My Darkest Desires Ch. 03


It had been almost a year now and I longed for more with James. I could not put into words how I felt, my feelings were stronger and more intense than anything I’ve ever felt before. I would rather be put through any punishment than to dissatisfy him. I longed for more pain along with the pleasure.

He had pushed my limits further and further and yet I craved more. I wasn’t sure how or why all of this has happened. I’ve never been happier. We were to meet and he had a surprise for me, I was extremely excited.

It was going on 5 o’clock and I knew he’d be here at 6 to pick me up. I finished to get ready and sat as waited anxiously.

He had arrived promptly at 6 and we hurried back to his place. Once we were inside the door I had quickly undressed and I went to retrieve my collar from my bag. I still wore his consideration collar.

He stopped me from doing so. He took my hand and guided me to the couch instead of where I knelt before him.

He reached into a drawer on the table beside him and presented a black leather collar with an O ring on it.

He then stated, “I have decided it was time to present you with a training collar. If you accept it you will move here with me and I will take care of all your needs.”

“If not you will be released, we’ve both had enough time to consider if this is what we both want.”

I moved to the floor and knelt down with my back to him. I swept my hair out of his way for him to place it on me.

I felt the leather wrap around my neck. It brought a smile to my face. He pulled me around to him and kissed me. He moved back to his chair and I knelt before him.

I moved into position, with my arms behind my back, my legs spread and head down. I waited for the sound of his voice to guide me.

He raised up enough to remove his belt as he situated himself in the chair to get comfortable.

I knew what he craved.

I raised myself up to my knees. I brought his pants down. Before I could release his hard cock he stood up and grabbed my wrist which brought me to my feet. He stood me in the middle of the room.

I quickly went into position, I clasped my hands behind my head and spread my legs wide.

He walked around me, his fingers lightly grazed my body, he asked, “are you willing and eager to please me, my love?”

As I looked down I answered, “yes I am Sir!”

He Tipobet lifted my chin with his fingers, “good because I will push you further than ever before. You will know you’re mine forever.”

I felt his breath on my neck. He growled in my ear and his teeth bit down on my shoulder.

I dared not to move from my position, I felt him walk around behind me. His hands wrapped around me and gripped my nipples tight.

I felt him press up against me and I wanted nothing more than to feel him inside me. He released my nipples and left the room.

He came back a few minutes later.

He set a studded riding crop and a knotted flogger on the table. He then walked back over to me and placed a blindfold on so I couldn’t see.

I heard him move away from me. Within a few seconds I felt the straps from the flogger gliding across my skin.

In a flash I felt the cool leather straps heat as they made contact with my thighs. It almost made my knees buckle.

Over and over I heard the crack of the flogger. I felt the burn across my backside. My body started to tremble.

I tried not to break position. He moved around the front of me.

My face was red and wet from the sweat and tears. My breath was raspy but I managed a smile.

He leaned over and grabbed the clamps and placed them on my nipples. He tugged at the chain between them.

His hand slid down my thigh over my pussy. He stated, “my little girl is wet, isn’t she”?

He laughed a little and took a step back as the flogger swung through the air and hit right under my nipples. There was no pause when the flogger struck again and again.

I cried out in pain. A few minutes passed by and it smacked right across my nipples and hit the clamps.

The pain was intense and tears rolled down my cheek. I tried my hardest not to let my body collapse. I regained a little strength and stood up straight.

He took a step towards me and pulled the clamp chain a little. I almost lost my balance.

He looked at me, “who do you belong to little one?” His voice more harsh than usual.

I caught my breath and quickly replied, ” I belong to you Sir, now and always.”

He leaned in and I felt him kiss my cheek where the tears had fallen.

He pulled me up to my feet and led me down to the basement to our room. He placed the cuffs Tipobet Giriş on my wrists from the ceiling as he spread my legs wide to restrain them. I quickly wrapped my hands around the chains and gripped them to help me stay balanced.

He pulled the chain between the clamps again and it brought me to my toes.

I whimpered and moaned, as I waited to feel what was next to come.

I felt the crop smack across my nipple, then the other. I cried out and pulled on the chains. I felt as he slid the cane across my body to between my legs.

He slid it along between my legs. He moved and swung it hard. It hit my ass over and over again. I couldn’t take anymore. I felt the welts form. I felt his hand glide gently across my ass. My body was red and welted. I had never felt such pain that had brought on such pleasure.

I waited a few minutes then I felt him press up against me, his cock hard and wanting. His hand slid between my legs as he teased me.

I silently waited, I wanted to feel him in my pussy. That was not his intention right now. I felt him take ahold of my hips as he pulled me back to him.

His cock pressed up against my ass. Slowly I felt him push it into my ass as I cried out.

His hand came down hard and slapped my ass. It made my body jump and I felt him thrust in even further. He brought his hand up and pulled the clamp chain as he continued to thrust harder and deeper into my ass.

Hiss hand wrapped into my hair as he pulled my head back, he bit down into my neck.

He again brought his hand down and smacked my ass across the welts. I could not control the cries that came from my mouth.

I felt him pull his cock out. He pressed against my pussy. I was so wet and wanted him.

With one quick thrust his cock was buried deep inside me. I began to moan louder and breath heavier as I pushed back into him.

He reached his hand around as he started to rub my sensitive clit, it didn’t take much before he pushed me over the edge.

I felt my body tense up as waves of heat crashed across my body. My pussy clamped down on his cock ready to explode. He pushed into me deeper. I screamed out in pure pleasure as my juices poured out of me.

Before my orgasm subsided he pulled my head back to him again. I felt him push as deep as he could as he growled into my ear. Tipobet Güncel Giriş He tensed up and I felt his hot liquid shoot deep inside me. He pulled away from me and released my restraints as he helped me to the bed.

He took the blindfold off. I lay there as I regained my strength.

He disappeared to the bathroom for a minute and came back with a cool cloth and some aloe.

He gently rubbed my body to ease the pain.

He leaned in and softly kissed me. He said, “good girl, I was pleased with you today.”

I smiled and said, “thank you Sir.”

We returned upstairs. He had his hand wrapped in mine.

He sat in his chair as I knelt before him.

As I glanced up at him I slightly whimpered, he looked at me as he gestured to me to come closer.

He knew what I craved.

I raised up to my knees as I took his cock into my hands. Slowly I opened my mouth as I let my tongue taste all of his hardness. I felt as his hand wrapped into my hair, (knowing I love that) as he pushed me further down onto his cock.

I began to lick and suck, I felt him deep in my throat. I gagged and drooled as he pushed past my gag reflex.

I tried to breathe through my nose. He started to fuck my mouth harder and faster.

My moans echoed through his cock.

I heard him growl and he pushed my head further down and held it there. He let his orgasm explode in my throat.

I swallowed before he removed himself from my mouth. As he pulled out saliva mixed with his cum slid from the corners of my mouth. I loved the taste, of him. I sat back up as I looked at him and said, “thank you, Sir!”

He patted his leg and I climbed into his lap. He gazed into my eyes and asked, “is my little one happy here with me?”

I looked at him, “Yes I am very happy Sir.”

I smiled and he leaned in to kiss me. I rested my head on his chest.

He ran his fingers through my hair. We sat there for awhile before he carried me up to our bed.

Once in the bed he caressed my red, welted body. I wanted him again even with the pain I was in.

He pushed my legs apart and positioned himself between them. He began to rub his cock along my slit. With one hard thrust he entered me and I let out a high-pitched moan.

His thrusts were slow and deep. He moved our bodies so I was on top of him. He held my hips as my body took his hard cock deep. My movements were as if I was riding a bull. I felt him push up into me and he held me there. His orgasm was so intense. He pulled me into him and kissed me with such passion.

I knew it was the start of something that would last a lifetime.