My Latina Teacher at the Water Hole

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Group Sex

It was about a month later after graduation that I saw Kim again. Some friends and I were hanging out at the local hamburger joint. She pulled up in her Corvette and got out. Damn did she look hot. Dressed in a tight short skirt and a tank top. You could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra as you could see her nipples lightly through the material. She wasn’t worried about what the town folk thought about her dress code. She is the best teacher they ever had and didn’t want to lose her. She was the best I ever had and as a teacher as the thought made me grin. So no one questioned the way she dressed. She had them believing she was a good woman even with how she dressed. So there was no thought of her doing anything with her students. If only they knew.

She entered the building and saw me sitting at the table. She walked over and stood next to me.

“Hi Bob. How have you been. What you up to today.”

“Hi Kim,” I replied. “Doing good. Just hanging out with some friends having a burger and some fries. How have you been.”

“Doing really good but needing something,” she said with a smile.

I knew exactly what it was but didn’t pursue it. Not there with a good number of people around.

“Maybe a burger and fries with a coke would do good,” I told her.

“I think I’m more in the mood for a hot dog,” she said again with a smile.

She walked over to the counter and ordered a hot dog and fries. She sat at a table where she was directly across from me. She sat down and when she knew I was looking she spread her lovely legs showing me her sweet shaved Latino pussy. As she did, she seductively took the hot dog in her mouth while looking me straight in the eyes. She looked at me and smiled.

Needless to say, my cock was as hard as a rock. Everyone was pretty much done eating and ready to go. I finished off the last few bites of my burger and fries taking my time. Wasn’t afraid of my friends seeing I had a raging hard on as we all were bi and have seen each other’s cocks’ numerous times. But I didn’t want anyone else to notice it.

As we walked by her table she reached out and took a hold of my arm.

“I’m really proud of how well you did kaçak iddaa in my class. What are you and your friends up to,” Kim complimented me.

“Thank you. You were a great inspiration. Couldn’t have done it without your help.” We both smiled at that. “We’re thinking about going to this private little watering hole only me and some of my friends know about. We keep it a secret for reasons. Only those we invite are allowed there.”

“Am I someone that would be invited,” Kim asked as she rubbed my arm so slightly as to not look obvious.

“What do you think guys,” I said to my friends.

“Fine with me,” they all said giving their approval. I took out a piece of paper and drew her a map on how to get there. “No one comes with you. Agreed!”

“Agreed,” replied Kim.

We walked out and we all went home as we had some chores to do. I couldn’t wait to be at the watering hole as I loved sucking their cocks and them sucking mine. But my thoughts were flooded with thoughts of my teacher being there. With her sweet Latino body.

It was nearly 6 p.m. when I finished. Didn’t bother to shower as we were all going to be in the water anyway. I changed into my swimming trunks and headed out. When I got there Jim, Bill, and Tom were all there already and in the water. But no sign of Kim’s Corvette. I got out of my car and immediately took off the swimming trunks and tossed them in the car. I walked down to the shore and proceeded to enter the water. I could see Jim was standing next to Bill and probably playing with Bill’s cock under the water. Tom was on his other side so figured both hands were busy.

“Tom, Come stand next to me.”

He moved over next to me and I took his cock in my hand as he did mine. We were all stroking each other and I started walking into shallower water. Tom followed. He knew why. Once we were where our cocks were above water I squatted down and took his cock in my mouth.

“My My. What a sight,” a voice said. Needless to say, it scared the shit out of us. I pulled off of Toms cock and looked up. There stood Kim completely naked. She obviously assumed we would be skinny dipping as it was private. And knew what was planned kaçak bahis being she was invited. She walked into the water and out to where Tom and I stood.

“I didn’t know you was bi Bob,” Kim said. “That is so hot. I enjoy eating pussy as I’m also bi. Maybe some time we can share a pussy Bob”

“That would be great,” I replied. “Kim, This is Tom and that is Bill and Jim over there.”

They exchanged pleasantries and Bill and Jim went back to playing with each other’s cocks.

“Well, is it time for me to be your little slut Bob,” Kim said. “Which one do I suck first. How about your friend you were sucking being he is right here.” And with that she squatted down and took Tom’s cock in her mouth. Tom let out a loud moan as she took his cock balls deep. Bill and Jim had moved into the shallow water next to us and Bill squatted down next to Kim and took Jim’s cock in his mouth. The sight of the two of them sucking cock almost made me cum right then.

Kim looked out of the side of her eye at Bill working Jim’s cock. She let out a loud moan. She pulled off of Tom’s cock and said, “Don’t make him cum. You all save that for me. “I’m Bob’s little Latino slut and he tells me what he wants. We agreed for now I get all the cum.”

She went back to sucking Tom and I could tell he wasn’t going to last long. A few minutes later he let out a yell and started bucking like crazy. He unloaded every drop of cum he had in Kim’s mouth. She pulled off and showed us the cum in her mouth than swallowed it. “Next,” she said looking at Bill and Jim.

They both walked over and Kim wasted no time taking Bill in her mouth. She reached out and was stroking Jim’s cock. Both of them moaning like crazy.

She pulled off Bill’s cock and said, “Bob my sweet man. Is this slutty enough. I love being your little Latino slut teacher.”

“Yes Kim,” “You are my perfect little slut teacher.”

“Make me even sluttier Bob. Fuck my tight little Latina ass while I finish your friends off with my mouth.”

She went back to sucking and stroking Bill and Jim’s cocks. I got behind her and put my hard cock up to her sweet little asshole. I started pushing it in and she pushed illegal bahis back until I was buried balls deep in her tight little ass. Her moaning from pleasure on Bills cock pushed him over the edge. He started fucking her mouth hard and fast. Kim taking every inch of his 9 inch cock down her throat. She started whimpering when he started shooting his cum down her throat.

“Oh God Bob. I love being your little slut. Fuck my ass hard. Cum in me. Jim. Move in front of me. You’re next.”

Jim moved so fast you would have missed it if you blinked. Kim guided his 8 inch rock hard cock to her mouth and took it all in one forward movement of her head. You could see her throat bulge each time she took their cocks deep in her throat. She was working on her third load of cum to swallow while I pumped her sweet Latino ass.

“Kim. I love fucking your ass. It’s so hot and tight.” I told her. “You are a good little slut.”

Jim was starting to move faster and I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. And neither was I. I was creating waves in the water I was pounding her hot ass so hard.

“Of fuck,” cried Jim. And I heard Kim moan knowing he was feeding her another load of cum. She had already coated me several times with her juices from rubbing her clit. She was one hell of a squirter.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and started loading her sweet ass with my hot cum. I pounded her hard until I had emptied every last drop in her. She was still moaning as she was sucking last of Jim’s cum out of his cock. When there was no more to give, she stood up. Looked at me and kissed me. Giving me some of Jim’s cum to swallow.

“Bob. That was wonderful. I have missed being your little teacher slut. I’m glad I ran into you today. Thank you for letting me be a member of your little private group. Next time I want to suck a cock with you and let you reap the rewards. And maybe sometime you can find a girl to join the group. Let me be a real slut for you and let you watch me eat her while you fuck me up the ass.”

“You’re welcome my little slut. Thank you for joining us. I know my friends enjoyed it and not to worry. What happens at the watering hole stays here.”

We all swam for a while. Kim ended up sucking all 4 of us again and swallowing a load from them again and one from me. She is the perfect little slut. Looking forward to the next time at the watering hole.

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