My Girlfriend’s Best Friend


This is a true story that I posted on another site earlier this year. I’m re-posting it here because this site is far better and I would like all my stories on one site.

* * * * *

Danny and Charmaine went to their former city to visit with friends. They got together with a bunch of them and went to the bar. Danny had his eye on her friend Liz all night. He wanted her for so long. Part of the reason was his girlfriend’s extreme jealousy of her. Liz was tall, about 5’10, 145 pounds. Her hair was blonde, above her shoulders, done in two little pig tails which were just unique enough to turn Danny on even more. She had dark brown eyes, long lashes, and freckles. Her breasts were average to small, but perky. Her legs were long and gorgeous, and her ass was beautiful and somewhat big. Just the way he liked it! She was wearing jeans, a tight tank top, and no socks.

Her toenails were painted red. Her personality was bubbly and talkative, and she was a very horny girl – very easy. All this turned him on more than anyone in the world. He went back to Liz’s with his girlfriend, Liz was busy picking up a guy and so had sent them to her place with a key. Charmaine almost immediately passed out in the spare bedroom, drunkenly. Danny decided to stay up for awhile, part of him hoping to see the object of his desires before going to bed. He watched TV on the couch for nearly an hour when his prayers were answered. Liz stumbled in, pretty drunk, smiling, babbling about not getting lucky. She sat down on the couch beside him, laying on the arm and raising her long legs in the air, placing them on his thighs. “You don’t mind, do you?” she asked, “I need to lie down!”

“Not at all.” he said, trying to control his hardon. He kept glancing at her bare feet, her red toenails. He placed a hand on her calf and a hand on her knee. Liz continued talking about how she hasn’t been able to pick up since she got back from her trip a month before. “I always pick up!” she said, “Maybe I’m becoming less attractive, losing my touch!” Danny was lightly caressing her calf, looking into her gorgeous, dark eyes, and battling the biggest hardon ever. “No way, Liz!” he assured her, “You are beautiful.”

“Thank you, but I know you’re lying.” she said, ” and my body is terrible – fat ass, small tits…” she sighed. “No, I love your body! Perfect ass, don’t you dare put down that great ass!” he protested. He was serious, too. How often had he thought of that ass while stroking his cock? Liz was more turned on, and she subconsciously moved her legs over slightly, closer to his crotch. This did not help him control his hardon any. “You don’t even know when I’m in the room!” she said. “That’s because Charmaine caught me staring at your body, and yelled at me. Now I don’t look at you or talk to you when she’s around – big trouble! She’s very jealous of you, eh?” He replied. “No way!” she said, “I don’t believe it!” She realized she was getting wetter, and beginning to realize that she wanted him. “I think you are one of the most attractive women I’ve ever met, with a nice ass, and the nicest legs I’ve ever seen.” he said. Her smile was huge, “Thank you! You’re such a sweetheart!” Her legs were on his crotch now, and she could feel his bulge clearly. “I have to hug you now, you know that, right?” she said, sitting up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he hugged her around her waist.

They hugged tightly, each one reluctant to part. Liz pulled back a bit, her dark eyes looking into his, looking down at his lips, then back. They came together, her lips kissing his. A peck at first. Followed by another. Lips smacking. The third time she parted her mouth and he parted his. He felt her tongue dart into his mouth, and he followed suit. They were breathing heavily now as they french kissed on her couch, his girlfriend passed out in the other room downstairs. Liz’s hand trailed down the front of his body to his crotch, and she caressed the bulge that was there as they kissed. Their kissing was loud, their breathing was laboured as he slid his hand up her body over her shirt. He felt the soft mound of her breast and gently squeezed, feeling her nipple harden in his hand.

Her fingers traced the outline of his cock in his jeans as she sucked his lip into her mouth. Danny slid his hand down Liz’s body and placed it between her thighs. masaj porno He could feel the tremendous heat emanating through her jeans as he rubbed her horny crotch.

“Mmmmmph” Liz moaned, pussy tingling like crazy. Her expert hands undid his belt, button and fly as she kissed him. He felt her hand reach into his underwear and grab the shaft of his member. Gasping for breath, she pulled out his cock, her hand expertly stroking his shaft as they made out. He was writhing his groin into her hand as he continued to rub her crotch. After a couple minutes of this, Liz broke the kiss, chest heaving, and slid down the couch, bending towards his lap. He watched her tongue snake out and lightly lick up and down the side of his shaft, her hand holding it straight in the air. She licked around his mushroom head slowly. She slipped the top of his dick into her warm mouth. He sighed. Liz slowly sank his penis into her mouth, taking the entire thing. She pulled it out of her mouth with a slurp before slipping it back in again.

She began to bob her head up and down on his lap, giving fantastic head. Her lips were smooth, gliding up and down eagerly on his rod. Her sucking and slurping noises were loud, though. So loud they could be heard at the bottom of the stairs had Charmaine awakened. ‘slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp’ went her expert mouth. She loved sucking this dick! He placed a hand lightly on the back of her blonde, pony-tailed head as it bobbed up and down. She gave him amazing head for the next 3 or 4 minutes, before pulling his dick out of her mouth with a slurp. “Let’s go to my room.” she said. He forced his hard dick back into his pants and they hustled downstairs to her bedroom, the room next to where his girlfriend lay sleeping.

Liz shut the door behind them, and immediately they kissed hard, passionately. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths as they slowly backed toward her bed. They lay in her bed, over the covers side by side, still kissing loudly. He loved hearing this goddess breath deeply into his mouth as she explored it with her tongue. His hand immediately went to her tits, caressing them over her shirt, feeling the soft mounds, the hard nipples. He ran his hand down her belly and Liz parted her legs for him, allowing his hand to slide between her thighs over her jeans.

He rubbed her crotch, sending thrills of desire up her body. He undid her button and pulled down her zipper without breaking the kiss. He slid his hand into her silk panties. Danny ran his fingers through a lush of her curly pubic hair, kissing her loudly. His fingers felt hot wetness, and he knew he found her treasure. Liz moaned into his mouth as he diddled her clitoris lightly. He ran his finger down her sopping wet slit, then slowly back up again. She was squirming beside him, gasping for breath. He slowly slid a finger into her hot treasure, sliding in to the second knuckle. Her wet cunt gripped him tightly, warmly. “Mmmmmmph” she moaned, unable to control herself. She was writhing her horny crotch into his hand as she kissed him eagerly. He began to fuck her with his finger, slowly sliding it in and out of her tunnel. Her breath was shaky she was so turned on.

Danny slid his hand out of her silk panties, to her disappointment, and he pushed her shirt up her body, trailing wetness on her white skin as his finger was coated with her juices. He broke the kiss and watched himself push her shirt over her black silk bra. Breathlessly, Liz raised her arms and allowed her good friend’s boyfriend to take off her shirt, and drop it on the floor. Eagerly their lips locked again, tongues exploring as they kissed passionately. Their lips were smacking so loud they could be heard in the next room had Charmaine been awake.

He kissed down her soft neck as Liz pulled his shirt up his body. He pulled it off, and went back to kissing her neck. He kissed down her chest as he pushed the strap off her left shoulder and down her arm. Gradually, Danny kissed the slope of her breast as it became exposed. He pushed the cup right off her tit, exposing her beautiful pink areola, and rock hard nipple. Heart pounding, he bent to lightly lick around her nipple, kissing all around it. He tongued the hard nub, sending tingles down to her pussy. He sucked a nipple into öğretmen porno his mouth, kissing all over her tit.

“Ohhhhh.” she moaned softly, her hands running through his short hair. Her crotch was writhing slightly into the air, needing attention. He slowly kissed down her belly, kissing and licking all around her bellybutton. He could smell her arousal as he approached the top of her panties. He grabbed the jeans and gently tugged. Liz raised her ass and allowed Danny to pull her jeans off her ass and down her thighs, exposing her skimpy black panties. Danny stared at her sexy thighs as he slid them down her legs, over her knees. She pulled first one foot, then the other, out of her jeans, and he dropped them on the floor. He looked at her, into her dark eyes, seeing nothing but desire.

“I have to go down on you Liz. I’ve wanted to for so long.” he said. “Oh God, ” she breathed, smiling, “please do.” He grabbed the waistband of her panties and she raised her ass, letting him slide them down off her ass to her knees. Her gorgeous bush was exposed, trimmed in a perfect triangle. He slid her panties down over her knees, and she slipped each foot out of the dainty things. He knelt at her feet and she slowly parted her long sexy legs, feet flat on the bed. He stared at her beautiful eyes, down her body, her bra half off her left breast, slightly exposing a nipple.

Down over her belly to her gorgeous bush, where it framed her pink, swollen, quivering pussy lips. On down her sexy thighs, down her legs to her feet. He lifted up a foot, kissing up her left foot, up her calf to her knee. Liz put her foot back down as he slowly kissed up her inner thigh. She opened her legs wider, needing to be touched. Danny loved the smell of her pussy, the scent was so strong as he got closer. He kissed further up the inside of her soft thigh to the very top, kissing right beside her bush. He kissed the moist lips of her swollen pussy.

“Ohhhh God.” she moaned softly, quivering. His tongue snaked out and gently licked from the bottom of her lips up to the top, ending at her clit, tasting her delicious cunt the entire way. “Ohhhhhhhhh” she breathed, her hand reached down to stroke his hair. He parted the lips of her vagina with his tongue, getting it as far inside her as he could. She squirmed beneath him as he tasted her. He sucked her pussy lips into his mouth, licking at the sensitive skin between his lips. Liz was losing control as Danny lapped at her hungry pussy. He pushed his pants and underwear down his legs, freeing his hard cock as he licked up to her clit. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum,” she sighed, “I’m gonna cum. Ohhhhh yes, keep doing that!” He lapped at her clitoris, trying to kick off his clothes as she writhed her pussy into his face.

“Keep going” she whispered,”almost…oh, oh, OHHHHHHH!” she moaned loudly, rubbing her cunt against his tongue, cumming hard. Her whole body was quivering as she came. Her thighs clamped on his face as she came, her hand holding him tight in her crotch. She finally released him. He was able to kick off the rest of his clothes and kiss up her beautiful stomach. He kissed up her neck and Liz kissed him eagerly, passionately. She could taste her own pussy as she sent her tongue into his mouth. They were both conscious of his hard shaft laying along her slit, and they writhed against one another as they kissed. Her feet were sliding up and down his legs, she was giving herself to him.

She broke the kiss. She reached down between their naked bodies and her hand grabbed the shaft of his cock. Her dark eyes looked into his as she slowly ran his head down her aching slit. He kissed her briefly, lips smacking as she held him at her entrance. He looked at her, into her gorgeous brown eyes as he pushed forward. She closed her eyes as the lips of her pussy stretched to allow his dick to enter. Slowly Danny’s penis slid into Liz’s wet vagina in one stroke, he was entirely sheathed in her warmth. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” she moaned, filling up. She held him tight inside her. He loved how warm her pussy was, how her arms and legs held him close. They kissed again, eagerly, tongues exploring as he slowly moved in and out of her. They breathed heavily into each other’s mouth as they made sweet love.

His hard penis slid smoothly in and out of Liz’s hungry oral porno pussy over and over. Her feet caressed his legs as she moaned softly into his mouth. Her bed was squeaking a little as they fucked. He couldn’t believe he was finally inside Liz!! This thought turned him on so much that he had to break the kiss and begin to fuck her harder. Her other bra strap slid off her shoulder as he slid in and out of her faster. Her eyes were closed, eyebrows up in extasy as he screwed her amazing body. He began to fuck her as hard as he could, just jamming his cock into Liz’s helpless body, not noticing how loud the bed was, or how loud he was making her moan. ‘squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak’ went the bed violently. ‘Unh, unh, unh, unh, unh!” Liz moaned, another orgasm rising.

She raised her feet into the air as her orgasm approached. He was ramming his penis in and out of her needy pussy as hard as he could. Liz came. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHH God!” She cried, her legs wrapping around him and holding him inside her. Her pussy was so hot as it convulsed around his cock. “Oh God!” she breathed, releasing her hold as she recovered. She rolled him over, his dick slipping out of her as she straddled him. Nothing but passion in her dark eyes as she reached down between her sexy thighs and grabbed his hard pole, bringing it up to her treasure. Her pink lips parted easily as she slid her cunt down his shaft.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck…” she sighed as he filled her up again. Her lips found his and they kissed hard as she slid her pussy up and down his rod. He undid her bra and it slipped off of her as she rode him, releasing her breasts. They were bouncing in front of him as she fucked him, and he grabbed them with both hands, sucking at each nipple. ‘squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak’ went the bed, the rhythm slower now that she was on top. He kissed up her neck as he slid his hands down to her ass. He grabbed her bare ass cheeks, squeezing them hard as they kissed, encouraging her to ride him harder. Liz rode him for a few more minutes before he lifted her off of him. His cock slid out of her with a slurp. “I have to fuck you hard, Liz!” he said as she lay beside him, opening her long legs for him. He got between them and his dick slid right in her again.

“Ohhhh yes.” she moaned as he entered her. “Let me put my feet up.” she breathed. He held himself in her as she put her feet up over his shoulders, allowing him to be inside her as far as he could. He was in his girlfriend’s best friend while she slept in the next room! He pulled back and then rammed it into her. “OHH!” she cried loudly. He began to fuck Liz hard, immediately jackhammering his penis in and out of her needy twat. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! OHH! UNH! Unh!” neither of them cared how loud she was, she was rocketting towards another orgasm. Her feet were flailing behind his head helplessly. ‘squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak’ her moans could not quite drown out the bed.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum again…..” she moaned, “Ohhhhhhhhhh… UNH! UUNNGHHHH! OHHHHH GOD!” she cried, cumming. He was drilling her, on the road to orgasm himself. Liz took her ankles off of Danny’s shoulders and wrapped them around his thrusting waist. He didn’t miss a beat, fucking her for all he’s worth. He kissed her, and she eagerly sent her tongue into his mouth as he pounded her into the bed. He slid his hard penis entirely into Liz’s vagina, holding it there as they kissed. He came. A huge load of cum fired out the end of his dick and into Liz’s womb. He moaned, cock spasming. Wad after wad of semen shot into Liz’s hungry pussy. She held him tightly, keeping him deep inside her as he emptied his seed. They kissed gently as they caught their breath, lips smacking as Danny softened inside her. “Ohhhh man that was good!” she said, smiling, catching her breath.

She put her feet down on either side of the bed around him as he recovered.

“That was amazing.” he agreed, “I hope we can do that again sometime, that was a dream come true. You are my fantasy.” he added, smiling.

“Oh yeah! Of course!” she replied, smiling back. He looked into her dark eyes and they kissed, with the tongue this time. He pulled his soft dick out of her pussy with a slurp. Liz got off the bed, he stared at her gorgeous big ass as she bent over in front of him and slid on her panties. She threw on her shirt, than went out to see if the coast was clear. It was. He got dressed and went to the washroom. Danny washed all traces of Liz’s pussy off his face, fingers and cock before climbing into bed with his sleeping girlfriend.