My Little Purple Friend

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As I sit here at the computer, I rock back onto my favorite butt plug. It’s light purple, and about four inches long; maybe a little over an inch wide at the widest part. It’s the biggest one I’ve had so far, and it brings me to orgasms I never thought were possible on my own. It’s very soft and always feels so smooth sliding into my ass. I shift my weight forward in the desk chair, which allows the plug to slip out just a fraction of an inch. Leaning forward, I can feel the widest part of the plug pressing from the inside, straining against my asshole. I focus on relaxing my ass and try to push it out a little. Sitting in the chair prevents the plug from slipping out completely as I push, and I can control exactly how far it is pushed inside my ass. I lean forward a little as I try to push it out, and stop when the widest part of the plug stretches the tightest ring of my asshole. My ass grips the plug tightly, and I can feel the electricity radiating from my asshole 1xbet yeni giriş through the rest of my body. I reach my hand back to my asshole and flex my muscles around the thick plug, feeling with my fingers how wide my tiny hole is stretched.

I keep up the pressure, like I’m trying to push the plug out, as I slowly lean back in the chair and the plug slips further into my ass. My body jerks involuntarily, and the plug slides into my ass to the base. I lean forward again, allowing the widest part of the plug to slip just outside my tight hole. My red silk robe falls off of my right shoulder, and the breeze on my nipple makes me shiver, my nipple perking up immediately. I can feel my asshole quiver as the plug narrows before I lean back in the chair again, letting the widest part of the plug slip back into my body more easily now. I begin a slow rocking motion in front of the desk, my asshole becoming accustomed to the pace. As I lean forward my asshole moves 1xbet güvenilir mi away from the plug, drawing it out of my ass. I shift my weight backward and my asshole drives onto the plug, forcing it deep into my ass. My pace gradually increases, the plug slipping in and out of my ass sending shivers through my body.

My right hand drops between my legs, and my index and middle fingers find my clit. My thighs squeeze my hand as my fingers roll my clit around, squeezing it tight and pressing it hard into my pubic bone. I continue my fervent rocking in the chair, throwing myself back to force the plug harder into my ass, leaning forward to draw it out and grind my clit against my hand. My left hand reaches into the front of my robe, and my thumb and finger capture my hard nipple, twisting and pulling at it.

My body jerks back and forth, fucking the plug deep into my ass. I drag the fingers of my right hand down to my pussy, and drop my thumb onto 1xbet giriş my clit as my fingers churn at the wet opening. My hips swing forward, driving my fingers into my pussy, then back, driving the plug deep into my asshole. My asshole squeezes tight as the plug slams in, trying to pull it in harder, then opens up as my hips pull my body away from the plug, not wanting to lose contact. My thumb presses my clit hard into my pubic bone and rubs it back and forth, and I slam my ass down on the chair, wriggling the plug as far into my ass as I can get it as my climax overtakes me. My hips jerk spastically as my orgasm takes control of my body, forcing the plug even faster and harder into and out of my ass, causing me to struggle to keep my thumb on my clit and my fingers in my pussy.

Electricity courses through my body, originating from my asshole, and giving me goosebumps on my arms, legs, and ass. I grind my clit into my thumb as the last aftershocks of my orgasm pass and my limbs finally relax. My body drops back down onto the chair, my asshole greedily sucking the plug deep inside it once again. I shiver from head to toe, and wriggle on the chair again, still loving the feel of the plug moving around in my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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