My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend

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I didn’t get home until after 6AM. I’d been working with a buddy of mine all night as a temp at his job at a warehouse to pick up some extra cash, but I’d expected to be home by 2AM at the latest. And I’d started that job after getting off my regular job, meaning I’d been up and working for almost 24 hours straight. I wasn’t in the greatest of moods, then, considering that not only had I given up my Friday night for the extra work, but now I was so tired that I’d probably sleep right through most of my Saturday.

I entered my apartment quietly. I lived with my girlfriend, Cheryl, and I knew she had gone out drinking with girlfriends the previous night. She didn’t drink much except when she was with those friends, so I expected her to be still sleeping it all off. Nights out with her friends usually didn’t end until around 4AM, so she probably needed her rest as much as I did.

The living room looked as expected. Orderly, but used. A few pillows and a couple blankets were strewn about. Two glasses of clear liquid sat on the coffee table, one empty, the other half full. When I went through the kitchen, various bottles of liquor were still out on the counter. Cheryl didn’t leave messes like this before going out, so it looked like the night must have ended here.

I was immediately disappointed. I’m a stickler for drunk driving, and if the night had ended here, I doubted whoever Cheryl had been drinking with had been sober by the time they left. I always reminded her that her friends were welcome to stay on the couch if they needed to, but they never took up the offer. And this morning, once again, the couch was empty. They should’ve known better. They were all my age or near it, mid-twenties, and a few of the friends had had DUIs before. Sara, Cheryl’s best friend, had had two.

When I walked into the bedroom, I saw that I was wrong in my assumption, but that was the least of what came before my eyes. Sara had been the one helping Cheryl with that booze on the counter, and I knew that because she was still here, on the bed–no, IN the bed. My bed. Laying sound asleep on my side.

Sara and I had never really gotten along. We were always nice to each other, but she didn’t have much to say to me when Cheryl wasn’t around. I thought she was immature for her age because of the excessive drinking, and I’m sure she understood that through the various hints and light jabs I’d given her over the years. Which was probably why she didn’t like me.

But despite my feelings toward her rowdy personality, I had to admit I loved having her around. I love my girlfriend, and I think she’s beautiful and sexy, and in fact, if it came down between her and Sara, Cheryl would be the one to get in the pages of Playboy. But Sara would be the one who always stirred men’s imaginations first and most often. Blonde and pretty, she was shorter than Cheryl and almost twice as heavy, but she carried her weight well, especially her breasts, which were just fucking amazing, and I don’t think she owned a top that didn’t show them off. I’m talking Ds, probably double Ds, and they sat as high and were as pointy as physics allowed.

Since I met her, Sara had found her way into many of my fantasies. Cheryl was not the least bit bi, but of course I imagined scenarios where she and Sara had one drink too much, and one thing led to another, and, well, you get the idea. Helping that fantasy was that I knew Sara had kissed girls before when she was really drunk a few times, though it had never gotten farther than that.

But as I stepped further into the room, my cock jumped at the realization that that was no longer the case. Though she was laying face down, the blankets only covered half of Sara’s back, and it was completely bare. I could see where a bra strap would’ve been if she’d been wearing one, but now there was only skin. Sara was, if not completely naked, then at least topless in my bed, next to my heavily dozing girlfriend.

Cheryl was too bundled under the sheets for me to see if she was also topless, but I could see clothes on the floor on her side of the bed, including a shirt that she often wore on nights out. And the t-shirt she’d worn to bed the night before was still on the dresser where she always left it in the morning after getting up.

Could etiler escort this be real?

I looked down at my feet, where the laundry basket sat next to the closet. The clothes on top were not in it, but thrown across it, as if by accident. The jeans were too big for Cheryl’s smaller body. As were the pink panties lying across them.

Oh God.

I wondered if this had been planned. Had it happened before? Did they even know what they’d done? And if not, upon waking to the realization, would they be horrified?

But my erection throbbed, and I also wondered what my chances were of jump-starting another session and joining in.

As I stood there, staring at Sara’s smooth, naked back and the squashed side of one of her huge boobs peeking out beneath her, I tried calculating my chances. Deductive reasoning led me to believe that they hadn’t been in total control of their functions. Even if they’d been aware of what they were doing at the time, they wouldn’t have just fallen asleep like this for me to discover them. Ultimate male fantasy or not, Cheryl would’ve felt bad for cheating on me and would’ve wanted to tell me about it herself. And Sara wasn’t close enough to me to let me in on this kind of a secret. So intentional night of lesbian sex or not, there was no way for me to become a part of the morning after.

But I wanted that possibility to exist, so I tried to find a way. Cheryl thought I would’ve been home at 2. They usually didn’t get back from the bars until after that. So the whole time her and Sara were here, Cheryl would’ve expected me to come in at any moment. Unless she was so drunk it never entered her mind.

Besides that, I had caught them, whether they wanted it or not. It was their fault for falling asleep together. So even if I didn’t wake them up now to see what was going on, I could still catch them off guard and put the ball in their court. I could just go into the bathroom, get in the shower, and the sound would wake them. They’d have time to discuss their situation, as well as how to deal with me. If I was allowed to take that shower, then come out and find them awake but still in bed, then I’d know if they cared that I was aware of all of this, and if I had a shot to join them. And if they were horrified, then it was still the polite thing to do.

But I had to add a little fire to the flames. I had to leave an indication that I had been in the bedroom, and that I had probably seen them. This way my expectations would be immediately discussed, and the topic of a threesome would be natural, if at all possible.

I decided to leave my clothes by the hamper so they’d be easily seen, but not advertising themselves. When the shower came on in the next room, one or both of them would wake, see my clothes, know I’d seen something and guessed something else, and the “what do we do now” discussion would begin. If Sara wanted to take off, she could, but hopefully, if she knew she’d been caught, she’d stay to deal with it. Somehow.

Quietly I undressed, thrilled at what might lie ahead, but also by the fact that I was going to be naked and just inches away from Sara’s nude body. I watched her, hoping she’d roll over and give me a glimpse of those fabulous tits. I was so excited that I got dressed out of order, starting with my shirt and pants, but then realizing my shoes were still on, trapping my pants and boxers around my ankles. I bent down to slip them off.

There was a rustling that was very faint, but in my ears it was thunderous. And with it was movement in my peripheral vision. I snapped my head up and came face to face with Sara, now sitting up in the bed, wiping heavy sleep from her eyes. The sheets had fallen down to reveal her heavy breasts. I didn’t want her to feel caught, but I couldn’t look away. They truly were magnificent. A fortune in plastic surgery couldn’t duplicate the gorgeous set of huge, natural milky white tits with their big, pink areolas and nipples. Surprising me was that Sara’s pretty face, even after hard sleep and an obviously hard night, was as beautiful as ever, even with pillow creases on her cheek.

She looked at me without concern, as if she wasn’t aware of what she was showing me, or even if she was actually awake. I slowly stood up straight, eve gelen escort trying to find words to explain or put her at ease, but before I could say anything, my erection did for me.

Sara’s neutral gaze suddenly registered shock. She looked from me, to her exposed breasts, and back to my erection before staring down at the sheets and gingerly covering herself. But surprised as she was, she didn’t freak out. She looked over her shoulder to the lump under the covers that was my still sleeping girlfriend, then looked back to me with…what was that? A smile!

It was the kind of “you got me, oh well” smile I would’ve expected from her if I’d found out that she, say, drank the last of my favorite vodka. Not that I’d caught her naked in my bed with Cheryl. She was clearly embarrassed, because she wouldn’t even look at me, but she seemed to find it more amusing that she’d been caught then scared or angry. This was not the Sara I knew. But I didn’t really know her that well. So maybe the Sara I knew wasn’t the real one.

“Hey,” she snickered in a whisper. Again, sounding amused. As if getting caught was a forgone conclusion, so why act surprised? She eyed my erection for a long time, the way a tired person might stare off into space at a blank spot on the wall. Was she thinking of something, or was this just a result of waking up too early?

She broke the stare by throwing her arms up, flopping back onto the pillow, and sighing loudly. Laying on her back now, her fingers intertwined behind her head, Sara’s tits pointed up at the ceiling. They rolled and jiggled from the motion of her moving, then came to a stop. She stared at the ceiling, looking as relaxed as could be, ignoring me and the fact that she was exposing herself.

I decided my best chance was to act just as nonchalant as her. I removed my shoes and the rest of my clothes and dropped them in the hamper. My dick was still hard when I looked back to her. I was glad to find that she’d been watching me. Or at least that particular part of me.

“Rough night?” I asked.

She smiled, but didn’t say anything. She did bring a hand to her breast, though, and toy gently with a hardening nipple. We both watched her do that for a while. I noticed that the harder her nipples became, the more her casual smile faded. When she finally looked back at me, this time at my eyes, her face was serious.

This was more of an invitation than I needed at this point. Sara knew I could see her tits, and that I had watched her play with them with my own dick out and raging. She had time to cover them, but didn’t. Her look now just said it all, and it was my turn to respond. I stepped toward her. The height of the bed put my dick right in her eye line, and she watched it come closer to her until my bulbous head was just inches away from her face. But she didn’t make a move to take it. She just looked at it and kept playing with her nipple.

I decided I knew what she was doing, because it was the same thing I was doing. Neither of us wanted to be the one to cross the line. We both loved Cheryl, and even though anything Sara and I did would wake up Cheryl probably in the next few seconds, neither of us knew how she would take it.

But my dick was using an awful lot of brain power by now, so I decided she would have to be okay with it. She cheated first, after all. And as far as I knew, she never intended for me to find out. By getting with Sara right next to her, Cheryl would know I thought she’d be okay with it, and I wasn’t trying to hurt her. Maybe she’d wake up and tell me I was wrong, but until that happened, I was going to take advantage of this situation.

I rubbed my cock head against Sara’s lips. She used her tongue to wet her lips and gave my tip a kiss, but otherwise she didn’t take the bait. I couldn’t understand what she was waiting for, but then she showed me by throwing the covers off the lower half of her body. She was naked beneath, not even sporting pubic hair, and her hand, to my surprise, was at her pussy, teasing her clit.

I intended to lick her there, but as I climbed onto the bed between her legs, I couldn’t keep my mind off those big breasts of hers. I needed to suck them, and so I did, taking big mouthfuls and flipping fatih escort my tongue all over them. This brought my dick in line with her pussy, and there was simply no force in the world that could’ve kept us apart at that point. For my part, it wasn’t even conscious. I just pushed in, finding her very wet and warm and tight. And as I tried to suffocate myself in her chest, slobbering all over, I began pumping into that soft, meaty pussy.

Sara put her hands on my ass, helping to pull me deeper into her. She also arched her back, pushing her tits against my face. I wrapped my lips around the end of a tit and suckled for all I was worth. Though Sara didn’t moan, her deep, rapid, irregular breathing vocalized all the pleasure she was feeling.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Sara had never shown any interest in me. And I knew she wasn’t still drunk. Her eyes were very alert, and they watched me the whole time I fucked her and sucked her tits. Her face tried to remain passive, but the pleasure she experienced was obvious, and it wasn’t long before she stopped trying to hide it altogether.

I was fucking her at a moderate, steady pace when she began moving her legs. I grappled with them for a moment before she found her desired position: her knees up near her chest, her calves bent over my shoulders. Pile-drive position. I began throwing myself into her, and each time I did, her big tits would bounce from the impact. My balls tightened at the sight, and so I fucked her faster, slamming into her cunt and sending those tits flopping. Sara was almost hyperventilating, and then I realized so was I. But we didn’t slow down. She humped against me as I fucked her. She grabbed at my ass to keep me going. And her eyes moved back and forth between the sight of her pussy being pounded and my lustful eyes as I watched hers, or her breasts.

I thought about how great it would be to cum all over those breasts, and as the image came to mind, I knew I was going to lose it. I grunted a warning.

“I’m gonna cum. I wanna cum on your tits.”

But Sara grabbed my ass hard and begged through clenched teeth as I continued to rock her.

“No. Cum in me. Cum in me.”

I couldn’t believe it. Cheryl had never let me cum inside her without a condom. But more surprising that that was how personal it was. Sara actually wanted my cum inside her. To me, it seemed such a boyfriend or husband thing to do. It made feel closer to her, and it also speeded up my orgasm. I thrashed as I fucked her, pumping my sperm deep into her body. I grunted and growled. The cum kept shooting as though it’d never stop. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt, not just cumming in her without a condom, but cumming in my girlfriend’s girlfriend. Sara’s pussy sucked me and I was so overcome with passion that my next move wasn’t even planned.

I kissed her, hard and long and deep. And she kissed back. She tasted like Cheryl’s pussy, but that only added fuel to my fire. We mauled each other’s lips, our tongues wrestling. Sara began jerking and shivering under me, and her hard but short little moans told me she was climaxing, too. She orgasmed on my cock even as I continued to fill her, and rather than scream she moaned into and assaulted my mouth. I continued fucking her like that, with her bent in half, us joined at the hips and the lips, until my dick could take no more and slid out of her limply. We were sheathed in sweat and still fighting for breath when we finally stopped kissing.

I got off of her, allowing her to unfold herself. My body was still shuddering from the pleasure of it all, and my heart was electrified by my new feelings. This had been more than just sex, and I admit, my desires for Sara were no longer purely carnal.

Complicating the matter was that we both knew, without looking, that Cheryl was still passed out beside us. When this had started, we hadn’t intended on going on without her. She should have woken up, and then either scolded us or joined us. For my part, I’d planned on making sure she woke up. Either way, we wouldn’t have had a secret. But Cheryl was still asleep, lightly snoring with her eyes closed. She didn’t know.

And now we had to make a very hard decision. We had to decide whether or not to tell her.

Sara and I both came to this realization at the same time. We saw it in each other’s eyes. And then we saw the answer.

We jumped off the bed and ran out of the room, closing the door behind us. We were kissing again with as much passion as we had during our mutual orgasm before we even reached the couch.

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