My Hot Bisexual Summer

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I’m Robert, 19, single, sexually curious and still live at home. Sex is something I really like.

I have been jerking off for years and recently discovered that I enjoyed sex with men and women.

This realization occurred as a result of a series of unreal events in my life that occurred over the summer of my 20th year.

What happened?

I unexpectedly received a blowjob from an older man in the woods while voyeuring a couple.

My first real girlfriend (Maria) introduced me to heavy petting.

Her bisexual brother (Tony) was my real interest and we also started petting and more while talking about Maria.

Maria’s mother Angelina turned out to be more than my friend.

I was picked up hitchhiking while walking home in the rain from my Maria’s house.

I was seduced by an older man at a remote private swimming pond.

All of these events happened one summer where I lived, a semi rural area with thick woods, dirt roads and an abandoned water filled sand quarry.

My first bisexual summer adventure was in the woods. The woods were a great place to wander and spy on couples who parked to make out and have sex. Watching always resulted in an intense jerk off session.

One afternoon I was wandering in the woods and came upon a couple in a large four door Chrysler sedan that had backed into a heavily shrubbed cutout. Because of the bushes I was able to sneak up to within a few feet of the rear window without being seen. I could actually touch the side of the car. The action in the back seat was hot.

A mature woman was naked from the waist up. She had big tits and erect nipples. She was wearing a long full skirt that was pulled up to mid thigh revealing pull up stocking with a lacy top. She was slouched against the seat back holding her tits up, her index fingers flicking her nipples.

Next to her an older guy had removed his trousers. He was totally erect. As I watched, my cock in hand, the woman reached over to grasp his cut 7 inch erection, stroked him and then leaned in and took his cock in her mouth while he fondled her big tits. I was less than two feet away stroking and breathing hard hoping they didn’t hear me.

I kept watching, leaning closer until my face was nearly touching the rear window. They were oblivious to my presence.

At this point their positions had shifted, her skirt was at her waist and the guy had slid his hand under the edge of her panties. I could see the motion of his hand as he fingered her. She seemed to love his actions as she lifted her hips allowing her panties to side down her legs and then off. I had now slid my jeans down to my ankles and had slowed my stroking to keep from cuming.

It was then that something totally unexpected happened. Standing there, pre cum dripping from my erection I suddenly felt a warm hand on my ass. I freaked out and almost shouted but another hand had covered my mouth and lips. Then a voice close to my ear said softly; relax we can both watch and enjoy.

My new visitor was much older. He moved to my side. His hand moved to my cock and he began to stroke me while whispering that the couple now fucking were hot but my cock was hotter.

We stood there watching when he whispered again and told me to play with his cock. We stroked each other for a few minutes then he dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth giving me my first great blowjob until I suddenly shot my warm cum into his mouth.

After he stood up he asked me to continue to stroke his cock because he was ready to cum.

It took less than a minute until he shot his load all over the car’s rear window and my hand.

The woman in the car seemed to notice something, looked up and was surprised to see dripping cum and two now deflating cocks in front of her face. At that point my unexpected friend and I stepped back into the bushes and quickly walked away.

Soon after my voyeuring experience I met Maria, my first serious girl friend at a neighborhood cookout. She was 20, a year older than me and had some sexual experience with her older bisexual brother and a few friends. After a few dates Maria told me she would not fuck but did like heavy petting.

Maria was living at home with her single 50 year old mother Angelina and older brother Tony who was bi.

Maria was tall and thin with nice perky breasts and long nipples and she would let me touch them as we made out on her parents living room couch. Playing with Maria was better than jerking off but frustrating. She had a petting routine and would not go beyond a certain point.

We would begin when her mother would announce she was going to bed. Angilina was also tall with heavy hips and big breasts. Usually her brother would be out with his friends. Maria said her brother knew she played around.

Maria had a special skill, mersinescort teasing. She would tongue kiss, give me her tits to touch and she would rub my erection through my jeans. Maria would let me slip my hand under her skirt to feel her soft naked thighs but only to the edge of her panties which I could feel were wet. Touching her pusy was forbidden.

That left me horny and wanting more. I would then beg her to make me cum. After more French kissing and nipple play she would say OK take it out. She would then make me stand in front of her and drop my jeans and shorts, my now raging erection dripping pre cum.

Her technique was to turn my body sideways, grasp and stroke my cock with her right hand with her left hand squeezing the cheek of my ass. When I was about to cum she would remove her hand from my ass and use it to catch my cum.

Bitch that she was she would then stick her cum filled hand and fingers into my mouth. It drove me crazy, I didn’t know what I enjoyed more, cuming in her hand or tasting my own cum.

I wanted more from Maria but I also had the hots for her 23 year old brother. He would always tease me about Maria and ask if she gave good blowjobs. What he didn’t know was that I wanted him to blow me and I wanted to try to blow him.

Tony knew what Maria and I were doing. She told me she treated him the same way and that while he talked tough he was really a sub bitch and loved to suck cock.

Knowing what Maria had said I schemed to visit her house when she was out with her girl friends. When I arrived her mother, now my buddy, said Maria would be back in a couple of hours and that Tony was in the garage working on his car. So off I went.

Tony, 23, also tall and slim with long dark hair and a bulge always showed in the tight jeans and shorts he always wore.

When I walked into the detached garage Tony was in shorts, bare chested leaning over the fender of his car making some adjustments to his car. The view of his tight ass was hot and I walked up close, touched his back and said hi. He jumped about a foot before realizing who I was. His typical comment was, are you here to get jerked off. I smiled and said no, I’m here to get a blowjob.

Tony laughed and said Maria doesn’t give blowjobs. I smiled back and said, but I think you do. Tony blushed and his whole torso turned red but he didn’t say anything. I knew I would score my second blowjob.

Knowing that Tony was sub I took the direct approach. I pulled him away from the fender and tongue kissed him and at the same time reached down and groped his bulging cock. His response was instantaneous. He melted into my arms and tongue kissed me back before pulling away to say he had been waiting for me to make a move on him.

I told Tony I wanted him to give me a long slow blow job, take my cum in his mouth, hold it in his mouth and then kiss me deeply. Maria had trained me to like the taste of cum.

Tony’s response was to go to his knees, undo my belt and trousers, skin down my underwear and immediately deep throat my now very hard and dripping cock. In a few minutes I warned him I was ready. He nodded his chin and sucked deeply causing me to erupt. In moments he stood up, wrapped his arms around me and emptied warm cum into my mouth while using his tongue to probe my mouth.

It was at that moment I knew I was bisexual and would suck Tony’s cock. My cock stayed hard thinking about doing it. I kissed Tony back, my hands grasping his tight rounded ass and we continued making out. But I wanted more, my first cock in my mouth.

I pushed Tony back against the fender and stripped his shorts to find no underwear, just a beautiful cut 7 inch erection that I grasped and stroked before getting on my knees, Tony’s hands on my shoulders pulling my face to his cock.

Although it was my first time giving a blowjob I knew exactly what to do. Tony may have been a sub but he began to aggressively piston his hips ramming his cock deep in my mouth and partially down my throat. Before I could pull back his cock pulsed and I felt and tasted warm cum flooding my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could, getting all but a small amount.

I got up and kissed Tony, giving him a taste of his own cum. He took it, sucking my tongue, swallowing his remains. We both pulled back and smiled. I spoke first. Tony I said, that was fantastic and we are going to do it again and soon I am going to also fuck your beautiful tight ass. He simply said in return, OK.

Over the next few weeks I continued to enjoy hot sex with Maria and Tony. Until one afternoon while Maria was shopping and Tony was out with his friends.

As usual I was in the kitchen talking to Angelina. What was different was that she was wearing a skirt that ended just above her knees and a blouse that showed a modest amount of cleavage. A big change yenişehir escort from her usual sweats.

Out of the blue Angie, as I now called her said let’s go into the living room and talk. She led me to the couch and sat down patting to the cushion next to her.

As she turned to me her skirt pulled back revealing most of her upper thigh. Her blouse also gaped open showing a good deal of her lovely tits. I looked directly. She looked back and asked, do you like my new look?” I said, Angie, I always like admiring your body. She said OK I also like looking at your body but we need to talk about Tony and Maria.

About what I said. Angi said, do you really think I go to bed each night and close my door because I don’t. For a while I did but after a while I left my door partially open and listened to and Maria kissing and petting.

Recently I have been walking into the hall where I could watch you. Every time you reached up Maria’s skirt and tried to touch her pussy I put my own hand under my nightgown and fingered my pussy. I especially enjoyed watching Maria jerking you off and making you swallow your own cum. In fact I would usually have my own orgasm when you did. You don’t know it but I haven’t had sex since my husband left two years ago.

Another thing you don’t know is that there is a rear window in the garage and I have had a wonderful time watching you and Tony exchange blowjobs. I only wish I could hear your conversation. So please open the window the next time you play.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that you seem to be fascinated with Tony’s ass and I assume at some point you are going to fuck him. I want to know when you plan to do that so I can watch.

Now. Let’s discuss the real reason I wanted to talk to you. I want to make a deal. I’ll continue to spy on you having sex with Maria and Tony. By the way I know Maria will let you fuck her. I know this because each night when you leave Maria uses one of my old dildos she found to fuck herself.

The best part of the deal for you is that I will give you a blowjob whenever we are alone and you will bring me to orgasm using your tongue. At some point I may even let you fuck me.

If you agree, let’s get started. Take your shorts and underwear off and I will give you a woman’s version of a wet sloppy blowjob.

It took a second to get naked and a second later Angi was on her knees in front of me with her mouth pressed against my balls. She didn’t stop, kept sucking and just as I was about to cum she jammed her index finger violently into my ass. It was the most intense and prolonged orgasm I ever experienced.

We both relaxed for a minute until Angi said get ready Bobbie, it’s my turn. Before I knew it she was on the couch, legs spread and seemed to not be wearing panties. I was on my knees looking at a cunt (my first look) that had been shaved smooth.

Angi said since this is your first time I will give you some instructions. First, put your hands on my hips and pull my ass to the edge of the couch. Now move your hands up to my tits and grab hold of each nipple. Next, lean your face forward, extend your tongue, put your tongue on my swollen clit and do what comes naturally. Keep twisting my nipples and licking my clit until I tell you to stop.

In a few minutes Angie’s hips bucked in my face and she moaned I’m cumming. By then my face was covered in pussy juice and it felt wonderful.

We were cleaned up and back in the kitchen 5 minutes before Marie returned. All I could think of was what if I can’t get an erection when Maria and I play later.

The summer was passing quickly. My sexual education was progressing. Life was great.

A few weeks later after a long frustrating petting session Maria I ended up fighting and I had to walk home in the rain from her house.

My old Chevy was dead. I was wearing shorts and tee shirt. I was horny, soaking wet, cold and miserable.

I suddenly noticed that a car had pulled up next to me. Older guy, probably 40s opened passenger door said get in you look drowned.

I got in said thanks and he pulled back onto road. He asked my name and said he was Hank. He told me he saw me walking soaking wet and knew I would be cold.

As soon as we started up he leaned over the seat, brushed my thigh with his hand and turned the heater on, it felt great blowing on my legs.

He asked where I lived and I gave him a general location. Hank asked if I was getting warm, put his hand on my leg again and rubbed up and down. I told him the heater felt great. The touch of his warm hand also made my cock twitch and I squirmed in the seat to give my growing erection some room.

He asked where I was coming from. Said my girlfriend. He chuckled, asked if we had been making out. Feeling proud I said yah, hot and heavy. toroslar escort Asked if my girlfriend played with my cock. Told him yes but only under certain conditions and it was frustrating.

As we got near the area where I lived Hank asked if I wanted to sit in the car for a while to warm up. I had a feeling about him and said sure. Besides, I was aroused from my hours-long make out session and his wandering hand that had now brushed against my erection several times. Hank was now also shifting around in his seat and I could see a bulge in his pants.

Instead of stopping he drove to an abandoned railway bridge and parked in a dark area. Interestingly it was on the edge of an abandoned quarry where I would have another bi adventure in a few weeks.

We parked for a few minutes. Hank kept asking more about my girlfriend and how far she let me go. I gave him more details which excited him because he kept adjusting his now visible bulge. After a few minutes he stroked my now dry leg and asked if I wanted to cum.

I said yes and he helped me raise my tee shirt and lower my shorts. He began stroking my now erect cock and then leaned over and started to suck my cock.

What happened next was amazing. He sat up and removed his dentures, put them on the dash and again began sucking me. His warm soft wet mouth felt fantastic and in minutes I came in his mouth. He gulped down my cum.

He sat up, replaced his dentures, smiled at me and got the car moving. As I opened the door to get out near my house he leaned over and said I was the youngest guy he had ever blown.

Summer was coming to an end and I had no idea of how long my sexual adventures with Maria and her family would last. My parents were bugging me to get a job and move out on my own and I had to decide soon about what to do. Maria and I were getting very serious and we had started to fuck. The involvement of Tony and Angie now known to all of us was very complicated.

I needed some private time to think so I headed to the quarry, a great place to swim in private. The quarry was my hideaway, a place to be alone.

On that now memorable day I was alone at the quarry in shallow water up to my waist when an older guy, probably my father’s age arrived, stripped to his shorts and joined me.

He swam around for a while and then approached me and asked if I lived locally. Being a little naive I started talking to him like he was an old friend.

At that time, as you know, I had had a number of bisexual experiences. I thought about those experiences as the guy continued talking. I just knew he was bi or gay.

As we talked more he asked if I had a girlfriend. I told him I had a girlfriend for the first time and we were getting serious.

Soon he moved closer to me and started asking what I liked to do for fun besides swimming.

I laughed but was not going to tell him that sex with men and women was my favorite all time activity.

Our chat was making me horny because I often jerked off in the water of the sand pit and knew some of my guys did the same.

An interesting fact about the quarry was that it had a white sand bottom and crystal clear water.

As he moved closer I could see that he was rubbing the front of his shorts and it seemed to me he had an erection. At first I freaked out but then realized this guy might like boys. I was of course right.

His questions became more personal and intimate, focused on girls and what my friends and I thought about them. I told him we all talked about girls and their tits and asses.

I boldly told him I constantly thought about how exciting it was to fuck women and receive hand and blowjobs. He seemed to catch on immediately and I could see him continue rubbing his erection.

I then realized I had a partial erection and that he could see my bulge just like I could see him. Being nervous I moved away and adjusted my now total erection.

I could see his hand moving again and as he followed me toward the shore I could see that he had raised the leg of his shorts and his erect cock could be clearly seen.

Not sure what was happening he began herding me toward that bank of the quarry where the water was up to my knees.

Suddenly he was very close to me and pushed me back against the bank. At the same time he stripped my trunks to my feet.

My erection was fully visible. He sank to his knees and took my cock into his mouth. I was totally surprised but the feeling was fantastic. It only took a few minutes when I knew I was going to cum in his mouth and he swallowed it all.

I leaned back on my elbows and wondered what he would do next.

What he did surprised me. He stood up in front of me and jerked off until he shot his cum all over my stomach and chest. I then leaned forward, took his softening cock into my mouth and sucked him clean.

Without saying another word he got out of the water, dressed and walked away. I never saw him

This last unexpected adventure was a major surprise and as I dressed and headed for my car I wondered: what’s next?

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