My Dad’s Friend, Damian Pt. 06

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I was almost twenty years old by the time I finally got to fuck Damian. I was his 40th birthday present.

He spent the night of his birthday fucking me all over his house, we made each other cum countless times. This was the first time I ever slept in the same bed with him, it may be a cliche to say, but we truly did not get much sleep.

I’d be just on the cusp of sleep when a roaming Damian part would pull me out of it. The first time, I was laying on my side facing away from him, and felt him move behind me.

When he began to spoon me I thought, “Awwww, he wants to snuggle”, and drifted back to sleep with a smile on my face.

Suddenly he pulled my hips back, my round ass slamming against his pelvis, right into his rock hard cock. His lips latched onto the side of my neck, nibbling, and sucking, while his large hand wrapped around the front of my top thigh. He pulled my leg up and back over his hip, reached between my thighs and rubbed his thumb through my swollen lips. His finger left me quickly, his hand reached between us, and grabbed his stiff member. He pulled it down through my ass cheeks and slid into my dripping pussy, entering easily.

His fingers covered my mound, finding their way between my plump lips while he fucked me from behind. He moved in and out of me, smoothly, slow but steady and hard. His head on top of mine between my neck and shoulder. He was not one to talk very dirty usually, but then again, today is the first time we fucked, in the traditional sense at least.

He spoke in a harsh whisper against my face, “I am going to pound your cunt until it hurts, and you are going to love it, aren’t you?”

His fingers rubbed over my clit, up and down, while he drove into me and orgasm number 6,7 or 8 hit. Damian slammed into me harder, faster. He grunted loud with each thrust, his hand now holding onto my upper thigh. He was gripping it and pulling me to him harder, both of our bodies were covered in sweat. The large room echoed with my moans, his grunts and the sounds of him plunging in and out of me.

It didn’t take him long to go stiff and cum, falling asleep immediately afterwards.

This is pretty much how the entire birthday weekend went, except for the dinner with my family. My parents thought I was working all week, and could only come down for Damian’s birthday dinner, so my car was parked at his office. I drove in like I just got in from out of town, so our secret was safe.

I hadn’t seen the ‘rents in a month and they seemed a bit off when I saw them last, but the twins were being unbearable so I blamed it on that. The dinner was stiff and uncomfortable, my parents seemed distant, so I made my excuses and left. I parked my car at Damian’s office and took a lyft back to his condo.

I focused on Damian the rest of the weekend, and wouldn’t discuss my parents. I could tell he wanted to talk about it, about something, but I just didn’t want to think about it when I could be enjoying the most intimate weekend of my life. So I didnt think about it and I really did have an amazing weekend.

Cut to a month later, Damian’s boss promotes him, he is now a full partner, and in line for the managing partner position, when his boss, the owner, retires in six months.

My parents were going to Damian’s promotion celebration party, and I would meet them there. I have been back at school working shifts before the fall semester starts.

Damian asked me to stay with him over the weekend at the condo, like I did for his birthday. So I spent the night Friday, leaving my car at his law firm and he dropped me off to pick it up a few hours before his party. We said our goodbyes and promised to be good, he asked me not to be too good, to wear something slutty for him.

I obliged. I wore a black mesh tutu style mini skirt with a white tank top, my bathing suit underneath, and a pair of studded black leather sandals. I decided to put my hair in pigtails just to be a little extra naughty.

My parents and I headed over to Damian’s with the twins. As we made our way to the backyard, we could hear an assortment of voices, he already had guests.

As soon as I walked through the gate I felt his eyes on me, so I glanced over at him. His wicked smile directed at me, as he headed towards us.

“Turners! I am so glad you all made it!” Damian hugged my mom and dad, and smiled at the twins and I.

There were quite a few people there standing or sitting in groups chatting, but one of them was more visible, and louder than the rest. He was just a little shorter than Damian but was thicker, wider. Not fat but not a bodybuilder either, he looked solid, but didn’t have a large belly or anything. His gestures, posture, speech, all screamed confidence and his dark suit fit perfectly. His white linen shirt was open at the collar, he didn’t wear a tie and his jacket hung on the chair next to him. His thick fingers wrapped around a drink glass, showing off a couple of gold rings. He was giving me strong Tony Soprano almanbahis vibes, and I wanted to sit in his lap so he could be powerful and confident at me.

Damian’s voice broke my train of thought. “Let me introduce you to my boss, Micheal Gianetti.”

The large man turned to us, shook my parents’ hands, and made small talk. He smiled down at the twins as he chatted with my parents. His gaze swept down to my feet and when it came back up, I thought I read disappointment in his expression. He was most definitely a daddy type. I mean Damian is twenty years older than me but it’s not a daddy thing with him, he isn’t a daddy type at all. Michael on the other hand, made me want to ask for a spanking.

My parents chatted with the big lawyer and I brought the twins to the snack table. Damian left the group of chattering adults, and made his way to me.

He grabbed a few crackers off the tray next to me, leaning in he asked, “think you could ditch the twins and meet me downstairs in ten minutes?”

“Garage, game room or laundry room?”

I asked quietly.

“Sit on top of the washing machine with your legs spread, and I’ll be there in ten”.

I blushed and smiled at Damian, remembered myself and concentrated on picking up veggies for my plate. I glanced around making sure no one was looking. Michael’s eyes locked with mine, they told me he saw the whole exchange.

I grabbed the twins’ hands and sat them at the table just behind where my parents were still chatting with Michael.

I walked up and smiled at Michael and turned to my mother.

“I’m leaving the twins here, I’m going to help inside for a little while,” I said quickly, not wanting to delay my secret meeting with Damian.

“Honey, have you met Michael?”, my dad questioned before I could get away.

“Same time you did, dad!” I laughed and punched his arm, to take the edge off my smart ass comment.

Michael reached out his hand, “It’s Mr. Gianetti to trouble makers like you,” Micheal winked at me, not like he would a little kid but like he would to a woman that he wants to do things to. I took his hand and shook it firmly.

“It’s good to meet you Mr. Gianetti.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” he looked me in the eyes, and I glanced around. No one was paying attention to us, my parents had turned to check in with the twins.

“I don’t like this outfit as much as I enjoyed what you were wearing for Damian’s birthday,” again this was delivered quietly.

I dropped Michael’s hand and looked at him, wondering how the fuck he saw me and remembered what I wore.

Ahhh the raised voices in the other office, one must have been him. He must have seen me coming in.

“That outfit gave away your mission, I got in trouble with my date because of it. I was thinking out loud, ‘I have a job for her.”

My thighs squeezed together automatically, my pussy was already wet in anticipation of my meeting with Damian.

“Well, it was nice meeting you, young lady,” Michael became very formal, and I noticed my parents were turned towards us again.

“Same, Mr. Gianetti”.

I made my way into the house, Damian was trapped by two women, just a little older than him.

This happens all the time. He’s so nice and just crazy attractive, women flock to him and always think they have a shot.

I winked at Damian and smiled at the small crowd. The women glanced at me and while they looked away he mouthed “ten more minutes”

I walked just out of the kitchen, and plopped down on the overstuffed chair. I heard Michael’s voice, he was asking the women if they could excuse him and Damian. They obliged and the kitchen went quiet for a moment.

“I know that girl was at the practice a couple of weeks ago. I don’t care what happened but if she is off limits just say so now.”

Michael said this all quickly and with authority.

Damian’s answer was so hot, “No one dictates limits to Georgia. She is always in control, and will let you know what you can and can’t do to her. One of her best qualities, really. Very mature for being just about twenty.

Michael choked on his whisky, “Holy shit, twenty?!”

“Not quite yet,” I could hear the smile in Damian’s voice.

Their conversation turned from play to work so I decided to make my way downstairs.

I walked to the washer set against the wall but it was at least four feet tall, and I couldn’t crawl up a dirty washer. Sidenote: I always wanted to hop onto high-ish surfaces backwards, all cool, so that suddenly I’m sitting on a high surface. Cool girls always do that in movies. Well, I’m super short and not very cool so I decided on the narrow table dividing the room.

I surfed social media on my phone, my legs swinging in front of me, spread apart enough that my thighs weren’t touching.

I heard the doorknob turn and Damian enter the room. I put my phone on the table next to me and waited for his touch. I faced away from the entrance so he could “surprise” me from behind. almanbahis giriş Suddenly I was pulled to the back of the table. My butt slid across the smooth wood and I slammed against him.

His hands gripped my thighs, he stood behind me, my back flush with his front.I closed my eyes, smiled and spread my legs even further. He impatiently flipped my skirt up and pushed his fingertips against my bathing suit, between my legs, that tiny strip of material that was already damp. His fingers felt wide, they were spreading my lips much more than usual. It felt great, they covered every sensitive piece of flesh between my folds.

He rubbed the material into my slit, and I rocked my hips hard against his fingers. I wanted him to slip them underneath and dip them in my wetness. He seemed to know what I was asking for and rubbed his fingertips along the edge of that thin piece of fabric. I could feel the smoothness of his nails rubbing the edge of my outer lips.

I moaned in pleasure and frustration, I needed his fingers, I would do anything to have them inside of me right now,


Was all I could muster, it came out as a whimper. Those glorious fingers dove under the fabric, sliding between my pink, swollen pussy lips.

It felt like he was rubbing my clit and all the skin on each side of it between two fingers of each hand. It was a persistent motion, and so effective. I could feel wetness gushing from me, seeping down my thighs and his fingers dipped deeper. I felt something cold and hard, like a ring, when his fingers dipped all the way down to my pussy. I was so lost in the pleasure that I almost didn’t think about the fact that Damian wore no jewelry. Then my thoughts were about how these thick fingers were going to make me cum very soon. Damian is a big man but these are not his fingers. Jesus christ was I so blinded by lust because someone rubbed my pussy?

I leaned against the large chest and looked up. Michael looked down at me, his expression was guarded. He stared down at me but didnt stop rubbing, he didn’t even slow his pace. Instead he dipped his fingers deeper, two thick fingertips entered me, I felt and heard them. He looked down at me, smiled and swirled those fingertips in my wetness, and pulled them back up to rub my hard slippery nub in circles.

It felt so good so good, I wanted more, I needed to cum and needed a big cock, but Damian, he will be here at any time. WIll he be mad that I let his boss make me cum when he was supposed to be here? I definatly do not want to fuck this guy, but I am so close to cuming and he is very skilled. He is also extremely confident, and it is pretty attractive. Do I want to let this happen?

I was finally able to speak, “Michael!”, I didn’t realize, I mean I thought it was..”

“Are you enjoying it?” He asked, it was almost a whisper. His fingers are moving faster, over, under, along the sides of my clit, only to dip all the way down, and fuck me. He was plunging a large finger from each hand deep inside of me, three or four times before pulling the wetness along my slit.

“I should probably discuss this with Damian before we go much..”

“I asked Damian if you were off limits and he told me that no one puts limits on you. Besides, look how much you love my hands, you don’t really want me to stop, do you?” Three fingers circled my throbbing clit. He was toying with me and I couldn’t catch my breath, he kept me on the edge of orgasm for minutes. “Your pussy has leaked all over this table, you’ve made a mess because of how much you want to be played with.”

He stopped moving his fingers, and I was grinding my hips up and around, trying to get the friction back.

“Answer me Georgia, do you want me to stop fingering your tight little pussy, just short of making you cum?” He growled in my hair, his fingers resuming their play regardless of what I wanted. The thing is, I had to have it at this point, I felt like I couldn’t control myself.

“No, please make me cum Micheal” I whimper

I was lost in pleasure because his motion changed, it was like he was waiting for me to consent before he would make me cum.

One hand covered my slit, all four fingers rubbing in a down motion, fast and hard against my clit. His other hand came up and found my nipple under my bathing suit. I was oblivious to anything else which is why I didn’t hear the door. I had no idea that we were not alone.

His hands hesitated and I felt him move a little, but he resumed. I was on the edge of orgasm, my whole body was shaking, he kept me there, for what felt like an eternity.

“Please Michael let me cum, please” I whimper.

His fingers speed up rubbing hard on my wet nub and I reach the peak, I held his hand to me and thrashed wildly and moaned. Shockwave after shockwave rocked my body, as he fucked me hard with two of his fingers.

I opened my eyes, glanced around, and suddenly Damian came into view. He was next to me, his dick was obviously extremely almanbahis giriş hard. I was shocked, scared, confused, kind of angry, did they plan this?! He looked like he wanted to fuck me, not yell at me.

“Damian, I am sorry, at first I didn’t know it was..”

He cut me off, “Georgia, we can talk about this later, but you didn’t do anything wrong, there is no need to explain. I can tell you that watching you cum from this point of view is insanely erotic and I really need to fuck you now. So if you will get your fingers out of my fuck toy’s vagina Michael, I would like to use her. “

“Whoa what makes you think I am going to let you fuck me, Michael dont go. Was this planned? Did you send him down here to surprise me like this?” My brain was fuzzy, I was in sex haze, I was still vibrating from my orgasm.I knew that Damian would never do that to me, I have known him half of my young life and he has always been very careful with me, making sure I was okay with that what was happening every step of the way. I immediately felt bad for asking, for snapping.

From behind me Michael said “Georgia, I didn’t know that you thought I was Damien, and when we both came to the realization, I asked you if you wanted me to stop.”

“I know, and I did not want you to..” I glanced over my shoulder at Michael who was standing near the door.

“This was not a set up, I was chatting with some folks so it took me longer to get to you” Damian interrupted. “When I saw Micheal and heard your moaning, breathing, I figured out what was going on and for a minute I was irritated, maybe a little angry, but when I came around and saw his fingers working inside of you, your cum all over his hand and the table it turned me on. I motioned for Micheal to continue because I could see you were just about to cum.”

Wait, did Damian just admit to being jealous?! The thought was gone as soon as Damian’s hands gripped my thighs and pulled me to the edge of the table, I wrapped my legs around his body. I was all need, specifically needing Damian, his beautiful cock that fit inside of me like I was born to be serviced by him.The thought occurred to me that I didn’t hear Michael leave as Damians hands slipped up my inner thighs. His fingertips dipped inside the edge of my bathing suit, when they came in contact with my slippery wet slit he groaned a little. The pleasure of Damian’s fingers dancing over my very sensitive clit, had me on the edge of orgasm almost instantly.

I’d never done anything like this before, I couldn’t believe how erotic it was. Knowing that Michael was close enough to see Damian’s fingers working inside of my pussy lips, made the entire scene even hotter.

I glanced at him, I could see his large cock straining against his pants. He met my eyes and rubbed his large hand over his dick.

My focus turned back to Damian, his fingers moved faster around my clit,while two worked into my hot and dripping pussy. His free hand wrapped around the back of my neck, and brought my lips to his. He kissed me deeply, tenderly sucking on my bottom lip, then the top, all the while driving me to a second orgasm. I started to shake and I moaned into his mouth as I came.

“That is a good girl Georgia, so wet and so willing,” Damian pushed those two fingers deeper inside of me and spoke quietly against my lips, “stand up and bend over the table. “

I obeyed him, and waited for what was going to happen next.

“Michael.” Damian dismissed his boss with just his name, I’ve never heard anyone do this in real life. I could imagine if it were a movie the direction would be something like ‘Damian gives Michael a curt nod’.

“Well kids that’s the hottest experience I’ve had in a very long time,” I looked up and Michael was making his way out of the door.

Damian’s pants suddenly hit the floor, then his fingers were separating my ass cheeks and lower lips. When he steered his dick head between my slippery lips, there was no resistance, he was inside of me. He was bent over me, his face on my shoulder, with his lips against my ear.

“I will not share you yet,” he whispered as he slammed into me, “Tell me who this big cock belongs to Georgia.”

“It’s mine” I moaned

“And this tight little pussy?”

“Yours, it’s yours” I gasped.

I felt pressure against my anus, and then distinctly, his thumb. I am not an anal person, but with his cock driving into me so hard, it added to the perversion, of the entire scene and turned me on even more.

For just a moment I thought about Damian’s question, and my automatic response. I never hoped for anything physical or romantic with Damian. There were no expectations after that first night when he put his hand under my dress as he drove me home. What would happen when school started again, hundreds of miles away and I wouldn’t have time to visit?

I wanted to think about what this would mean and look like, but his hot cock driving into me, with his thumb firmly inserted into my puckered back hole, interrupted any rational thought.

Damian tensed up very quickly, grabbed my hips and used them as handles to pound into me while he pulled me to him. His orgasm hit, he shook hard, I felt his rigid cock flex inside of me with every spurt of cum he shot.

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