My Friend’s Halloween Party


It was nearly October when I received an invitation for my friend’s annual Halloween party. I had been so busy I hadn’t even given a thought to what I was going to be. Every year she throws this huge party and every year there seem to be more and more people that attend.

Last year I was a witch. Talk about lack of creativity, but it matched my mood at the time. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 5 years, I had gained 20 pounds, and I wasn’t in a festive mood.

This year I was ready to party. I had been working out since the first of the year. I lost 30 pounds, and managed to firm up every inch of my body. I had gotten my belly-button pierced and at 30, I looked good. I wanted a costume that was going to show off my hard work.

Before I knew it, the party rolled around. I looked myself over in the mirror and decided that in my skimpy French maid’s costume, I would get a few looks.

I arrived at my girlfriend’s house “fashionably” late and the party was already in full-swing. There were so many people there most of whom I had never seen in my life. Quickly I grabbed a drink and slammed it, trying to ease my nerves a bit. Suddenly I felt naked as I prowled the room, looking for a familiar face.

“Jade!” I heard from across the room as someone called my name. It was Jenny, one of my long time friends. She was dressed as a hot little nurse. We laughed at each other’s costumes, and tried to decide which one of us was showing more cleavage. We downed a few more margaritas together as we chatted and scanned the room for hot men.

“Stud alert, 10 o’clock” Jenny announced as I turned to see a 1/2 dressed man in leather pants with a bow tie around his neck. As I admired his awesome body I noticed he was Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort looking me over too. Our eyes met, and he winked at me. “I’ll be right back Jenny,” I said as I started to walk towards him, feeling the effects of all the margaritas I had consumed. Liquid courage, I believe they call it.

“Well hello there” I said as I approached the hunk, staring at his obviously generous package on display through his tight leather pants. “Hi” he replied back with a cat-eating grin on his face.

“So how good are you at cleaning?” he asked me with a smile. I was confused at first, until I realized he was referring to my costume. With a naughty smile I replied “Well, I’m much better at making messes than I am cleaning them up.”

Our eyes locked for what seemed like an eternity until he took my hand and began to lead me down the hall. I looked back at my friend Jenny, who had been watching as she gave me two thumbs up. I waved to her as I let him lead me into one of the bathrooms. He shut the door behind us and before In knew it, he had effortlessly lifted me onto the counter top.

He leaned into me, placing his lips onto mine. His tongue entered my mouth and softly probed it. I let out a soft moan as I felt his hand slowly work it’s way from my knee up to my crotch. I had on fishnet thigh-high stockings and a silky g-string. I could feel the heat coming from my pussy as he began to rub my clit through my g-string. It had been so long since I had an orgasm I didn’t want him to stop. And suddenly he pulled away from me. “Wait here,” he told me as he disappeared out the door.

“Son of a bitch” I thought to myself as I sat there, hornier than hell, my pussy dripping wet. “Where the Ataşehir Çıtır Escort hell is he going?” Before I had a chance to get too pissed, the door opened again. In he came, to my surprise, leading Jenny in with him. Now I loved Jenny as a friend, but never had we crossed that barrier. Actually I had never crossed that barrier with any woman. I had been with several men, but never a woman. I wasn’t sure I could do it. I suddenly became very nervous, as well as very, very hot. Maybe it was the alcohol talking, or maybe I was just too horny, but there was something incredibly erotic about Jenny standing there in her sexy nurse’s uniform.

Mr. Leather pants (we never did find out his name) locked the door as he turned to Jenny, who was obviously feeling pretty good from her alcohol. “Now, nurse Jenny,” he said “I want you to give this naughty French Maid a check-up. And I want you to make sure you give her a very thorough one.” With that, he stepped back and sat on the edge of the bathtub to watch.

With no hesitation Jenny walked up to me and set both her hands on my knees. “Well” she said to me, “let’s just see how you’re doing.” I could feel my breathing become shallow as her hands began to work themselves up my thighs. I let out a moan as she rubbed her hand over my swollen clit. She started to circle my pussy lips with her fingers rubbing gently but firmly. I couldn’t sit still. My body began to tremble as she quickly shoved two fingers into my cunt. I arched my back as my body exploded into orgasm.

Oblivious to my surroundings, I suddenly felt two hands on my breasts, freeing them from my costume. My nipples were rock hard, as I opened my eyes to see Mr. Leather pants slip one of my nipples Ataşehir Elit Escort into his mouth as he played with the other one. I felt a tug on my knees, as Jenny scooted my body closer to the edge of the counter top. I couldn’t see her but I could feel the warmth of her breath against my pussy. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Her hands felt so good as the caressed my crotch. She knew right where to touch.

Suddenly I felt her tounge enter my pussy as my body rippled into another orgasm. In and out she probed her tounge, flicking my clit with her toung, and nibbling on it. Mr. Leather pants was still sucking my nipples going from one to the other, as he pinched them and bit at them. I grabbed for his cock, wanting to yank on it. I managed to get his pants unzipped and I freed his huge cock from his pants.

Suddenly he pushed Jenny to the side and pulled me off the counter and forced me onto the floor on all fours. I felt a smack across my ass as he began to spank me. Harder and harder his hand connected with my firm ass. It was so erotic, I cried out for him to fuck me. I needed his rock hard dick in my pussy. He kept swatting my ass, as tears welled up in my eyes I felt my orgasm building.

Jenny slid her self under me and sucked my nipples as he kept spanking my ass. “Fuck me, please, fuck me” I yelled to him as he laid one final blow on me. Then I felt his cock against my pussy lips as he entered me and began thrusting his dick deeper and deeper.

Jenny played with my pussy and sucked my tits, as he kept pushing deeper and deeper, harder and harder. I felt my body tensing up. I didn’t think I could endure another orgasm. “Oh, yes” I screamed, “Oh, oh, oh, YES, YEEEEEEEEEESSS, oh God, oh, oh YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS” I think I must have passed out from the intense wave of ecstasy that flowed through me.

When I came to, Mr. Leather pants was gone, and Jenny was sitting next to me on the floor. She looked at me and smiled. “Boy am I glad we came tonight,” she said. And at that, we both laughed.