My Favorite Fantasy

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Big Tits

My wife and I invite a couple over for BBQ, drinks and hot tubbing. Let’s call them Jim and Susie. The secret is that I know that they are swingers, and she is Bi, but my wife doesn’t know about their lifestyle. The hot tub is ready and waiting while we have dinner and crack open a bottle of wine. After dinner settles, we all get into our suits and head for the hot tub in the back yard. I always have the privacy screens lowered, because the wife and I like to hot tub naked. We all climb in, and the hot water is nice and relaxing. Add into it the wine and blue lights in the tub and in the gazebo, and we are soon well relaxed and sipping wine.

Susie asks if she can take her top off, and the wife is relaxed enough to say it’s fine with her if Jim doesn’t mind. In a flash her top is gone and her 40DD’s are floating free. Susie immediately starts in on the wife, encouraging her to take her top off too. The wife looks at me, and of course, I say that I don’t mind. So off comes her top, letting her 42DD’s out for our viewing pleasure. Jim and I both compliment the ladies on their nice breasts, and they are pleased. It doesn’t take long for Susie to start in on us guys, saying that we need to take something off too…and the wife is tipsy enough to encourage us too. So off come our shorts. Ahhh…the freedom of being naked in the hot tub! The hot water has us relaxed and our cocks are bobbing freely, and we notice both ladies noticing us! Now it is our turn to ucuz escort encourage them…I mean after all, we are totally naked and it just isn’t fair if they aren’t too!

Susie stands up, turns her butt to Jim and slowly pulls her bottoms down, bending over so that her butt is in his face, and her face is right in front of my wife’s, close enough to kiss her, so she gives her a friendly kiss on the cheek. She flips her bottoms out of the tub and slowly sits back down, so my wife can take hers off. My wife stands and removes hers, and tosses them in my face laughing. As she turns to sit down, she loses balance and falls towards Susie. Susie grabs the first thing to support her, and ends up with both hands full of boobs. They are face to face and Susie leans forward slightly and kisses her on the lips…a tender, light kiss at first, and when my wife doesn’t pull away, she parts her lips and a full on passionate kiss ensues.

My wife has never had an experience like this, and would normally never even think about it, but the wine and warm water have loosened her inhibitions. The kiss continues and Susie starts playing with her breasts, slowly moving a hand down between her legs. She moves her fingers to my wife’s pussy and starts to rub, teasing her. My wife spreads her legs wider to allow her access. Soon my wife is moaning and starts to rub Susie too. The two of them are totally engrossed in each other, and ümraniye escort don’t even pay any attention to Jim and I. We are enjoying the show, our hard cocks sticking straight up. I have a perfect view of my wife’s butt and pussy right in my face, so I lean forward and kiss her butt, murmuring words of encouragement. It doesn’t take her long and she is cumming, her first orgasm from another woman. Susie asks to go to the bedroom, and the girls get out of the tub, wrap the towels around them and head off, while I close up the hot tub, and Jim grabs the wine and glasses.

By the time we get to the bedroom, my wife is on her back and Susie has her face buried in her nicely trimmed pussy, her butt sticking up. Jim drops his towel and sticks his face into Susie’s pussy and starts to eat her dripping pussy. I climb on the bed and place my hard cock in my wife’s face and she immediately begins to give me the best head I’ve ever gotten from her. It doesn’t take long for the women to cum again, and Susie moves up and starts to share my cock with the wife. Susie tells my wife that she wants me to fuck her, and that she can have Jim. I am surprised when she just says “Fuck me Jim!” Susie lays down next to my wife, and Jim and I move in on them. Their legs spread, we move into position and slide our cocks in the dripping wet pussies…Oh how nice it feels! Jim and I are so hot and hard from watching them, that we just üsküdar escort slam our cocks into them and start fucking them for all we are worth. It doesn’t take long and we are all cumming, the girls are nice and loud in their orgasms, and Jim and I aren’t much quieter.

We all relax a bit, drink some more wine and lightly tease each other until the boys are ready to play again. Jim and I trade places, and the girls get on their hands and knees while we get behind them. We slip into them from behind and start with slow leisurely strokes, while the girls are busy kissing each other. We slowly build speed, thrusting harder and harder into them, soon they are not even kissing anymore, just kneeling there and telling us to fuck them harder. We take our time, varying the speed and depth of our strokes, making them cum over and over, until we can’t take it anymore and cum deep inside them. We all fall to the bed spent, catching our breath after the long sex session. My wife says she can’t believe what we just did, but she is so glad that we did it. We have all had too much to drink, and I insist the Jim and Susie stay the night, we have enough room in our California King bed, so we cuddle up with the girls in the middle and drift off to sleep.

I wake up in the morning to find Susie busy sucking my cock and my wife busy sucking on Jim’s. I pull Susie up and we get into a 69 position so I can have some of her sweet pussy that I didn’t get the night before. My wife sees us and flips around so Jim can do the same. We continue our sex play until we are all satisfied, and Jim and Susie go home, promising to do this again. And we do! We become even better friends and lovers and spend many a night together, either at their house or ours, always going home the next morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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