My Daughter’s Scheme


This is a new story that has a slow build up to the actual incest. If you have any story ideas for me, I’m always open to suggestions. All characters are 18+. Hope you enjoy!


My daughter, Kira was the best thing to ever happen to me. She was born about a year before my ex-wife decided to leave suddenly. I guess raising a daughter was too hard for her and she wanted to party using her parent’s money. This would drive some men to drinking, but not me. I wanted to give Kira the best I could, almost never drinking and spending as much time with her as I could. At first, this bothered me, making me think that I was a failure, but I soon came to realize that this was for the best. As part of her leaving with no explanation, I was not only given complete custody over Kira, and enough alimony to expand my business greatly.

Raising Kira and managing my own business was hard work, but I put all of my effort into both of those tasks. True I didn’t have much of a romantic life, but I had more than enough money for the two us, a caring daughter and even managed to find some time to coach Kira’s soccer teams. These thoughts bring back many happy memories of watching my baby girl grow into a beautiful young woman.

I shake myself out of this nostalgia trip as Kira’s name is called at her high school graduation. I aim my camera and take several pictures as she shakes the principles hand and takes her diploma back to her seat. During the drive home, Kira is all smiles. She kept going on about how happy she was to be finally done with high school and going out of state for college in the fall.

When we get home, Kira rushes off to her room, probably to text her friends about what party they all were going to tonight. I settle in front of the T.V. and turn on the baseball game, watching with a mild interest in the times I can look up from responding to emails. After a short while of this, Kira comes into the room, “Hey Dad…”

I look up at her and smile. Kira is beautiful, taking several key features from her Asian mother especially her straight black hair, and her skin tone was a pretty tanish color. She is wearing jean shorts and a tank top that shows off her toned stomach. The thin material up top covers most of her moderate sized breasts. “Let me guess, you’re going out to a party?” I ask, feigning surprise.

Kira nods, “Yes.” The two of us always had an understanding, honesty was the most important thing. Neither of us would lie to the other about anything, no matter how embarrassing the subject.

“That’s fine. Just leave me all alone here.” I say, pretending to be hurt by her going out. As she opens her mouth to respond, I say, “Remember don’t drink and drive. You know how much you mean to me. No boys either!” I say the last part as a joke, making sure she was on birth control when I first learned she was having sex with one of her boyfriends.

Kira’s confused look turns to a smile, “Don’t worry Dad! Bye!”

She starts to leave but I call her name and she turns around, “I love you!”

Kira smiles back at me, “I love you too Dad!” Kira walks out of the room, her hips swaying side to side as if she’s teasing me with her moderately sized ass. Then she rushes out the door to go spend time with her friends. I watch the end of the game before going to brush my teeth and get out clothes for tomorrow. Looking in the mirror, 47 years of life look back at me. I still have a full head of brown hair at my age. I liked to keep in shape, often going to the gym. After a second, I get tired of looking at my reflection and decide to go to sleep.


Finally, a weekend to myself. I think as I get home from work, tossing my tie onto my bed. Kira wasn’t home again, but that was expected. Ever since she got her license, she was always out doing something with friends, but I was never worried. Kira would always make good decisions. Her finishing senior year only made her go out with her friends more than before.

To celebrate the beginning of the weekend, I crack open a beer and take a small sip. Then I start my grill and begin cooking burgers for my dinner. I watch them cook, enjoying the warm night air. To my surprise, when the burgers are done and I come back inside, Kira is milling around in the kitchen. “Something wrong sweetie?” I ask.

Kira frowns up at me, “I thought about what you said… the thing about you being alone while I’m at school.”

I frown back, “The leave me here alone thing? You know I wasn’t serious about that right?”

Kira nods, “I was just thinking about it. When I go away you’re going to be all alone here.”

I reply, “I knew this would happen at some point and I’m not worried about it. I remember when I just graduated high school. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see my parents once that whole summer.” Then I take a bite out of my burger.

While I chew, Kira says, “I still don’t think that’s right. You should have someone to talk to and spend time with. Maybe a woman?”

I swallow, Escort bayan “Like a girlfriend?” Kira nods. So I continue, “Kira. I haven’t seriously dated anyone since your mother. Honestly, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

Kira frowns at me again, “Well it’s too late because I arranged something for tomorrow night. At that fancy Italian place.”

I feel slightly annoyed, “Who did you make plans with?” I ask, trying not to sound angry.

Kira gives a teasing smile, “If I told you you’d say no. You just need to go and find out.”

I roll my eyes, my anger fading. “You know, sometimes I can’t wait for you to go away. But if this makes you happy I’ll go on this ONE date.”

Kira smiles at me, “Good. It’s at 6pm, reservation for Andrew.” I nod, returning my attention to my dinner. I can’t believe my own daughter is making dates for me now. I think as Kira heads out of the house.


I walk into the nice restaurant and say my name. The waiter leads me to a the table for two, a candle lit in the middle. A couple of minutes later, I hear a familiar voice, “Oh my god!” I turn and see Susan Jones, the mother of Kira’s friend Isabella. I had talked to her before, often when Kira was younger and needed rides to friends’ houses. We had talked in the past, but never really gotten to know each other. Susan is a pretty blonde woman, about 45 years old. Her straight blonde hair reaches past her shoulders. She has large breasts, a toned looking ass and a fit body from her job at the gym I go to. She is wearing a form fitting blue dress that goes from her shoulders to her knees. Susan approaches the table and notes the surprise on my face, “So I guess I wasn’t the only one in the dark about this”

I nod, “Yeah. Apparently Kira decided I was lonely and needed to go on a date.”

Susan smiles, “Isabella decided the same thing apparently.”

The waiter comes and we both order drinks and begin to make small talk about our daughter’s plans for the future. Things progress from there, and the two of us spend several hours talking, sharing stories and having a very good time. For the first time in too long, I feel like I’m on a real date again. At about 10:30, Susan looks at me, “Want to take this somewhere else?” Her voice is very suggestive.

I smile, “With a beautiful woman such as yourself, who would say no?”

About 15 minutes later, the two of us go to Susan’s house. Susan first makes sure Isabella isn’t home before the two of us get busy. Susan motions for me to come inside her house and the two of us begin to kiss almost immediately upon entering. We start with gentle kisses on the lips, but soon we go further, tongue’s exploring each other’s mouths. I feel my cock grow hard and after another minute, Susan’s hand brushes against it.

I take this as I sign that she wants to go further and I begin to run my hands slowly down over her lower back to her ass. Susan pulls away from me, a mischievous smile on her face, “Let’s take this to my room.” She whispers. Susan then grabs my hand and leads me upstairs, making sure to sway her toned ass side to side. The anticipation makes the short walk feel much longer.

When we finally get to her room, Susan closes the door behind us and once again, we begin to passionately kiss. My hands begin to explore her body, starting with the zipper on the back of her dress. I slowly lower it, and finally, the blue dress only hangs on by the shoulder straps. Susan’s hands shake slightly as she unbuttons my shirt. “Something wrong?” I ask her.

She lets out a nervous laugh, “It’s just been a long time since this kind of thing last happened. I was just so busy with work and…”

I give her a reassuring smile and caress her D-cup breasts through her dress and bra, “I know exactly what you mean.” Susan smiles back and finishes unbuttoning my shirt. I shrug my shoulders and it falls to the floor. Susan makes a similar motion and her dress falls to the floor, revealing her lacy read bra and panties. Before I can say anything, she drops to her knees and undoes my zipper on my dress pants, dropping them to the floor as well. The two of us only in our underwear, my cock is now visibly hard. Susan then looks up at me, her soft brown eyes with a sexy glint to them.

She tugs my boxers down slightly and pulls my cock out and strokes it length once before putting the tip in her mouth. She begins to suck my cock, starting with the tip and slowly taking more into her mouth, until she has about 6 of my 8 inches in her mouth. Susan finally pulls away and gasps for breath. Recovering, she lays back on her king sized bed and spreads her legs. Knowing what she wants, I crawl between her toned thighs and begin to gently massage her clit through her panties. Based off of the dark red stain in the middle, Susan is already very wet. I slide her panties to the side and begin to slowly finger her. Susan’s pussy is shaven and mound shaped, with none of her inner lips visible. Susan’s wet pussy grips two of my fingers tightly Bayan escort and she begins to softly moan as in pleasure.

As I pick up speed, Susan’s moans become louder, her one hand groping her own breasts through her bra. About a minute later, Susan groans and cums, her pussy clamping down on my fingers inside her. There is a rush of warmth as her cum coats my fingers. Looking up her body, Susan has removed her bra, exposing her firm breasts, topped with large pink nipples, both visibly hard. Susan lifts her butt slightly and I wiggle off her dripping panties, exposing her pussy to the air.

Susan shifts on the bed, getting on her hands and knees and wiggling her ass at me, while looking back with a teasing smile. “What’s a matter? Forget what to do?” She asks in a joking voice.

I smile, “I’m pretty sure I’ll remember.” I approach her on my knees and kneel behind her. I slowly rub the tip of my cock over her pussy entrance, spreading her lips slightly and coating the tip of my cock in her juices. Susan makes a mmmmhhhhhhhh noise as I do this. To add to her pleasure, I reach under her and begin to slowly circle her clit.

“Stop teasing me already!” Susan begs.

“Well if that’s what you want…” I respond, grabbing just above her hips and holding her still as I slowly sink my cock inside her. Susan groans, taking about 6 inches inside her. Her wet mound hugs my cock tightly and I slowly begin to slide in and out of her. Susan’s pussy lips hug my cock each time as I pull out of her.

“Ohhhh… just like that baby!” Susan moans, looking back at me. Each thrust sinks my cock slightly deeper than the previous. As Susan nears another orgasm, I finally sink all the way into her, her firm but large ass pressing against my hips. I slide out, her juices glistening on my cock, before sinking slowly back in. This pushes Susan over the edge and she groans loudly as she cums. Susan collapses down from onto shoulder onto the bed, still looking back up at me. She reaches a hand to her engorged clit and begins to gently rub. I feel her pussy clamp down hard on my cock, trying to milk me for cum. I hold off the urge to cum, but just barely as Susan’s hot cum coats my length.

Recovering from her orgasm, Susan pulls away from my cock, several strands of her juices connect it to her warm mound. Finally, these strands break and Susan smiles at me, “Your turn to lay back!”

I smile, “Gladly!” I lay back, my hard cock flopping over and resting on my stomach. Susan straddles me and, reaching between her legs, aims my cock directly at her wet mound. She then lowers herself on top of it, allowing herself to sink almost all of the way down on it. As it slides deeper and deeper inside her, Susan lets out a sigh of pleasure. Susan begins to slowly bounce up and down on my cock.

I feel my orgasm building as I watch Susan’s breasts bounce up and down. Susan’s breathing grows heavy and has the occasional moan mixed in. As she rides me, Susan’s face begins to turn red from her effort. After several minutes, I groan, “I’m gonna cum…” Susan brushes a stray strand of hair out of her eyes and lifts herself completely off of my cock. She then clamps her mouth over the tip of my cock and begins to stroke my length. I let out a loud grunt as I cum, this being the first time in a very long time.

I feel Susan’s mouth fill up with my seed as she greedily holds it all in before swallowing it all. Finally, she releases my now deflated member from her mouth and looks at me, waiting for me to say something.

I smile, “I guess we’re officially a ‘thing’ as Kira would say.”

Susan returns the smile and gives a loud laugh, “I guess we are! Look… since Isabella isn’t home would you mind…”

I smile, “Spend the night? I have a feeling we are both long over do for something like that!” Susan smiles and crawls up the length of the bed, her bare breasts swaying side to side before she lays down and looks at me, motioning for me to move in close.

I oblige and the two of us cuddle while making small talk about nothing in particular. As we talk, my hands brush over her breasts, her mound or toned ass, while Susan’s hands sometimes gently brush against my soft cock. Finally, after a while, the two of us crawl under the blankets and almost instantly I fall into a sleep, my arm wrapped around the bare shoulders of Susan.


I pull into the driveway of my house at about 10:15 in the morning. After having a relaxing breakfast, Susan and I exchanged phone numbers with the promise of a second date. I then left before Isabella came home, Susan and I not wanting our new relationship to interfere with the lives of our children.

To my surprise, Kira’s car is already in the driveway. I enter the house and she is sitting at the kitchen table. Kira’s intelligent brown eyes look over me, taking note of my wrinkled dress shirt. “Looks like someone had a good night. Did you get her phone number?” Kira says, smiling at me.

“A good night?” I ask, raising an Escort eyebrow, playing dumb.

“Oh come on Dad, don’t make me say it!” Kira says.

I smile, “I’m just messing with you. It was a pretty fun time if I do say so. Just don’t surprise me with anything like that ever again!”

Kira gives me a large smile, “This is something Isabella and I talked about before so I’m just happy it worked out.”

“You and Isabella planned for Susan and I to date?” I ask.

Kira nods, “I saw how hard you always were working and how much you did for me. I wanted to give something back to you so I talked to Isabella and we thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

I smile, walking across the room to plug my phone into the wall. “Thank you for thinking of me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to shower.”

Walking out of the room, I hear Kira say, “Ugh! Who doesn’t shower after?”


The next week days passes quickly, I go to work, come home, cook dinner. Sometimes Kira is there, other times she isn’t. I don’t worry about her though, she has a good head on her shoulders. On Tuesday, Susan and I make plans for a night on the weekend. I text Kira, What nights are you going to be out this weekend?

Kira responds, Come on Dad! That’s gross!

So none of them? I text her back.

After some time, Kira replies, I’m going to hang out with Isabella Friday night.

This makes me smile, Thanks sweetie! This means a lot to me I text back.

Kira’s only response is, You owe me one!

We’ll work on who owes someone what later I think, before making plans for a nice date with Susan.


Finally, the night of Susan and I’s second date comes. Kira leaves the house and I start to cook a nice dinner for Susan and I. Finally, Susan arrives, wearing tight black leggings and a tank top. “Sorry about the casual look. I got caught up at the gym and…”

I cut her off with a smile and soft kiss. As I pull away from her I say, “I’m not worried about how you look. You look good in anything!”

Susan gives me a naughty smile, “Well maybe later tonight you might…” She motions to a small paper bag she has in her hand. She holds it closed, sure to make sure I don’t see what’s inside.

“I’ll be looking forward to it!” I say, leading her into the kitchen, where I’m almost done preparing our dinner. In a short while, the two of us open a nice bottle of wine, begin eating and talking about the new events in our lives.

Finishing dinner, Susan empties her plate into the garbage. “How about I go and freshen up and you finish cleaning then come find me?” Susan asks from behind running a hand down my stomach stopping just above my hardening cock.

“I think that sounds great!” I reply. Susan walks upstairs, bringing her paper bag with her. It takes me about 10 minutes to clean up, the whole time wondering what kind of lingerie Susan has in her bag.

I make my way to the stairs and climb them. Reaching the top of the stairs, I see that my bedroom door is closed. I slowly open it and find that the blinds are closed and the lights are off, allowing no light to enter the room. I flick the lights next to the bed on and Susan is laying on the bed. Her leggings and tank top are nowhere to be seen. Instead, she is wearing only black stockings that reach to the middle of her thighs. These show off her long, toned legs very nicely. Her legs are spread wide and I instantly feel my cock jump inside my pants. “Like what you see?” Susan asks.

“Oh fuck yes!” I reply, making my way to the bed, tossing my clothes to the side as I go. Reaching the edge of the bed, only my boxers remain, the outline of my hard cock clearly visible through them.

I climb onto the bed and begin feeling Susan’s soft breasts, gently pinching her nipples before lowering my gaze to her mound. I begin to gently rub her clit, while the two of us begin to passionately kiss. Quickly our tongues begin to feel the inside of the other’s mouth. As we part, I slide two fingers inside of Susan, causing her to let out a slight gasp. Her juices coat my intruding fingers and soon, I begin to slowly slide them in and out, as our lips lock once again.

I feel Susan’s hand begin to slowly rub my cock through my boxers, making sure to stroke the whole length. As she grows wetter, Susan takes my cock out of my boxers and begins to stroke it. As we part again, Susan gives me a pleading look, “Fuck me…” She begs.

I smile and move away from her, wiggling out of my boxers at the same time. Susan positions herself on the edge of the bed and spreads her legs wide once again. She pushes herself up onto one elbow and uses her other hand to gently rub her pussy. I grab onto Susan’s hips with one hand while using the other to line up my cock with her dripping mound. I slowly sink inside her and Susan lets out a groan as I sink about 6 inches inside her. As I slowly pull my cock out of her, it shines with her juices. I begin to pump in and out of Susan’s warm, wet mound. Her breasts move as her chest rises and falls with her breathing. Her moans fill the air as I bring her to orgasm.