My First Quest


Actually, we got acquainted on the internet. On one of those chat groups that you can find almost anywhere. Her name is Cindy, and she is of that exquisite age of 26, where everything out in the world is still fantastic and exciting. We had some great talks, and eventually moved to the phone, where we spent hours discussing our likes and dislikes. We discovered that we both had an interest in bondage, but that neither of us had much experience. Oh, of course, we “cruised” the internet and the news services; reading of others and their experiences, but until we found each other, we did not know a soul who we could even talk with. After our phone calls, which had became a nightly occurrence, we decided to meet for dinner, which was not difficult, as we both lived in the same city.

What a great time we had; the dinners were excellent, the wine was wonderful, and we both were attracted to each other. How lucky could we get? Anyway, after we finished dinner, we started talking about how we would enjoy the bondage scene. Actually, it came about that Cindy preferred to role play as a sub, and I, of course, preferred the dominant role. Well, we talked of the various ways one could be bound and “teased”, or even subjected to mild pain. We both would not prefer to become involved with any of the so called “heavy pain” events. Piercing, and actual “tortures” were discounted, and as were some others that we both did not prefer to become involved with.

“Rape” was one thing that Cindy would possibly be interested, but she would decide on that later. In reality, we were both pretty well matched with our desires and our interests. I guess, at this point, we were about ready to become involved with an actual “scene” or as we would eventually put it; a “heavy date”. We decided that we would meet at my place since it was located in a nice neighborhood, and it was a house as opposed to an apartment, and of course, very private. We decided that we would meet in one week, which would also give me a chance to do some preparing of my facilities in advance.

Needless to say, I was excited, and a little nervous. I had never done anything like this before, and I did not want to scare or even hurt someone, even if it were unintentionally. We decided that I would plan the entire episode, and not disclose and of the plans that I would make. This would give Cindy an additional excitement or apprehension, which would add to the sensual part of the evening.

Cindy arrived at the agreed upon time, wearing a very chic outfit. She was dressed in a white blouse trimmed with tiny lace at the neck and sleeves. Her skirt was an a-line and a deep red with a split hem. She wore matching heels. I could see that she was somewhat nervous. I had anticipated this, and had prepared a light meal tempered with a soft white wine. I had guessed correctly that this would relax her and let her become more at ease. As we finished our last sip of wine, I asked her what her favorite word might be. She said “I guess it would be sunset, which is my favorite time of the day” At Tipobet that, I said that our “safe word” would be “sunset”.

At any time during our evening, regardless of what we might be doing, if she called out “sunset”,I would stop any proceedings, and we could stop for the evening. I wouldn’t want to do anything that would not be okay with Cindy, so if and when she said the word “sunset”, I would immediately stop and would go no further without her consent . Naturally, Cindy was in complete agreement. I could see that she was beginning to relax and that she was beginning to “get into it”.

From my vest pocket, I brought out a soft black, shaped blindfold. Cindy’s eyes widened as she saw it, and I said that I thought that it would enhance her pleasure if she did not know what was coming, and would not be able to anticipate anything until it happened. She quickly agreed, and I fastened it around her head with an elastic band. Then I unfastened her skirt, and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a slip beneath her skirt, which was very delicate in design, and it made her appear as if she were a very young teenager.

I then unfastened her blouse, and she pulled her arms from the sleeves. I then lifted her slip over her head, being careful not to disturb the blindfold. Her bra and panties were a laced set, and she looked extremely beautiful as she stood there calm and blind. I took from a drawer, a set of wrist and ankle cuffs, and quickly fastened them in place. They were designed so that each of them had rings sewn onto them for fastening to other objects of ones choosing.

They were made of leather with soft linings so that they would leave very little marks even if she was suspended from a rafter. I then removed her bra, and her large breasts stood firm and commanding of my attention. Cindy did not seem uncomfortable with the procedure so far, and as I was removing her clothing and fastening the restraint cuffs, I was also talking to her and saying how beautiful she was, and that any man would have to feel as if he were a king if he had her as his own.

Cindy was becoming aroused, as I could see a damp area in her panties. Occasionally, I would touch her private place,just to let her know that I would be getting there sooner or later. She would let a slight groan of pleasure escape her lips as I became more bold in my actions. I then walked her into the next room, guiding her so that she would not stumble on he carpet. I had made my preparations in the room. And Cindy had not seen this room previous, so therefore, she did not know what to expect. I had a set of four chains of various adjustable lengths hanging from a beam just below the ceiling. These were set about four feet apart and were adjustable with clip links. They were also connected to a quarter inch cable that ran through pulleys to an electric motor, which was taken from a boat trailer and fastened to the wall.

This was a very strong geared-down motor that would quietly be capable of lifting several hundred pounds. I lifted Tipobet Giriş Cindy’s arms, and fastened each of her wrist cuffs onto a separate chain. Her arms were lifted upwards, but not pulling with any undue pressure. At this point, she was standing with her arms almost straight above her, and practically immobile. I then fastened a short rope to each of her ankle cuffs, and fastened them to the floor. I tightened the ropes, pulling her feet apart and causing her legs to be slightly spread. Cindy was now in a rather helpless position. I then went over to the wall mounted motors, and threw one of the switches.

This pulled Cindy’s arms upwards, causing her feet to leave the floor, and as her ankle ropes became more tight, they caused her legs to be more spread. I stopped the motor when her legs were about six inches from the floor. She was now spread-eagled, and totally helpless and in my complete power. During this time, Cindy had said almost nothing, but now, I noticed that she was becoming anxious and a little afraid of what was going to happen to her. I assured her that nothing would happen that would place her in any danger whatsoever.

At this point, I placed a gag in her mouth. She squirmed at that and tried to move her mouth away, but I got it in place and fastened it securely. I assured her that even though she would not be able to scream, or make loud noises, she would still be able to say the “safeword”, or at least something close to its sound. Although she was fully suspended, and her weight was pulling on her wrists, the padding of the cuffs kept her wrists from being too painful. She just hung there, in a rather limp position, seemingly awaiting my next move.

I reached up and cupped her breasts with my hands, giving them both a gentle massage. I then lightly kissed both her breasts and slightly “sucked” on her nipples. This created a little excitement within her, and I noticed that she was still a little “damp” between her legs. I lightly touched her there, and a soft moan could be heard even through her gag. Then I kneeled slightly and gently kissed her maiden part. At that, her legs tensed a little causing her feet to be drawn slightly more apart. I could tell that she was beginning to enjoy this, as I continued to kiss her clitoris and to let my tongue explore the inner part of her lips. She was moaning all the time now. Her head twisted from side to side and the muscles in her legs were beginning to twitch and tense. However, I didn’t want her to reach a climax just yet. The night was just beginning, and I still had more plans for her.

I went to the pulley that adjusted the ropes to her ankles, and pushed the switch to tighten them. Her feet came higher and higher, reaching the same height as her head, and continuing higher. Her feet reached a height of about seven feet when I stopped the motorized pulley. I then loosed the pulley that held her wrists until she was hanging completely by her feet. Her pussy was now about the same height of my chest, and with her legs spread Tipobet Güncel Giriş by the tension in the ropes, her pussy was in plain sight, and very handy to my tongue. As I stood behind her, I placed my face between her legs, and my mouth was at once against her pussy.

While she was held in this very helpless position, I then let my tongue explore her pussy and her clit. My tongue probed deeper and deeper, causing her to tense with pleasure, and to moan with a more intense sound. I took her clit between my teeth, and tenderly pulled on it to give her more pleasure without any additional pain. I think, that by this time, she was so in the throes of pleasure, that she was not even aware that she was hanging upside down. Suddenly, with a great gasp, the muscles in her entire body began to spasm and jerk uncontrollably. I didn’t stop until she was almost fainting with pleasure. By this time, I had been also erect, and was as horny as I had ever been. The pleasure that I was giving her was also turning me on to a great degree.

I tightened the ropes on her wrists, raising her from the floor and lowering her feet until she was almost on about level, and also about four feet above the floor. This put her in a position that her cunt was on the same level with my cock. I had, by this time, slipped out of my clothes, and let the head of my cock just touch the lips of her pussy. She had been hanging in the ropes with her head hanging down, her long blond hair almost brushing the floor. As my cock touched her pussy, she came “alive” and groaned a sound that I interpreted as “uh-huh”. I pressed my cock until her lips had parted, and the head of my cock entered her slowly and gently. I wasn’t necessarily a big hung guy, but I wasn’t real small either. As I was touching her, Cindy began to push with her arms and legs, although being totally suspended, she could not do much. I slowly entered her which was very easy due to the wetness that had developed previous. I could feel Cindy gripping my cock with the walls of her vagina as though she never wanted to let it go.

I slowly began to move into and out of her gently, as I didn’t want to rush her before she was ready. However, that wasn’t very long, as she began to moan and her muscles in her arms and legs began to twitch with pleasure. I kept up the pace, and slowly increased the quickness, and also the depth with which I was pushing. I held onto her legs, and pulled her toward me with each thrust causing Cindy to bump into my groin as I pushed the full length of my shaft into her. Suddenly, I could hold no more. My whole being was exploded into her with a great passion and at the same time, Cindy could no longer hold herself either, reaching a climax that almost shook the house. I thrust in and out of her until I could no longer maintain my stamina, and she could no longer maintain hers.

I gently lowered her body to a blanket that was placed on the floor earlier. I removed her bonds so that she could completely relax, then removed the gag and blindfold. I then laid down beside her, and held her in my arms until she woke and our eyes met. Not a word was necessary. She knew that both of us had had a new experience, and this new experience was not going to be the last. As she drifted off to sleep, she softly whispered; “I don’t have to go home until Monday”.