My Cuckold Story


The story below is how I became a cuckold for the first time and probably for life.

My wife and I had been married about 10 years and have been through as many Christmases. We have no kids, live in a nice home, both work, and in general have a great life. We slept together non-stop and were open and kinky; willing to try just about everything there was to try. I had brought up the idea of maybe swinging earlier in the year, but she wanted none of it. It was fine for her to do everything kinky, as long as it was just the 2 of us. On the other hand, we were both a little submissive and I would switch and Dom her when she wanted it but she would never really switch and Domme me, even when I asked her. She said it felt weird and she didn’t know what to do. Despite this, I didn’t know too many people that get to have sex with their wife as much as I did or try everything else out, so I was happy and certainly not complaining.

Anyway, back to that Christmas day, we had a lazy day to start, with no kids, we open gifts in the afternoon and she hadn’t put any of her gifts for me under the tree like she normally does which was a little odd, but not a big deal. Around 1 we started and she opened the gifts from me first and was generally happy. She then said her gift to me was a surprise and to sit down and enjoy. At this point, she got my curiosity up and I wasn’t going to be surprised if it was something sexual. Well, she stood up and started to slowly dance and strip tease for me, which got me swelling from the start. She is 5-6, 140ish, blond, blue, c-cup, and shaved; not a model, but still hot. Once she was top less she stood me up and told me she had costumes for us to put on, but I couldn’t see them until we were dressed, so she grabbed a blindfold and put it on me before slowly stripping me and rubbing her tits over my body while she did. I was now fully at attention for her! She started by putting me in tight shorts and sat me down in a dinning room chair she had brought in and put on socks before tying my ankles hatay escort and arms to the chair.

At this point I’m thinking “wow, she is finally going to Domme me!” This thought solidified in my mind when the “socks” turned out to be stockings that she moved up the rest of my legs, before she strapped on shoes with 3″ heels and topped it off by putting a strapless bra on me. At this point I knew 3 things for sure: 1) She was finally going to Domme me, 2) the tight “shorts” were really panties, and 3) she had thought this out and it should be a lot of fun. I was rock hard, excited, but couldn’t see a thing. I only knew I was in the living room, tied up and femmed for the first time by my loving wife and couldn’t wait for what she was going to do. Well I’d like to say I could figure out where she was going, but I was so wrong.

She left the room and I heard the shower running and didn’t think too much of it, she was making me wait and was getting ready/cleaned up before we played and I stayed excited while she showered and blow dried her hair and took her time getting ready. In all, I was left alone for I’m guessing about a half hour, then the door bell rang. My heart stopped and I started to freak out! I was maybe 15 feet from the front done, extremely compromised, and I’m thinking a neighbor had come over for some reason and was going to ruin this or see me like I was. I still thought my wife would either ignore them or get rid of them somehow, but she came in the room and just opened the door wide and said to the guy “hi, find the place ok?” Both the cold air and that she opened the door like that gave me chills. Anyway, to speed the story up for a bit, he came in and she shut the door. I could feel him walk over to me and he said “so, this is your sissy hubby that needs to be shown a few things, huh? I can see why.”

I was humiliated, embarrassed, and rock hard all at the same time. They sat on the couch near me and talked for a little bit and he asked if she was sure she was ready, she said yes and then she gave me a choice. I could either watch them fuck now, tied like I was, or I would never get to watch them in the future. She also said there was no going back, she was fucking him again and probably others and I would just have to deal with it because that is what I wanted from her. Well, torn and tortured as I was, I told her I wanted to watch. I was excited and humiliated at the same time. She had put on a very sexy white “honeymoon” lingerie outfit including garters, heels, corset, etc. and she started by stripping him and giving him a blow job. In the next 2 hours he came in her 3 times and they did about every position and hole they could do; making sure to talk down to me and show it off as they went. When they were done and spent he got up and laid my chair back and she straddled my face and told me she wasn’t getting off till I cleaned her out and made her cum again!

I thought it was bad before when I had to watch them fuck, but now I was being made to each this strangers cum out of my wife’s used pussy. I didn’t want to do it, but she sat on me until I could barely breath and worked her clit on my face too. I would like to say that was it, but my cock was still rock hard and aching from being hard for almost 3 hours now with no relief. She reached back and asked how my pussy was doing and with basically the first touch I erupted in my panties while eating her pussy and his cum. They talked a lot while they had fucked about how much more of a man he was and how she deserved more, etc. and they said that I fit my new role well with that eruption.

Anyway, when they were done she kissed my mouth and told me “Merry Christmas honey, I hope you enjoy your new life”. He left soon after and before she untied me and told me I was to leave my panties on, filled as they were for the night. I was to F’ed up to argue or not follow along at that point. The next morning I went to take a shower and came out to get dressed. That is when I found that all of my boxers had been removed and replaced with panties, many of which I recognized (more on that in a minute). It was then that I realized this really wasn’t an occasional thing, but a full time deal. She had switched them out while I was tied up and she was getting ready the previous day and told me then that I would be wearing them 24/7 now and several other new rules. I could do nothing really but agree at that point.

We talked a lot that day about what happened and how she came to do what she did. She said she had snooped what I was looking at online a while back and among the sports and occasional sex sites, there was a cuckold website, something I hadn’t talked to her about because I figured if she was not willing to swing, I didn’t see her considering that (of course, I was thinking of sharing her, not serving like this!). Turns out, as she thought about it more and more, she realized she got all the control, fun, and sex, so how bad could it be, and it just might be worth a try. As the days went on, she said it consumed her and she decided she had to find a special way to start it. She did a lot of research online and eventually found a guy to be her new bf who matched her interests and they held off doing anything beyond plotting my demise until that day. They met in person in late November and came up with the Christmas gift idea at that time and the rest of what they did evolved from there.

Turns out, it was his idea and she loved it to buy sexy panties and lingerie throughout December and show them to me and ask me what I thought of them, knowing full well I thought they were for her. She says it turned her on to no end to see how excited I got with the sexy stuff, but she refused to put them on and wear them for me. I would eat her out and fuck her on those days, and she got so hot knowing what she had planned for me and that I had absolutely no clue.

Well, she is true to form and has become an overnight Domme and loves it. I have been her sub cuck ever since. There are a ton of situations I have found myself in since that fateful day, and I have come to learn to love the humiliation and submission I live with every day.