My Friends Wife

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Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Copperbutterfly for her editing to make this a better story.

My name is Derek Weathers. Among my very earliest memories are playing with my friend, Jerry Sanders. The Sanders family had lived in the neighborhood long before we moved to town, just a little while before I was to start first grade. Jerry lived in the middle of the next block, while we lived in the corner house across the dividing street.

The day after we moved in, Jerry wandered down and watched and before long we had become friends. We played together every day until school started, then went to the same school, wound up in the same class with the same teacher. Jerry had never liked reading and was slow to pick up on the book stuff. I’d been reading for three years so I helped him with the book stuff and he showed me his tree house hideout. He introduced me to Gene and Clarence, then to Ann and Della – the guys were allowed in the hideout, the girls were not.

Everyday, on the way to school, I stopped at Jerry’s so we could ride our bikes the four blocks to school together. In the afternoon after we’d done his homework (I always finished mine before we left school), he’d teach me to play Monopoly and Battleship. When Dad had an emergency and had to take a man to the hospital in town, he knew exactly where I’d be and Mrs. Sanders agreed to watch me until he got back home, however long it took.

As the years passed, the only things that changed were the games we played – well, and the courses of study I helped Jerry through. In junior high, I was into the advanced classes while he took the basic courses, always doing just enough to pass. In high school, it was more of the same thing.

Jerry was a little more confident around girls than I was. We double-dated some times and I was almost always with one of his cast-offs or a girl he talked into going out with me. Even when we were old enough to try sex, it was usually shared; Jerry would get the girl hot and bothered, get her clothes off her and screw her; then I’d get sloppy seconds. Not that I minded – I certainly loved the ladies and just because my friend had already gotten a piece didn’t mean that she had any less for me when my turn came.

After we graduated from college, our paths diverged for the first time. Jerry enrolled in a beauty college – yes, he had always wanted to be a classic stylist that took care of the movie stars and rich ladies. In the meantime, I went 320 miles away to a college noted for its engineering programs. For four years, I saw very little of Jerry. However I had learned something from him; I didn’t have many problems getting pussy while I was away at school.

After I graduated, I was offered a job with a major manufacturing firm in the city that I claimed as my home town, although I had actually grown up in one of the much smaller suburbs. The job was a good one so I took it and moved back home until I could get a few paychecks and afford my own place.

I’d been back for only about ten days when I ran into Jerry driving a new sports car turning into the driveway of his parents’ house. I stopped and we greeted each other like long lost brothers. Jerry told me that he’d graduated from school two years before, started work for a salon in the city and then, a couple of months before, had started his own place. Oh, yes, while he was in school, he had met and married a sweet young lady. I was surprised – no, shocked. I always thought Jerry would play the field forever.

Jerry and his wife, Janie, had bought a condo in a complex about halfway between his parents’ house and his shop. He invited me to have dinner with them that Friday. He could introduce me to his wife and show me his new home. After he assured me that she wouldn’t mind, I accepted.

Three days later, I made my way carefully through the maze of recently constructed condos until I found their address. I had to admit that it was a very nice looking place from the outside.

Jerry greeted me at the door just as we always had as kids. He took me inside and showed me around, going upstairs and back to the main floor before going into the kitchen. There he introduced me to his wife.

Janie was a very pretty young woman – no, beautiful would be a better description. She was tall at about 5′ 9″ but probably didn’t weigh over 115, giving her a slender look. She seemed to be lacking up top, in the chest area, based on my personal preference but she had a slim waist above well-rounded hips, which was definitely to my liking. I had to repress my desires and remember that she was my best friend’s wife.

I don’t remember what we ate for dinner – it was good but the company was better. Janie joined in the conversation just like she had been one of us growing up. She laughed at our recollections of the many funny times we’d had over the years, added a few of her own, and made me feel welcome in their home.

I finally said my thank yous and goodbyes and Uşak Escort headed home. However Sunday afternoon, Jerry called and said that he and Janie wanted to invite me back for another dinner on Friday night. I accepted his invitation.

I took a change of clothes to work with me Friday and used the showers in the mill department to freshen up – and kill a little time – before heading to Jerry and Janie’s. I arrived at seven o’clock. Janie was just putting the finishing touches on dinner and Jerry and I helped her put it on the table.

During dinner, Jerry reminded me that our favorite major league baseball team was playing out of town that evening, meaning that their game would be carried on one of the local TV channels. He invited me to stay and watch the game. When I hesitated, Janie said she’d also like for me to stay.

After dinner, I helped Janie clear the table while Jerry went to the bathroom. Then we adjourned to the den, where Jerry had the TV on the channel for the game. I sat on one end of the sofa and Janie sat on the other end, while Jerry sat in an easy chair beside her.

I slumped down into the soft cushion, my legs stretched out in front of me, and leaned back into the soft cushion. I felt good – tired from an honest day’s work but full of good food and in good company. The pre-game show was boring and Jerry turned the sound down.

“Hey, Derek!” Jerry exclaimed. “Do you ever think about the old days? When we were in high school? When we’d go out on double-dates?”

“Yeah, I haven’t forgotten.”

Janie had slumped down on the sofa very much like me. Her eyes were closed.

“Those were some pretty good days, weren’t they?”

“Yeah, not bad. But then, so are these.”

“Right. But I was thinking about … some of those times when we screwed the same girls. That was fun.”

I thought for a bit, a little embarrassed by this talk in front of Janie. “Uh, huh,” I agreed.

Janie’s face changed into a little smirky smile but her eyes remained closed.

“I remember some of those girls really liked when you fucked ’em because your dick was bigger than mine.”

“I don’t remember any of them ever saying that.”

“Well, they told me. Remember Mary Lou Tucker? Yeah, man, I made her cum but you turned her inside out.”

“Hm, I had a good time with Mary Lou. She kept screaming so loud, you had to put your hand over her mouth.”

“Yeah. Remember Joanne Kramer? After you fucked her, she wouldn’t leave you alone.”

“That was a nice night. It was good to have one of your girls all over me too. I always appreciated you sharing your girls with me.”

“I know, man, but … I did that because I wanted to, you know?”


“Oh, come on, Derek. I loved to watch you fuck those girls.”


“Yeah, man, that was hot. Watching your big dick plowing those sweet little pussies! I loved it!”

“I didn’t know you liked to watch.”

“Hey, that was better than any of those magazines I used to buy. It was like having my very own porn video right there in my car. I love to watch other people screwing.”

I kept glancing at Janie, but the smile on her face never changed … well, maybe it got a little broader. What was going on?

“Janie wants to be fucked by a big cock, did you know?”


“Yeah, she doesn’t say much about it but she does. Don’t you, babe?”

Janie blushed but her smile got wide enough for some teeth to show.

“Yeah, she noticed that bulge in your pants last week. She wants to know how big you are. Don’t you, hon?”

Janie pulled a throw pillow over her face but that didn’t hide her nod.

“Come on, hon. Put that pillow down and kiss him. You gotta show him that you want him. I’m gonna get my camera ’cause I want a record of this.”

As Jerry left the room, I looked back at Janie, intending to apologize for her husband’s actions. However she had put the pillow aside and was looking at me, her lips puckered. I lowered my mouth to hers and felt her tongue dart into my mouth. She wasn’t the shy little girl she had appeared.

I responded and our mouths were soon open and grasping at the other. Her soft sweet fragrance filled my nostrils and lifted my libido. I didn’t even realize that Jerry was back until I saw the flash fill the shadows behind the sofa.

After that, the flash was a frequent occurrence. It was a soft light and didn’t really bother us but it did remind me that this woman’s husband was watching everything we were doing. Still, his words – “Yeah, Derek, she’s getting hot” and “Go, man, rub her tits.”

I put a hand over her left breast, on top of the cut-off T-shirt she was wearing. Her left arm was raised to the back of the sofa, giving me access to whatever I wanted. Her right hand was on my thigh, slowly rubbing back and forth, always stopping just as she touched my throbbing cock. Her mouth continued to greedily suck on my own. I felt her chest push up against my hand, encouraging me to continue.

“Come on, Derek. Take her clothes off, man.”

I threw Uşak Escort Bayan him a glance. “Jerry, are you sure you want this?”

“Yeah, man, I do. So does Janie. Don’t you, sweetie?”

She put an arm around my neck and pulled me down, murmuring, “Mm, hm,” into my mouth.

I worked my hands under her T-shirt and pushed it up. She leaned over to let me pull it over her head. That left her breasts covered in a stark white bra. My hand settled back over her left tit and began to massage.

It took me a few minutes to work the multiple hooks of the bra open but then Janie shrugged out of it, leaving her smallish breasts open to my attention. I massaged one with my hand, pulling and tweaking her hard nipple, then covered it with my mouth and began to suck.

Jerry kept snapping pictures, moving around me, catching Janie and I from every direction. He kept up a running commentary, telling us he wanted us to continue, and especially he wanted me to get her naked. With our mouths still locked together, I popped the top button on her jeans and lowered the zipper.

Pushing jeans down over curved hips with only one hand is not an easy task. Jerry saw my problem and helped. Putting down the camera, he lifted Janie’s hips and tugged down one side of her jeans and we “team worked” them to the floor. I slipped my hand into her red panties, gratified to feel the soaking wetness between her legs.

When my fingers found her slit and slipped inside, she began to grunt. I felt her stomach muscles contract as her middle undulated. Jerry’s camera repeatedly clicked softly and the little strobe flashed often.

“Yeah, man, she’s hot for you. Come on and fuck her, Derek.”

I worked her panties down her legs and again Jerry helped me get them off. Janie’s pussy was freely flowing with warm sticky juices. Her right hand slid up my thigh and settled on my hard-on, causing me to jump. I know Jerry jumped in immediately to get pictures of his wife fondling me.

Janie’s hands found the buttons on my shirt and began fumbling them open. In a few minutes, without breaking our kiss, my shirt was free and shrugged off my shoulders. I could feel her cool skin against my own fevered chest. Loved that feel!

“Come on, Derek! Show her your big cock! That’s what she wants, man. Show her your big cock.”

Janie managed to unfasten my jeans and I stood long enough to kick off my shoes, push my jeans down and off, and then shed my briefs. When I sat back down beside the reclining Janie, she eagerly grabbed my shaft in both hands, murmuring a soft, “mmm, yeah” in my ear just before our mouths locked together again.

“Yeah! That’s what she wants. Give it to her, man!”

I broke our kiss and trailed my tongue down to her breasts, hesitating long enough to give each a little attention, then kept going south. As if she were programmed, the further I went the higher her knees came up, opening her pussy to my mouth. I settled over her sweet, wet opening with Jerry just inches away snapping picture after picture.

“Eat that pussy, Derek. She tastes sweet, doesn’t she?”

“Mmpf,” I muttered into the cavity of his wife’s body.

“Mm, yeah, Derek, yes, oh, please, yes!” Janie pleaded. Just seconds later, she shuddered for several moments while she climaxed. Jerry focused his camera on the changing expressions on his wife’s face.

Jerry helped me turn Janie along the length of the sofa. I lifted her right leg to the back of the couch and held her left ankle while I positioned myself just beyond her bottom. My long spear throbbed in anticipation of being in her hot wetness. Jerry’s camera recorded me swiping my probe along her wetness and then slowly pushing inside her. Janie’s eyes were closed in concentration while Jerry moved from back to front and back, constantly snapping pictures of our coupling.

When I started moving in and out, you would have thought he was in ecstasy himself the way he talked. He kept up a running commentary as he worked the camera. Meanwhile Janie seemed to be enjoying the feeling of my cock inside her pussy. Her fingernails kept raking my arms and upper back and my ass as she pulled and tugged and hummed and moaned. She told me about being full and that I was touching parts of her that had never been touched before. She dug her heels into my ass and tugged me deep into her pussy with every stroke.

In a few minutes, Janie began churning out little Oh’s like puffs of smoke from a steam engine, chattering away while I fucked her tight pussy. Then on one inward stroke, her legs tightened and remained that way, holding me jammed into her cunt balls deep. Her fingers dug painfully into the flesh of my shoulder, her eyes fluttered closed but her mouth opened wide in an unvoiced exclamation as she climaxed.

Jerry was still scrambling around shooting pictures, still commenting about the action, but his voice had dropped to a level of almost reverence as he watched the expressions changing on Janie’s face. I wondered if we would still be friends after he viewed these pictures of me screwing Escort Uşak his bride.

I resumed pumping Janie’s pussy when she relaxed a bit. A few minutes later, I slammed into her and began pumping shot after shot of white, hot cum into her love tunnel. I felt her ring of muscle around the tight opening milking my shaft of every last drop. When my spent cock slowly deflated and popped out of Janie, I sank gingerly to the carpet, my legs no longer strong enough to hold me up.

I was only half aware of Jerry still hovering around us, making pictures of my slimy cock and Janie’s oozing pussy. When I turned to look between her still-splayed legs, I saw my cum all up and down her crease, very slowly oozing downward like the lava flow of an angry volcano. In fact I was still close enough to feel the heat radiating from her core.

I watched as Jerry put his camera on the coffee table and rapidly shucked his clothes. He couldn’t wait to get into his wife’s hot box and soon had his cock in her steamy twat. With my legs somewhat recovered, I got up and stood beside Janie, pulling her leg up high and wide to give him easy access. Although I hadn’t planned it, I didn’t object when Janie pulled my cock to her mouth and began to clean it off. It only took Jerry maybe five minutes before he was grunting that he was cumming.

It was getting late and I still had a fairly long drive home so I sorted out my clothes and began to dress.

I heard Janie say, “Jerry!” When I glanced at her, she was surreptitiously nodding in my direction.

Jerry put his hand on my arm, stopping me from stepping into my briefs. “Hey, buddy, don’t do that. You don’t have to work tomorrow, right?”

I nodded my agreement.

“Well, there’s no reason for you to drive home tonight then. We’ve got a king-sized bed and all three of us can sleep in it, no problem. Whaddya say?”

Janie piped in, “Yeah, Derek, we want you to spend the night. Please.” She drew out the last word like a real plea.

“You guys sure?” I asked. Both of them enthusiastically concurred so I agreed.

Janie jumped up and grabbed a hand from both of us, saying, “Come on. Time to go to bed.” She led us up to their bedroom and Jerry and I quickly sandwiched Janie between us. She turned to him and they kissed while I snuggled up to her backside.

After a couple of minutes, she broke their kiss long enough to hand me a tube of lubricant and say, “Here. You know what to do with this.” Then she turned back to her husband.

I slathered some of the slick stuff on my latest erection, worked some into her anus with my fingers and then pointed my cock at her back door. They were going at it so intensely, I didn’t think she even knew when I slipped inside of her but she did press her bottom back into my crotch, shoving my cock deeper into her bowels.

Janie was working Jerry over so intensely I thought she was going to devour him. Her mouth twisted this way and that over his as she pushed him onto his back. Her right hand found his cock and, in a frenzy, she worked her fingers over his penis and massaged his testicles. I began working my cock in and out of Janie’s very taut sphincter. We were a bevy of activity. Then within a short time, Jerry shot a load of cum into Janie’s hand and I shot a load into her bowels. We cuddled up in a group and went to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke to face Janie, pressed against my chest, both hands fondling my cock and balls. When she saw my eyes open, she gave me a huge grin and said, “My turn, stud.”

She pushed me onto my back and quickly straddled me, lowering herself at the same time she guided my dong into her pussy. I wondered where Jerry was but didn’t ponder it long. The wetness of her tunnel enveloped me quickly as she sat down on my thighs.

For the next half hour, Janie played with a variety of movements and an even broader array of positions, shifting her legs this way and that to change the angle, some of the time facing me and part of the time facing my feet (I loved groping her ass when she laid out along my legs with my member pulled down at an unusual angle). Three times Janie climaxed before my balls contracted and I began spitting my load into her twat.

While we were resting, I asked about Jerry and Janie said, “He always has to work Saturdays so he left early, telling me to have fun with you. Do you mind if we fuck a while?”

I laughed. “No, I don’t mind if that’s what you want to do.”

“What do you want to do?”

“That’s easy. I want to fuck you.”

“Then let’s do it. How about a little doggy?’

When she turned over, I settled on my knees behind her and slipped my dong into her quim. For several minutes, I gripped her hips and held us close, flexing my probe inside her.

Janie moaned and whispered, “I do sooooo love the feeling of your cock, Derek. You’re the biggest I’ve ever had. I love the way it feels inside me. It makes me feel so full!”

Ever so slowly, I drew back, pulling my shaft all the way back until the rim of my helmet was at her ring of muscle. I held still for a few moments and then, at the same slow pace, moved back inside Janie. Again I held still for a few seconds, long enough to give her a spit-swapping kiss, and then I repeated the process. I was just teasing Janie, wanting to drive her to the brink of lustful craze.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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