My First Seminar – The Next Day

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My First Seminar – The next day.

I made it to our morning session just as the instructor was closing the door, “ Nice to see you could make It.,” she said as I entered the conference room.
The tables were laid out in a horseshoe pattern, and I found the last empty seat on the right side. I sat down and got my materials out, and looked across to the other tables. Much to my surprise, Angel was directly across from me, she was wearing a tight sweater and a medium length skirt, showing a nice amount of leg. She smiled as our eyes met, and I was lost in the memories of the night before. The instructor droned on and on about, frankly, who knows what, as I did my best not to stare at Angel, but there was no way to get her out of my mind, plus she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, which furthered my distraction and obsession. Our first break came at 10am, and everyone went out into the lobby to get a coffee, or to the parking lot to smoke. I was getting a coffee when I felt someone touch my arm, “Good morning!” she said as I turned and saw Angel. “And to you.” I replied, “Have a good nights sleep?” I asked.
“No, something kept me awake..” she said with a devilish grin. “Well, maybe you’ll sleep better tonight, you might want to get to bed early.” I replied. “You too, looks like you were up all night.,” she said.
“Well, not all night, but most of it.” I said.
The instructor came out into the lobby and called us back for our next session. The next two hours went as slow as they did in school. Finally we broke for lunch, and Dan asked me where I wanted to get lunch.
Angel came over and asked about lunch, and Dan disappeared. “Where’s he going?”she asked. “Got me?” Where you going for lunch? I asked her. “Whereever you want.” she said, “I just need to go back and get my wallet from my room, want to come with me, then we can go?” she asked. I followed her to her room, and she opened the door and said, “Come on in, I got to pee before we leave.” she said as she walked to the bathroom. I sat down on the bed and waited, as she emerged a minute later. “God, am I hungry!” she said as she approached me. I stood up, but she pushed me back on the bed and got on her knees. “I’m going to have a little taste of last night before we leave.” she said as she started to unzip my pants. My cock sprang to attention, anticipating another amazing encounter with this beauty. She slid her hand in and pulled out my swollen prick and slowly started to stroke it. I got up on my elbows to watch her; she looked into my eyes and smiled. “We gotta make this quick”, she said then engulfed my cock with her mouth. I almost lost it right there she was that amazing. I could not believe how good she was at sucking cock. I didn’t think that anything could surpass the previous night, but with both of us sober, the feeling was even more intense. She worked her mouth up and down, sucking on the head on every stroke. He hand pumped harder and harder as she worked my to orgasm. She took her mouth off me and said, “Please cum for me now, I need to taste you. I want to taste your cum again, please.” I looked down at her as she started to work my cock again with her mouth and her hand, pumping faster and faster. I could feel my balls tense up, and she must have too because she removed her hand and started shoving me deeper into her mouth. I met her with thrusts as I tried to fuck her mouth our pace quickened. She grabbed my nuts, just as I exploded. The first spurt felt like I had let loose a dam, she shoved her mouth deeper on me and sucked away. She then slid her mouth up to the head, and them boom right back down to the base, I could feel her tongue on my balls, even with my cock deep in her mouth. She worked me until I had finished, then slowly took her mouth off my prick. She looked at me and smiled, them let my jizz ooze out of her mouth back onto me, then she went back down licking and sucking up my orgasm, as she finished, she said “ That was nice, it tastes even better today.” “Now, where we going for lunch?”

Lunch went by fast, and we went back to the seminar. The rest of the day dragged on; Angel told me she had to go get something from her room during the afternoon break, so I went with Dan into the lounge to get a soda. We chatted a bit, but had to go back to the conference room. Angel was sitting across from me still, and I could not keep my eyes off of her. She seemed to be uncomfortable, moving about in her chair and unable to focus. Fortunately, we just had lecture that afternoon, so I could zone out. The seminar concluded for the day and it was announced that there would be a short conclusion in the morning, follow by lunch, then we could leave. As we walked out Angel came up to me and asked if we were going out for dinner.
“It depends. I replied. She said come with me I have a surprise. I followed her to the lobby and she pressed the elevator, the doors opened and we got in. I was glad that no one else followed and as soon as the door closed, she was all over me. She kissed me and began rubbing my crotch; I returned the kiss and slip my hand under her skirt. I was pleased to find that she had no panties on, and she was dripping wet. “Wait, I got a surprise.” she cooed in my ear. We went to the 15the floor and the door opened, she took me by the hand and led me down the hall. We reached the end of the hall and she produced a room key, she opened the door and we were in a suite.
“What the hell?” I exclaimed
“I talked to the manager, I explained that I hadn’t slept well since I got here and asked him if they had a room with a Jacuzzi, then I slipped him $50.00 and he set me up escort bayan with this.” she said.
“Nice surprise.” I said still amazed.
“This isn’t the only surprise I have for you”, she said taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom. She turned to me and undid her skirt; it fell to the floor and exposed her naked pussy.
“I couldn’t wear panties this afternoon, My pussy was so sensitive that it was driving me crazy.” She said.
“So that’s why you were squirming all afternoon”. I said.
“No, not really”, she said as she lay down on the bed. She opened her legs and slowly pulled out a vibrating egg out of her snatch. “ This is why.” she said “ It as either this or I finger fucked myself during class!”
I didn’t say a word; I just crawled onto the bed and buried my face in her pussy. She began to moan as she grabbed my head. I went straight for her clit and sucked it hard, my fingers found their way into her pussy and I worked them slowly in and out of her. She was pulling on my hair and grinding hard into my face as I felt her spasm. She screamed and I worked my tongue deeper into her snatch, and just as she was about to cum, I slid a finger into her ass. That did it, she groaned and I felt her orgasm. I could fell her pussy juice drench my face, as I lapped it up. She finally stopped moving and relaxed, I worked my way back to her clit, giving it a kiss as I looked at her.
She laughed, “ My God, look at your face! It’s dripping wet.” I could feel her juices dripping down my chin and she came up to my face and licked off the excess.
“I love the taste of my pussy,” she said, “but I like it better when I’m sucking it off my man’s cock. It seems to add a special element.”
She pushed me back and undid my pants, my cock sprang up and she grinned. “Guess he hasn’t had enough of me yet”, she said as she grabbed it. She slid down and began to suck me again; the she jumped up and straddled me. She worked the head around her pussy, then sat down hard. My cock went all the way in as she started to ride me. She got up on her feel and pumped away at my cock, giving me a fantastic view. I could see her pussylips wrapped around my cock as she rode me to the end, them watched as my cock disappeared inside her. She then leaned back as she continued her pace, and I could she her clit sticking out, she ran her fingers down to her snatch and began rubbing her clit. This stared her again, I could feel her pussy start to spasm, she grunted and fell forward on my. I continue my assault on her pussy, pumping into her like a jackhammer. She must have sensed my impending orgasm, as she jumped off and began to suck me hard. I grabbed her ass and spun her around so I could return the favor. I sucked on her pussy and clit as she devoured my cock. My balls tensed again, and I exploded in her mouth, just them she reached orgasm and my face was flooded again. We both continued to lick each other as our orgasms subsided. She rolled off me and smiled as she pressed her body against me. I held her close and we both drifted off to sleep.

I was awakened by soft kisses on my nipples. I looked down and saw Angel gently licking my nipple as she lightly touched my belly. She ran her fingers down and I could fell her hand slid over my cock. “You must like that”. That she said as she started to stroke my hard cock, “I know I do!” Then she stopped. “You hungry?” she asked as she walked out of the bedroom. I sat up and tried to get my senses and replied “ I’m starving, what are you in the mood for?” I asked as I began to follow her.
“I could eat you all night, but we should get some real food, I think we might need it.” she said. “How about Chinese?
“Excellent, where we gonna go?” I asked.
“We can order in, then we can get back to better things.” she said as she bent over in front of me.
I was still semi hard and I grabbed her from behind and pushed my cock between her ass cheeks.
“Save it, I have to eat something.”

We ordered our food and it arrived about 20 minutes later, we ate quickly and she suggested we get more comfortable. I assumed we’d go to the bedroom, but she led me to the balcony door. She opened it and we went out and I saw the Jacuzzi.
“Want to get wet?” she asked. I didn’t even reply, I was out of my shorts and in the water before she finished. I sat there and watched her as she undressed; she was doing a slow strip for me. She began to sway and seductively removed her bra. She then ran her hands down her sides and put her fingers inside the straps or her panties, She teased me. Slightly lowering them, then pulling them back up, all the while continuing to sway. She started to pull them down, the turned her back to me. I sat there transfixed as she leaned over and removed her thong, giving me a wonderful view of her gorgeous ass. I put my hand up and helped her into the hot tub. I pulled her to me and we began to kiss not the wild kissing from the previous night, but strong passionate kisses. Our embrace got tighter as we got more and more into just kissing and I began to rub her back, she broke the kiss and I went to work on her ears and neck. I could feel her shiver as I got to the bottom of her neck, and I began to work my way to her breasts. I began to rub her left breast, as I took her right nipple into my mouth. This woman had the longest and hardest nipples I have ever seem, and being a nipple man I went crazy on her, sucking and biting her, she shuddered and gasped at each new assault, but never indicated that I was doing anything that she didn’t enjoy. I worked on her breasts for a good 20 minutes, when she pushed me away. “ You need to stop, I can’t take it anymore. I kocaeli escort bayan feel like I’m gonna explode”, she said. She began to kiss me again and I could feel her hand on my cock, “I’m going to be needing this soon.”she whispered in my ear. She then stood up and spun around, presenting her ass to me. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to my face, she bent down and began to stroke my cock as I slid my tongue into her pussy. I alternated between licking her pussy and her asshole, working my tongue into each hole. She began to moan again, and shoved her ass harder into my face. “Please, lick my ass, I want you to make me cum with your tongue in my ass!”
I began to work on her ass even harder, I licked her and slip the tip of my tongue into her ass, she pushed back even harder and my fingers found her clit. She continued to push against me, and began to moan. I could feel her asshole quiver and her pussy was gripping my fingers as she came.
She stood there shaking, my face in her ass, and she turned to face me, she then stradled me and I could feel her brush against my cock. She grabbed my dick and slowly lowered herself onto me. “I need you to fuck my ass!” as she pushed me into her ass. The look in her eyes was amazing, complete animal lust as she rode my cock. We started to kiss again, and she began to quiver. “I’m fucking cuming again.” she said as she buried her face in my neck. She slowed her pace and I took the cue to speed up the pace, as I thrust into her she looked at me and smiled. “Fuck my ass, make me come again. I want to feel you cum in my ass, I want to feel you cum inside me, please.” she whispered. That put me over the edge, I quickened my pace and she met me, pushing my cock deeper and deeper into her tight little ass. I smiled at her and said, “It’s time!” and then began to blow my load into her ass. “Fuck, I can feel it inside me, it’s so fucking hot! Keep going I’m cuming again!” she screamed. I could feel her ass tighten around my cock as I finished my orgasm. We both stopped and held each other close, I could feel my cock soften, and slowly slid out of her ass. She looked at me and said, “Thank you. That was great, I’ve never orgasmed like that before.”
I smiled at her, and gave her a kiss.
“I’m going to go clean off.” she said as she got out of the hot tub, and she went to the bathroom.

I heard the shower come on a minute later and I went to the bathroom. The door was open, and I could see her washing her body. She must have heard she and me called to me. “Want to join me?”
I didn’t hesitate, and joined her in the shower. We started to kiss and rub each other, the water was washing over us and we paused and looked at each other. “ My, this is quite domestic. “ she said with a laugh. “Nice to see you’re ready again.” she said as she grabbed my cock, “But first you got to was my back.” I grabbed the soap and she turned around, pressing her ass against my swollen cock. I began soaping her back, gently rubbing her shoulders and back, I worked my way down to her lower back and ran my hands down her hips. I could feel her breathing harder as I rubbed her ass. I slid my hand down the crack of her ass and lightly touched her pussy. She wiggled and I brushed her clit and then ran my finger to her asshole. I reached around her and grabbed her left boob and squeezed her nipple, just as I slid two fingers in her ass.
She pressed against me harder and asked me to stop. I looked at her, puzzled, and she said, “I want to do something for you, let me take care of you for a while. OK?”
“OK? I just wanted to.” but she stopped me. “I want to wash you, then we can get in bed.” she said. She began to rub my chest lathering me up she rubbed my arms and my stomach. When she reached my cock she worked it like it was priceless. Her hands were so gentile as she soaped my cock and balls. I tried to rub against her, but she protested. “I’m in charge of this, you relax.” she said. She turned me around and worked her way down my back, I could feel her hands on my ass as she gently worked her hand towards my asshole. She slid a soapy finger into me and began to slowly finger me. I was amazed how delicate she was. She then slid her finger out and spread my cheeks and rinsed me off. She stood up and we kissed, then rinsed all the way off and got out of the shower. We dried each other off and went into the bedroom. She opened her bag and got out a bottle of oil. “I’m going to rub you down”, she said. I lay down on the bed, and she asked my to rollover on my stomach. I did and she straddled my, as she began to rub oil into my back. She finished my back and rolled me over. My cock was standing straight up, she giggled and began to rub my chest and stomach and brushed my cock as she worked my legs. I was getting impatient as she told me to relax. “Let me do the work” she said as she finally put my cock in her hand. She started to stroke it with one hand and worked my balls with her other hand. She then put her mouth on the head and sucked hard, then began to run her tongue down the shaft and across my balls. She sucked both of my balls gently as she continued to work my cock with her other hand. Then she began to lick under my nutsack; she stopped and said, “pull your legs back”. I raised my legs and I could feel her tongue on my asshole. She worked her face deeper into my ass, stroking my cock faster and faster, and then she stopped and asked me to roll over. I did and she lifted me up a bit and began to work her tongue back into my ass, she spread my cheeks further as she stuck the tip in deeper. I was amazed how great it felt, then she slid her finger kocaeli escort into me, I could feel her go all the way in as she started to finger fuck my ass. She returned her other hand to my cock again as met her other hand stroke for stroke. I was about to cum, and she must have notice my balls tensing, because she stopped. “On your back” she said as she rolled me over. She moved down to my cock and stared to suck me as she slid a finger back in my ass. Her ass was beside my face, I reached up to touch her pussy, but she stopped me. “Let me finish”, she said as she went back down on my. I laid there in complete bliss as she worked my cock and ass. She worked her mouth down to the base of my cock and sucked hard, just as she slip her finger deeper in my ass. She mist has it my prostate because I let out a scream and began to cum. I was nothing like I ever felt before, I was convulsing, spasms ran through my body and I could hear her choking. I looked down and could see that she couldn’t take all off my cum, it poured out of the sides of her mouth, but she was determined to swallow it all. My orgasm subsided and she pulled her finger out of my ass, but she continued to suck my cock, licking up the overflow. She finished and turned to me licking her lips. “How was that”? she asked. “I enjoyed it!”
“Amazing, fucking incredible”, I replied as she crawled up beside me and laid her head on my chest.

I woke up with a start, at first I was confused, then I remembered. Angel was sleeping beside me; she was on her side, giving me a great view of her ass. I looked at the clock it was 4am, I figured we had time for some more fun, so I began to caress her ass cheeks. She moved a little and rolled over onto her back. Her legs we slightly apart, so I began to work my hand between them, as I reached her pussy, her legs opened more and I could access her more easily. I began to rub her inner thigh and she shifted again, opening up even wider. Her pussy was now wide open for me; I stared at her for a moment, soaking in the beauty of her vagina. She had perfect pussylips, not too big or too small. They looked like inviting flower petals, folded nicely. She was shaven except for a small blonde patch, and her clit was poking out of its’ hood, ever so inviting. I could not contain my lust any longer. I slowly began to kiss around her and she opened her legs wider, I slid my tongue along the outside of her lips and worked my way to her clit. I flicked it with my tongue and ran it back down her pussy. I worked my tongue into her pussy slowly and began to gently lich her. I could feel her breathing harder, but she didn’t wake up. I stopped and got on my knees, I slid the head of my cock up and down her slit, then slowly enter her. I looked at her face and a smile came across her lips. She slowly opened her eyes and said, “No better way to wake up”. I worked her slowly, I figured that we had fucked like animals before, so a nice slow screw was in order. She wrapped her legs around me and met each of my thrusts. We just stared at each other as we slowly fucked, I could see she was enjoying the tenderness, and I could feel her pussy getting wetter. It seemed like we kept up the slow pace forever, she had moved her hand down and was ribbing her clit and began to breathe faster. I could tell she was going to cum again, so I sped up trying to help her reach orgasm. “I’m gonna cum.”, she whispered in my ear, as she started to shake. I pulled out almost all the way and she grabbed my cock, pulling at it as I continued to fuck her. The feeling of her holding me was a different sensation and I began to reach the edge. “Shit, I’m there”, I said as I exploded inside her. She released my cock and pushed her hips into me, and I slid all the way into her. My orgasm subsided and I could fell my cum drip out of her and down my balls. “I love that feeling,” she cooed, “The feeling of our juices running down between our legs. It makes me so hot. God, this has been great.”
I kissed her then rolled over beside her. She got up and stood beside the bed, and spread her pussy open, as my jizz began to drip out of her, she ran her fingers inside herself and them put them in her mouth. “I told you I loved that taste!” she said smiling at me. Just watching that made me cock twitch, she said, “Look, you still got some on you. I’d better help you clean up.” and moved over to me and began to suck me clean. She finished licking up the excess cum and sat up.
“We better get ready for our last day. I got dibs on the shower first. And I’m going to lock the door, or we will never make it downstairs.” she said as she walked to the bathroom.
I fell back asleep and she woke me up when she was finished. I showered and got dressed for the last seminar module. We decided to go together to class, no use in hiding anymore. On the way down she told me that she was planning on leaving the company, but didn’t want to tell anyone until after this seminar. She said that she had wanted to hookup with me since the day we met, She knew I had been in a relationship before, but she was determined to make it happen between us, even if it was for 2 days. I was floored, I thought I had seduced her, and here she had seduced me. What a woman, we agreed to make sure we kept in touch, and even planned to get together before she left. Before the elevator arrived on the ground floor, we had grabbed each other for a final kiss. The elevator stopped and we broke our embrace, the doors opened and we walked out together. We got to the conference room on time and sat there for the recap and conclusion. I was completely drained, but also content. It was going to be a long drive home, but the experience would keep me happy for a long time. I knew we’d be together again, not sure when or where, but just sure that we would be able to enjoy each other, no matter what.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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