My Fantasy Is Trumped

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Chloe was the perfect choice as receptionist. If you are running a consulting surgery at a prestigious address in central London, then everything has to be right. A beautiful but totally competent, professional receptionist is one such requisite.

As soon as I met her, I knew she was right. Having trained as a teacher, she could run just about anything and handle most clients’ behaviour. But she was also incredibly beautiful. She had long flowing brunette hair down past her shoulder blades and around her breasts. Her skin was pale and delicate with the most wonderfully kissable lips, the lower lip slightly fuller than the upper lip. She had soft brown eyes too with a playful element to them.

It was Thursday, at the end of the day. I was staying in town for meetings the next day and came out into the reception area. Chloe was in a grey pencil skirt, emphasising her professionalism. She also had a plain white cotton blouse open enough just to catch a glimpse of the white lace bra underneath. In her late 20s, she was quite sensational.

She put the phone down in a slightly more abrupt way than her normal manner.

“Everything alright, Chloe?” I asked.

“Fine, thanks, Doctor.” Came the reply. But there was that hint of irritation.

“One of our delightful clients being very demanding!” I suggested.

“No. No. They’re no problem.” That was good because irritation with paying clients never works that well. “My plans for a weekend in Paris have just been cancelled.”

“I’m sorry.” I said, slightly surprised Chloe had volunteered this. “How did that happen?”

“I was going with a girlfriend. But she has called off. Fallen in love with some guy and I am off her priority list.” It was all said briskly and with feeling.

“Well. You could still go.” I said, lamely.

“No. It’s no fun eating out and travelling around on your own.”

“That’s true.”

“What do you do when you’re staying in London?” Of course, Chloe had booked my hotel for last night and tonight.

“Well, I’m the same. So I generally end up ordering room service.”

“You see.” Said Chloe. Her eyes were looking at me now and I sensed a challenge and an invitation at the same time.

“I know.” I laughed slightly. “Well, would you join me for dinner then, Chloe?”

There was a pause – a moment’s hesitation. But she never took her eyes off me as she seemed to weigh things up.

“That sounds wonderful.” She replied and my heart leapt.

“Perfect.” I replied – and it was my perfect fantasy. “Let’s get a drink in the hotel bar and I can drop some things off in my room.”

We took a taxi along Euston Road to the Landmark Hotel. I ushered Chloe into the Mirror Bar there and asked her what she would like to drink. We settled on two glasses of dry white wine and sat back in the soft, large armchairs facing each other. As we chatted, I could appreciate how stunning she was. Her legs were long in relation to her body and she wore sheer natural hosiery. I couldn’t help wondering if they were stockings as the alcohol kicked in. The skirt rose slightly as she rested back in the chair allowing me to appreciate her legs even more. The skirt was also tight at the waist emphasising her slender figure. And from time to time she would just finger her long hair and curl it over her blouse. The figure of her breasts also had me aroused as I thought of the thin lacy bra I had glimpsed. Her hair and neck drew me up and into her mouth and eyes where I thought I would burst with desire.

After half an hour, our drinks were getting low and I asked Chloe where she would like to go for dinner.

“Room service sounded good.” She said to my surprise. The glass of wine had emboldened her.

“Room service, it is.” I said immediately, lest she change her mind. I lifted my glass and downed the last sip of wine. “Wait there and I’ll order.”

I returned having spoken to the concierge. Chloe finished her glass and stood. “Show me to our dining room!” She said.

“Follow me.” And I lead her to the lift. The atmosphere was charged between us. Something had been lit for the evening.

I pressed the floor number in the lift and we were alone together. The silence had a tension of anticipation.

“What are we having, Doctor?” Chloe asked teasingly.

“Well, Uşak Escort I ordered champagne and a dozen oysters to start with.” I replied.

“Oysters? Now what is it with oysters?”

“An excellent source of zinc!” I said jokingly.

“Is that what makes them an aphrodisiac?”

“It is.” I replied and looked deep into her eyes. “Zinc aids the production of testosterone which makes both men and women horny. It is also necessary for the production of sperm.” Such a frank conversation.

“Mmm.” Chloe replied – the mischief coming into her eyes. “So you are spunky!”

“Cum laden!” I quipped as we arrived at the door of the suite. Chloe smiled. So it was true. This dream of mine was going to happen. The sensational 28 year old was going to have sex with me tonight.

We went inside and she admired the room, found the bedroom and the luxurious en suite bathroom. It seemed to meet her approval, which was a relief. And then the service arrived.

Quickly and efficiently, the champagne was opened and our glasses poured. The fresh oysters were placed on the side table and I signed the receipt. Now sooner had the waiter arrived than he was gone.

“It’s a very smart hotel.” Chloe said casually. “I imagine it’s the kind of place where if you phone down and ask for an ‘extra pillow’, then an escort arrives.”

“Why don’t you call them?” I said, not really thinking.

“I don’t know.” She mused. “A woman’s voice. Who knows what might arrive?”

“What kind of thing do you like?” I asked, slightly unsure what was happening here.

“Well, I do generally prefer women to men.” She said boldly. “I don’t mind older men.” She added looking at me. “But younger men don’t do it so much for me.”

My mind raced. The possibility astonished me. But the desire was driving me wild. As casually as I could muster the words, I said. “Would you like to browse the catalogue?”

“What do you mean?” Said Chloe.

“The Internet is the catalogue. There is any number of different options to choose from.’

And as we ate the oysters and drank the champagne, we visited a number of sites on the laptop where we studied the girls. My hand drifted to Chloe’s leg and we sat closer together as we looked and made observations. I explained the abbreviations and euphemisms like education level and ‘O’ levels and ‘A’ levels. Finally, I whispered in Chloe’s ear if she wanted me to invite one of them over. She nuzzled back and replied “Not until after we have had sex, Doctor.” I knew the moment had arrived.

“I want to watch you take off that skirt, Chloe.” I whispered.

She stood up before me, unzipping it at the back. Just as I imagined in my mind, she had to wiggle to slip it over her hips. It was a beautiful sight. As it came down, it revealed the lacy tops of hold up sheer stockings. And a high cut thong – no wonder her arse had looked so perfect in that skirt.

Her fingers hooked around the side of the thong as she watched me admiring her. And then she pulled it down to reveal the neatly trimmed but full bush.

“Your turn, Doctor.” She said. Her eyes were teasing and a smile was playing on her lips as she knew what she was doing to me. “Take off your trousers.”

She fell into an armchair. And I stood. Standing, my bulge was so much more prominent. I took off my socks to be barefoot before I unzipped my trousers. They dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them and then I peeled off my boxers. Relieved, my erection stood tall in front of Chloe as she sat back and grinned.

“Oh! A king size! That’s good. Well, I think I’m ready for my examination now, Doctor.” She stood up and we went into the bedroom.

She lay back on the bed and I began kissing the bare skin of her thighs above her hold ups. Her legs moved apart inviting me higher. My kisses moved up as she rocked a little. Then I placed my tongue on the base of her pussy and tasted her juices. She was wet and ready. I pressed my tongue in and swept it up licking her along the length of her sweet pussy lips. I moved my tongue up and down pushing it in a little deeper at points. My left hand moved under her blouse and onto her belly. I pushed up to expose her clit. Then I worked my tongue back up and flicked it with the tip Uşak Escort Bayan of my tongue. I ran circles and figures of eight over and around her clit. I was so thrilled to be finally pleasuring the beauty in my office. My right hand moved up between her thighs and I slipped my finger into her soaking pussy as my tongue continued on the clit. I slid my finger in and out, a second quickly joining to stretch her out. I curled my fingers up to start to stroke the ridges of her g-spot. She gasped and her thighs tightened. She pushed against my face and I flattened my tongue to push back hard against her clit. I rocked my face now to tease her clit. My fingers were thrusting and then curling inside her. Her moans grew. Then her hands reached down and grabbed my head to pull my face off her as she spasmed. I felt her pussy lips clutching my fingers and her hips thrust. Her thighs gripped as the climax hit her.

Her hips subsided back on the bed. Her breathing returned to normal. And she let out a sigh as I slipped my fingers from her pussy. “My! You are a specialist, Doctor!”

I moved up alongside Chloe on the bed, putting my arms around her. “May I kiss you?” I asked, unsure how she would feel with her juices all over my face. She nodded. And I begin kissing the lips that I had wanted for so long. Playing and biting gently that lower lip. Our tongues flirting with each other’s as we kissed. Her small, delicate hand reached down and I felt her slip it around my cock. I was rock hard and it felt so good. She stroked my cock and played with it in her hand as we continued to kiss. My hands reached round and stroked her gentle arse.

“Are you ready, Doctor?” She said opening her eyes and looking into mine.

“Come on top.” I smiled.

And she rolled over on top of me. Her other hand joined her first on my erection. She raised her hips and held my cock upright. Then she lowered her pussy down planting the cock inside her. Her soft wet pussy lips felt so good around the shaft.

I laid back as I watched her fucking me. Her hair was tousled and bouncing. The white blouse emphasised gloriously against the dark hair and soft skin. I closed my eyes to feel her pussy stroking and pleasuring my cock. She was riding me with long strokes moving in different angles to test where the tip of my cock landed inside her.

I felt the long months of desire well in me. I wanted to finally cum after dreaming of her for so long. As she speeded the pace of her pussy strokes, I called out – “I need to cum. I’m about to cum.” Chloe knew to go faster and I thrust back into her now. I felt the orgasm rise and I grabbed her as I started to thrust. I pulled her down on me as I fired my cum into her pussy, my cock pulsating inside her. Her head fell back as she wiggled on me.

We collapsed side by side on the bed. My cock started to ooze out of her with all the collected juices. We cuddled and I told Chloe how fabulous she was.

Our attention moved to the earlier conversation. “Was there one girl that you are interested in?” I asked.

“I want Maaya.” Chloe said decidedly.

“Ah, of course.” I remembered the Japanese girl that we had lingered over. She had described herself as bi- and suggested other girls who she could invite. She was happy with couples as well as singles. And she had every abbreviation in the escort dictionary against the listing!

“One thing though.” Chloe added. “I want her to think that we are father and daughter.” She looked at me intently. Tonight was most definitely as much about Chloe’s fantasies as mine, it transpired. I smiled and nodded.

I slipped off the bed and searched Maaya’s name on the internet. Finding her on an independent listing, I rang her number and invited her over giving the room number. I then explained our circumstances that we were a couple. “I’m so pleased.” came the reply. “Well,” I said. “slightly more than that. We are father and daughter.” There was a moment’s hesitation on the phone before Maaya asked for a £100 more. I agreed the price.

As I came off the phone, I heard the shower in the bathroom. I let Chloe wash and clean herself. I confirmed everything was in place. She looked stunning as she came out of the shower with a small towel wrapped around her. Her legs were so Escort Uşak long against the shortness of the towel and her hair was soaking and wild. I was conscious that I had not yet seen Chloe’s breasts. I thought of the prospect and the idea I would see them later pleased me.

I went into the shower to wash and freshen up as Chloe dried her hair. I soaped myself and started to think of Maaya and Chloe together. This would be some evening. I towelled and put on the hotel robe as I freshened up with some cologne too.

Chloe remained in the towel, looking stunning. A few minutes before the time arranged, there was a knock on the door. I looked through the spyhole and a beautiful Japanese girl stood outside. I opened the door and let Maaya in. I greeted her giving her my hand and kissing her on the cheek.

“Hello, I’m Sam.”

“Hello, Sam” she said with a slight accent.

“And this is Chloe.”

Maaya turned and saw Chloe. She was obviously impressed and gave a slight bow.

“Hello Chloe”.

Chloe came up to her and kissed Maaya on both cheeks.

“May I take your jacket?” I asked.

“Yes. You are undressed already” Maaya laughed. “Where do I get undressed?”

“Follow me.” Said Chloe. “Daddy. You wait there.”

Maaya handed me her coat and Chloe lead her into the bedroom. I knew I was just to do want Chloe wanted now. And I watched as Chloe undressed the beautiful, tiny Japanese girl kissing her.

I watched as Chloe took the naked Maaya onto the bed and slipped off the towel. I watched the two women kissing. I watched as Chloe slid down Maaya’s body and began to give her head.

It was like another dream. And I watched in amazement and in desire. Maaya simply slipped back into the bed and melted at Chloe’s touch. This woman knew what she was doing. Maaya’s arms reached out and gripped the bed clothes. And I listened to her breathing as she panted. I saw her body tense. And then heard a guttural moan as the climax hit her.

I looked at the two women. I admired the contrast of their skin colour as they wrapped into one another’s arms. It was a sight to behold.

Chloe started talking softly to Maaya. I saw Maaya nod and heard her laugh slightly. She reached over for her bag by the side of the bed. She brought out a belted strap on, which she kissed and pressed to Chloe’s lips.

Chloe turned to the doorway.

“Daddy.” She called. “Come in and join us.”

I entered the room and took off the robe. The arousal of the earlier scene was plain and Maaya giggled again.

Maaya reached for the bag again.

Chloe explained. “I want you, Daddy, in my arse, while Maaya takes my pussy.”

And with that I realised that Maaya was passing me some lube.

I got on the bed with the young women. And I kissed Chloe’s neck as I lay down behind her. Maaya quickly slipped the strap on up her legs and belted it around her waist. The girls began to make out side by side. I concentrated on my role as Chloe was to be the focus of us both. I stroked and felt her arse. It was round and firm but beautifully soft. I played my fingers from her pussy to her arse hole, feeling the strap on beginning to slide in Chloe’s soaking pussy hole. I added the lube to the touch of her juices and worked my finger into her rectum. I was surprised how easily she opened for me. I wiped the rest of the lube on the tip of my straining cock as I felt Chloe buck to the treatment Maaya was giving her. I wanted to join them swiftly.

I placed my cock tip at the entrance to Chloe’s arse. Then I pushed the head inside. Chloe screamed. “Daddy” she yelled. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.” I pushed deeper into her and felt the tight ring of her arse clamp onto my shaft. Chloe was clawing Maaya, who was thrusting her hips into Chloe. I started to time my thrusts with Maaya until we were driving into Chloe and pulling out of her together. Chloe was moaning and crying. She shuddered and bucked. Maaya and I stopped to let the orgasm crash across her. Chloe wept and held Maaya. Leaning back across, she whispered, “Thank you, Daddy.” And kissed me.

We lay there together for a while. Our arms and legs were entwined in one another. Then Chloe started to whisper in Maaya’s ear. A smile came on her face. Maaya unbuckled the strap on and passed it to Chloe. She leant over to her bag.

“Well now, Daddy. It’s your turn for a treat.” Said Chloe. “I am going to let you fuck my girlfriend, Maaya, while I fuck you in the arse with her strap on.”

This was a fresh turn. But I was certainly up for it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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