My Florence Nightingale

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My wife Julie and I have been married for ten wonderful years. While our sex life has not be worthy of any great story, it has been filled with love and passion. We have both shared our fantasies of different partners but have kept the relationship monogamous. My favorite fantasies have always been focused on our neighbor Ellen, who is stunningly seductive with the most charismatic smile you’ve ever seen. Because of the love I have for my wife, I’ve always known that nothing would ever happen between Ellen and myself, but it is always fun to imagine. Two weeks ago, my realty smacked straight on into my deepest fantasies.

About a month ago I was with my wife and friends partying up at the lake. We all had rented some jet skis and a power boat to do some water skiing. Towards the end of the day, and perhaps one to many beers later, a couple of us stupid guys decided to go have some fun on the jet skis (wave runners). We were playing around pretty hard, jumping some wakes when one of the guys asked one of the most dangerous questions I’ve ever heard. He wanted to know how fast the wave runners went. Well, being guys, there was only one sure way to find out the answer to that question.

The net result of that little query is that I found myself rushed to the emergency room of the community hospital with a completely fractured knee cap. I needed emergency surgery to repair what was once a piece of my leg. The surgery was defined as a success. After four days, and whole lot of Vicadin, I was allowed to go home. At that point, all I could do was lie in bed. I couldn’t move my leg, I barely get to the bathroom and even then it took me an hour to recover. Every couple of days Julie would give me a sponge bath to clean me up. She was doing an excellent job taking care of me and aside from the fact that I was completely incapacitated, life wasn’t so bad.

Unfortunately my wife’s job requires her to travel, and after spending two weeks at home with me, she could not longer duck the obligation. I told her as long as I had my remote, some extra batteries in case of emergencies, a book for the extreme hours, some snacks and a little bedside refrigerator, I would be fine. She intended to be gone for only two days, so I knew I could handle it. After the first day gone, she called to say that she would canlı bahis şirketleri have to stay away for an additional two days. I told her again that I would be fine, although I did worry a bit about having enough to eat. She told me she would call our neighbor Ellen (who has a key to our place) to bring me some food and restock the refrigerator. At this point things didn’t look so bad again.

At about one o’clock the next day I heard the door open and Ellen calling from the hallway. I covered myself up and invited her into the room. I was very pleased to see that she brought over some sandwiches, some magazines and even a couple of beers. I finally had some company and I was again in heaven (subject to the obvious downside of having a crushed knee cap).

At first Ellen offered to make me something to eat or drink. I declined and told her I’d be okay. She offered to make the bed and clean the room, but I told her I couldn’t really move and that I’d be fine until Julie got back. She felt bad about my condition and wanted to know how she could help. I again insisted I’d be fine, but I’d appreciate it if she could get a wash cloth just to wipe my face. She not only accommodated my request, but insisted that she be allowed to clean me up a bit. Not only was I not in any condition to protest, I wasn’t about to either. After wiping my face, she started to clean my neck. I know I should have stopped her, but it truly felt great after lying in the bed by myself for two days. She then proceeded to wipe my shoulders and my chest. At this point I told her to stop because it was becoming uncomfortable. She asked me if it hurt my knee. I told her it did but in truth she was starting to stimulate me and it was going to be embarrassing given that I was naked under the sheets.

She then insisted that I needed to be cleaned up, that I couldn’t lie in the bed dirty, and that she would be fast and gentle. What could I say? She told me to lie back and rest while she cleaned my chest. Once she completed that, she started to clean the foot on my good leg. She started to wash up my calf to my knee. At this point, the pain in my leg was dwarfed by the excitement she generated in my groin. Not surprisingly, my dick decided to stand up and see what all the excitement was about. As she got started on my thigh, canlı kaçak iddaa I couldn’t hide the tent pole created by her actions. I was very embarrassed and asked her once again to stop. She told me not to worry about it and proceeded to remove the sheet. While I may not be exceptionally large, I am large enough to have managed to get her to illicit an “aahhhhh”. It was really funny because she immediately became embarrassed and apologized for the comment. I told her it was okay and that in truth I was very flattered.

She warmed up the wash cloth again and proceeded to rub both my shaft and balls. It felt incredible. I wish I could tell you that I was feeling very guilty at this point but the truth is I wasn’t really thinking about my wife. I was lost in the feeling of having this beautiful goddess massaging my dick while I just lay there receiving her gift. After about a minute of this, it was clear that my dick was not only as clean as it was going to get, it was a clean as it ever had been. When she finally stopped, it was my turn to let out a little unconscious moan of dissatisfaction. She asked if I was alright and whether or not my leg was hurting me. I told her I was hurting, but it wasn’t my knee. Both of us then had a very nervous laugh.

The situation became very awkward as I lay there totally naked, except for my brace, while she stood there fully clothed pretending to engage in a meaningless conversation. I finally told her that as much as it displeased me to say it, I had to have her leave because I couldn’t stand the pressure in my dick and I would have to relieve myself. To my shock and amazement, she asked if she could watch. I figured this wasn’t cheating because she wasn’t going to do anything directly to me and she wasn’t going any part of me she hadn’t seen before. This whole situation was completely wild for me and at this point, I figured what did I have to lose and having her watch would be a dream come true. I told her it would be okay.

I asked her to go get me some baby oil from the bathroom which she proceeded to do. I oiled myself up and started to rub. At this point, I needed no other stimulation that having her near, watching me masturbate. I was going as slow as I could in order to make this experience last as long as possible. I finally got into a nice canlı kaçak bahis slow rhythm, moving my hand at a nice even pace. I took myself to the edge and brought myself back. Now I felt I could last forever.

Ellen kept looking at my hand and staring into my eyes. It was the most erotic, fantastic sensation that I’ve ever experienced. Finally she asked me if I was going to come soon. I told her that I thought I would last forever and that she may have to wait for a while. Then, as if this wasn’t the most intense moment of my life already, she shocked me even more. She proceeded to tell me what I needed was some thing to focus on that would take me over the edge. I asked her what she had in mind figuring she might talk dirty to me or something in that category. Instead, she lifted her skirt and showed me her very lace panties. The fact that I didn’t explode on the spot is a testament to either my will power or the pain killers. Which it was I don’t know, but frankly I didn’t care.

She soon dropped her skirt back down, with a devilish grin on her face. She asked if that was enough to get me over the edge. With all the control I had, I told her no it wasn’t enough. She laughed again, flashed her smile, and dropped her skirt. Now she stood there with her shirt, laced-thong panties and her shoes. I couldn’t believe how hot this was. She then committed the ultimate act for me. She pulled her panties up so they slipped inside her pussy. I could see how she had shaved her pussy clean, leaving a nice strip of hair down the middle. Instantly if felt like I was stroking a steel shaft. At this point I couldn’t help myself anymore. I had no more will power. I stared at this vixen of loveliness in front of me and let myself go. It took all of about ten seconds and I shot the largest, strongest blast of come that I have ever shot in my life. And although the blast was strong enough to actually cause me to hurt my knee, the overall sensation was ecstatic.

Ellen, wearing the biggest grin I’ve ever seen, then shifted her panties from inside her lips and raised her skirt back up. She then grabbed the washcloth and proceeded to clean me up. This time, she covered up my limp dick with the sheet and asked if there was anything else I needed. I told her she had already blown my mind and that she had done more that I had ever dreamed of. She cleaned up the rest of the room and said that she would be back tomorrow. If I needed anything before then I should just call.

I don’t think anyone has ever been more grateful for having wrecked their leg.

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