My Egyptian Romance


I fuck the hotel manager and more, much, much more!

It was fucking crazy really or even crazy fucking if you like.

He was a manager in a hotel, I was a guest. He was married and in his early forties. I was single in my early twenties. He was dark skinned, dark eyed and dark haired. I am an English rose; pale skin, though I do tan and get freckles, natural blonde shoulder length hair and blue eyes. He had an athletic body and a sturdy build along with an equally sturdy cock. I am slim and of average height with smallish, pert thirty four b tits and am told a great ‘ass.’ He’s Egyptian I am English, he was at work, I was on holiday at the Hyatt in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt.

I had booked it on a whim thinking it would be a nice rest and the chance to get some sun before the English winter sets in. I asked around my mates so see who might come with me for a ten-day November break. No luck so sod it I went by myself. I knew it might be awkward at meal times, but what the hell? I was soon on an Easyjet flight from Luton for the very cramped five hour flight. Fortunately, the transfer from the airport to the hotel was only ten minutes or so and to make it even better it was by cab and not a coach.

The place was crawling with Russians, mainly fat blokes who smoked and drank a lot and ate every meal as if it was their last. They all seemed to be accompanied by blonde, stick insect thin girls with blown up boobs and legs that seemed to go on for ever. With the five inch heels and stacked soles of their shoes, loads of make-up, hair extensions, fake tans, miniscule bikinis, mostly thongs and ultra-skimpy dresses they looked like hookers.

I had been hit on several times by some of the Russian guys when their birds had gone on shopping trips and by a group of English kids who really thought they were god’s gift. To me they were more like football hooligans; foul mouthed, loud and as thick as planks. I ignored them all as this was a holiday for me to relax and tone up my tan, not to get laid.

It was the morning of the third day when I met Ahmed. He had obviously seen the guys hitting on me and asked if I would like a sun lounger in the upper pool that was smaller and where reservations were needed; it was more a family pool. I thanked him and thoroughly enjoyed my sunbathing. I saw him several times that day and the early evening.

“If you would prefer I could move you to the club pool, it’s quieter there, no children” he suggested.

“Would I need to pay extra?”

“No, compliments of the management” he smiled.

“Can you do that?”

“Yes of course, after all I am the management” he went as he handed me a business card.

It had Ahmed al Mahani, Deputy General Manager and the name and contact numbers for the hotel and his mobile. I was impressed.

He spoke very good English as many Egyptians do. He told me that he lived in Cairo with his wife and children and drove or flew to and from Sharm where he would usually work for fourteen straight days and then go home again for three or four. We got on well. I sort of felt sorry for him missing his wife and children and having to go without sex for two weeks, although I often did that so it was a bit daft really. I found him very interesting. He had a degree in law, but had come into the hospitality business as he couldn’t get a job in that profession, a not uncommon situation in the country that always seemed to be on the brink of civil war. This was just before Mubarak was forced out as President to be replaced by the military and a fuck lot of good that has done!

One thing led to another and on the fifth afternoon after the sun had gone down at around five and he was checking the pool he suggested we have a drink and continue the conversation. He said that he was not supposed to mix with the guests in the hotel or restaurants in Naama Bay or Soho Square adding.

“And in any case I don’t really drink.” I had forgotten he was a Muslim, although many Egyptians do drink alcohol.

“Well you must drink Pepsi or something.”

“Yes of course.”

“And presumably we could continue chatting here?”

“For a while yes, but my shift ends in” he said looking at his watch. “Twenty minutes.”

“So we could just carry on talking?”

“Yes, but I have to go to prayers then dinner at six.”

I was wearing a black bikini with yellow splashes on the bra and panties. It was quite brief and as we had been chatting I had seen his eyes roaming over my boobs and legs. I liked that.

“Tell you what, come to dinner in my room.”

“How can we do that?”

“I can order room service.”-

“But they would see me.”

“You could go in the bathroom or out the patio doors” I told him.

And that was how I came to be lying on my bed three hours later naked with Ahmed between my open legs. They were wrapped round his waist as he fucked me. He was a great fuck and we did it again less than an hour later. So much for me not being interested in sex on this holiday!

He was incredibly considerate, polite hd porno and kind and simply a really nice guy. He was very interested in me and not just my tits and getting into my knickers. Coming from a wealthy family he had gained a degree in law from London before attending Egypt’s top university in Alexandria to convert that to Egyptian law. When studying he had lived in a flat in Bloomsbury that was close to where I was now studying at drama school and we had numerous restaurants and places where we had something in common. He asked a lot about the UK and we found so much to talk about. He told me about his life in Cairo and his career with the hotel group that was based in Bahrain and owned and operated some twenty hotels throughout the Middle East. His family was a shareholder in the group so as he put it ‘getting promotion was fairly easy.’ We talked about his wife and family and jokingly I asked.

“You have just one wife?”

Laughing he replied that one was enough, but as I asked more about that he told me that he had several friends that had more than one.

On top of all that we had in common, he was also an amazing fuck as only older guys can be in my opinion.

His working day was seven to six, but he had two breaks during the day. One for forty minutes at ten thirty when he had to pray and another for an hour and a half at one when he had lunch. Most days after that we had both lunch and dinner together in my room and sometimes he blew out the praying at ten thirty as well. He had an enormous appetite for sex and me, but then mine matched his so that was something else we had in common.

I suddenly realised that I was falling for him. I couldn’t help it, I didn’t want to and I tried to resist, but I just couldn’t stop myself. I knew it was fucking crazy, a holiday romance for Christ’s, or Allah’s sake. And with a married man in his forties who had a wife and three children waiting for him in Cairo. Of course there was no future, there was no way there could be.

Sitting round the hotel I would watch his every move, I would catch his eye and smile. He would come over to me, we would stare into each other’s eyes and he would ogle my tits as I looked at his stomach wondering if he was getting hard. We gave each other lingering gazes, stood closer than was necessary and found reasons to touch each other when, hopefully, no one was looking.

We had made love; to me we no longer fucked, and were lying on my bed naked. He told me about his wife Halima.

“It means gentle in Arabic” he said adding. “She is very Egyptian” he said getting a photo from his wallet. “And has an Egyptian body not an English one like yours” he went on running his fingers lightly up and down my chest and into my landing strip of blonde pubic hairs as he showed me the photo of a curvy, slightly chubby, but pretty woman, with big tits and a big nose that is common with Arabs. “I prefer English now” he went on.

I kissed him and whispered. “You shouldn’t say that Ahmed.”

“I can’t help it Sammi, it’s true.”

“Oh Ahmed” I groaned.

“Oh Sammi” he sighed back. I found his cock; it was semi-hard.

I smiled as I said. “And I prefer Egyptian men now, particularly when they are like this.”

“Really Sammi?”

“Well one in particular.”

“You prefer me” he said squeezing my breasts.

“Not only prefer Ahmed.”

“What. What do you mean Sammi.”

Stroking his cock that was hardening rapidly I looked right into his eyes and said. “Nothing Ahmed, forget it.”

He took my chin between his fingers and turned my face so that we gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Sammi” he said in a whisper. “I am falling in love with you.”

“Oh Ahmed” I groaned resting my face against his chest and stroking his cock that was now fully erect.

“Sorry Sammi I shouldn’t have said that I have annoyed you.

“No Ahmed I can’t as I think I am with you.”

We kissed deep and long. I wanted to please him in any way he wanted. And I was pretty sure that I knew one that he wanted and would please him. I slithered downwards licking his body until my face was level with his thick, brown cock. I licked it.

“Mmmm that’s lovely” he groaned.

I cradled his balls as I licked up and down his length. His hands were in my hair and all over my back and down to my bum. I took him into my mouth and ran downwards until it was at the back of my throat and then almost removed it. I applied pressure with my lips and then released and applied it again as it went in and out of my mouth.

“Oh God Sammi” he groaned as his body found the same rhythm as my head.

Slowly he started pumping in and out at the same time as me. He began to fuck my face. I was cradling his balls, rolling them in my hand and softly scratching him on the patch of skin between his scrotum and the crease between the cheeks of his gorgeously rounded bum. He was holding my head in both of his hands as he thrust himself in and out of the surrogate cunt I was providing him with my mouth.

“I japon porno must stop” he groaned trying to pull away. I stopped him and kept him right there deep in my mouth.

“No Sammi I am near, very near, I will cum.”

I removed his throbbing cock just enough to whisper.

“Yes Ahmed cum, cum in my mouth.”

I filled my mouth with him again just in time to feel his cock go rigid and hear him groan very deeply as his sperm shot out of his cock and into my mouth.

“Oh Sammi, I am sorry, so sorry” he sighed.

“No Ahmed, please don’t say that” I whispered kissing him fully on the mouth so that some of his own cum dribbled into his mouth.


There were only two days left of my holiday. I was beginning to panic at the thought of saying goodbye. We had made love each day usually at both lunch-time and the evening; he had fantastic stamina for a man of any age, let alone one in his forties. We did everything, well all except anal.

“Could you stay longer?” He asked.

I knew I couldn’t for it would mean my visa expiring. “I could go home and book another holiday.”

“Would you do that?”

“Of course I would and a longer one.”

The next day, my last but one, we were again naked in my room at lunchtime.

“I have an idea Sammi.”

“What’s that?” I asked licking his nipple.

“You might be able to get a job, I know they are always looking for English girls.”

“That’s a great idea.”

“The pay is bad by English standards.”

“That doesn’t matter as long as we are together.”

He told me who to see and he made an appointment for that evening.

I actually blagged it, but then that’s what job interviews are for isn’t it?

The Recruitment Manager Salim gave me a list of vacancies and I saw Promotions PA. They wanted experience of course, but then I was a whizz at Word, Excel and PowerPoint and had worked in advertising as I waited to get into drama school. Alright I was mainly doing mail shots and some cold telephone calling, but knew I could embellish that to make me sound like a real pro. I completed the application form and did a couple of IT tests that I passed easily.

“Have you got references?” He asked looking at my boobs and smiling. I sort of got the idea he might have an inkling of an idea about Ahmed and me. I told him that I had.

“I would have to see them along with your birth certificate.”

“Of course.”

He told me the other terms, which were pretty dreadful, but I didn’t care as I would be with Ahmed.

We agreed that I would go home and be back within ten days by which time he would have arranged a work visa and everything else including my accommodation.

I hadn’t been to Ahmed’s room as it would look suspect a guest going there and I had asked him how we would get on when I returned as an employee, knowing that they all lived in a block of flats next to the hotel.

“There are always some spare rooms Sammi and I have a master key and you finish work by eight” he told me adding. “And of course you will work shifts so we will find the times and places, I promise you.”

It was my last night. We were going to sleep together in my room, the first time he had stayed all night.

In addition to being a great fuck Ahmed was also amazing with his mouth and tongue. Most sessions had included him giving me orgasms like that. Generally, I would be on my back with my head propped up against the pillows and he would be down the bed between my open legs and usually raised knees. He would stroke and gently pinch the insides of my thighs and my bottom as his tongue, teeth and lips did the most incredible things to my pussy lips and clit. At the same time he would use his finger on and around and inside my pussy. As he did that I would squeeze, rub and pinch my tits and nipples loving the combination of my self-sex and his oral and finger loving. To be doing that to myself as his tongue stimulated my clit and he used two, three or fingers up me like a cock, really was quite sensational.

During the first few sessions his tongue or a finger would sometimes slide a little further and edge into the crease in my bottom. He would quickly remove it, but it usually came back and pressed right against my anal hole. I knew he was testing me. I also knew that anal sex was far more prevalent in Arab countries than in Europe and the States. I have a sensitive bottom and back passage, but I had never been fucked there. A couple of tongues had visited that musky area and twice fingers had slid a little way in, but never a cock.

We had spent lunch in bed. Due to his business commitments we had only had sex once the day before and that was rushed so Ahmed had fucked me quite quickly. But when a woman opens her bedroom door to her lover and she is naked that’s not unusual I imagine.

He clearly had a lot of ardour stored up for he hardly lost his erection and unlike most of my previous lovers he didn’t lose interest in me or my body. As he took half hour or lezbiyen porno so to recover, he would caress and kiss me until he was ready again or he would make oral love to me as his erection returned. I had never been with anyone who was so totally tuned into sex.

This time he rolled me onto my front.

“You do have such a lovely bottom Sammi” he said running his soft fingers over each cheek.

“Your’s isn’t so bad either” I muttered loving the feelings his fingers were giving me, particularly as the edged nearer to the ultra-sensitivity of the crease between the cheeks.

As he ran a finger on one hand along that and squeezed, pinched and rubbed both cheeks with the other so the sensations increased and totally involuntarily I opened my legs a little. He saw that for what in reality it really was, my acceptance of his request to go further.

The feeling as his tongue ran across my cheeks was sensational, as it slid into and then along the crease that feeling intensified and then when the tip of it pressed right on my bum hole my body seemed to explode with sensations. It was only as I started to cum that I realised that in addition to his tongue licking then probing slightly inside me he was also rubbing my clit and pushing some fingers up my pussy. It was not until those fingers left my pussy and pressed against my bum hole that I realised there had been a dual purpose to them going there for the one now pressing against my hole was lubricating with my own juices. That excited me. As I felt Ahmed pressing harder and kissing and gently biting my bum at the same time so that excitement increased. And as I felt his finger slide almost effortlessly inside me so it became more extreme. Ok there was a degree of pain, but as it had before that quickly decreased and was replaced by a feeling of pleasure or, did I find the pain a pleasure I wondered? I didn’t know, but what I did know was that as my lover’s finger fucked my arse he gave me a massive and very loving orgasm.

Until then I hadn’t been convinced that I could be made to climax anally without my pussy or clit being involved; I was convinced now though!

I spent my last afternoon in Soho Square shopping. I bought a fake Burberry handbag and a couple of fake Rolex watches and a couple of teeshirts as presents, there wasn’t much else to buy. Back at the Hyatt I had a leisurely swim in the dark and then went to my room to wait for Ahmed to join me for dinner and the night together.

After eating and when I had put the trolley outside, dead locked both the door and the patio windows and drawn the curtains we started making love.

Both naked we were in each other’s arms on the bed. His thick, hard erection alternated between being in my hand and pressed against my body. It was lovely, but I was upset as tomorrow at mid-day we would have to part.

His arms were round me and his hands were stroking and cupping the cheeks of my bottom as, indeed mine were to his.

“Did you enjoy this afternoon Sammi”?

“Of course I did I always enjoy sex with you.”

“And was it ok what I did?”

“Yes Ahmed it was beautiful.”

“You do have such a gorgeous ass my darling.”

“And as I have told you so do you.”

“You know bottoms have far more significance in the Arab world?”

“Yes I had heard that, do you and Halima er um….?

“Have anal intercourse?”

“Yes, do you?”

“Sometimes yes as maybe we will one day when you return.”

It was then that the idea struck me. “Lie on your front Ahmed.”

He looked gorgeous on his front with his arms above his head and his long legs stretched out and slightly parted. He had a broad, strong looking back, beautifully sculpted thighs and nicely rounded calf muscles; the sight made my heart pound and my pulse race. I crawled between his parted legs easing them open as I moved upwards. I put my hands on his deliciously, rounded full cheeks and squeezed them; they felt great. Bending further forward I licked his bum and heard him whisper.

“Oh Sammi.”

“Nice? I asked stroking my fingertips across one of the erotic mounds.

“Mmmm wonderful.”

I licked all over both cheeks gradually moving closer and closer to that slit of such mystery between them. At the same time I was stroking his back, arms, hips and thighs as I sort of plucked up the courage to do what I had planned. I had toyed with doing it with a couple of previous lovers, but had never had the courage. With Ahmed I had that courage.

I slid my fingers along his crease and found his anus. I pressed just to make sure he was up for it. It was one thing I imagined making oral love to a girl’s bum, but something quite different having her return that favour; men can be strange like that, not Ahmed though.

He grunted and I saw his bum move as if saying yes to my enquiry. I followed the route of my finger with my mouth. I licked along each side of the crease stroking his hip and slipping my hand under his body. He lifted himself up a little allowing his erection to rear up and into my hand. I stroked that as my tongue found his anal hole. There was a slight taste, not an unpleasant one, but in fact an erotic one that I couldn’t quite describe. I pressed the tip right against the puckered entrance and let some saliva dribble onto it.