My First Time


My very first time sucking cock was with a beautiful blonde trans-girl with a big tasty dick.

Firstly, I guess you should know a little about myself. I’m approaching 40, married and consider myself straight, I know technically I’m not but it’s the category that best fits me if you have to categorise. I don’t particularly find men attractive and have no urge to be romantically involved with a man or even to have full sex either. I just have a thing for big dicks – basically I’m a straight cock sucker. I guess that’s why I like T-Girls, pretty girls with big cocks, heaven…

I met my first girl late one night, having looked online at escorts near my hotel room. I just had to meet one, I’d been thinking about it for about a year and had increasingly been watching T-Girl porn online.

Walking into her room I was taken aback – I was so nervous – scared that she wouldn’t look like her photo’s and in all honestly scared about the whole thing. I was taken about because she was gorgeous. She had big Pendik Esmer Escort tits, curves in the right places, soft skin and she was so pretty and long blonde hair reaching halfway down her back – she was what we call a Trap – exactly like a girl – except her big thick dick bulging through her lacy red panties. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on pretty girls with big cocks.

As I entered the room she was in her lingerie, as I said lacy red knickers, and matching chemise. Wanting to get the business end out of the way I placed an envelope on the desk and turned to her. She took her money and then turned to me, she was tall, around six feet – we stood eye to eye.

Without a further word between us she stood closer to me – I was breathing hard, a combination of nerves and lust. My dick already hard pressing against my trousers.

She leaned in to kiss me – gently at first then as we got into it – deeper and deeper, tongues lightly running over each other’s.

A break Pendik Eve Gelen Escort as she reached for my flies, me so eager to get out of my clothes and move to the bed. She moved with me and we knelt together facing each other as I slipped my arm around her waist and pulled her close. Feeling her tits pressing against my chest we continued making out for another ten minutes, as we pressed our bodies harder together. Before long her hard dick was poking into me through her panties and I adjusted position so that mine, trapped in my boxers, rubbed back. I was in heaven, grinding our cocks together through our underwear as our hands stroked over each other mouths mashed together as we moaned together from the sensations.

Eventually it was too much for me I just couldn’t wait any longer I had to taste her big dick. My hand found it’s way into her knickers and wrapped around her shaft – the first time I had felt another dick, not my own, hard and smooth but the flesh yields beneath my Pendik Evi Olan Escort grip. As she reciprocates we’re both wanking each other off and before I get too excited I lie on my stomach before her propping myself up on my elbows as her cock is just inches from my mouth. I can smell her, I can smell her dick, a slight musty smell penetrating through her sweet perfume.

I thought I’d be nervous, that I might hesitate or baulk at the last moment.

I didn’t.

Pulling the head of her dick to my mouth, my lips parted slowly so that I halfway between kissing and gently sucking on it. Entranced I started licking her dick all over before finally sinking my cock hungry mouth over her, taking as much of her into my inexperienced but eager mouth.

Sucking it, trying to take it deep, licking it, wanking it into my mouth. I worshipped her dick tasting it as much as I could.

As she got close I moved up between her legs and carried making out as she took both of our dicks in one hand wanking us as we fucked up against each other until she came over my dick and wanking her cum into my shaft made me shoot cum over her cock, up her belly and across her tits.

I came to worship a big T-Girl cock and I had not yet tasted her cum so I sucked and licked her clean before leaving…