My First Week in England


Edited by Angel Love


Once we knew we were moving to England every day was occupied with packing and paperwork. We were closing the house rather than rent it so we just had to decide what we were taking with us.

It was Carl’s birthday a few months before we were to arrive in the UK. Best friends for most of their lives, Alan had asked me to give him a present and dared me to be a little naughty on video. Despite having never met him I agreed as long as it was for Carl only. A few days later I put on some stockings, suspenders, a tiny pair of panties and a small bra. I wore my cream silk pyjama top over it and had on a pair of heels.

We agreed that Alan was just to film me, no directing. We began and I started by teasing, slipping off the silk top and strutting my stuff in just my underwear. I lay across the bed, then took off my bra and massaged my tits for a few minutes. I was in two minds whether to go further before we started but now I was caught up in events, I didn’t hesitate. I went on to all fours and slid down my panties as provocatively as I could. Well I could always talk Alan out of sending it I thought.

Now wearing just my stockings, suspenders and heels, I crawled around the bed, rubbing myself and displaying my pussy for the camera. I had been performing for around ten minutes when I spread my legs and slipped a finger inside my clit. I could no longer control myself and forgot who the video was for. I began fingering myself and licking my fingers, tasting my own juices. After a further ten minutes I called an end to things, crawling down the bed toward the camera and wishing Carl a very happy birthday.

I casually turned to Alan saying, “Can’t send that now!”

“Why not?” Alan snapped.

“Come on Alan…!” I was a little shocked.

“No . . . you come on. You knew what the video was for. I didn’t tell you what to do. Are you bottling out?” Alan chanted.

I glared at him for a moment then conceded, “Ok send it . . . I don’t care!”

That was all we said and Alan took the tape back to the UK when he went back to arrange a house for us. I had stayed in Malaysia finishing up the packing. A few weeks later he returned and informed me; he and Carl had sat and watched the tape. Now I felt all embarrassed and asked about his reaction, which he said was somewhere between shock and as horny as hell. I laughed a little but knew I was going to actually meet this Carl in a month or so.

It was a grey September morning when our flight touched down. We made our way through immigration and customs before entering the airport concourse. We collected our hire car and eventually were on our way, heading north to our rented home. I had never seen it before and after two hours on wet roads we finally arrived and threw our bags inside. It was a nice house and quite private on the edge of the town where Alan had grown up.

I spent the next few days shopping for the house and getting to know my way around. Alan was sorting out employment and out most of the day. I was quite lonely those first few days and not sure I had made the right move, despite loving Alan the way I did.

Thursday morning came and Alan announced we would be joining Carl for a drink the next night. I knew it had been coming, inevitable but I was more nervous about meeting Carl than I had been about coming to England. Alan took me shopping that day. The weather was turning cooler and my wardrobe from Malaysia wasn’t exactly suitable. Alan spent a fortune on me and I was worried with him not yet finding a job.

The following day I became very anxious about meeting Carl and as evening came I sorted my clothes and got ready. I decided to wear jeans and a jumper, not wanting to be too sexy or revealing. It wasn’t my style and I didn’t feel comfortable. We drove into town and I was trembling as we made our way to the pub to meet Carl.

As we entered I almost died, not just the one guy, I was expecting but over a dozen, all greeting Alan like their long lost brother. They were all very polite and joked as each was introduced to me. I was seated opposite Alan with two other guys as Alan introduced me to Carl. He was handsome, well built and in his late thirties. He gave me a big smile and shook his head as he took my hand.

“When you are ready to leave this bum . . . give me a call!”

I giggled nervously as I shook his hand wondering if he would make some comment about the tape. I glanced around constantly, wondering who had seen it or knew about it. The guys were all very funny and I soon relaxed. They made a deal about fighting for my attention and were quite rough with each other at times. I thought this was just macho behaviour for me but they were all so close, I realized it wasn’t especially for me.

Despite my English not being too good, they all made an effort to talk to me, Alan translating what I couldn’t understand. I was drinking Rum and coke and had quite a few by nine o’clock and was joking happily with the lads. I was so relieved when another woman, Janice joined us, the partner pornhub of a guy called Robert who had been very funny. We were introduced and she sat beside me, annoying the guys who had been.

“So what time are we going to this club?” she asked and a few of the guys agreed it was time to move on.

Then to my horror Carl pointed out that I wouldn’t be able to get in the club wearing trainers. Alan just sat smiling as everyone tried to think of a solution, some even suggesting not going to the club. I felt so embarrassed.

Eventually I couldn’t stand it and said, “Not a problem . . . we will go home and see you all again soon,” trying to relieve the atmosphere.

Alan interrupted me, “Did you want to go to a club?”

I nodded but couldn’t see the point in his asking. “God I am great, not to worry lads, we will see you there,” Alan announced.

I was confused but Alan assured them it was ok and all but Carl left for the club. “Rian… I have some clothes for you in the car . . . Sorry . . . I knew about the club.”

I couldn’t believe it, “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Doesn’t matter, where do you want to get changed?”

“Can I change here?”

“Sure . . . got to go to car first,” Alan began to stand.

“You can change at my house,” Carl added

I began to grin, sensing a setup. “Is this a setup?” I asked, smiling but with a slightly angry tone.

“Sorry!” snapped Carl, “Nothing to do with me!”

He looked so offended that I believed him and calmed down. “Ok sure, thanks Carl.”

We all left the bar, picking up my clothes from the car and chatting as we walked. “So why did you think it was a setup?” asked Carl as we headed toward his house.

I paused before replying, “Just wondered . . . about the tape and everything,”

Carl smiled and stopped walking, “Oh yes. Thanks for that, I didn’t want to bring it up but it was great!”

“Well I hope you all, enjoyed it.”

Carl looked confused and quickly caught me up. “Rian, no one . . . only me and Alan watched it. Honest!”

I stopped and looked him in the eyes, “So just you and Alan know about it?”

“I haven’t said a word,” and he walked off.

I felt stupid, I felt like I had insulted him and we had only just met. I rushed to catch him, slipping my arm through his. “Sorry Carl,” I said and I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Despite having made such a fool of myself, I tried to relax with Carl, and we soon arrived at his house. Carl directed me to a bedroom where I could change and I laid out my clothes. Alan had brought a short black mini skirt, some thick black tights and high heels. There were also a black bodice and a suede jacket. I smiled at Alan’s thoughtfulness and was about to change when I had a bizarre idea.

I walked back into the living room where the guys were still sitting chatting. “What’s the matter?” asked Alan.

“Nothing,” I replied walking over to them. “Carl did you like the video?”

“Yes. I said so earlier.”

I smiled and said nothing, then pulled my jumper over my head. Carl and Alan both sat forward in their seats, both looking a little surprised.

I stood in just my bra and jeans as I asked Carl, “Shall I continue?”

Carl nodded enthusiastically, shrugging his shoulders at the same time. I undid my jeans and stepped out of them, giving a little twirl before I continued, undoing my bra, letting it drop away and revealing my tits. Carl’s face was a picture as I slid a finger in my pants and began to slide them down. Carl couldn’t believe it and Alan looked stunned as I took them off completely. I stood naked in front of Carl, just a few feet away but only for a few moments.

“Is this better than the video?”

“Oh shit yes . . .!” Carl blurted hysterically.

I smiled and walked back into the bedroom and continued dressing. After a few minutes I returned and gave the guys a cheeky grin. “Are we going?”

They were clearly still shocked with my strip as we left and took the short walk to the nightclub. Alan checked my coat as we entered the club. I felt much more comfortable now and a lot sexier. Some of the guys looked stunned when we rejoined them; my original clothes had been very dowdy. We got drinks and I was soon up dancing with Janice while Alan and Carl rejoined the lads. These were really the first people I had met since coming to England and I was having a ball. I wouldn’t stop dancing; only stopping for the occasional sip of my drink. When Janice couldn’t dance any longer, I danced alone and I was getting sexier, grinding my hips and getting low.

Eventually I had to sit down and flopped into the seat between Alan and Carl. I was exhausted and very sweaty. I began blowing down my bodice cooling my tits. I wasn’t showing anything but I had a few offers to help me. I cheekily held my bodice away from my chest while Carl and another guy blew down it to everyone’s amusement.

I was soon back on the dance floor and dragging the lads up to join me. It was amusing because like Alan I don’t think porno 92 most of them were big on dancing. That didn’t stop them and I was dancing with two guys and Janice. I began dancing between them and they quickly turned me into a sandwich, grinding their bodies against mine. I think they thought I would be shocked because after only a short while they stopped and walked away laughing. I ran across the dance floor and dragged them back, grinding closer and lower against them.

I collapsed back into my seat again and Carl made some joke about sitting on his knee. I didn’t hear him properly but didn’t hesitate. I jumped up and dropped myself onto his lap. The rest of the group including Alan were in hysterics as Carl had a very strained expression on his face, apparently I had landed on his crotch, quite heavily. I carried on his joke, giving him a little lap dance but remained on his knee when I had finished.

“Ha ha . . . She’s mine now,” joked Carl.

“Keep her,” Alan quipped casually.

I did a bit of fist waving but laughed along with everyone else. Carl began bouncing me on his knee like a small child and I pressed myself against his crotch. “Come on baby,” I cried as if riding him.

Carl stopped and looked a little embarrassed. “Come on baby, more, more, more.” I arched my back.

“Rian . . . you are mad! Marry me please!”

I slid back to my seat, laughing, “Nope. Alan lasts longer!” I couldn’t stop giggling

It was getting late and time for us to go but someone suggested food so a group of us made our way across town. Alan and Carl bought a couple of Pizza’s and we headed off to Carl’s house. Apart from me, Alan and Carl; Janice and Robert were walking with us, I had thought they were heading back to Carl’s as well but was stunned when not far from Carl’s they stopped to say goodnight. I couldn’t believe it as I said goodnight and they left me alone.

I was furious and believed that Alan had set me up. The conversation had been mischievous and we had all been flirting but now I was positive Alan intended to share me with his friend. After we had walked just a little way, I turned, screaming at Alan, “You bastard!”

They both looked stunned as I continued screaming, “Do you want me to fuck all your friends? Why don’t you just invite them all over?” Carl’s face was a blank and he stepped away from me and Alan and began eating some pizza. Alan was smiling at me but said nothing, which was making my blood boil. I could feel myself about to cry.

“Want a taxi Al?” asked Carl casually.

“Not yet! Rian calm down.”

I was shaking as he came closer and took my hand.

“Rian . . . I’m not sure what is running through your head at this moment, .but . . . “

“You, wanting to fuck me with your friends!” I screamed in his face.

Carl spat out his pizza as Alan took a step backwards. “Ok right, not sure where that came from but ok,” Alan was calm and continued, “Rian calm down. Nothing has been planned . . . no setup baby!”

“So why are we going back to Carl’s house? Where is everyone else?”

Alan began to smile, “We need to pick up your clothes, finish the pizza and then we will take a taxi home, Carl will fetch me to get the car tomorrow.”

I couldn’t say a word. I couldn’t believe I was wrong and stood shaking. “Rian, it isn’t what you think . . . honest.” Alan put an arm around me and we continued walking slowly, Carl keeping his distance.

By the time we reached Carl’s I had calmed down but was still quiet. I sat alone on the sofa while Carl put my clothes in a bag. Alan sat eating pizza but I declined to join him. Carl returned to the lounge.

“So what is this Rian, do you really want to sleep with me?”

I glared at him as Alan bellowed, “Hey dick head, I have enough problems already.”

Carl started laughing and I realized he was just teasing and I couldn’t hold back a little smile.

“That’s better sweetheart.”

I buried my head in my hands wishing the earth would swallow me up. I couldn’t believe I had done it again. “I am so sorry . . . ,” I began to sob

Carl put a hand on my shoulder, “Not to worry Rian, women find me irresistible. This happens all the time!”

I was laughing and crying as Carl slumped into the chair opposite.

I jumped up and ran to the bathroom where I stayed until I had stopped my blubbering. When I returned to the lounge, the guys were sitting having a beer, chatting. “No chance of a taxi for a while!” said Alan as I joined them.

“Can I have a beer?”

“Sure, but you won’t try and fuck me will you?” said Carl laughing.

I laughed and smacked him as he walked past. I sat with the guys and began to relax as they continued to tease me. I tried again to explain but felt so embarrassed.

“I am off to bed. I suggest you stay here because I doubt you will get a taxi tonight, no strings Rian,” Carl said climbing to his feet.

I had actually sobered up a little and was thinking a lot clearer now. I looked over at Alan and nodded agreeing qiqitv porno to Carl’s idea. Alan accepted Carl’s invitation and Carl directed us to his spare room.

“You know where everything is!”

I wandered into the bedroom and pushed the door shut behind me. I began to undress and was only wearing my panties and bra when the door opened again. Alan entered but was still chatting to Carl who was standing out of sight in the lounge.

“Hey Rian, Carl is naked. Want to see?”

I jumped off the bed laughing and ran to the door. “You pig!” I slapped Alan as I saw Carl was still in his boxer shorts.

Both guys were laughing as I turned and walked back to the bed. I unclipped my bra and pulled back the duvet. I didn’t realize Carl was standing at the door talking to Alan and I was about to remove my pants.

“No chance of a fuck then?” asked Carl.

I turned to face him, “Sure, you can fuck off any time!”

Carl and Alan laughed and I slipped into bed.

“Hey Carl, let’s have a look then.”

Carl popped his head back around the door and I threw my panties out from under the covers. Carl came into the room, grinning, “You really want to see?”

I was giggling like a schoolgirl, hiding most of my face beneath the duvet. “Go on then!”

Carl glanced around at Alan then began teasing with his boxers as if to pull them down. Suddenly he ran from the room, pulling them down far enough to flash his bum as he got to the door. Alan closed the door behind him and came to me. I was still giggling at Carl who was quite the fool.

I had a great nights sleep and woke early the next morning. I lay talking to Alan and he reminded me about the night before, once again assuring me there had been no plan. I snuggled up and asked how Carl had taken my outburst.

“You can do no wrong in his eyes.”


“Carl is funny; if he was hurt, he wouldn’t say anything . . . just the way he is with women.”

“Oh, I hope I didn’t hurt him. I can see why he’s your best friend!”

“He’s a good lad.”

“I think so too.”

“He loved it when you stripped!”

I giggled, “Did he? I was a bit drunk. What did he say?”

“Not a lot . . . but he did.”

“Alan, no problem if I tease him is there?”

“Do what you want. I think he is scared of you.”


“Because you are fucking mad!” Alan gave me a kiss.

I climbed out of bed and pinched Alan’s shirt from the night before and put it on. “Excuse me . . . “

I gave him a naughty smile as I walked across to the door. I knew I had gone off like a rocket the night before, and several times but I did like Carl, he was sweet.

I entered the lounge, leaving the bedroom door slightly open. Carl was nowhere around so I went to the kitchen and made some coffee. I walked over to Carl’s bedroom door, it was quiet and I tapped gently on the door. There was no reply and I slowly opened the door peeking inside. Carl was still asleep so I closed the door and went back to Alan.

“Alan, how does he like his coffee?”

“In a cup.”

“Alan . . . “

“Milk, one sugar.”

I ran back to the kitchen and made us all coffee. I took Alan’s in first, leaving it on the bedside table, then collected Carl’s and headed back to his room. I gently opened the door and crept inside, placing his coffee beside his bed. I don’t know why but I stood over him, watching him sleep. He looked like a little boy and I thought about how he had not reacted to what I said the night before, despite me being quite nasty.

“Good morning,” I said softly.

He didn’t move.

“Good morning Carl,” I was a bit more determined this time.

He rolled over to face me. “How dare you come into my room . . . with clothes on?”

I laughed, “Shut up, I made you a coffee.”

“Wow . . . you can cook as well!”

I sat on his bed as he sat up and reached for the coffee.

“Sorry about last night, I was a bit drunk and got the wrong idea!”

“Not a problem, you can shout at Alan any time you want. Besides if you knew what I was thinking you would have been just the same!”

I was really getting to like Carl. Nothing seemed to faze him.

“So have you had a shag in my house yet?”


“Do you want to,” he began laughing as he finished.

Alan popped his head around the door, “My god, look at you two . . . “

“I know, what can I say, it’s my huge dick, gets them every time!”

I was laughing and quickly pulled back the covers, “Damn, still got those boxers on!”

The lads both laughed at my disappointment and I climbed off the bed. “I’m off for a shower, you perv,” he smiled at me as he walked into the bathroom.

I stood in the lounge with Alan sipping my coffee as I heard the shower run. “Can I?” I asked with a cheeky grin.

Alan looked confused until I nodded in the direction of the bathroom. “Whatever!” he gave me a smile as he sat down with the paper.

I opened the door quietly and slipped inside so as not to be heard. Carl had his back to me as he showered and I crept closer. As quick as I could, I pulled back the shower curtain, exposing Carl. He turned and I got a wonderful view of his cock before he concealed himself. Carl was laughing, “Ok, so you’ve seen it, nothing to brag about.”