (abbreviated as CFNM) situation going on with my cousin Rosie for the past week. She’d seen me jerk off multiple times as well as given me a few handjobs. Nothing more than that, but I wasn’t greedy.

Forbidden fruit should not be indulged in too often.

Anyway, I had little less than two days remaining to be at the mercy of Rosie’s kinky demand to be naked while around the house, and I wanted to be sure to make the most of it.

In other words, I wanted to come up with a way to make our CFNM-time last beyond just this week.

But how? I couldn’t just go up to her and say “Hey Rosie, I actually love being naked in front of you and being at your mercy. We should do this more often!” That would be too casual. Not to mention wrong; She’s my cousin!

Unfortunately, I had no ideas. I could try to bring it up on days when I knew Aunt London wasn’t going to be around, but such occasions were going to be rare.

I shook my head and got off my bed, only to notice that my morning wood was still standing tall.

“Horny bastard,” I said to my penis before leaving my room and heading downstairs for breakfast.

As I descended the stairs, I saw that Rosie was sitting by the couch in front of the television and was watching a rerun of Family Guy. I loved that show too.

“Morning, cuz,” Rosie said without looking up.

“Heya,” I said.

I went over and sat down beside her.

“You’re up early,” I said. She shrugged her shoulders indifferently.

“There can be miracles if you believe,” she said.

“And breakfast?”

“I’ve already eaten. You should go get some.”

“Nah, I’m not hungry.”

Rosie looked down at my cock. “Not for food at least, I see.”

By then I was already far too used to being naked in front of Rosie to be embarrassed about it anymore. But that didn’t prevent me from being turned on by it.

“Rosie, we should probably talk.”

My sentence made Rosie turn away from Peter Griffin’s antics and look at me.

“About?” she asked.

“About, well…” I gestured to my entire body.


“Hmmm, I guess you’re right.”

Rosie turned her body on the couch to face me properly.

“Okay, well?”

I wasn’t expecting her to let me go first, but I wasn’t taken aback.

“Your mom comes home tomorrow, and she can NOT find out about what we’ve been doing this week.”

Rosie nodded. “Agreed,” she said.

“So… how should we proceed?” I asked.

I watched Rosie’s face to study her expressions. She seemed to fall into deep thought, scrunching her mouth to the side in concentration. She was such a cutie.

She opened her mouth to speak but paused for a moment before actually doing so.

“Do you… want us to stop?” she asked.

I shook my head in a non-committal fashion.

“I mean, I can’t be naked in front of your mom… And I don’t think she’ll approve of us doing, well, what we’ve been doing, y’know.”

Rosie was nodding to my words in silent agreement.

“So…” I continued speaking. “I guess it would be best if we stopped.”

Rosie suddenly stood up, surprising me a bit. She stepped over to stand in front of me and without a word took hold of my erect cock in her right hand.

“Rosie, wha-” I stammered. But my words got lost as she began rubbing her hand up and down on me, and I breathed out slowly as I let Rosie take control of me.

“If we’re going to stop,” Rosie said. “Then we better do whatever we can right now.”

Rosie knelt down in front of me on the couch, and I could feel my cock get even harder in anticipation.

“Fuck it’s only morning and you’re already so horny.” Rosie was staring at my cock in her hand with wide eyes. She leaned forward and planted a kiss against the head of my cock. She continued to plant kisses, going down along the length of my shaft and finally reaching my balls.

“You got that cum for me, cousin?” She asked. I responded by nodding my head and moaning.

“Fucking pervert,” Rosie chuckled. Moving back up to the tip of my cock, Rosie slipped my cock right into her lips and went down deep on me, making me gasp in shock and awe.

“Oh fuck, Rosie!” I exclaimed as Rosie went down as deep as she could on my cock. She was only a few centimeters away from the base of my dick when she released herself off of me, resurfacing with a loud gasp.

“Damn, almost had it,” she said.

“That was fuggin’ hot,” I said, realising that that was the first time Rosie had deepthroated me.

Rosie shrugged and smiled, apparently pleased with her effort.

“I try,” she said, before going back down on me.

I laid my head back on the couch and watched Rosie’s head bob up and down on my cock, relishing the feel of the porno inside of her warm mouth and the slipping of her tongue all around my cock’s width.

“Do you wanna cum, cuz?” Rosie asked, slipping my cock out of her mouth and lightly tapping it against her cheek.

“Yes please,” I said in a weak voice.

“Well today you’re gonna have to earn it.”

Rosie got off her knees and sat herself on the opposite end of the couch, where she turned to face me, swinging her right leg up and propping it up on the couch backrest, basically opening her legs for me.

“So far you’ve been the one on the receiving end. You better make me feel good too.”

Rosie was blushing hard, but she was clearly smiling and very excited. As was I: finally getting permission into her secret cave! (there’s probably a better way to put it)

I leaned down and positioned my hands such that they were able to prop up against Rosie’s thighs (which were deliciously plump yet firm), and I fixed my gaze on the objective.

Today, Rosie was wearing a white tank top with faded-blue shorts that had a white string on the inside of its waistband to hold it up. They were really short shorts though (I think they’re called booty shorts?), with the white outlining that I loved to see her wear.

“This feels so much more wrong,” I said, peeking up at Rosie.

In response, Rosie sniggered.

“Chicken?” she asked, rubbing her vag through her shorts in front of my face.

“Winner winner,” I said, not even sure if she’d understand the gaming reference. Nevertheless, I bent nearer and with my tongue extended gave her pussy a long and slow lick from bottom to top right through her shorts.

“Could you do it properly??” Rosie exclaimed, lightly smacking the side of my head. I grinned, not wanting to relent just yet.

“But this is so much sexier,” I said, and I pushed my mouth right up against her shorts, licking away through them and stimulating her pussy.

“Fuck, seriously, can you just, god damn-” Rosie was still trying to make complaints but was unable to form a coherent sentence as I ravaged her pussy through her shorts. Before long she was gripping my head with both hands and pushing me into her.

“Oh fuck, Jay,” Rosie moaned sensually. I glanced upwards and was pleased to see that her face was contorted with sexual pleasure and raw desire. I was rather proud of my oral technique if I should say so myself.

“Fuck Jay, don’t stop,” Rosie was almost panting now, and I could feel the couch shaking as Rosie squirmed above me, her fingers gripping into the sides of my head harder than before. I pushed my tongue as forcefully as I could against where I was assuming was her clit and began flicking it. I must’ve assumed right as seconds later Rosie practically screamed as her body began shuddering and her thighs closed in between my head, practically squeezing me (I might’ve died and gone to heaven for a few seconds in that moment).

It wasn’t too long before Rosie’s thighs loosened their grip on my head and I was able to look up at her. Rosie was sweating and breathing hard, lying back on the couch. Her eyes were open and facing the ceiling but they didn’t seem to be focused on anything in particular.

“How’d I do?” I asked, although I could more or less tell.

Rosie’s head snapped down to look at me, her face painting a picture of awe and newfound-respect.

“How did you learn to do that??” Rosie asked. Clearly she did not receive very good oral sex often.

I shrugged, sitting upright and allowing a smug smile to paint itself on my face.

“I’ve had enough flings in the past to know what I’m doing,” I said.

“Fuck, I should’ve gotten you to eat me out way earlier,” Rosie said, sitting upright and fanning herself with her hand. “That was fucking good.”

“Told you it was sexier with your shorts on,” I said as I got up to get 2 glasses of water from the kitchen. When I came back, Rosie was still fanning herself with her hand. She took the cup of water from me gratefully.

“So…” I said as I sat back down on the couch beside Rosie. “Have I earned it?”

I gestured down towards my crotch where my cock was still standing at attention. Rosie laughed.

“Fuck, I actually forgot about that,” she said. She threw back the last of her water and stood up.

“Sorry Jay, but I’m actually meeting some friends for the rest of the day, and I need to rush to wash up if I’m to be on time.

“Aw shit,” I said, disappointed. Rosie leaned forward with her hands on her knees, allowing me a very generous view of her cleavage through her tank top.

“But if you wait for me to come back tonight, I’ll make sure we end this week with a blast,” she said, her eyes twinkling.

Leaning forward for a quick peck on my forehead, Rosie bounced off and up the stairs to wash up, leaving me in the living room alone, naked, and erect.

Needless to say, I managed to make it through the rest of the day without touching myself. I kept busy by working on school assignments, going out for my meals, anime porno and of course gaming. By the time I heard Rosie return home a little past 9pm, I practically jumped out of my chair and rushed down to meet her.

“Welcome back,” I said, greeting her from the top of the stairs, still naked as I’d been the whole day. Rosie was somewhat taken aback by my unusually enthusiastic reaction but quickly burst into laughter.

“Were you waiting for me this whole time??” She asked, giggling. She hopped up the rest of the stairs and gave my cock a friendly squeeze.

“Lemme change first k, cuz? Wait for me, I’ll meet you in your room.” She winked and disappeared into her room, closing the door behind me.

It would be almost half an hour later when she opened my room door to find me, wearing an oversized tie-dye T-shirt with her jet-black hair tied into a ponytail. I was curious to see she was carrying a tote bag with her.

“So to end off our week of fun, I’ve got something special planned for you,” Rosie said as she closed my room door behind her.

“BUT,” Rosie said, sitting down on my bed and facing me where I sat on my gaming chair (still naked).

“But I need you to trust me.”

I nodded. Despite everything that had happened this week, I still loved my cousin.

“Of course I do, Rose.”

Rosie smiled, before reaching into her tote bag and bringing out a length of rope. My jaw dropped.

“The fuck?” I said.

Rosie responded by putting her hands on her hips and giving me a hard look.

“Jay. Do. You. Trust. Me.”

She emphasised every word. This time I took a second longer than before to respond with a nod. “Yea, yeah I do.”

5 minutes later, I was lying on my back on my bed, stark naked, and with my hands and legs tied gently (but firmly) to the posts of my bed.

“Hah, I knew you liked this bondage shit,” Rosie said after she’d secured the last of the rope. My cock was standing at attention at a very sharp 90-degree angle, slightly throbbing as it eagerly awaited stimulation.

And to be honest, Rosie was right. To be at the mercy of a gorgeous woman was right up my kink alley. And I knew I could trust Rosie since she was family.

Oh god, she’s family. What kind of perverse lifestyle have we descended into.

I quickly shut out my thoughts to prevent myself from going down that rabbit hole as Rosie brought out a familiar toy from her tote bag.

“Miss this?” Rosie grinned as she waved her magic wand vibrator in front of her.

“Oh shit, yes,” I said in a strained voice. My cock was now leaking pre-cum and I felt hornier than ever.

Rosie knelt on the bed beside me and bent over my groin, gathering spit in her mouth and letting it drop down from her lips. The string of thick spittle landed along the shaft of my cock and Rosie wrapped her right hand around it to gently lather on her spit all over my cock.

“Now, you can’t cum unless I say so, okay?” Rosie said as she worked her spit over every inch of my erection. “If not, I’ll have no choice but to punish you… understand?”

I almost moaned out loud at the thought of what punishment I might be blessed with should I fail Rosie’s instructions, but instead, I managed out a single word: “yes.”

Rosie giggled. “We’re gonna have sooo much fun.”

I heard the sound of a switch being toggled and I lifted my head up to see Rosie had turned on the magic wand.

“Now, just to tease it…” Rosie said, bringing the magic wand near to my cock and gently pressing it against the base of my cock right above my ballsack. I groaned as vibrations of primal pleasure began surging through me. Rosie responded by moving the magic wand up and down along my shaft. I began to pull on my restraints, relishing the fact that I was helpless to do anything.

“Fuck, fuck,” I gasped. The vibrator alone felt absolutely incredible. How was I supposed to last if Rosie switched things up to her hands? Or mouth? Or even more??

“How you doin’ over there?” Rosie asked, her eyes glancing over at me while she was still facing my cock.

“Shit, Rosie I can’t hold it much longer,” I said, my breathing already getting hard.

“Too bad, you better!” Rosie responded gleefully as she pressed the magic wand’s tip firmly against the frenulum of my cock, making me gasp and groan repeatedly.

“Rosie!” I almost shouted, but suddenly Rosie pulled back the magic wand from my cock. The abrupt loss of pleasure was jarring enough to make me open my eyes wide and groan loudly.

“Don’t make a mess now,” Rosie said, her voice trembling with excitement.

Unfortunately, I’d been building up for tonight the entire day, and my horniness was beyond measure. Rosie’s eyes widened and she exclaimed in glee as she watched my cum start leaking out of my cock like a pathetic ketchup bottle trying to release its sauce. I moaned in frustration as my cum continued to dribble out, flowing down the side of my cock and down the side of my body, making a mess on my sheets.

“Awwww, did somebody arap porno have a ruined orgasm?” Rosie asked in a sickeningly sweet voice. My chest heaved up and down as my cock throbbed, yearning for further stimulation. But Rosie wasn’t about to give me any.

“Oh man, the sheets!” Rosie exclaimed, realising my cum had gotten onto my bed. Without warning, she brought her hand up and gave my rock-hard penis a sharp (but not entirely painful) slap.

“Ah!” I made a sound that was somewhere between saying and shouting as Rosie continued to slap my cock left and right. It wasn’t actually painful (it felt kinda nice) but it WAS a bit uncomfortable having my hard cock push around so forcefully.

“I told you not to make a mess!” Rosie said, smacking my cock one last time. She reached down, grabbed my balls by the sack and gave them a firm tug.

“Ahh!!” This time I definitely shouted. Not very loudly, but enough for Rosie to know that now she REALLY had me in her control.

“Yeah that’s right, you cum when I didn’t let you?” Rosie continued to firmly tug on my balls, lightly smacking them with her other hand. This proved to be more uncomfortable than before, and I was actively protesting it.

“Rosie, stop, stop!” I was begging her to show me mercy.

“Say I”m sorry for cumming!” She demanded.

“I’m sorry for cumming!” I quickly repeated after her.

At my words, she let go of me.

“That’s better,” she said, smiling to herself.

With her left hand, Rosie began to spread my cum all over my cock, using it as a makeshift lubricant.

“Wow, you’re still hard,” she said, feeling the firm girth of my manhood.

“That’s one thing that I’m proud of,” I said, still breathing hard.

“Oh, I think you have another thing you can be proud of,” Rosie replied, a cheeky smile on her face.

Abandoning my cock, Rosie moved over on the bed towards where my head was. With one knee propped up on the bed, Rosie lifted up her oversized T-shirt to reveal that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Hungry, Jay?” she asked with foxy eyes. My eyes widened when I realised that I was seeing her raw pussy for the first time. It was shaven clean and looked as fresh as the colour pink could be.

I might’ve licked my lips.

Lifting her leg over, Rosie positioned herself over my head such that she was basically sitting on my face. As soon as Rosie had lowered herself to the optimal height, I automatically began to eat her pussy out. Although my vision was being blocked by her great ass, I could hear Rosie moaning and feel her squirming on top of me to know that she was having a good time.

“Ooooooo yes Jay, eat me!” Rosie moaned. Unable to see what I was licking, however, meant that I had to rely mostly on my sense of touch. Thankfully, my tongue still remembered the standard anatomy of a vagina, and it worked its way masterfully in between Rosie’s pink lips.

“Fuck, yes, oh shit,” Rosie began moving her hips against my mouth as though she were riding a horse. This added movement meant that my tongue was able to reach deeper into her pussy, and with it Rosie only moaned even louder.

“Oh god, Jay, i’m gonna cum, Jay, Jay!”

And suddenly, I felt Rosie’s fingers dig into my chest as she leaned forward, quivering from the intensity of the orgasm she was having while on top of me. Nevertheless, I kept my tongue going, only stopping when Rosie lifted herself off of me and collapsed beside me on the bed, resting her head on my chest.

“Fuck, Jay, you gotta give the guys in school a tutorial or something,” Rosie said, breathless. She looked up at me with a very happy look on her face. “That was fucking incredible.”

I couldn’t help but smile back. “Hey, any time you need me, I’m just across the hall.”

Rosie giggled. But my own words had made me realise something: we’re just across the hall from each other. We’ll still be able to have fun even when my aunt returns. We’ll need to keep things quiet, sure, but we’ll definitely have chances like this again.

Things weren’t ending. Not by a long shot.

Rosie looked behind her. “Alright horndog, you ready for round 2?”

“Yes please,” I said, all smiles as Rosie got off of me.

For round two, Rosie strapped two bullet vibrators to the side of my cock using a hair tie.

“Isn’t it cool?” Rosie said as she showed me how she could wirelessly control the vibrators’ rhythm and intensity through an app on her phone. “Sex toys are so high-tech these days, it’s amazing.”

“Speaking of sex…” I said in a slow voice, treading cautiously. Rosie turned her attention away from her phone to look at me.

“Oh come on, Jay,” Rosie said, leaning over me and bringing her face down near to mine.

“We don’t want to be that fucked-up family that fucks each other, right?”

“And how is THIS not already fucked-up?” I asked, rolling my head around to wildly gesture towards the fact that I was naked and tied up on my bed.

“Because we’re not fucking,” Rosie said simply, sitting upright again and bouncing off the bed, standing up straight.

I mentally sighed. I guess Rosie was right. What we’ve been doing so far was unconventional, sure. But we had yet to cross that unforgivable line. Forbidden fruit wasn’t meant to be indulged in too often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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