My First M-M Experience

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This is a true story of my first M-M experience. I led a completely vanilla life until I was almost 60. Then I started playing a bit with other women I met on Craigslist. I read an ad from a guy looking for another guy to play with him and his girlfriend. The idea of a threesome excited me although having always considered myself straight I would have preferred a MFF one. In any case we exchanged emails. He primarily wanted to include trading blowjobs and was worried that guys may only be interested in his girlfriend. So he wanted to meet with only the two of us first. Although I suspected (wrongly) that the girlfriend part might be a ruse, I agreed to meet.

We met at a local bar. Dean (not his real name) was about my age, weathered look, big mustache. We had beers and talked for a while. Then we walked behind the bar to a Super 8 motel and took a room.

We stripped down and laid on the bed. We laid on our sides in a 69 position and took each other into our mouths. I felt my cock harden. As did his. His cock was hard as a rock- I mean really solid. I was a bit jealous of just how hard he got. We sucked for a while. I discovered that I enjoyed feeling his prick in my mouth and rolling my tongue around it. Only a few years after I would not have given a thought ankara travesti about having a cock in my mouth I was finding how delightful it was. The feeling of his smooth, excited appendage was luxurious.

I also enjoyed the BJ I was receiving. My cock was fully erect and firm- not as firm as his, but he did have me firm. I enjoyed the warmth and wetness of his mouth and the way he fondled my balls. We both came within a minute of each other, shaking with pleasure as we did.

My first taste of another man’s cum was salty and nice. I felt his load shoot onto my tongue. He gave a nice size load. I liked the taste and swallowed it down. I’ve loved sucking cock and tasting cum ever since. The hard part is finding guys to suck and places/times to do it.

Dean had not been leading me on about meeting for a MMF threesome, although his main goal was to suck cock and he said he really liked sucking mine. We were able to find a time for the three of us to meet at her apartment. She was younger than us- probably around 45. Pretty face and hair. Average height. Fantastic body. Curvy with a very nice rack. After unclothing she proved to have gorgeous tits.

Dean and I entered her place and we got to it pretty quick. We all stripped down and she sat ankara travestileri on the futon edge. Dean and I went into a 69 position and began to suck each others’ cocks. She fingered her pussy while she enjoyed watching us. After a while we separated and she laid down between us. Kind of a tight fit because the futon was not that big and none of us were all that small. We were all laying with our heads pointing in the same direction now.

They kissed while I caressed her nice firm breasts. Then Dean and I both took a nipple into our mouth and sucked and nibbled while we stroked her stomach and thighs. We took turns massaging her pussy area. My biggest regret is that I did not get aggressive and move down to enjoy licking and tasting her pussy. I like the taste of a guy’s cum, but a woman’s pussy is my favorite. Opportunity lost!

Dean moved on top of her and began to thrust. While he was fucking her I wet down my cock with spit and rolled on a condom. It did not take long before he came. We were both well primed. She then climbed over me, her pussy over my prick. She guided me into her pussy, well moistened with their cum. I could hear the wetness of her pussy as she lowered herself onto me. Their combined juices soaked my pubic hairs and balls. travesti ankara She gripped my cock with her vaginal muscles and I began to build toward climax quickly. There is no better view in the world than a woman’s tits bouncing above you while she fucks you. At one point she leaned forward onto me and her breasts pressed against my chest. Such a feeling!

I felt her cum and that finished me. My cum exploded into the condom. An intense orgasm.

We cleaned up and I dressed and left the two of them alone.


Since then I have sucked a number of cocks. Why do I like it?

I enjoy sucking cocks of all sizes. The small ones feel so good to swirl around in my mouth, caressing them with my tongue. I like licking and sucking the balls. And the creamy reward at the end.

Those big ones are their own reward. Feeling the veiny shaft on my tongue as I lick up the length of it, starting by sucking where the cock meets the balls. Then engulfing the head into my mouth. Sucking hard and running my tongue around the ridge and over the tip. Tasting the sweet taste of precum. Then taking as much of his length as I can take and bobbing my head up and down- face fucking myself with his cock. Slobbering up the cock and hand gripping it, getting a good feel of it as I pump him. Then back to sucking. Eventually feeling the cum shoot into my mouth where I can swish it around savoring the taste. Licking him clean so as to not waste any cum.

Do you understand what I like about sucking cocks?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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