My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 23

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Katie’s Subjection

Mrs. Jackson lay awake in her bed. She glanced over at the clock which showed 1:30 in bright red numbers. The sexy wife turned and looked over at her husband as he slept soundly next to her.

Her heart dropped as she stared at her loving spouse. Katie couldn’t understand how she had allowed her body to betray him three weeks ago and why she could not stop thinking about how she was ass-fucked by her fat neighbor Phil Dorman. Just the thought of what the old felon had done to her in her own bathroom made her pussy moist.

Turning over in her bed, the married mother felt her cunt twitch as she remembered the old man’s cum sloshing around inside her ass while she had gone through her yoga routine later that day. How she hadn’t been able to prevent the creamy substance from seeping out of her loosened sphincter, soiling her tight pants. She had felt totally embarrassed and incredibly turned on at the same time.

Katie looked over at her sleeping husband. She loved him more than anything. He worked hard so she didn’t have to during her year as the reigning ‘Mrs. America’, instead being able to concentrate on her promotional duties. The expenses that arose from being awarded the title caused the Jacksons a financial hardship. Fred was working harder and longer than ever as he wanted his wife to concentrate on working out and dancing for the upcoming season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

He had told her repeatedly how incredibly sexy it would be to have her perform on television. Katie had taken private lessons before Phil had been released and continued to work out multiple times a day in order to maintain her hard body for the television audience.

The sexy wife had only had sex once with her husband since Phil had moved in. During their lovemaking, as much as she had tried, she hadn’t been able to get her obese neighbor out of her head. Images of the old man brutally pounding his mammoth prick up her ass had flashed before her eyes as Fred was gently driving his much smaller cock in and out of her.

In the past, she had mostly enjoyed the steamy romps with her hubby but it seemed as though Phil’s devious manipulation and oversized prick had opened up a whole new world of sexuality to her. Much as she tried to persuade herself of the contrary, making love to her husband nowadays left her empty and unfulfilled as she couldn’t help thinking of the ugly old man’s much more powerful cock. His derogatory remarks, his pinching, slapping and forceful nature were exactly the opposite of her loving spouse.

Over and over again, the sexy mother closed her eyes and tried to sleep while her mind continued to tease her with visions of her neighbor’s perfect large member. The hot wife tossed and turned in her bed as she felt her cunt throb deep inside.

Every morning since his first day in their house, Phil would leave the premises only to return shortly before dinner. When questioned by Fred as to where he had been during the day he would usually reply that he was out looking for work or visiting friends.

Moreover, during the last few weeks, the obese felon had acted like a perfect gentleman, helping with the dishes as well as the children’s homework, even cleaning up after himself without being asked to.

While part of her was relieved that the old pervert hadn’t tried to make another pass at her, the other, larger part actually longed for him to ravage her sexy body again, to tear off her clothes and shove his giant shaft into her receptive holes.

For some strange reason, the sexy housewife felt betrayed and unwanted by the fact that Phil hadn’t at least tried to fuck her again.

As she lay next to her sleeping husband, Katie suddenly caught the sound of a woman’s moan echoing up the steps, followed by a pause. Sitting up in her bed, not sure if she had misheard, the hot mother listened carefully, her eyes widening. A series of further moans followed by some grunting noises put her doubts to rest. Immediately Katie felt that her dirty perverted neighbor had invited some slut over to their house and was pounding her in the basement.

The beautiful wife looked over at her husband but he hadn’t moved and was softly snoring. Slowly climbing out of bed, Katie straightened her white satin pajama shorts and matching button down blouse, quietly making her way down the steps. As she reached the main floor the moaning grew louder. Just as she was turning the corner to walk down into the basement a woman’s voice could be heard, loud and clearly moaning “Ohhhhhh Phil”. The hot wife felt her stomach drop. She couldn’t believe the old man’s audacity.

Quietly, Katie tiptoed down the steps in her bare feet. The basement lights were off. The sound of slapping flesh could be heard between cries of ecstasy. Her heart skipped a beat.

Taking a deep breath, the sexy mother slowly peeked around the corner, fully expecting to see the fat neighbor humping some tramp that lay spread out underneath him.

Katie’s beautiful brown eyes sarışın porno adjusted to the darkness, then widened in shock as she took in the sight before her.

Phil Dorman was sitting on the couch in front of the big flat screen television. The fat old pervert was completely naked, his flabby ass resting on a white towel. A porn video was playing, the sound loudly blaring across the room. The flickering glow of the screen lit up the obese man’s hairy belly as it oozed down in front of him.

Instantly, the hot wife’s gaze wandered to his mammoth prick. The huge cock was fully erect as it stuck straight out away from his body, glistening in the dim light. His chubby fists were slowly stroking the monstrous shaft as he wrapped both hands around it, causing the giant head to bloat with every pump.

Katie closed her eyes and backed away from the corner, exhaling. The hot wife felt relieved that the old man wasn’t fucking some other woman. She knew she should just quietly sneak back upstairs to her husband. Her heart skipped another beat as she felt her pussy spasm.

“Just leave” she whispered to herself, keeping her eyes closed.

Trying in vain to fight the feelings inside her, the sexy mother slowly peered around the corner of the wall again and watched in fascination as the disgusting old houseguest stroked his magnificent member.

“Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk!” A loud groan from the TV speakers caused her to finally look at the screen as she recognized the moaning voice.

Katie’s mouth hung open as she glanced at the image of her ex-friend and former boss Sheila on all fours, being reamed out by Phil’s monster cock. The hot wife realized in shock that the fat man was masturbating to a self-recorded video of himself and her buxom acquaintance.

The sexy mother watched in morbid fascination as the old geezer’s flabby naked body shook with excitement while he stroked himself, staring at the TV. Not knowing what to do, she just stood there, her eyes constantly wandering from Phil’s gorgeous shaft to the screen and back again.

Instinctively, Katie’s left hand went up to her breast as she felt her rock-hard nipple poking out through her satin shirt. Her areolas seemed to have swollen monstrously, making the contact almost painful.

Trying to get a better look at her neighbor stroking himself, the sexy mother gingerly took a step forward, craning her neck.

The old man seemed to have noticed the movement out of the corner of his eye as he suddenly turned his head and stared at the blushing woman in her satin pajamas.

“Oh, Freckles” he said casually, turning his attention back to the screen as he started masturbating again “Did you come to join me?”

Katie gasped at his nonchalance. Fuming, the hot wife marched right up to the sofa as she faced the naked old man, putting her hands on her hips. She would not allow the ugly geezer to ignore her.

“Can you turn this down!” she demanded, trying hard to look the bald pervert in the eyes “We can hear it all the way upstairs!”

Dorman didn’t even bother to look at her as his gaze remained fixated on the video, “I’ll be done in a minute,” he huffed as he continued to stroke himself.

The hot wife swallowed hard as she eyed the small, fat man while his pudgy hands slid up and down his gigantic fuck-stick, the monstrously bloated mushroom head glistening with pre-cum.

Another ecstatic scream echoed from the speakers, causing Katie to turn her head to the screen again. Looking back, she spotted the remote lying on the sofa next to the disgusting man.

Quickly she leaned forward and snatched the controller. In one quick motion the ugly geezer let go of his cock as he reached out grabbed Katie’s wrist, his wet, sticky fingers engulfing her delicate arm. Grinning deviously, he roughly pulled the stunned beauty down on the sofa, spinning her around.

“Ouch!” Katie yelled, flying through the air before landing next to the fat man, her pajama-clad ass sinking into the cushions.

For some reason, the hot wife had suspected Phil to be all over her, tearing off her clothes but the obese neighbor instantly turned his attention back to the TV as he released her wrist and started stroking his fat cock again.

“Look at that slut go!” he chuckled as Katie glanced back up at the screen.

Sheila was on her back, hollering obscenities as she was being ruthlessly pounded by the hideous fat man. Katie noticed the way the big-breasted woman was looking directly at the camera, obviously knowing that she was being filmed.

The hot wife’s face reddened as she pointed the remote towards the TV and lowered the volume.

Her neighbor didn’t seem to mind as he continued to stroke himself, his beady eyes fixed on the dirty action.

Sheila’s screams and grunts were now barely audible, drowned out by Phil’s heavy breathing and the sound of slapping flesh as the old man furiously ran his hands up and down his veiny shaft.

Katie knew she should sex hikayeleri get up and leave yet her brain fogged as she stared at the obese man’s nakedness. Her face blushed crimson as she became more aware of the deep pulsating in her pussy, feeling the tautness of her moist cunt flesh between her legs.

Neither of them spoke for the next few minutes as Phil continued to happily jerk his giant prick. Drool was running out of his half-open mouth and dripping from his chin. The hot wife felt nervous and totally out of place yet something deep inside her kept her from leaving as she sat motionless next to the grunting old man. Irritated by his behavior, she wondered why he wasn’t paying her any attention.

“Oh, Sheila, you dirty slut!” Phil huffed, watching the buxom brunette on the screen wrap her lips around his cock.

“Is this what you’ve been doing in the mornings? Running off to see her?” Katie suddenly blurted out, instantly cringing at the tone of her voice. She sounded like a jealous high school girlfriend.

Phil grinned, holding his cock at its base as he stopped wanking and looked into the married woman’s eyes.

“You can think what you want, Freckles.”

“You know she got divorced because of you” Katie exclaimed, glancing back at the TV as her former friend worked the old man’s large tool in and out of her wet mouth.

“I know” boasted Phil, “She’s an adult and can make her own decisions”

The old man coughed loudly as his cock shook with his body, “It was more or less you who destroyed her marriage if you think about it! If you hadn’t said anything we would still be the same!”

Katie frowned. She had never thought of it like that. It explained why Sheila no longer spoke to her. It had been a shock to everyone when Phil had taken the stand during his court proceedings, taking the blame for everything and Sheila had been able to walk away even though they had been caught in the drive thru lane together as he deposited his check.

Lost in her thoughts, he hot wife glanced back down at her old neighbor’s cock.

“Do you like what you see?” the obese man inquired, stroking his shaft as he noticed the look in Katie’s eyes.

The sexy mother breathed heavily through her nose as she quickly looked away, biting her bottom lip.

“It’s alright, Freckles. I know you do.” Phil chuckled before pointing at the screen.

“Would you believe it? That whore Sheila right there has had sex with more than two hundred men. The slut’s been around the block a few times. And she always told me I have the biggest cock she ever saw” the old man proudly beamed.

Katie felt a lump forming in her throat as she eyed the monstrous shaft again. She knew it was true. She had always been fascinated by big cocks herself. While secretly watching online porn, she had often marveled at the sizes of the male actors’ huge pricks but never in her life had she seen a longer, fatter specimen than the one appended to the ugly old man who had been living next door to her all those years.

Phil stroked harder as he stared at the beautiful wife, “Remember when you first saw my cock! I loved the look in your eyes! It wasn’t what you expected was it?”

Katie tried her best not to answer but knew there was no point denying her astonishment.

“No it wasn’t.” the hot wife whispered, looking bashfully down to the ground.

“Look at it! It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Phil boasted, grinning at the married woman’s obvious horniness.

Katie shook her head as her legs shivered and butterflies exploded in her stomach.

“Yes” she hissed defiantly as she stared down at the large muscle that he held in his hands.

“I bet it’s twice the size of your husband’s. Am I right?”

“Have…” Katie’s voice nearly failed her as she cringed slightly, trying to dodge the question “Have you ever…measured it?” she whispered softly, watching the huge pole throb in the flickering light.

The fat man snickered as he stared at the hot mother.

“Actually I haven’t, Freckles. Why? Would you like to do yourself the honor?” he asked, watching her reaction “Your tapeline over there in your sewing kit.”

Katie’s head was spinning. It was two a clock in the morning and she knew she should be upstairs sleeping next to her husband not down here admiring her old neighbor’s fat prick yet she couldn’t deny the lewd sensation that filled her mind as she felt her slick pussy throb.

Gingerly, the sexy wife got up from the sofa and made her way across the room, grabbing the measuring device from her case.

The old man grinned as he studied the beauty queen’s sexy body while she walked back towards him and slowly sat down again. Katie hesitated for a moment as if waiting for orders.

“Go on! You know what to do! Don’t tell me you’ve never measured your husband’s cock?”

“I have,” the hot wife quietly said, her face blushing some more as she slowly unrolled the tape.

She had measured Fred’s cock with şişman porno the same tape during one of their bedroom romps and he was 7 ½ inches. Hesitatingly, Katie pulled out one end of the tapeline. The old man let go of his cock as it stood straight up in the air like a flagpole, swollen and glistening in the dim light.

The married woman couldn’t believe what she was about to do as she slowly lowered her hands towards her neighbor’s throbbing prick. Leaning forward, she gingerly placed the bottom of the tape at the base of his shaft as she felt his thick pubic hair tickle her delicate fingers.

Slowly, the sexy wife pulled the tape upward with her fingertips as her wedding ring made contact with the old man’s rubbery skin, causing the fat schlong to twitch. Katie could feel the protruding veins slide along the back of her hand as she moved it upwards until she reached the bloated mushroom head.

Her fingertips marked the digits on the tape as she held them close to his piss slit. Bending down to read the numbers, the hot mother caught a whiff of her old neighbor’s manly scent as it emanated from his swollen rod.

“10.8 inches” Katie softly whispered, trying in vain to hide the awe in her voice.

“Not bad, eh?” Phil chuckled “What about the girth?”

Quickly, the freckled beauty wrapped the tape around the thickest part of the obese man’s shaft, again marking it with her fingers as she lowered her head to read the scale.

“7.7” she uttered, her voice shaking as chills ran down her spine.

“Ha! Now you know why no bitch has ever managed to close her fingers around it while stroking me!” Phil cried. “Try it yourself! Go on!” he laughed, pointing the swollen prick in her direction.

The married woman knew she should resist yet her body rejoiced at the opportunity of touching the old man’s bloated fuck-stick again.

Tossing the tape to the side, Katie extended her right hand as she leaned over and gently engulfed the base of Dorman’s cock. Her pussy leaked more juices as her fingers made contact with the hot skin.

Gritting her teeth, she tightened her grip as much as she could yet the iron-hard flesh hardly budged. Her fingertips weren’t even close.

The naked old man leaned back with a grin.

“Aaah, that feels good, Freckles” he sighed “I sure missed you doing this during those lonely years in that fucking prison cell”

Katie bit her bottom lip, her fingers still tightly clutching the disgusting man’s cock. It felt like ages since he had last let her touch it. The married mother knew she should let go yet she enjoyed the rubbery feel of the stiff rod as she felt the old man’s blood pulsating in the throbbing veins.

“You missed me too, didn’t you?” Phil asked, eyeing the beautiful woman.

His lips tightened as he stared at her, her small hand resting on his huge member.

“You sure seemed to miss me when I fucked your ass!”

Cringing, Katie turned her head to the screen again as she watched Phil’s large body lying on top of Sheila, his prick driving in and out of the buxom woman’s pussy.

“It felt good didn’t it?” the hideous man demanded, his voice echoing in the room.

Exhaling, Katie looked into his eyes, then down at the mammoth cock that she was holding on to.

“No!” she whispered defiantly “You…you raped me!”

“Don’t be silly, Freckles! I gave you what you wanted”

Feeling his incredible girth, the hot mother couldn’t believe her ass had been able to take the monstrous prick as she stared down at it. Naturally, it had been painful at first but with every thrust of her bald neighbor the agony had been replaced by the most wonderful bliss as he had made her cum over and over again. The memories of being brutally ass-fucked made her shudder.

Phil smiled widely, exposing his yellowish teeth, “You loved it didn’t you?”

The beautiful wife tried to block out the images from her mind but she knew it was true. Just the thought of Phil roughly taking her again made her cunt become wetter. Ever so slowly, hardly noticeable at first, her small hand started gently moving up and down his giant cock.

“Did you enjoy eating my cum out of your ass?”

Once again Katie cringed at the depravity of the obese, naked man but her breathing was now labored with arousal as she softly stroked his bulging fuck-stick in the flickering light.

“It was so…dirty!” she whispered barely audible, her voice straining as she closed her eyes.

“You like dirty things, don’t you Freckles? Brace yourself, I might have a surprise for you.” the old man huffed as Katie’s strokes slowly started to intensify

The beautiful mother knew she was losing herself craving the thick cock, her hand now covering the full length of Phil’s shaft as it continued to slide up and down. Slowly she opened her eyes again. Her mouth was half open and her head spinning.

“Why did you come down here?” Phil softly inquired.

Katie felt blood rush to her breasts as her nipples hardened. Her face felt flushed.

“You were being too loud.”

“You could have sent your husband,” Phil replied calmly.

A drop of pre-cum emerged from the old man’s piss hole and ran down his cock, lubricating the hard flesh as the married woman started to stroke it more vigorously.