My Extended Family Pt. 01


The sun was starting to set at 8:15pm when I rang the doorbell of the two-story house. In the evening light I could see it sat high on a hill overlooking a river; there was a reason the street was named Grandview Drive. When my biological mother, Sally Wallace, opened the door I almost gasped aloud. She was red-haired (like me) with freckles, pale white skin and deep blue eyes, a statuesque 5’9″ or so, she was remarkably beautiful standing there in a satin blue sleeveless evening dress, held up only by spaghetti straps. She was not slim, but the curves in her dress made it clear her body was in great shape.

My expression must have given me away, as she got a bemused look on her face. “Well, hello Steven, welcome! What were you expecting, some old crone? I’m only 41, not 98,” she snickered, “I was 20 when I had you. Don’t know what you think, but I think I’ve aged rather well.”

“I’d…agree,” I said, feeling myself blush, “you look fantastic!”

My name is Steven Westbrook. I’m 22, a recent graduate of State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I’m 5’8″, 170 pounds, dark red hair and brown eyes. I was adopted by Harry and Claire Westbrook when I was 6 days old. They were kind and loving parents; I really had a great childhood. When I got to my teens, however, like most adopted kids that age I began to question who I was and where did I really come from. Harry and Claire never wanted to discuss it, but once I was 18 at college, I began to make more serious inquiries. Harry died of a heart attack at 51 when I was 19, but my mom Claire always maintained that they were my only parents and did not approve of my search. I persevered nonetheless, and four years later that road had finally led me here.

As I reached around to close the door she leaned in, gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek, looked me up and down and said, “You grew up to be a handsome lad. Must have been my genes, you’re much better looking than your biological father for sure.” Taking me by the hand, she led me into the living room and sat demurely on the sofa. She patted the cushion next to her, indicating I should sit next to her. I did, not too close but close enough to smell her perfume. “I paid a hefty fee to those greedy bitch nuns to keep their mouths shut but you found me, so it looks like you gave them an even better deal.”

I stammered a bit, my words failing me at first. Finally, I found my speech returning. “You’re right. I’m not rich, just a recent college graduate. It took about 1/3 of my savings to find you. I tried asking my adoptive parents for some money to help, but despite my assurances I wouldn’t love them any less, they made it clear they did not approve of my search, especially my mom Claire. My dad Harry said it felt like a betrayal, they had worked hard to give me a good life. He thought I should just be happy with me being their son. My explanation how I needed to know who I came from in order to know my true identity fell on deaf ears. So, I did this all on my own.”

Patting my cheek, she said “Well, I guess I better make sure you get your money’s worth. Sit here a while and let me make us some coffee.” She got up and went into the kitchen, while I looked around the living room. There was a picture on the mantle of her and a handsome older man, along with a few pictures of some horses and large dogs but no other family photos. She came in with a tray holding a large French coffee press and two white cups.

As we sat again, she poured our coffee and I asked, “Is that my biological dad in that picture?”

“Oh, no, that’s my third husband Eric Wallace. He’s not here at the moment, he’s overseas on a business trip to open his company’s new factory in Taiwan. I was reluctant at first to meet, until he was away. He doesn’t know about you, and I’d prefer it stayed that way. It’s rather complex, but none of my three husbands were your biological father. It’s true that I was married to my first husband Eddie Banks when you were born, but he was not the one that got me pregnant.” I sipped at my coffee, not sure how to proceed. Sally slid a little closer to me as she continued her story.

“I married Eddie to escape a lousy home in the backwoods of West Virginia. I was a 19-year-old waitress and Eddie was crazy about me. He was fairly good looking, had a good job and some money saved up so when he proposed after work one night I said yes right away. I moved out of my parent’s house and into his apartment in no time flat and we got hitched the next week. After a few months it became plain that Eddie was not very experienced or manly when it came to sex; he’d do his husbandly duty whenever I asked – and it was always ME asking – but he was a terrible lover. His manhood was on the smaller side, about 5 inches. If a man knows how to use it this is not that much of a problem, but in Eddie’s case he had no idea how to pleasure me.”

As she spoke Sally’s hand slipped down and began to caress my thigh. I could feel my dick begin to stir in response. I didn’t Beylikdüzü Sarışın Escort know if it was shampoo or perfume, but her scent began to penetrate my senses.

“I’d gone down to part-time waitressing so I could be a proper home-maker, but I was bored as hell. Then one day the bar hired a new cook. His name was Brett Baker, and he was 30 years older than me but let me tell you, he was one hot-looking man. He was muscular, a biker with tattoos, a really handsome face with deep blue eyes and a silver-flecked beard. Just looking at him made my knees weak and my panties soaking wet, I swear. He took me for motorcycle rides sometimes after work and I swear I had orgasms on the back of his big hog just from the combination of hanging on to that hot body and the vibrations from that Harley motor. But it was all innocent fun. I was doing my best to be a good wife, so despite the temptations I kept myself from going further.”

She stopped to sip her coffee, and I noticed she had surreptitiously moved closer to me. We were now sitting side by side, with her warm leg pressed against mine. My dick continued to harden. This was the woman I had looked for so long and now here she was, in the flesh and within my reach. I finished my coffee and leaned back on the sofa. She leaned with me, snuggling onto my shoulder. She was so warm, it felt really good.

“Then one night, Eddie came home drunk. He’d just been fired from his job as a mall security guard and he was ready to take it out on the world. He’d stopped at the bar and gotten drunk. When I set his supper down in front of him like a good little wife, he took one look at it, swore I overcooked it and threw the plate across the kitchen. Then he backhanded me across the face, which knocked me clean over. When I got up, he was sitting at the table drinking another beer; I picked up my iron skillet and hit him hard upside the head, knocking him out. Then I left and went for a long walk in the woods to have a good cry.”

“When I got back, Eddie had come around and fell on his knees to plead for forgiveness. He begged me not to divorce him. I said he could stay, but only if we did things my way from now on. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but it felt good to say it. I would be the boss from now on, and he wouldn’t have shit to say about it. It was going to be my house, my rules, and that was it. Otherwise he could hit the highway. He immediately agreed, and that night when we had makeup sex I was a woman on fire. Eddie didn’t know what hit him, could barely keep up. He squirted his load after about a minute, but I made him go down on me and eat my pussy for hours. Sadly, it was the best sex we ever had in our marriage.”

“The next day when I showed up at work wearing sunglasses to hide my black eye Brett noticed right away. He offered to go to our apartment and beat Eddie senseless, but I told him I didn’t want him to do that. Then I had an idea. I told Brett to meet me at the apartment at 11:00. Eddie was going to live to regret ever laying a hand on me.”

Sally’s hand reached up and undid the two top buttons on my shirt. She reached in and rubbed her palm on my chest. “You’re in great shape,” she whispered.

“It’s from my summer job,” I told her. I was no gym rat, but during the summer and during school breaks in the winter and spring instead of going to Florida like a lot of the other students, to save money I had worked in an online distribution warehouse and it kept me in pretty good shape.

“Anyway,” she continued, “I got off at 10:30pm as usual and went home. Eddie was watching TV. I turned it off, told him to stand up and take off all his clothes. He had a big old grin thinking he was going to get lucky, but the smile on his face disappeared when I told him to sit on a hard kitchen chair and pulled out a length of cotton clothesline I had found in the junk drawer. He started to protest but I told him either I was the boss, or I was gone. That shut him up. I tied him good and firm to that chair.” She chuckled. “I didn’t know how to tie a good knot so I probably overdid it, it couldn’t have been comfortable for poor Eddie. Then I go some electrical tape from his toolbox, took off my panties, shoved them in his mouth and wrapped the tape around his head to keep them in place.”

My mother’s tits were now pressed firmly against my upper arm, and I could feel my heart pounding hard in my chest. My cock was at 100% erect now. I was afraid I’d cum in my jeans.

“At 11:00pm sharp Brett showed up. His eyes went wide when he saw Eddie trussed up, but he didn’t say a word. I told him Eddie was tied up by choice, and to ignore him completely. Then Brett and I began to kiss on the sofa, and after a few minutes the clothes were off, and I was sucking his 7” cock for all I was worth. I heard Eddie groan, and stopped sucking long enough to look and see his little 5-incher fully erect. I pulled out a condom and put it on Brett, then had him carry me to the bedroom where we Beylikdüzü Şişman Escort fucked loudly for a couple of hours. When I came out of the bedroom, I saw Eddie had his own cum spattered across his chest. He’d ejaculated just listening to us.”

Sally’s lips were close to my ear now. “Do you like this story so far?” she whispered.

“Y-y-y-yes,” I stammered, “so is Brett my biological father?”

She kissed my cheek. “No, baby. Brett was a fantastic lover but I made him use a condom. Neither Eddie nor I had health insurance, so I wasn’t on birth control. I fucked Brett a couple more times in front of Eddie, but it was always with a condom. But Brett had this biker friend, Jason. He was a big scary dude, older than Brett but really ripped; I think he’d done some prison time. Apparently, Brett had told Jason about how I was torturing Eddie as payback. One night there was a knock at the door, and when I opened it Jason came in. He told Eddie to strip and get in a closet, then jammed a chair against the door to keep him in. Then he grabbed my arm, took me into the bedroom, stripped me naked and made me suck his cock. I was scared but also turned on, and I kept calling to Eddie, yelling how I was being raped and pleading for his help. Of course, there was absolutely nothing Eddie could have done, I just said it to add to his humiliation. Then Jason pulled me up and threw me on the bed, face-down with a pillow under my hips so my pussy and ass were in the air. I begged him to wear a condom but he just laughed, and plunged right in. He fucked me hard, cumming in my pussy twice before he took my ass as well. Then we fell asleep, and he left at dawn. I wish I could have said that was it, but he did this two more nights in a row. Eddie had to suffer through it once more in the closet, then, under the bed. As for me I loved being taken, having no choice, being his slut.”

I felt like I was going to explode, yet at the same time I could barely breathe. “So this guy Jason was my biological father?”

Sally took my head in her hands and turned it so she was looking into my eyes. “Yes, Steven, Jason was your father. When I found out I was pregnant, this was the breaking point for Eddie. It was one humiliation more than he could stand, and he asked for a divorce. By the time I was in my 6th month, I was a 20-year-old part time waitress pregnant and single with no future. Jason was long gone. Trust me, he was not the paternal type, nor would I have wanted to marry him. So I went to the nuns and they found this couple, Harry and Claire Westbrook, who would pay my medical expenses and be your parents. And that was that. You were born, and 10 minutes later you were no longer my baby.” Her eyes began to well up, and a tear made its way down her cheek.

My head was spinning and my body was out of control as I tried to process all this. She straddled my lap so she was facing me. My hands found her breasts and gently cupped them, and in response she kissed me softly on the lips. I had to ask, “Jason…is he still alive?”

She laughed and shook her head. “No, sweetie. It’s almost funny, for as tough as he was, as great of a fuck as he was, turns out he was also dumb as a post. When I recovered from giving birth and went back to work Brett told me Jason had accidentally shot himself while cleaning a pistol.” She looked down at my hands, that were still holding her breasts then looked into my eyes again and whispered, “So, are you going to keep holding my tits, or…”

I stopped her in mid-sentence, my mouth on hers, my tongue searching for hers. My hands found the spaghetti straps of her dress and untied them. I pulled her dress off easily and pushed her back on the sofa. She wore no bra or panties. Working my way slowly down her torso with kisses, pausing to kiss and suck on each nipple, I ended up with my face between her legs, her knees apart, thighs on either side of my head. I was looking at my starting point – her pussy. It was mostly clean-shaven, just a little landing strip above it on her pubis. Overcome with emotion, I began to shake a little. That empty space I had always felt in my heart growing up but never mentioned was suddenly vanishing, replaced with a desire to connect so powerful I wanted to consume her. I felt like I was being reborn, and moved my mouth over her labia to consume her. “Oh, Momma, I love you, I want you,” I whispered as I used my tongue to explore her womanhood. An orgasm swept over her, and she shuddered.

It must have been an intense orgasm; it took her a couple of minutes to stop shaking and get her breath back. “Oh, son, oh gawd,” she moaned, “I’m so sorry I left you, please make me yours now!” I needed no further encouragement. Kissing my way back up her body more quickly now, I got into position over her with my cock poised at her pussy lips. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders, her hands pulled my head in for another deep tongued kiss.

Resisting the urge to plunge into her, instead I rocked Beylikdüzü Sınırsız Escort the head of my cock in and out of her opening, teasing her. “Please,” she begged, “please!” Her small pink wet lips squeezed my dick like they never wanted to let me go. I gently started to push a little further in each time; I could feel her wet pink walls being forced apart, stretching open around my hardness. She cried out in ecstasy at each slow thrust, “Ah! Ah! Ah!”.

An intense wave of emotions suddenly swept over me; love, desire, anger at being abandoned, revenge. I impaled her completely and stopped. “Tell me you made a mistake. Tell me you hate yourself. Tell me you should have never left me!”

A groan came out of her and she screamed, “OH GAWD, DON’T STOP! I WAS A SELFISH WHORE, IT WAS AN AWFUL MISTAKE TO LEAVE YOU I SHOULD HAVE NEVER DONE IT AND I HATED MYSELF FOR IT ALL THESE YEARS NOW PLEASE FUCK MEEEEEE!” Hearing that, my already-hard cock became rigid steel and began to pound her pussy like a jackhammer. She began to shake again, whipping her head from side to side as she was engulfed in passionate ecstasy and was overcome again by another orgasm. She pleaded with me to stop so she could breathe again, but I was a locomotive by then. I kept pounding for another few minutes until finally I felt my balls swell and release a huge load of my cum in her. I roared like a wild animal as I came, and she cried out at the same time as another wave of pleasure rocked her. Then I collapsed on top of her.

The room smelled like perfume and coffee and sex. We lay there quietly for a few minutes, our bodies now covered with sweat. Moving underneath me, I felt her kiss my chest and shoulder, then her lips moved up to my neck. I turned my head downwards, pressing my lips to hers. My softening cock, still in her pussy, began to harden again. I started to thrust again, slowly, gently, and to my surprise I was hardening again as I kissed her lips over and over.

In between kisses, she tried to talk to me. “Steven” *kiss* “Son” *kiss* “Not so soon, my pussy’s getting tender” *kiss*. Abandoning the butterfly kisses, I planted a hard kiss on her mouth, my tongue finding hers again. I heard her moan, and I felt her hips gently gyrating against my thrusts. With the first round being so intense, this round was short and sweet, with both of our orgasms coming quickly.

As we lay there afterwards, she whispered “Oh, gawd, baby, I’ve never been fucked like that before.”

I raised myself up and looked at her beautiful face, her makeup badly smeared. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” I whispered. “I never want to let you go.” I tried to tongue-kiss her again, hoping for another round but my cock had gone soft and slipped out. I apologized to her, “Sorry, Mommy, I guess your pussy wore your only baby out.”

She patted my cheek. “Let’s go upstairs, have a shower and go to bed. I’m sure you’ll be back on form after some sleep.”

We stood up, and she looked at the sofa. The cushions were in disarray, soaked with our juices, and smelled like raw sex. Sally shook her head. “My husband loved that couch,” she sighed, “I hope I can get it cleaned before he comes home.” Leaving our clothes laying in the living room, she took my hand and led me up the stairs.

In the master bedroom, she pointed me at the attached bathroom. “Go get the water warmed up while I get us some towels.” A dutiful son, I went in and saw that the shower stall was huge, with multiple showerheads and a bench seat. I turned on the water, then when it was warm enough I went inside and sat under the powerful streams, laid back my head and relaxed. In a minute I heard the shower door open and Sally walked in.

“You stay seated, I’ll wash you up,” she instructed. I closed my eyes and exhaustion swept over me. I felt her moving a soapy wash towel over my face, shoulders, and chest. Then she moved down and washed y feet and legs. Her movements were gentle but firm. I heard her squirt something from a bottle, then she began washing my hair. As she washed, she also massaged my scalp. My eyes closed, I felt like I could sleep for days on that shower bench. Then I felt her hands rub the wash towel ever-so-gently across my balls, then over my soft cock. I involuntarily moaned ever so slightly.

“It’s OK, baby, Mommy’s going to take good care of you,” she whispered. I felt her take my cock in her mouth and swirl her tongue around it. Reluctantly, I felt my member respond ever so slightly. Opening my eyes just a crack, I could see Sally kneeling in front of me, her knees cushioned by a towel, moving her head as she gave my dick a real tongue-lashing. Every now and then she would stop and take one of my balls in her mouth and gently tongue it before moving back to my semi-hard dick. Although I was not fully erect I felt an orgasm building; I tried to tell her but she reached up and put a finger to my lips. In a minute I felt my seed release, and I cried out in pleasure. It was a small load, and Sally kept her lips wrapped around my tip as she guzzled it down.

I leaned down, took her face in my hands and gave her a deep kiss. My tongue felt the remnants of my cum in her mouth. “You are so wonderful,” I whispered, “I never want to leave you.” Then I looked at the wedding ring on her left hand and realized it would be a challenge to keep her.