My First Online Encounter

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My first online encounter took place sometime back in 1997 (about a decade ago). I remember I was in college during those years and was living near the beach. I had come home after I had done some studying at the library. I recall that I was sitting on my bed talking on the phone with a very sexy classmate. I would always sit right next to her and we would always look at one another. She had a gymnast bod, very fit, and sexy. She was blonde, blue eyed and curvy on top. I was trying to get to know her so we spoke about class. We finished our phone conversation and I checked my Hotmail account.

At the time I was using Hotmail quite a lot and I came upon their online classified ads. They use to have a generic online classified ad selection including online personals (now they use I do not remember if I posted an ad or if I answered an ad but I received an email. She was interested in meeting and she gave me her phone number. I called her up and found out that she lived a few blocks away. I do not remember much of the conversation since it was so long ago but I ended up calling her the next day from the college gym. I had just gotten out of football practice as I was a wide-receiver at the time and remember we had set something up where I would meet her at a Hole-in-the-Wall bar (as she called it). She told me where it was located and what she would be wearing. She said she would be sitting at the bar and would order me a drink. I told her I would be there at a particular time as I was now going to hit the showers. She sounded very excited about meeting me because she had never dated a football player. She must have been in her 30s and I was probably 22 at the time.

I left the locker room and drove downtown searching for this little bar. I parked in the back of the bar. I walked in from the back door and noticed that this little bar was actually somewhat crowded. There were a lot of people mainly sitting down in booths. I was hoping it was not so crowded because I wanted to keep my private life private. I walked towards the bar and noticed a woman sitting by herself. She was dressed as she described. She had on a medium-sized skirt and a white sweater top. She smiled at me and Uşak Escort introduced herself to me. I sat down next to her. I looked around to see if anyone was watching us and I noticed a woman standing on top of a ledge outside the bar window. I asked if this was her friend and she said yes. I thought this was strange but I shrugged it off. Then she spoke to the bartender and ordered me a drink. She said that this drink is for lovers to go back home and fuck. My jaw nearly dropped and it was exactly the sort of adventure I was looking for.

I drank about one-quarter of this drink and before I knew it she grabbed my hand and led me out the door. I remember looking around as I was being pulled out of sight. I saw the look on one man who gave me a smile. I did not hold back from this woman and out the back door we went. As soon as we got into the parking lot she turned around and locked my lips with hers and ran her hands up and down my pants where my crotch area was. I went along with her aggressiveness as I like aggressive women who know what they want. I do not mind if a woman kisses me when she wants or wants my cock when she wants. However, I grew up near this area and I wanted my privacy to be behind bedroom doors. When she finished she walked towards her vehicle, opened her car door, climbed in with her ass in front of me and lifted up her skirt. I saw her nice sexy ass and placed my hand on it then pulled down her skirt. I told her we should go somewhere more private because I had a reputation to live by (at least in this area I tried).

So, we decided to meet at a location where we both lived. We parked and she came into my car. She had a bag with her. I asked what was in her bag. She smiled that she had her toys in the bag. I asked what kind of toys and she told me I would find out soon enough. I drove around the beach residential streets where she ran her hand on my pants again until I got a nice hard-on. She unhooked her seat belt and positioned her face onto my crotch area. She unzipped my pants and asked if I had ever gotten a blowjob while driving. I could not recall if I did or did not but I told her I was more than interested in getting one right now. She Uşak Escort Bayan pulled out my cock from my boxers and began to suck me whole. She did not waste any time with me and I really liked her style. She was horny and a bit slutty. My cock is starting to rise as I write this as I remember that moment. She sucked my cock probably for about 3 to 5 minutes before we both realized that we should take this to her place. She suggested we go to her place. So, I dropped her off at her car and I zipped my pants back up temporarily.

I followed her to her home where she told me she was currently living with her mother. I felt a little weird about this as I wondered if her mom would be ok with a guy coming over to fuck her daughter. She said it was ok as she would not be able to hear us. I took the risk and said ok lets go in. She had a nice home, it was quite roomy inside. I walked up the stairs with her up to her room. I noticed there were two doors to her left and I wondered who lived behind them or why they were closed. I walked into her room and she placed down her bag of toys. She offered me a drink where she had a few bottles of hard liquor within her room. I guess this was her stash or personal little bar. I do not remember every detail as I can only recall certain moments. I do remember that we 69ed and that she had a very nice looking pussy staring right at me from above. It was very feminine looking to me and her ass made it look even better as it was very nicely shaped. I felt her lapping my cock up and down with her lips and mouth. I soaked in this feeling for a little bit. I then spread her lips apart and licked her pussy. I do not remember what it tasted like but I did lick it for quite sometime. I also remember fucking her from behind doggiestyle. One of the most interesting moments that happened that night is that she had been drinking more throughout our fuck sessions that she reached over to get her drink in the dark but fell off the bed. Her fall made a big thump and I almost started laughing. I asked if she was ok and she said yes. Then we heard a knock on her door. It was her mom asking if she was ok and what was going on. She told her mom that everything Escort Uşak was ok and to go back to bed. Her mom asked again and she told her the same thing. I did not say anything, I kept my mouth shut.

The next morning I realized that I was not in my bed but hers. I had to get to class but she persisted that I stay home with her and fuck her repeatedly. Her mother walked into the room and told her daughter to get out of bed and go to work but she did not want to. Her mother asked me to tell her daughter to get out of bed. So, I asked her to get out of bed and go to work as I had to get to class. She said she was not going to work and wanted me to stay home with her. I left. When I got back to my place after class I was informed by my housemate that I had some woman who was repeatedly calling me. He said that she was wondering where I was. He smiled at me and asked if I was with her last night. He then said that this woman wants something that I had. He then said that his cock was 9 1/2 inches. I did not say anything because that was the length of mine as well. I guess I really do have something that she wants I thought to myself. I ended going by her place that night where she was disturbed that she was unable to get a hold of me. I told her I was at class. I sat on her couch in the living room. She kneeled down in front of me rubbing my pants getting my cock hard. She wanted me to go up to her bedroom to fuck her again. I felt weird about it as I asked if her mother was there. She said it does not matter. Then her mother walked in and saw her daughter rubbing my cock. She told her daughter to get up to her room and for me to stay in the living room. Her daughter gave me a look to go up to her room with her. Her mother then walked away. I probably should have gone up to her room to fuck her but I ended up leaving as I could always fuck her another day.

I think back to myself today and realize what an interesting moment that was. I have soon thereafter have had many other memorable moments that I will certainly write about and post here. I have wanted to write about my encounters for quite sometime in order to have them frozen in time. Then I can always look back to them as I get older. Every encounter I have had has been exciting and successful. I am proud of them and I look forward to having more. I love women and I love sex. I hope you enjoy more stories that will be written about from here on out. Thanks for reading My First Online Encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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