My First Time… With a Girl!



This is how a, now not that good, friend of mine seduced me…

Names are the only thing not real in this story.


A couple of years ago, we were going out and I sat at a table (I don’t dance) together with some of my friends and my friend Lisa was dancing.

She always dances (teasing boys) in a certain way and she had a couple of guys hovering around her.

I was(!) a straight boys-only heterosexual and I knew about her being a girls-only-girl… And I knew she likes playing with boys and not letting them get closer and such.

So up comes this slow paced song and she starts to feel herself while looking at me and also to the rest of our table but mostly at me, dancing slowly but really loving the attention and going not too far but far enough to get noticed by everyone…

It wasn’t exactly the first time she did this but I was pretty clueless about what she was actually doing. I was kind of staring at her because she’s really pretty and a good dancer.

She yelled something barely audible because of the loud music. All I could make of it was “have the look” or “having that look”.

I had no idea what she was going Gaziantep Olgun Escort on about and thought it was something about one of the boys that were hovering around her. So I yelled back “what?! Which one!?”…

Totally beside the point of course…

She rolled her eyes, shook her head and came closer and said it again, more clearly now “you have that look in your eyes!” And she pointed at her and my eyes.

“What look?” I replied, still not having the faintest idea what she was saying.

She came closer and kissed me on my lips and said “that look, do you feel it now?”

I felt like my stomach was on fire and my head turned bright red. I was totally amazed about what just happened.

I felt sick, foolish, good, awesome, I wanted to run away while staying, I was hot from my hips to my stomach and so on…

Most of all, I felt horny and wanted more but I didn’t know what to do.

I was dumbfounded and I wasn’t sure what to do or how to react. I liked it but never considered or thought about me liking girls…

About half an hour later she grabbed my hand and pulled me up, leading me away from the rest.

It was so exciting and she knew it.

She took me outside to the park on the other side of the street.

There were a couple of people who were making out and such and I knew that was why Lisa took me here.

She sat me on the grass and started to kiss me. By then she had already pressed her lips a few times against mine but now it was really kissing. Her tongue was feeling mine and I was feeling hers. My stomach was going like crazy and I felt it moving to the place between my legs.

I was just so incredibly horny. She started to feel my boobs and took my hands and put them on hers. They were a bit bigger than mine and really soft.

I felt her nipples through the fabric of her bra and t-shirt. Mine where also clearly not soft anymore and my eyes rolled up when she took one of my nipples between her fingers and squeezed my tits.

She started to move down with her hands and opened my shorts and reached inside.

“Mmmm, you really like that” she said smiling when she felt my wetness on her fingers. She played a little bit with my labia and softly touched me where I like it the most.

I opened my legs as far as my shorts allowed me to.

She was good. She was a girl ofcourse and knew that what she liked, I most probably would like too.

I was ready in no time. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I pushed my hips towards her, up and encouraging her not to stop. Not now, not ever.

I was feeling hers too but I didn’t think about what I was doing. All I could think of was what she was doing to me.

It was something else than what I was used to. I was sighing and moaning while she tried to silence me with kisses.

I said I was getting there and she told me let go and come.

I started to shake and twitch inside and with my hips. I felt a wave coming inside and reaching the point where it rolls and can’t be stopped.

My insides were contracting and I told her I needed her fingers inside of me.

When she gently pushed two fingers inside my pussy, I immediately came on her hand and fingers. I was dripping wet and so awake.

It was something that I will never forget. The feeling she wanted to give me that was so good.

We went for a good part of a year and then she moved on to another girl. She always needs someone that is “new”. I don’t blame her but I kind of do…

I had done “it” with a couple of boys before her but I consider her to be the one that “picked my flower”…