My First Love

I still remember the first time with him, and we still talk about it, seeing that we’re married and all. The first time I met Matthew I could tell he was a geek, he was cute don’t get me wrong, but still a geek. He excelled at every subject since he was my English tutor and math tutor and my academic advisor at our college. Ironically we ended up working in the same office at school and he always made sure I was always ok and when I was having a bad day he always had a funny but inspiring way to cheer me up. We became good friends and because he was 23 and I was 18 he graduated and went on to other different and better things, we had a few lunches together but that was it.

6 years later I was in the groceries buying my usual when I felt someone staring at me, I looked up and there was a lady staring at me, she looked very familiar so I smiled, then I realized who it was, it was Matthew’s mother. We talked for a bit and then there he was out of the blue, tall, brown hair, glasses, and still geeky looking Matthew. They were shopping together for his dad’s birthday dinner, we chatted some more and I told them I’d let them go make the birthday dinner, Matthew and I exchanged phone numbers and left. I thought nothing about it but a few weeks later I got a call from him for coffee. We went to a nearby coffee house chatted about what we were doing and he told me that he was Philosophy professor at our old college and I told him I was a preschool teacher. We started laughing about the good old days and I could feel the sparks between us but I didn’t want to believe since I’ve been wrong about the past “spark feelings.” By this time at my age I’ve been dating different guys but nothing too serious so I told myself that this was just a “feeling.” We chatted for another hour and then he said he had to leave to get ready for the next day lecture, so we hugged and left. Thirty minutes later I got a text from him saying how much fun he had catching up and how he wanted to know if I would have dinner at his place Friday night which was tomorrow, of course I accepted.

The next day came and for some reason I was excited. Yes I had feelings for him but Matthew was Gaziantep Escort Numaraları a very nice guy and maybe all he wanted was dinner, he would never be interested in someone like me. I’m completely different from Matthew he was the shy, quiet type until you really knew him, and I was loud and all over the place and flirtatious at times, there was no way he had feelings for me. I got to his place around 6pm and we hugged our hellos and he showed me around the house. We had steak and a nice salad for dinner and he apologized for it not being fancy enough, I laughed at him, and thought I had hurt his feelings so I told him that I really didn’t like “fancy” food anyways. We talked some more and after dinner he baked some cookies and we looked at pictures and laughed. I felt really bad since I was laughing so hard and some cookie crumbs landed on his shirt, I apologized and without thinking I reached up and dusted some crumbs off his chest, he kept saying that it was ok and reached up and grabbed my hand and kissed it, and that’s when it got silent.

So, there we were silent, sitting on his couch- I still tease him about this moment. He broke the silence confessing to me that he liked me ever since he was my English tutor but that he has never been with a girl before so he didn’t know what to do now. There I sat stunned, not knowing what to say — he still teases me about this moment, I remembered him telling me that he was going to do the dishes (he’s so funny that way) and that it’s okay if I wanted to leave. The running of the water and the noise of the dishes woke me from my trance and I walked into the kitchen and found him soaking dishes. I stood next to him and helped him do dishes, and it was dead silent, the only thing you could hear was the water running and the dishes.

“I do like you,” I told him as we were still standing and starring at the sink, not sure why we were doing that.

“You like me but….?” he asked.

“But what?” I answered back kind of surprised by his answer.

“Well, you said that ‘you do like me’ I was waiting for a ‘but’ after that sentence,” he replied.

“Oh, there’s no ‘but’ it’s just a straight ‘I like you’ answer,” I told him. There was silence again and then he asked me if I wanted to watch “The Simpsons,” it was the cutest and the most genuine question ever and of course I said yes. There we were sitting on his couch watching “The Simpsons” like good old friends but this time we were holding hands and on some occasions he would kiss it.

I guess we were pretty tired because the next thing I knew I woke up and from his shoulders and he was asleep but we were still sitting on the couch. How would I wake him up? I wondered, but the movement I made on the couch woke him up. He asked me if I wanted to stay the night and without thinking I accepted. He turned off the TV and led me to this bedroom, we climbed onto bed and he threw the covers over us. The moon shone into his room and I was able to see his blue eyes starring right back at me, it sent chills down my body and he sensed it and held me closer.

“You know I love you right?” he said surprising me, and I nodded. I remembered how he started to kiss my forehead and he breathed me in, I remembered how I wanted him so bad, but I didn’t want to hurt him, even though he was 6 foot and I was 4’ll, but I didn’t want to hurt him emotionally, I knew he was still a virgin and Matthew was different from other guys. I remembered him asking if I trusted him and I nodded, and he started to kiss my neck, and all I could remember thinking was “Is this really happening?” Thanks to my sensitive body I instinctively let out a moan as soon as his lips touched my neck. He apologized and started to back off; I drew him closer to me and told him that it was alright. He put his hand under my shirt but his eyes still on mine sensing if he should stop and he didn’t, he then took off my shirt and breathed out the word “wow” he pulled down my bra straps his eyes still on mine, he was a little frustrated with bra hooks and I laughed a little planting kisses on his forehead. He continued to take off my bra and my skirt and my underwear.

“You’re perfect,” he whispered and I blushed. He kissed my lips, forgetting he was a virgin and that I was the first girl he had ever kissed; I place my hands on his face lightly and kiss him but this time opening his lips with mine, lightly kissing him, not wanting to go fast but I wanted him so much. I kissed him harder and I remembered pulling on his hair and my legs over his waist, he reciprocated my holding onto my body and kissing my neck, Oh god how I needed him right there and then. I kissed his neck and he let out a moan and I backed off thinking that was the sign I was going too fast, I apologized and he told me to never apologized again as he rolled on top of me, I felt him press his hardness on me. I helped him out of his shirt and pants and underwear.

“You’re perfect,” I whispered, and he blushed. I kissed his forehead and pulled him back onto top of me with my legs and around his waist with his hardness pressing up against me; I wanted him in me so bad. He told me how much he wanted me, how long he’s been waiting for this moment and how he couldn’t believe that I would be the girl, but he didn’t have a condom. I smiled and kissed his neck again and when I kissed his ears he let out a bigger moan than before, I had found his spot. I told him that I was on birth control pills since I was 18 years old and that it would be okay, but that if he wanted to wait we could, apparently he didn’t want to. I felt his hardness near my opening, I was so wet and I could tell his was so hard, confused but excited he was too; I could see it in his eyes. I kissed his lips gently and kissed his forehead and shoulders and whispered in his ears that it was okay; he kept apologizing and reassured him it was fine. I felt his hardness near my opening again, but a minute later he slid so gently in me, it was so amazing.

“Oh Matthew,” I let out, “Baby just like that,” I moaned.

“Samantha,” he cried out, “Oh God,” he screamed. He trusted in and out of me slowly but it picked up, I held onto him as he let out his moans and cries, a couple minutes later he let go and I could feel his cum in me, it was so much and I held onto him as he let go inside of me. He apologized how long he couldn’t last and how he just wanted it to be good for me, it was great! Finally I had found the man of my dreams and making love to him was an orgasm in itself, its two years later and we’re married and he makes sure that I cum everytime.