My Fiancé Courtney Helps Ch. 05

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It had been two months since we paid back our debt to Chris and then decided we wanted to continue the situation we had going. Even though initially it started out as Courtney provided him oral relief in return for him postponing our rent, it turned into something that was a huge turn-on for us and became part of our sex life. That night when I called Chris up to check out our window and surprised him with Courtney, it sealed our futures on what we wanted. We all enjoyed it and didn’t want it to end. Even though Chris is in his 50’s (30 years Courtney’s senior), overweight, balding, and ugly, he could turn Courtney on instantly with one command. His dominant personality combined with his massive frame made her feel tiny and submissive. And it helped that his dick is about twice the size as mine and incredibly thick. That night that we brought him back into our sex life marked what our futures would be like. He fucked Courtney twice that night, cumming inside her, and then fucked all throughout the night. I also fucked her too, and felt what a unique sensation it was to fuck your woman while she is full of another man’s cum. And with his big balls, he cums a LOT. In the morning, Courtney blew us both and then made us breakfast and coffee, and Chris went on his way.

Since that night two months ago, Courtney and I had been very busy. Our wedding was in a week, and that meant hectic planning ensued. But that didn’t stop us from having fun whenever we could. Chris had become a regular part of our lives. The morose, grumpy Chris was gone. The new Chris was very pleasant and happy to be around us. He would come over unannounced from time to time to play cards or watch sports, and would hang around even if Courtney wasn’t there. However when Courtney was there, he would always end up doing something with her, whether it was getting a blowjob or fucking her senseless. A couple times stick out in my memory.

Once we were all watching a football game on TV and drinking and talking. Courtney was being doeda a good host, dressed in just our team’s jersey and panties and serving us beers and chips. Randomly throughout the game, Chris would slide his pants down and call over Courtney. “C’mere slut, daddy needs taken care of.” I’d watch as my sexy blonde 20 year old fiancée would stop whatever she was doing to suck on our fat 50 year old landlord’s huge cock. Or she would stop mid-blowjob because she got too horny and ask him if she could ride his dick, which he would sometimes let her. I of course would always need taken care of after, because watching them made me so horny. Most football nights went like this.

Chris would also call our room from time to time and either tell me to tell Courtney to come to his room, or if Courtney picked up he would order her to come to his room. If she was home, Courtney would always happily oblige, even if she was in the middle of a movie or studying. Eventually it just became easier for Chris to use Courtney’s cell phone and they would text often. Sometimes she would get up and tell me “Chris just texted me. I’m heading down to heading down to his room. Love you!” and then kiss me before heading out the door. Sometimes she would come back in 15 minutes, sometimes an hour or two, and sometimes she would stay the night and tell me about it in the morning. I of course was okay with all of this and would be jerking off all night wondering what she was up to. Sometimes Chris would send me pictures of her face and tits completely covered in his cum. Sometimes I would go to sleep with Courtney next to me, and when I woke up I would see a text from her saying she is at Chris’ room and will be back at some point. She would always come back if I told her to and if I wanted her to stay she would, but almost always I looked forward to her going there and hearing about it when she got back. The only times I would tell her no or tell her to come back was if we were busy with wedding planning or eş değiştirmeli porno something. Although sometimes I would have her go there and told her I’d work on it myself. There was something really hot about me planning our wedding while my tan blonde fit fiancée was in our fat old landlord’s room doing whatever he wanted.

Often she would come back sore. And there are no guesses as to why. With a dick as big and thick as his, it’s a wonder she doesn’t come back sore more often. If she is too sore after coming back from his place, she’s always happy to give me a blowjob instead. But if he came inside her, I can usually fuck her even if she’s sore because of the copious amounts of cum he deposits in her pussy. It makes her pussy really slippery and she doesn’t feel the soreness when I fuck her using his cum. On a couple occasions, Courtney would say “I’m heading down to Chris'” and I would ask, “did he text you to come down?” to which she would put on an embarrassed face and reply, “no…I texted him and asked if I could..”.

I never had a problem with her going over his place or him using her pussy. I always got more than enough sex from her and she never turned me down. Sometimes she just wanted to feel his huge cock inside her or was horny and wanted to do something naughty like blow or fuck her old ugly landlord. It was a kinky fantasy we both loved and indulged in. Somehow Chris, even at 50 years old, still had a very high sex drive. It probably had to do with the fact that he never has been nor ever will be with another girl as sexy as Courtney. She turns heads everywhere she goes with her long tan legs, bubble butt and curvaceous body matched with a cute face and blonde hair and blue eyes. He must love that a girl as sexy as her is at his whim to do whatever he wants. The age difference and her attractiveness contrasted with his repulsiveness are all parts of the fantasy, as well as the power dynamic with him as her landlord. It was genç porno a kink we all happened to be into and all enjoyed.

I particularly enjoyed the times I would come home from work at night and when I opened the door I’d hear Courtney’s moans from the bedroom. No matter how exhausted I was, that was an instant turn on and I’d get undressed and sometimes watch them or sometimes join them. One night I had left for work at 6pm. Earlier Courtney and I had fucked twice and she wanted to fuck again before I left, but I was running late and couldn’t. She was calling Chris as I was leaving. When I got back around midnight and opened the door to our living room, Courtney was on her knees sucking Chris’ limp (but still massive) cock while he was drinking a beer. “Thank god you’re back, James” Chris relented. “She’s been sucking and fucking me all night since you left for work. She’s drained me four times already, I can’t keep it up anymore!” Courtney giggled and blushed, turning to face me while stroking his limp cock. “I’ve been horny all dayyyy!” she whined. I quickly got undressed and she blew me until I was rock hard, which didn’t take more than a minute. I entered her from behind while she sucked Chris who leaned back on the couch. Seeing me fuck her got Chris semi-hard, and after fucking her for 10 minutes I came in her pussy. This made Chris a little harder and Courtney immediately climbed on top of him and eased his horse cock into her oozing pussy, riding him while propping herself up using her hands on his huge belly and chest. When Chris announced he was about to cum, she jumped off and sucked his cock, which was covered in my cum from her pussy. After she swallowed his cum, Chris said he had to leave because he was totally spent. But he didn’t get much of a break, because when I woke up in the morning, the text from Courtney said she was going to give Chris a wakeup call. And she sent the text 2.5 hours before I woke up and she was still gone.

Throughout all these fun times, we did still make a lot of time for planning our wedding, work, and Courtney finished school. As I laid in bed thinking about our wedding day and honeymoon coming next week, Courtney was at Chris’ room either sucking him dry or getting her brains fucked out. I couldn’t wait for her to be my wife!