My Favourite Fantasy


This is the detail of my favourite fantasy, written down at the instruction of a good friend.

He asked me what I thought about most often as I masturbated and I decided it was the Rubber Doll fantasy. This is expanded a little and hopefully a better read than my shaky and misspelt original.

I arrive at a hotel, somewhere, and go to a room which has been pre-booked for me.

In the room I find clothes laid out for me along with a few simple instructions. The main item of clothing is a full black latex catsuit, it makes me shiver just running my fingers over the thin rubber.

I strip naked and shower, luckily I have waxed fully in anticipation of today and I am smooth everywhere, including my bikini line which is completely bald. Naked I sit in front of the mirror and apply some dark eyeshadow and bright red lipcote as instructed in the note.

I check the catsuit and smile wryly when I find it’s a size too small for me, typical! Before attempting to put on the catsuit I rub silicone lubricant on my legs from the small bottle provided. Sliding my feet into the legs and down into the full latex feet is a strange feeling, the latex cold but warming very quickly as I smooth it up my legs.

Standing to ease the suit up over my buttocks and pushing my arms through the sleeves I again make use of the lubricant, allowing me to slide the thin material over my skin smoothly.

Shrugging the suit over my shoulders I ease the zip from under the crotch and around underneath myself to part way up my belly. Ensuring I have all the seams straight and I’m snugly encased I pull the zipper up to just between my breasts for now. It feels wonderfully strange, the tight rubber supporting me as it hugs me all over and I walk up and down a little, loving the feel as it stretches with me and working out any wrinkles.

I look through the rest of the items and I find a latex hood. Sweeping my hair back I slide the hood over my face, suddenly overpowered by the powerful smell of the rubber. I snug it down all around my head, making sure my hair is all tucked in and the noseholes are in the right place so I can breath ok.

There is a zip at the back and I slowly pull this down, panting slightly as the hood tightens against my face. I pull it all the way down to the neck and work my jaw to make sure the mouth hole Escort Bayan is in the right place, peering through the small eye holes into the mirror all I can see of my face are my made up eyes and glossy red lips through the shiny black rubber. I pull the front zip on the catsuit up all the way to the neck, leaving me almsot totally covered in a skin tight layer of black latex.

The boots next, little patent leather ankle boots with wicked 5″ stiletto heels. I slide my feet into them and zip them up, buckling the strap around the top of each then adding the small silver padlocks as instructed. No going back now, I don’t have the key!

Lastly there are a pair of short black latex gloves, These I pull on and wiggle my fingers until the thin rubber coats each finger tightly with no air bubbles, the gloves only go just past my wrists but that’s far enough to overlap the sleeves of the catsuit and make an almost air tight seal.

Now I pick up the phone and dial another room number, a voice answers and I simply say “I’m ready”.

“I certainly hope so.” Comes the gruff reply before the receiver is replaced.

About ten minutes later a keycard is swiped in the lock of the room and the door opens. He looks at me in approval and grins widely. “Just a few more touches” he says and picks up a large aerosol can of silicone oil spray. He sprays me all over with the oil and looking in the mirror I see that it makes the latex shine with a myriad glinting highlights.

He then picks up a black leather studded collar and slips it around my neck, buckling it quite tightly and covering the neck of the catsuit and the bottom of the hood, making my enclosure seamless. He clips a long leather leash to the chrome ring on the front of the collar and smiles at me again.

He kisses me briefly before pushing a bright red rubber ball gag between my lips, fastening the strap tightly behind my head and pulling the ball further into my mouth. He pulls my arms behind me and snaps a pair of handcuffs around my wrists and another just above my elbows, pulling my arms and shoulders back and pushing my breasts out.

Now he takes the leash and pulls me firmly towards the door, all I can do is roll my eyes as he opens the door and pushes me into the corridor without even looking first. Luckily there is no-one Bayan Escort in sight as he leads me up the seemingly endless corridor to the lifts.

We wait an eternity for the lift to arrive after he pushes the button and my relief to find there is no-one inside when the doors open is palpable. A brief ride up three floors and the doors open onto another three mile long corridor, again luckily empty.

I’m led along the corridor, desperately trying to balance on the killer heels as my leash is tugged unpredictably and unable to use my arms to aid my balance. We stop at another door and he knocks, the door opens and I’m led into a large suite to see five men sat round with drinks. They all look over at me and most of them are grinning.

They’re a mixed bag, one pretty good looking, in his thirties, another skinny guy probably late twenties, two who have to be in their fifties, both bald and one with a huge belly, the last guy is also bald and very, very black.

I’m led over in front of them and made to stand as they all get up and have a good look. Their hands run over the latex and as they get bolder I feel the odd painful pinch on the buttocks or nipple (mine are very hard now and clearly visible under the thin rubber). I whimper a little as that is the only protest I can make, but that just gets me a full on slap on the ass and a laugh from the fat guy.

The hands get more exploratory and I’m squirming as I’m squeezed, pinched and fondled, my ass, breasts and pussy all being groped and rubbed. It’s not long until the crotch zip is undone slightly and three fingers are slid into me. I stagger slightly as my hard clit is firmly manipulated making my knees tremble and my body quiver.

The details then vary depending on my mood, but basically I’m used by all six of them in every hole, mouth, pussy and anally. It goes on for hours as I am led from one cock to the next, my body aching and sweating as I try hard to please them but there is always another cock waiting to enter me, another hand squeezing my breast or pinching my nipple or slapping my rubber covered bottom.

I’m often tied and totally helpless, sometimes in very awkward positions, sometimes as I’m fucked, sometimes as I’m worked on with a dildo or big vibrator. Sometimes made to come or maybe just teased until I’m so Escort close then not allowed the final release, not even when I beg them for it. Often I’m made to masturbate for them as they watch, using different implements they provide me, sometimes having to make myself come two or three times in quick succession.

My rubber covered head is held firmly as hard, long cocks are fed into my mouth, often still slippery from my pussy. I dribble and drool as I take them deep, I don’t have a choice, the hands on my head push me down as the shiny purple head opens the back of my throat and my mouth is fucked. The leash and collar allow me no movement and I’m used as a faceless rubber sex doll for their pleasure.

I’m made to ride them, open my legs for them, crouch for them. I’m taken from behind, on all fours like a dog, bent over the table or up against the window so I can see cars passing in the street as I’m fucked. I’m used in all possible positions at their whim, by one, two or three at a time, none of them gentle, all hard and horny and thrusting into me like they haven’t had a woman in years.

My breasts and my bottom are slapped, spanked, pinched and sometimes they use a riding crop on me. My breasts especially suffer from pinching and slapping. One guy seems to really get off on squeezing them hard, digging his fingers into the rubber and my soft flesh underneath. Another one likes to use the riding crop to sting my belly as well, the rubber showing it off as it stretches tight across my tummy, quivering with every loud stroke of the crop. I can feel myself sweating inside the suit, hot and slippery and wet, gasping for air when I can before something else is pushed in my mouth.

Needless to say every now and then one of them comes in me or over me. Sometimes they flood my mouth or pussy with hot semen, other times pulling out and spraying my face or down the tight rubber over my breasts. After hours of being used I am aching and full of come, my pussy, mouth and anus all so sore from repeated penetration.

Each man has a final load of slimy hot sperm to dump on me and then suddenly I’m roughly pushed out into the corridor amidst loud laughter to find my own way back to my own room. Still dressed in skin tight glossy black rubber with white dribbles of come trickling down my legs and chest I run to the lift as fast as the heels allow me.

Back in my room I throw myself on the bed and burst into tears, sobbing both for the shame of what I’ve just done and for the knowledge that when the instruction comes I will let myself do it again, and again . . .