My Ex Girlfriends Mom Ch. 03


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The three of us were laying in Lana’s bed, recuperating from an awesome sexual experience. Or at least awesome for me. I could only imagine what kind of sexual experience these two beautiful, busty, extremely hung ladies have had. Lana, the “mother”, very sexy for an older woman, with a ten inch cock. And Jill, the “daughter”, a knockout in her prime, with a twelve inch cock!

We talked about what we had just done. They told me I was a natural at sucking cock and couldn’t believe I had never done it before. But it was true. I told them I had only had sex with real girls before tonight. But for many years, I had been drawn to shemale porn. I just couldn’t get enough of it, wishing I was one of the lucky guys servicing those lovely ladies and their dicks.

After several minutes of talking, I had to know their story. How they were “mother and daughter”. Lana started the story by saying, “Well, I’m technically Jill’s godfather. I was very good friends with her parents. And a few times we even had three ways together, when I was still living as a male… Lenny. But I dressed like a female, in private, as long as I can remember.”

Then Jill took over the story. “I was born with the name Jack. My parents died in a car wreck about ten years ago. Lenny was around all the time, back then. So it seemed kind of natural to move in with him after they died. A few years later, I was just like any other guy at that age. I liked to jack off! And soon I was using more than just my hands… as you saw for yourself a few minutes ago. It wasn’t long before I started sneaking into Lenny’s room when he wasn’t home, looking for magazines or videos that I could jack off to. I found a trunk in his closet that was locked and just knew it had to have porn in it. I found the key in the nightstand and opened the trunk to find it full of women’s clothes, porn tapes, and a few dildos. All the porn tapes were shemale and I was instantly aroused. The pictures on the back of all of them were of men blowing shemales and shemales fucking guys in the ass. I started watching one and I was hooked! But I wanted to be like the shemale tops.”

“It became a regular thing. I always got home from school a couple of hours before Lenny would get home from work. I would dress up in some bra and panties and stockings, put in a shemale porn tape, slide a dildo up my ass, and suck my own dick until I came.”

Then Lana took over the story again. “I had some suspicions about what was going on because the things in the trunk were always rearranged. So one day, I took off work early and when I walked in the front door, I yelled that I was home. I took my time and finally went to my bedroom. When I got to the door, Jack walked out and asked what I was doing home early. I just said Pendik Öğrenci Escort that they let us off early. Then I asked why he was in my room.”

Jill interrupted with, “I didn’t know what to say, so I said the first thing that came to mind… that I liked using that bathroom better.”

Then Lana continued. “I was kind of nervous too, so I just let it go. But now that I knew for sure what was going on, I had a plan get all this out in the open. A few days later, I took off work early again. But this time when I got home, I was very quiet. I changed into some of my women’s clothes I had hidden, the night before, in the living room. I nervously walked into my bedroom. Sure enough, she was laying on my bed all dressed up in women’s lingerie, like I was.”

Jill interrupted again. “I was scared out of my mind until I realized it was Lenny, and that he was dressed the same way I was. We had a long talk about the whole thing and then it became sort of normal to walk around the house in women’s clothes. Eventually we started messing around with each other while dressed in lingerie. After a year or so of this, we decided to start taking all the hormones and live full time as females. So we moved halfway across the state and started saying we were mother and daughter. And that’s pretty much it.”

“Wow, that’s a very interesting story!”, I said, “And it’s pretty hot too!”

Then Lana quickly and bluntly changed the subject with, “Yeah, it is. So, Bobby, have you ever had anything up in that nice ass of yours?”

Before tonight, I never would have answered a question like that honestly. But considering who I was with, I replied, “Yeah, I’ve fingered myself while jacking off sometimes.”

Jill then asked, “So you like that feeling? Having something in your ass?”

“Yeah, it feels pretty damn good!”, I replied

They looked at each other and smiled again. I could only guess what was coming next, but I liked where it was headed.

Lana instructed me to go into the bathroom and use the things she had set out on the counter top to clean myself out. I did as she said and was in the bathroom for thirty minutes or so. When I walked back into the bedroom, the sight before me was extremely arousing. They were laying on their sides in a 69 position, sucking on each others massive cocks. Jill was facing me and saw me walk in. She stopped sucking and let Lana know that I had returned to the room. They sat up and motioned for me to join them on the bed.

When I got up to the bed, I noticed a towel laying on the bed with some lube and three realistic dildos on it. One looked to be about four inches long and an inch thick. The next one was about six inches long and an inch and a half thick. About the same as my dick. The last one was about eight inches long and two inches thick. I was getting very anxious!

I got on the bed and they Pendik Çıtır Escort positioned me on my hands and knees. Lana got behind me and started rubbing her hands on my ass. Jill got on her knees in front of me, waving that big twelve inch cock right in my face. I took it in my mouth like I was starving! I got it nice and wet and started taking every magnificent inch of it in my mouth and throat.

Lana pulled my boxers down to my knees and squirted some lube on my asshole. She rubbed it all over my hole with her finger. It felt great! Then she slowly pushed her finger in. I had to stop sucking, until I got used to it. The deeper she went, the better it felt. Finally she had her whole finger in. It felt like it was her middle finger. The same as when I had done it to myself. She wiggled it around inside me. I think if I would have merely touched my dick, I would’ve came! Then she started moving it in and out. When I got used to it, I took Jill’s cock back in my mouth and sucked it like a mad man.

A few minutes later, Lana added a second finger for a while. Then she pulled out and I felt empty and let out a grunt. But she quickly replaced it with the smallest dildo. She fucked my ass with that for a while and then replaced it with the next bigger one. She was gradually stretching my hole and each one felt that much better than the previous one.

When she got the third one in and had begun fucking me faster with it, I had to stop sucking Jill and look back at her. “Holy shit that feels amazing!”, was all I could say. She just smiled and said, “There’s plenty more where that came from!”, as she looked down at her big ten inch cock while she stroked it with her other hand. “Well I want all you girls have to offer!”, I said, and went back to sucking Jill’s cock.

Soon, she pulled the biggest of the three dildos out and I could feel her moving around, changing positions. “Here it comes!”, I thought to myself, “My first real cock in my ass!”

She placed one hand on my hip and then I felt her cock push against my hole. It didn’t take too much effort and she was in. She put her other hand on my other hip and very slowly pushed her giant cock in until I felt her body touch my ass cheeks. At the same time, Jill pushed her monster cock all the way down my throat. It was an extremely awesome feeling, being filled at both ends with huge cocks. Seemed like they were almost touching inside me.

They started in and out slowly and soon picked up the pace. It wasn’t long before they were fucking me fast and hard from each end. I was in heaven. Then Jill asked, “Wanna switch places?”, to which Lana replied, “Okay!”

They each pulled out and I felt completely empty inside. Jill laid down on her back and moved under me. “Let’s try this way”, she said as she pulled me up to where I was on my knees straddling her body. She reached between my legs and held Pendik Elit Escort her cock steady while I pushed down on it. It was covered in my saliva so it had plenty of lube. And thanks to the fucking I had just gotten from Lana’s ten incher, Jill’s twelve incher wasn’t too difficult to handle. Slowly but surely, I pushed down until I had the whole thing in my ass. This was another great accomplishment for the night. Lana came around in front of me and stood straddling Jill’s head. She held the base of her cock with one hand and pulled my head towards it with the other. Soon I was moving back and forth on the two enormous cocks as fast and hard as I could. I was working up quite a sweat.

They were both talking dirty now. Saying things like, “Yeah, you love being filled with big girl cock, don’t ya, little boy?” and “Oh you’re such a cock slut!”

That only added to my excitement and efforts. I wanted these two horse hung girls to cum more than anything. Then Lana pulled out and went around behind me. I thought to myself, “Oh well, I’ve still got one in me.” Soon enough I felt her hold me in place while Jill’s cock was all the way in me. I looked back and saw that she was lubing the smallest dildo. I was so horny that I was game for it… I was game for just about anything!

Jill was very slowly stroking my semi hard cock as Lana pushed the small dildo in. And just like before, she would fuck me with one for a while, then replace it with the next bigger one. Stretching me more and more.

Finally Lana said to Jill, “Ok, help hold him in place.”

Jill let my dick go and held on to my thighs. While Lana held her well lubed large cock with both hands and aimed it at my already cock filled hole. “Just relax and let it in.”, she said as she started pushing on the rim with her greasy cock head. The stretching of my ass once again paid off and she slipped in. She left one hand on the base and put the other on my hip to help pull. When she was about half way in, she put the other hand on my hip and slowly pushed the rest of that big member in. The feeling was insane!

After just sitting there for a minute, getting used to the total fullness of these two amazingly huge cocks in my ass, they started moving. Just short strokes and slow strokes at first. But they gradually picked up speed. Their thrusting would alternate. Sometimes in and out at the same time. And sometimes one was going in while the other was going out.

I felt like I could have passed out from the pleasure I was experiencing. It wasn’t long before Jill took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it, fast. I was only half erect, but a few seconds later, I was cumming. It was easily the most intense orgasm of my life. My whole body was in a spasm. I guess my asshole contracting sent them over the edge. First one then the other cock, swelled and coated my insides with so much cum that it was squishing out before they stopped. We all collapsed onto the bed, completely drained of energy and totally pleased.

It’s been a couple of months since that night. And between the two of those gorgeous, enormous cocked ladies, I get my ass fucked at least once a day. I’ve never been happier!