My Hero


Eric is 24 years old. He stands 6ft, 4in. He weighs 215 lbs. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. His cock measures 7 in soft. He would be described as a pussy magnet.

He owns four large shopping centers that he inherited from his father.

He is between girlfriends. He just broke up with Kim. She is planning on moving to the east coast to attend Harvard.

He decides to go to the beach. He packs a cooler with drinks and snacks. He grabs a big beach towel and heads out.

He spreads his towel, rubs on some sunscreen and kicks back. He is getting a little hot so he decides to go for a swim.

He swims out past the breakers and treads water, looking back at the beach, He sees a beauty walking into the water. He watches.

She plays in the breakers for a little while, then swims out past them. She is about twenty feet away. He watches. The current is pushing her toward him. Suddenly she starts struggling. She is in trouble. He quickly swims to her and grabs her around the waist. He holds her head above water. She is gasping and spitting out water.

“Easy there, I have you. Easy, easy.”

He pulls her back to his chest and starts backstroking with one hand around her chest. The lifeguards meet him just inside the breakers and take control of her. The pull her out of the water and lay her on her side. She spits out some more water and slowly regains her breath. The watch her for a few minutes.

“Looks like she is ok. It’s a good thing you were close, buddy. She would have drowned.”

” I was OK, but I got a bad cramp in my leg. It hurt so bad I panicked. The I felt someone grab me.”

“This guy saved you.”

She looks at Eric and smiles.

She sits up, and shivers as the full realization hits her.

“Thank you. I might have drowned. You saved my life.”

“It was just luck that I was close enough. Anyone would have done the same.”

“I think I’m ok now.”

The lifeguards leave.

“Come over to my blanket. You need to calm down.”

He helps her stand and puts his arm around her. She puts her arm around his waist and they walk to Eric’s blanket.

“My name is Eric, what’s yours.?”

“I’m Connie, Nice to meet you. Really nice.”

While that chat, Eric checks out her body. Nice smile. Nice D cups size. Slim waist. Nice ass and legs. Worth going for.

“There must be something I can do to repay you for saving me.”

“Just a thank you is enough, Anyone would have done the same.”

No, I want to do more. You are my hero.”

“I know. I will make an old fashioned home cooked meal for you tonight. My mom taught me to cook. I pride my self on my cooking skills.”

“How can I turn down a home cooked meal from a beautiful lady.”

She blushes.

He is thinking this one seem a little naive. She may even be a virgin. “

“Do you live here in La Jolla?”

“No, I live in La Mesa. I’m a freshman UCSD.”

“I’m going for my teaching credentials.” I want to teach grades one through four.”

“That’s a wonderful career. We need good teachers.”

“When I was in the fourth grade, I had a woman teacher we called The Sargent. She was big and mean.”

They both laugh.

“I need your address if I am coming over tonight. Is 7 pm ok?”

“Oh yes. Silly me. I forgot.”

She writes it down and hands it to him.

“I need to go now.”

“Are you ok to drive?”

“I think I’m ok now. Thanks again for saving me.”

He smiles.

“Drive carefully.”

He watches her hot ass as she walks away.

6 o’clock finds Eric getting into his car. He enters her address into his GPS.

Connie is all excited. She has a date with a hard body hunk. She spends an hour deciding on what to wear. She thinks about how pretty he is and has some naughty thoughts. She decides on a white school t shirt, denim mini skirt, barefoot with red toenail polish.

She takes a bubble bath and starts getting dressed. She picks up her bikini panties, pauses, and tosses them away. She pulls on her mini skirt, tosses her bra away and puts on her t shirt. She looks in the mirror. She realizes she is wet, and it isn’t from the bath.

“Nipples perked and showing a little. Just right.”

“I may lose my cherry tonight. He is so handsome and nice.”

She sits and puts on light make up.

The door bell rings. One check in the mirror and off she goes.

She opens the door and invites Eric in. He has a bottle of wine and some flowers. He smiles pulls her to him and gives her a little hug. She hugs him around his waist, gently pressing her breasts to him. Her nipples tighten up and her pussy tingles.

“Flowers! How sweet.”

Let me put them in some water.

“Come in the kitchen. We can chat while I fix dinner. I didn’t want to start till you got here. I thought maybe you wouldn’t show.”

“Only a fool would turn down a home cooked meal with such a beautiful lady.”

“You sit there, while I get busy. This will take about twenty minutes. I’ve preped everything.”

He watches her ass as she moves around. No panty line, nice. No bra strap. Nicer. Beautiful legs, will look good open.

He watches her bend over to get something from a Bostancı Escort bottom drawer. He sees her ass cheeks and her pussy.

He licks his lips.

“What do you do, Eric?

I’m an business and marketing consultant and I own some shopping centers.”

“That sounds hard.”

“It can be. It depends on the client. Lots of them have big dreams that won’t work. It’s hard to tell them that. If they have a good idea, I write them a business and marketing plan. I enjoy helping people realize their dreams.”

She thinks it’s nice that he helps people like that.

“Do your folks live here in La Mesa?”

“No, they live up in Temecula. My daddy owns a chain of furniture stores. Mom stays at home and spends his money.”

“They sound like a team.”

The both laugh.

Eric finds some glasses and pours the wine. They sip on it while she cooks. She is standing at the sink, rinsing some vegetables.

He steps behind her and puts his arms around her waist. She tenses up a little and he kisses her on the neck. She shivers.

“Oh, you surprised me. Now I have goose bumps.”

She turns around and puts her arms around his neck and he kisses her on the lips. He licks her lips with the tip of his tongue. She gasps and opens her mouth. She licks his lips and their tongues meet. She starts breathing a little harder.

She gently pushes him away.

“You sit down there or I’ll never get dinner ready.”

He smiles and sits. He sees her nipples poking her shirt. She feels her pussy getting wet. She takes a breath and finishes the salad. She puts everything on the table.

They enjoy a wonderful meal.

“Wow. Just like you promised. Home cooking. You are a great cook.”

She blushes.

“Thanks. My hero deserves a good meal.”

“Being a hero is going to take some getting used to. I’ve never been one before.”

She quickly clears the table and puts the dishes in the dishwasher. Eric tops off their wine glasses.

She grabs his hand and leads him to the living room. He sits on the sofa and she sits beside him. She turns on the TV and selects a romantic comedy.

She sits back and he puts his arm around her shoulders and she cuddles up next to him. He kisses her on the forehead and she looks up at him and he kisses her on the lips. Their tongues quickly find each other and away they go. She turns and puts both legs across his lap. He pulls her butt up and sets it on his bulging cock. Her skirt slides up, exposing her pussy More hot kissing and her breathing is faster.

She is getting hot.

Her pussy is leaking, getting his leg wet. He reaches down and rubs his palm across her nipples. She gasps and holds his hand to her breasts. He tweaks her nipple and she squeaks. He slowly reaches under her t shirt and cups her breast. She pushes against his hand and moans. He lifts her shirt above her breasts and twirls her nipples between his thumb and finger.

She gasps again.

He feels more of her pussy juice soaking into his pants. She is dripping. He reaches down and puts his hand on her thigh. She opens her legs a little, helping him. He caresses the inside of her thighs and she open wider. He slides his hand up inside the leg and feels her dripping pussy. He gently pets her pussy lips.

She humps against his hand. He lifts her shirt over head and cups her breast. He reaches down and wets his finger in her pussy. He rubs her pussy juice on her nipples. She moans more. He kisses her nipples and she cries out. Her nipples swell up to the size of strawberries.

She reaches down and pulls at his shirt. They take it off. She caresses his chest and abs


“mmmm nice. Beautiful hard body.”

She rubs her breasts against him and moans. He stands her up and pulls her skirt slowly down.

“Oh, oh. I’ve never been naked in front of a man.”

“Just relax, baby. You are so beautiful. I just want to look at you.”

He reaches out and gently caresses her stomach. His hand move down her legs and then up to her pussy. He slides his finger across her pussy lips. Her hips twitch..

She kneels before him and reaches for his fly. She unbuttons and unzips his pants. He lifts his hips to help her pull them down. She looks at the large bulge in his boxer briefs. She rubs her hands across it.

“That looks big. Can I see it.”

He lifts his hips and she pulls them off. His nine inches pops up.

“Wow, I’ve never seen one before. Isn’t that kinda big?”

“They come in all sizes. Don’t be afraid, it won’t bite.”

He pulls her up astride his lap. His cock against her stomach. He tweaks her nipples and kisses her. She puts her arms around his shoulders and presses against him. She moans as they kiss. She starts humping against his cock. She can feel it throbbing on her stomach.

He picks her up in his arms and carries her to the bedroom. He lays her on the bed and lays next to her. He kisses and licks her big nipples. She grabs his hair and holds his head to her. He starts kissing his way down to her pussy. He pushes her legs apart with his knees. He parts her bush and licks her pussy lips.

“Oh god, what are you doing to me. I’ve never Anadolu Yakası Escort done this.”

“Just relax and let it happen, dear. I’ll take you to heaven.”

He licks her pussy lips again and she gasps. He opens her pussy lips and licks up to her clit. He presses his tongue on it and she cries out.

“OH god, that feels so good. Don’t stop.”

He slowly circles her clit with the tip of his tongue. She starts humping his face. He increases the pressure and she screams as her orgasm floods her senses. He backs off and watches her cum. She calms down a little.

“OH my god. That was wonderful. How did you do that. I couldn’t control my self.”

“You just had your first tongue orgasm. Did you like that?”

“That was amazing.”

He slides up next to her and kisses her neck and face. She giggles.

“That tickles.”

He pulls her on top and puts his cock head against her pussy.

“Please don’t squirt in me. I’ll get a baby.”

“I won’t, baby. Trust me.”

“Will this hurt? I heard it really hurts the first time.”

“Maybe a little at first but the pain will stop right away. It can hurt when I break through your hymen.”

“That broke in gym class when I was I high school.”

“You can control it when you’re on top. Just go easy, a little at a time.”

“OK, I’ll try.”

‘Just push down and let it open your lips till the head is in. Then stop and get used to it.”

She pushes down and her lips open, letting the head slip in.

“Oh oh It’s stretching me. It hurts a little.”

“Wait, get used to it.”

She waits.

“It’s ok now. I’ll put more in.”

“Oh oh, it’s so big. I gotta go slow.”

“Good girl. You’re doing great. Take it easy. Soon it will be in all the way.”

She keeps sliding down a little at a time. Finally, after five minutes she has it all.

“There you go, now it’s all in. Just relax and let the feeling take over.”

“I feel so full. I never felt anything like this. I never thought I could get all the big thing in me.”

“Now, press against my bone there and move around slowly.”

She rubs her clit on his pelvis bone.

“Oh, yes. That feels good.”

She speeds up and groans a little.

“That’s it baby, keep doing that.”

He slowly starts stroking in and out. She meets his strokes. Her breathing increases.

“That’s great, baby, keep moving with me. Nice and slow. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It doesn’t hurt now. It just feels good.”

She rubs faster and faster. She cries out from the pleasure. He grabs her hips and holds her against his bone.

She stops, and squeezes his cock and screams as her first orgasm by cock flow out from her pussy. She screams as each wave takes her. He pulls her down to his chest and kisses her. She holds him and humps his cock.

“Eric, that was wonderful. I never knew sex could be that good. Thank you, thank you.”

He starts stroking in her again and she hangs on. Her pussy is so tight it doesn’t take long for him. He feels his orgasm coming on and pulls out. He sits up and strokes his cock and cums all over her breasts and stomach.

She squeals and asks.

“That’s a lot of baby juice. It’s all over me.”

“Yes, baby. I did that so you don’t get a baby.”

“Thanks for that. You are so sweet to me. I’m glad you got my cherry. And it was so special with you.”

“It was special to me to. It’s special that you gave it to me.”

She reaches down and grabs his cock.

“OH look at this mess. We all gooey. Let me get a wash cloth and a towel.”

She comes back and carefully washes Eric’s cock and drys it off. Then she wipes off her breasts and stomach.

“We sure are messy, aren’t we.”

“Messy is good, It’s from love.”

She hugs him.

“You’re the sweetest man I ever met. I could get used to you being around.”

“I would really like that. I definitely want to see you again.”

“Lay down her and cuddle with me. I need more cuddles.”

She snuggles up to him he kisses her gently. She shivers under his caresses.

“I could cook you another home cooked meal tomorrow night. Would you like that? It’s Friday and I don’t have any classes on Saturday.”

“I will be here. I never argue with a beautiful lady.”

She giggles and hugs him up tight.

“It feels so good to lay here in your big strong hero’s arms.”

“I called my folks and told them what happened. They said to say thanks for saving their baby. I’m nineteen and they still think I’m a baby.”

“I have an idea. Tomorrow is Friday. Why don’t I come and pick you up and got to my place. I’ll cook dinner for you. We can take a midnight stroll on the beach after dinner.”

“That sound really romantic. I’d like to do that with my hero. “

“My last class is at 3. You could pick me up at 4:30. That will give me time to get ready. I won’t forget my swim suit.”

“We could go skinny dipping, too. Have you ever done that?”

“No, but I would with you if it was dark. I don’t know about in the daylight. Maybe, I like being naked with you.”

“That’s great, because I really like looking at you. You have a super hot Pendik Escort body.”

“You silly, you make me blush.”

“I should go home soon. You have to get ready for classes tomorrow.”

“You can go, but you have to promise to pick me up tomorrow.”

“Do I look like I’m stupid. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I get to hold you and see you naked in the moonlight.”

She giggles again. He slowly gets up and hunts down his clothes. She starts to put on a robe.

“Stop. I want a naked hug before I leave.”

She smiles.

“Anything you want, Mr Hero.”

He hugs her and walks out the door.

Eric rolls up to Connie’s apartment at 4:25. He knocks on her door. She opens it and jumps into his arms.

“Hi baby, I’m glad to see you too.”

He grabs her by the ass cheeks and hugs her. She wiggles all over him and kisses all over his face.

“That’s a nice welcome.”

“I’m just happy to see you. I’m all ready to go.”

She lets of of him and grabs her backpack and grabs his arm. She locks the door and the climb in Eric’s car. The chat on the way to his place.

They walk into Eric’s apartment. She walks over to the big window overlooking the ocean.

“Wow, what a view you have. This is great.”

He walks up behind her and hugs her from behind. His hands slide up and he cups her breasts. He reaches under her shirt and finds no bra.

“I didn’t wear a bra for you. Is that how you like me.”

“Yep, Your beautiful breasts are all ready for my caresses.”

“I love the way your hands feel on me. You are so tender and sweet.”

“Did you wear any panties?”

“I thought you would like me with no panties, so I left them at home.”

“Good girl.”

He slides his hand down inside of her shorts and holds her pussy. She moans and leans back into his arms. He lifts her shirt up and off. He holds her breasts and tweaks her nipples. She gasps and holds his hands against herself.

” I want you naked, now.”

She giggles. He slowly pulls her shorts down. She kicks them away and turns around.

“Is that better, darling?’

“Much better. You are going to stay that way all evening.”

“I love showing my body to you. It makes me hot.”

He reaches down and sticks his finger between her pussy lips.

“I like it when you are wet for me.”

“I’ve been wet all day thinking about you. Now, it’s time for me to see you naked.”

She slowly undresses him.

She holds his cock in both hands. She drops to her knees and kisses and licks the head.

“It’s so pretty, I just want to say hi to it.”

“You keep that up and it will go off in your mouth.”

“I want to do that for you, but I don’t know how. You’re so sweet to me, I’ll do anything for you. I can’t say no to my hero.”

She stands and he hugs her to his naked body, feeling her soft skin against his. He runs his hand down and holds her by her ass cheeks. She feels his cock getting hard.

“It’s getting really hard. Is that for me?”

“It’s all yours, sweetheart. Anytime you want it.”

She pushes him over to the sofa. He sits down and she kneels between his legs. She takes the head in her mouth and starts sucking and licking it.

“Am I doing it right, darling?”

“Yes, baby. Keep doing that. Get ready for it to squirt in your mouth.”

“Oh good, I want to taste it.”

“Don’t swallow it, just hold it in your mouth. I want to see it in your mouth.”

She does a good job for her first time. He can feel his cum rising.

“Here it comes, baby. Get ready.”

She holds on with both hands. His cock flares and he unloads into her mouth. She can’t hold it all and some runs down her chin and drips on her breasts.

She points to her mouth and gives a little smile.

“Open and let me see it.”

She shows him his cum. A little more runs down her chin.

“OK, swallow it and show me that it’s gone.”

“It’s all gone. How did I do?

“That was great. How did your first blow job feel for you?

“I really liked it, because you like it. I like making you feel good.”

“It tastes pretty good. I thought it might taste icky. I would like to do that again and swallow it.”

“You can have it anytime you like, baby. There is lots more where that came from.”

“I want to drink lots of your sperm.”

“OK, it’s time for you to learn sexy talk.”

“Sperm is called cum, this is my cock, and that is your pussy. When my cock is in your pussy, we are fucking. Got it?”

“Yep, cum, cock, fucking and pussy.”

“Cum is also what you do when you have an orgasm. Cumming on my cock.”

“My English lesson for the day.”

“Now, sit on the couch. I want to lick your pussy and make you cum.”

“Oh good. I like to cum on your tongue.”

She sits on the sofa.

“Hold your legs open for me. Show me your pussy.”

She grabs the inside of her knees and pulls them up and apart.

“I like showing my pussy to you. It makes your cock hard.”

“I can see your little pink ass hole too. It’s really cute.”

He leans in and kisses her lips. She gasps. He licks her from asshole to her clit. She moans, and opens her legs wider. He licks up and down, passing on her clit. Her juice runs down her ass crack. He licks it up as fast as he can. She is getting really hot, and thrusting her hips up to his face. He gently licks her clit. She cries out. He keeps licking till she is right on the edge.