My Fake ID Ch. 02

Big Tits

Standard disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities with any persons living or dead are wholly coincidental…

A note from the author: I ask you to be kind. I write to entertain myself.

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— Izzy

* * * *

Here I sit still in a police cruiser with my hands handcuffed behind my back. The Highway Patrolman is continuing to drone on. I am wondering how I got here, and remembering…

* * * *

I was still in shock when Mike drove me back to the site. I invited him to my house for lunch. Mike had helped with the plumbing rough ins during construction. He also designed and fabricated the metal work for the supplemental water tank under the bed. I used them as part of his certification.

Mike told me sure, he had to get something from his bunk first. He kissed my cheek and headed to the bunkhouse. When I got to my house there was a card taped to the door, with a Sheriff’s Office watermark. It contained a birthday card, “Happy 18th from Deputy Pete and the rest of the good guys… Have fun!” There was a string of 18 novelty and one Magnum (I assume to grow on) condoms taped to the left side of the card.

I was 18, it was about time I started living, not just existing. I also knew if I wanted Mike to take me I’d have to clean myself out. My grandfather would have laughed, only ‘I’ would research losing my cherry on the internet.

As I did several anal douches, I thought back to when the house was under construction. I had to use the bunkhouse showers. I loved to dawdle, so I could see the shadows of the roughnecks through the shower curtains. Thanks to the shadow play on those showers, I had a lot of material to jerk off to.

The guy I spanked off to most was Mike. Mike was a gorgeous Italian hunk. He was about six foot one with dark brown hair and eyes. Eyes that could cut right through you. He was strong, with broad shoulders. He had a wicked sense of humor. A lot of his jokes were a little blue or racy. Everyone on the site laughed a lot, I blushed a lot.

I was no gourmet chef, but I could cook. Mike knocked at the door, I waved him in. He smiled as he entered, knocking the muck off his boots before crossing the threshold. He had a gym bag in his hand. “I come bearing gifts my friend.” He pulled out a bottle of Moscato, and a bottle of Lambrusco. “I wasn’t sure what you were making fish, pasta, or beef. I figured I’d cover all bases. I assume I’m your first house guest.” I nodded yes.

“Maggie, would you mind if I borrowed your shower. The one in the bunkhouse is down again and I got a layer of grunge on me.” I bristled when he used dad’s name for me. I had noticed in recent days a few of the roughnecks started to use it.

Still, I had cotton mouth from the possibilities as I responded, “Sure you helped install it after all.” I drew the blinds over the entry door. I closed the louvered aluminum pocket doors, hidden behind the bookcase and storage walls. They created a closed changing area. Private from both outside and inside the trailer. I left him to enjoy his shower and went back to the kitchen.

I was playing Josh Groban’s ‘You’re Still You’ and Mike was singing along with that incredible rich tenor voice of his. Oh God I was so tempted to climb in the shower with him. Mike hollered out from the shower “Hey Maggie, some of the family kept calling you Tre. What’s the story there?”

With the roast in the oven, I figured I had time. I open the door a tiny bit to the dressing area and replied, “When I was eight, Dad came down in the rumpus room and caught me kissing a guy. That is when he started calling me Magna, and Maggie. He continued even knowing Granddad and I hated the female version of OUR name.

Grandpa would say, ‘He should be Magnus or Mag like you and me. He ain’t no fucking Magna, or Maggie.’ Dad persisted, so Granddad came up with a special name for each of us. Granddad was Senior, Papa was Junior, I was Tredje, the third. Grandpa just shortened it down to Tre, three. Granddad and uncle Nels kept calling me Tre to spite my dad.”

“Your old man’s quite a piece of work. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Mike you’re just being honest. Sad truth is you don’t know the half of it.”

“I’m sorry for using Maggie, I heard a couple folks in town use it. I’ll talk to the guys and get them to stop.”

“Mike, you didn’t know. Truth is dad has a lot of friends in this town. That’s another reason I have to go. This trip isn’t just about finding myself, I need to heal a bit.”

I looked in the direction of the shower. Mike had left the shower’s privacy pocket door open, and I saw more than his beautiful silhouette. He was not as muscular, Atlas like, as Charlie. He was perfectly formed, more like Michelangelo’s statue of David. Suddenly I was very pleased that I bought the clear shower curtain.

My side of the conversation suddenly ended. I was staring at the long shaft of uncut meat that swung below his waistline. I stood there sucking my bottom nevşehir escort lip. It took a long time for me to realize he wasn’t talking anymore either.

My eyes shot up and saw him looking at me through the clear shower curtain. He had a big shit eating grin on his face. “I was kind of hoping that’s why you brought me over… my timid little fox.” He open the shower curtain so I could get an unfiltered view.

I started begging forgiveness for invading his privacy. Then suddenly, it was as if I could hear grandfather telling me to get the rod out of my ass and live my life. Here I had a gorgeous man. A man who appeared to be interested in me.

Mike held his hand out for me to join him. “Tre, your Mandan family, and the Lakota woman were right to name you fox. You remind me of one now. A fox when confronted by a man will pause as if it is deciding how to respond; will it run and hide, will it chase itself around in an excited state till exhaustion and collapse, or will it play with the man? I hope you choose the latter.”

I slowly shed my clothing. Mike was grinning as he grabbed my hand pulling me into the shower. He wrapped his arms around me. “You have no idea how long I had been dreaming about this Tre.”

“Mike, I am not that special. Thank you for the flattery though.”

“NOT SPECIAL!?! Tre, every single guy on the site, even the straight ones, have been dreaming of being your first. Hell your ass is our favorite spank fantasy. Our socks are so full of cum from us using them to jerk off into, on laundry day they stand on their own.”

He tightly pulled me into the dark mat of fur covering his chest. Taking long hot showers was a luxury I was going to have to soon curtail. But for now I was going to enjoy being tethered to the job sites utilities. Especially the ultimate utility, Mike.

“Tre, you’re shaking.”

“No Mike I’m trembling. There’s a difference. Please, please forgive me. I guess I’m just a really excited lil’ fox.”

“Nothing to forgive Tre, I remember my first time… vaguely… I think.” He put his fist under my chin and pulled my lips to his. My mouth parted as I pulled his upper lip between mine and sucked ever so gently on it. He pushed my back against the side galvalume shower wall.

The metal was just as cold against my back, as his body was hot against my chest. I was surprised when he took the passive role and let my tongue explore his mouth. He let out a soft moan of pleasure as I sucked on one lip then the other.

His hands however told a very active story. They traced their way down my sides. He traced the outlines of each muscle group and my abs. Don’t get me wrong I’m not ripped, but when one works with steel, one does develop some tone. He worked his way up my six pack and softly caressed under each of my delts. He made tiny circles around my nipples.

When our mouths parted he laughed and said they are little buttons. I started to apologize he said, “No they’re cute just the way they are. You have grown into quite the buff fox out here this last year.” He pinched the right nipple hard, while he sucked on the left. I was so conflicted the two experiences, pleasure and pain so close together.

I moaned in delight as I reached around and grab the small of his back pulling him into me. His hard cock ground against mine. He reached down grabbing hold of both shafts and slowly tugged them until they were fully erect.

He softly worked back my foreskin, exposing the tender flesh beneath. He rolled his foreskin over the head of my cock. Grabbing the loose flesh he started to slowly jack the two cocks in such a way that his foreskin would cover my head. On the backstroke my foreskin would cover his. It was an incredible feeling as the protective flesh traded places.

I let off another soft moan as I leaned into his chest and took his left nipple between my teeth. I nipped it lightly. Now it was his turn to moan. His free hand wrapped around the back of my head and held it in place against his magnificent chest. He asked me if he was really my first.

“Mike, you’re not the only one who’s been dreaming about this. Dinner’s not going to be ready for another hour at least. Maybe we could go get more comfortable.” I pulled a couple of large bath sheets out of the storage cupboard. We dried each other and walked through the dining/living area to the bedroom.

He laid on the air chamber bed. I quickly checked the roast in passing. Sorry granddad, rod up my ass or not it was still a fifty-five dollar hunk of meat. I quickly set the timer to put in the oven roasted vegetables.

I joined Mike on the bed. He pulled me into a passionate kiss. Then he pushed me back onto my back and wrapped his lips around my throbbing cock. This wasn’t happening the way I was expecting. I thought he would want me sucking him. My head was spinning as he increased the frequency of his head bobbing and suction.

After about five minutes of delightful pressure I was about to blow my wad. I told him and he pushed down on my scrotum and firmly squeezed, suspending my orgasm. He removed his wonderfully warm lips from my shaft. He climbed up my body and kissed me again. I apologized for my short fuse. “Don’t worry about it little guy I’m amazed you held on as long as you did for your first time. I just want to catch your first load in my ass.”

We kissed swapping tongues for a few more minutes. Then he pulled out a bottle of Astroglide and began lubing his hole and my cock. “Tre, I was really torn between having you climb on top and fucking me face-to-face. But I wanted this to be really memorable for you.” He straddled my hips and guided my cock to his asshole.

He continued, “I decided, I wanted to ride you cowboy style. I want to look down and see the pleasure on your face as you shoot your wad up my ass. I want you to always remember how I looked as I took your first load.” He slowly sat on my cock pulling it deep inside of him.

I was overcome by how tight and warm his ass was. My head rolled back and my mouth opened and I gasped for air. He softly grabbed hold of my chin and pulled my head back down. “Remember I want to see your face, I want to see your eyes glaze over in pleasure.” I told him I would try but it felt so good.

My hands slid up his abdomen to his chest and I grabbed hold of his nipples. I was pinching them hard one at a time. His areolas were much larger than mine. Mine looked like sweater buttons. His looked like silver dollars. He smiled down at me and moaned. I was grinning like an idiot. I couldn’t pry the smile off my face as his cock began slapping against my stomach.

As his ass slid up and down on my cock it started making a slurping and sucking sound. As his cock continued to slap against my stomach on the downward stroke. I slowly played with his delts, and abs. I loved feeling the definition in the firmness of his muscle tone. My hands continued down from his abs, I grabbed hold of his manhood and began stroking it as he rode my cock.

A lusty smile spread across Mike’s lips. I could feel him tightening his hole against my cock. His cock exploded across my stomach, and chest. A few drops landed on my cheek. That triggered my eruption deep inside his ass.

After I licked his cum from my hand, he drug his finger through the pool collecting on my tummy. He put his cum laden finger to my lips. I sucked it greedily. After years of just tasting my own seed, I now had his to savor. Later I would learn that some guys don’t like the taste of cum, I thought it tasted like sweet nectar.

Our post-coital bliss was interrupted by the buzz from the oven reminding me to put the vegetables in. He chuckled about the timing. I reached over and grabbed my bath sheet and wiped up his seed from my body. I bent over in front of the oven to put the vegetables in.

No sooner had I closed the door and was about to rise, when I felt his hands on the other side of my cheeks. His tongue caressed my soft pucker. I let out a soft lusty moan. “Mike you know we’ve only got fifteen minutes before these will be ready or they’ll be ruined. We have all night to enjoy each other. That is if you want to stay.”

“Actually my little fox, Dennis, and I have second shift on the pumps. Charlie and Matt are sleeping for the third.” He pulled me back into a kiss. “You, have a birthday feast with the rest of the guys on the reservation this evening. But I am looking forward to tasting your cooking.”

I could feel my grandfather’s disappointment within me. I knew he would prefer me to just go with the passion throw caution to the wind. That was him, I wanted something more. I knew sex with Mike was just going to be a period of fun between he and I. Something to be look back upon and cause me to smile for many years to come, like Grandpa and his trucker.

He pulled away and sat at the table on his towel. I had to do something to recapture the mood. Here I was sharing my home with a hot Italian stud, and that rod up my ass showed itself again. I came to him and dropped between his knees, kissing his sweaty chest. Playing with his nipples sucking and nibbling at each one.

My lips kissed and slurped my way down his chest and over his abs. My tongue penetrated his belly button. It then slid down his treasure trail. I began licking his cock almost like a dog savoring a bone. My mouth and tongue licked the mighty shaft from its base to its tip. A single pearl of clear pre-cum presented from the tip. My tongue darted and swept inside his foreskin. I swirled it around his helmet shaped cock head and licked the cum from his slit.

My head tilted as I looked up his body and looked in to his eyes, “I’m sorry, let me make this up.” He told me there was nothing to make up. I returned to my worship of his cock.

I pressed my lips firm against his exposed head. I pressed them hard against his shaft to force his foreskin to roll down. His cock was still juicy from his previous orgasm. His hands rested on the back of my head and drew my mouth down on his shaft.

He let out a moan. Clearly I was doing something right. My excitement and eagerness quickly overwhelmed my inexperience. I tried to draw his shaft into my throat and gagged a bit. “Just relax no-one can do that their first time buddy. It takes practice.”

I slid my mouth back and forth along the length of the shaft and slowly. I allowed the tip to poke the entrance of my throat. Eventually I was able to work it down. I was moaning and humming as I sucked him in. Within a short period of time I learned to pull his shaft all the way down my throat and bury it balls deep.

I sucked on it for a long time, what seemed like minutes. Until I slowly saw stars appear before my eyes. I realized I wasn’t breathing. I pulled off of him and gasped for air. “Holy crap little fox, you are a natural-born cocksucker.” My cheeks glowed hot at his praise.

I told him how I was trying to breathe through my nose, like the dirty on-line stories describe deep-throating. He laughed and said, “In my experience, it only works that way in the magazines.” After catching my breath I returned to my labors. Sliding his long shaft in and out of the depths of my throat until I was rewarded when his cum filled my throat and mouth. I continued to suck his shaft until it stopped spasming.

The oven chime went off letting us know dinner was ready. Mike was an odd duck. He liked the well done end pieces. Whereas I liked the rare bits that still had a little life in them. “Tre, where did you learn how to roast vegetables the Italian way.”

“Mike, the Italians aren’t the only ones who roast vegetables. My mother taught me the way her mother prepared them.” I was finishing off my second glass of Lambrusco, it was a little sweeter than I liked. I was getting quite the buzz. Grandpa used to give me wine or spirits when we traveled. I always have been a bit of a lightweight.

I put away the leftovers and washed the dishes as he dried. Mike stepped behind me, wrapping his arms around me. He kissed the base of my neck and worked his way around until he was sucking on my earlobe softly. Between his tender nips and the sweet wine my head was swimming. I turned in his arms and connected my lips to his. His tongue slid between my lips wrestling with mine.

Without warning he swept me off my feet and carried me back to the bed. He spread me out and started sucking on my nipples. Biting each of them tenderly is his hands caressed my body. He pulled me to my side and began massaging my ass. He was looking for any sign of doubt in my eyes. Finally he asked “Do you want to?”

“Oh God yes, Mike I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you in the showers. I’ve dreamed about you being my first. Please fuck me. I can’t think of anyone I would rather give my cherry to. You’ve been so kind over this last year and a half.” He kissed me one more time, then rolled me on my stomach.

Grabbing my pillows he propped my midsection up, elevating my ass in the air. His powerful hand separated my glutes as his tongue dove into my ass. “Damn Tre, you have the most beautiful bubble butt I have ever had the privilege of holding.”

“I hope you’re going to do more than just hold it.” He began working my hole again and nibbling around the edge of my pink ring. I heard a click behind me As I felt something cold run down the crack of my ass. His fingers slowly worked the cold fluid into my hole.

One finger at a time he slowly caressed the inside of my ring. He inserted one finger thrusting and twisting it ever so gently. When I was moaning and pushing back on his knuckle, he realized I was ready for a second. He repeated His motions. He varied them slightly twisting the fingers together while he thrust them in and out of me. He spread them apart in order to draw my hole wider.

I was moaning like a man possessed. That’s when he inserted the third, spreading the three and twisting them together sliding them in and out of me as if they were a small cock in and of themselves. I begged him screaming, “I am ready! Please, fuck me now! Harvest my cherry Mike.”

He withdrew his fingers from my ass, I felt so empty. He knelt behind me and I felt the tip of his shaft making contact with my vacant hole. With a constant firm pressure the head breached the ring of my hole. It hurt like hell, but I did enough research to know that it would be replaced with pleasure. He told me to take a deep breath. He waited so patiently for me to get used to his size.

I begged him to continue. He slid and inch or so into me. Again waited then another inch, and another. I could feel the veins on his cock as they popped and slid through the ring. He had a magnificent tool. It felt like it took forever but eventually I felt his pubic bush tickling my ass. He took full ownership of my hole.

He began thrusting furiously in and out. Occasionally holding still and draping himself across my back to kiss the back of my neck. Nibbling and softly biting at the skin. Only to begin his desperate thrusting seeking climax. In time he thrust himself one last time deep inside me. I felt his cock erupt painting my inner walls. I could actually feel the impact of his seed inside me. I have never felt so complete.