My Husband’s Family Ch. 07


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Dinner was nearly unbearable for Mommy. She kept looking at her children and her husband remembering the sight earlier that afternoon. Her nipples had stayed hard just thinking about her daughter Deedee licking, sucking and jiggling her very large breasts as she watched her husband and son in the yard caressing each other like lesbians.

Mommy had stopped into her bedroom before she went into the kitchen to remove her panties. They were dripping wet from frigging her pussy as her daughter had worshiped her breasts.

She decided she wouldn’t wear panties because she wanted to feel her lubrication running down the inside of her legs. She could hear wet noises as she walked around the bedroom. She stood, thinking, and decided to remove her bra and let her breasts swing. She looked in her closet and selected a light blue knit top with a V neck. It clung to her breasts and there was no way to not notice her hard nipples. She bent over in front of the mirror and could see her globes hanging free. She became more and more aroused as she though about seeing her family at dinner.

The children came when called and seated themselves at the table, waiting for food to be served. They could see Mommy at the sink in the kitchen with Daddy behind her, his arms around her front. They could see his arms move, saw him kiss her on the neck and heard her sigh and lean against him.

“HEY”, shouted Jan the 18 year old baby sister. “I am starving!! I see you are busy, but can I help Beylikdüzü Fetiş Escort serve?”

Mommy laughed and said, “No, no, I’ll be right there. Start your salad if you are truly starving”

Daddy picked up a heavy plate of roast and carried it to the table. Mommy followed with the carving knife and big fork. She returned to the kitchen again for potatoes and green beans.

Mommy positioned herself next to the roast, facing everyone at the table. She picked up the carving knife and fork and proceeded to slice the roast. The knife was a little dull, so she had to use a sawing motion that started her unfettered breasts moving.

The kids and Daddy marveled at her loose breasts in that tight knit top. Daddy had been rolling and pinching her nipples as they stood at the skink and her nipples remained hard and pushed out her knit top. The kids had never seen their mother without a bra and were mesmerized by the movement of her large breasts and the protrusion of her nipples.

She managed to cut a few slices, and then leaned down further as she scooped up the meat and put it on a platter.

Daddy watched the faces of their children as their mother displayed her bounteous breasts to them. He could tell Deedee was masturbating under her skirt, and besides, he could smell her arousal over the roast. Georgie had his napkin on his lap and trying to sneak and squeeze his hard cock. Jan, the youngest sister couldn’t figure out what was going on, but she too was aroused by her mother’s display of her large breasts.

The Beylikdüzü Gecelik Escort parents chit chatted as if nothing was amiss and at the end of dinner, asked the kids to clean up, they wanted to go for a walk. The kids bustled around the kitchen and then one of them, standing at the sink washing pots gasped. Mommy and Daddy’s walk hadn’t taken them too far, they were in full view of the kitchen window.

All three kids were trying to see out the window at the same time and watch as Daddy pulled up Mommy’s knit top and exposed her big breasts. He kneaded them, lifting and squeezing, pushing them up and up. Then leaning down and running his tongue around her areola, her nipples tightening up and getting hard and pointy. He licked her hard nipple and Mommy moaned. Then Daddy squeezed her left breast and began to fuck his mouth with her breast and hard nipple.

“Oh god, daddy, that feels so good and I am so hot. Just knowing the kids are watching your worship my breasts makes me so wet.”

“Daddy, someone else was licking and sucking my nipples today.”

Daddy gave Mommy a quizzical look but didn’t stop sucking.

“I confess, I watched you today during your educational session with Georgie. I had gone upstairs to investigate a noise and found Deedee naked and masturbating in Georgie’s room. Turns out she was watching the two of you. Well, when I looked out the window, I became instantly aroused and, and Deedee begged to do my breasts as Georgie was doing yours. I couldn’t say no, and Beylikdüzü Genç Escort it was very exciting.”

Daddy sucked Mommy’s breasts harder, putting on quite the show for the kids peeping out the kitchen window.

“Mommy, knowing you were watching Georgie and me makes my cock hard as steel. I want us to go to bed and let the children take care of themselves this evening.”

A few moments later Mommy and Daddy were in their bedroom removing one another’s clothes as slowly as possible.

“Mommy, show and tell me what Deedee was doing as you looked out the window at Georgie and me and told her what you were watching.”

“Daddy, I told her what you were telling Georgie to do. I could hear you tell him it was what I loved to have done to my breasts. And I could see his cock get harder and drip as he ministered your tits.”

“Daddy, she loved on me. She really wanted to suck and love her Mommy’s tits. Her panties were off and she was naked. She masturbated while she sucked me and I could her the wet sounds of her fingers in her pussy. That made me so hot, that I was masturbating as well. I kept on my panties and shorts, I don’t think I was ready for anything more, I was about to explode as it was.”

“Daddy, Deedee and I are going to meet again tomorrow and every day that you are conducting Georgie’s learning sessions. Will it make you hot to know we are watching? Will you tell Georgie?”

“Mommy, that makes me drip knowing that you will be watching. No, I will not tell Georgie. I think at this stage it would hinder his education, but let me think about it. I think we can make this a very hot family love time some time in the future.”

“Daddy darling…what are you going to be doing with Georgie tomorrow?”

“Mommy. It’s time for Georgie to learn about pussy.”

“Speaking of pussy, lay down and let me lick and suck yours the way I know you love.”