My Man, My Daddy

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And with that yell and a push, my third daughter was born.

My daughter, my sister – because our fathers are the same person. That’s right I’ve had my father’s children. Two boys and, now, three girls. My blond, blue eyed babies , just like me and Daddy!

I’ve been having his babies since just before my nineteenth birthday, I’m now 23.

That’s one baby just about every nine months, for those who like to do the math.

You see, me and my daddy just love to make love. Five or six times a day, every day and Daddy hates the thought of birth control…so we get the obvious results.

I don’t mind. I like giving my Daddy more babies to love, and he’s such a good Daddy. He provides for all of us, and provides well too ’cause he’s rich. He spends quality time with me and all our children.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you how this all started.

My Mamma and Daddy met in high school in 10th grade. They fell in love and were inseparable thereafter. By 12th grade Mama was pregnant with me. Daddy did the right thing and married her, dropped out of high school, got a couple of jobs and started supporting his fledging family.

Of course it was hard at first. Daddy’s jobs didn’t pay all that well, (minimum wage at first) but he insisted that Mamma finish high school, at least, and then think about college. He said one uneducated redneck in the family was more than enough.

Despite a lack of formal education, Daddy was always tinkering with ideas and he was especially intrigued with computers.

After Mama finished two years of college courses she found a decent job in an office and in short order became the office manager. That allowed Daddy to take some computer courses and long story short, he came up with a couple of devices and an app that he sold the rights to for about $250 million. So he and Mamma were set for life.

Unfortunately that life time together was only to last just over 1 year.

About six months after my 16th birthday, Mama was killed in a boating accident. A couple of drunken fishermen were coming into the marina way too fast and hit Mama’s canoe. She died instantly.

Daddy and I were completely devastated.

Daddy could hardly even speak for most of the next year. We both moped around the house, just going through the motions. When we started to come out of that funk we clung to each other for comfort and solace.

We would sit cuddled together on the sofa after dinner in our PJs and just watch some mindless TV shows. I think the closeness and touch of another human helped us slowly heal.

Ever so slowly, and with the help of a grief counselor, both Daddy and I started to come out of our grief and began to restart our lives.

I started taking an interest in my high school life again and Daddy showed some interest in his business projects again.

It was around this time I also noticed that he had started to take more interest in me. He would simply watch me as I moved about the house, or when I did my exercises in front of the TV. He would often give me random hugs or a brief caress on my cheek. I never viewed these as sexual in nature, just as my Daddy showing me he cared for his daughter — his Baby Girl.

Life began to unfold as it should. I finished my last year of high school (not magna cum laude or anything but with respectable marks) and decided to take some time off before selecting a college and a course to major in.

Because Daddy and I had been so close in consoling each other over the past year, (I hadn’t made any romantic attachments) there were no concerns about moving to an out of town college and losing a boyfriend, except that I worried about Daddy. Thinking about not being near him on a daily basis brought pangs to my heart.

Daddy seemed to be focused on keeping busy thinking up new things to invent and finding buyers or investors for his projects. He seemed content, but there were no women in his life. It seemed to me that he clearly wasn’t ready to move on with that aspect of his life, yet. I worried he might never and be lonely for the rest of his life.

In the almost two years that had passed since Momma died, I had “blossomed” into womanhood. I had been tiny (5 foot 4 inches) and thin. Since then I had grown about two inches; put on some healthy looking weight, developed “C” cup sized breasts and wider hips with nicely rounded buttocks. In short, I thought I looked pretty hot with my shoulder length blond hair and sparkling blue eyes.

I had an inkling that this change had not gone unnoticed by Daddy. More than once I had caught him watching me, now with a strange look in his eyes. A look of longing, and was that lust?

Our nightly snuggles on the couch had gotten a bit closer. Daddy would cuddle me close and rub my arms or my back or massage my feet and legs — it did feel so good. Safe and warm in my Daddy’s big strong arms.

That warmth always seemed to pool in my loins. I would go to my bed every night with the crotch of my PJs not only damp, but wet.

I bursa anal yapan escort knew it was affecting Daddy too because more than once (even though he tried to hide it) I could tell he had a huge erection, and I do mean huge! Yeah, Daddy was hung!

This is as good a place as any to describe Daddy. He’s 6 foot 4 inches tall, weighs in at about 225 pounds of solid, but not bulky, muscle, tight abs. All in all, pretty fit. His penis is 8 ¾ inches long flaccid and about 10 ½ erect and thick, about the size of a Red Bull can ,with testes the size of Large Grade A eggs. He has sandy blond hair and blue eyes. (kind of looks like the Marlboro Man). In short, a girl’s wet dream.

For my eighteenth birthday, Daddy invited some friends from my school and since he loved to cook made us a wonderful meal. Caesar salad, with his home made dressing, Osso Buco alla Milanese, pasta, plus several bottles of Chianti. Nobody was feeling any pain by the time the last cab left with our guests some time around midnight.

“Leave the dishes” said Daddy, “I’ll look after them in the morning, come and have a night cap with me before bed.”

“You sure?” I said. “We just have to load them in the dishwasher.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. In my state, I’d probably break some and anyway the pots have to be hand washed.

Come sit with your old man.”

“OK Daddy, I’ll pour. What’s your fancy? And by the way you’re not old!”

” Some Gran Marnier would be nice” he said.

“Gran Marnier for two it is!” I replied with a little giggle.

I poured the amber liqueur into two snifters and the scent of spiced oranges wafted to my nose. I passed one to Daddy, who swirled it in the glass to warm it before tasting.

I sat on the couch, cuddled up to my Daddy, just like when I was younger, and sipped the Gran Marnier. The brandy was warm in my mouth and throat, making me very mellow and relaxed.

As I finished the glass I could feel the alcohol going straight to my head, on top of the wine from dinner. I leaned back further into Daddy’s arms and chest enjoying the feeling of warmth and safety.

I looked up and saw Daddy looking at me with softness and love. “You know, you look a lot like your mother did when she was your age” he said softly. “I miss her so much”. His eyes watered up a little. I saw the pain and longing in his face.

“I miss her too” I said and found my emotions caused me to tear up a bit too.

Then he leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead, he paused, then kissed the bridge of my nose… and then on the lips! The longer he kissed me the deeper and more passionate it became! He was no longer kissing like a father kisses his daughter, but like a lover kisses his love.

A bit startled at first, I found myself kissing him back. I opened my lips and he quickly inserted his tongue. My panties were getting very damp. I realized I wanted this. No, I needed this. I wanted this to go on, and on.

We began to touch each other through our clothes. I ran my little hands up his muscled chest.

Daddy’s hand was on my left breast, gently squeezing, rubbing, pinching through my blouse. I wasn’t in he habit of wearing a bra, so the sensations were heightened. My pussy began to get really wet.

My one hand was cradling Daddy’s head as he kissed and fondled my breasts, first one then the other. He started to undo the buttons on my blouse, exposing my naked breasts and immediately began to suckle them. I had never felt anything so wonderful. The feeling was a direct lightning bolt to my clit, and if it was possible I became even wetter, I was now wet through my panties and the crotch of my slacks. My free hand still rested on Daddy’s chest, feeling the masculine hairiness there and rubbing his nipples over his shirt.

Daddy’s one hand travelled to my crotch and began pressing and rubbing there, creating a wonderful pressure against my sensitive clit and making me even wetter.

I was in heaven. “Ooohhh DDaaaDDDDYYY!” I cooed. “I love you Daddy. Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” I begged. Like it had a mind of its own my hand drifted from the front of his shirt to the front of his pants to rub the obvious, large bulge there. He groaned on my right breast as I rubbed, and I noticed that the front of his pants had a growing wet spot also.

In simultaneous action we began to remove each other’s clothes. In a rush, Daddy removed by blouse and I quickly took his shirt, rubbing his slightly hairy but muscled chest. He was massaging both of my breasts , suckling on my right nipple.

I undid his waist button and lowered the zipper. To my surprise, Daddy wasn’t wearing any underwear, so his penis sprang free immediately. I was staring at my first cock, and a magnificent one at that. It was large; long and thick and leaking copious amounts of pre cum. I had to touch it to believe it was real.

It was warm and soft to the touch but very hard and rigid at the same time. My hand was coated and slick with his fluids, I began to pump my hand up and bursa eskort down his rigid pole. It slid easily with all the pre cum he was oozing.

Daddy uttered a low guttural moan as I slowly pumped his thick member with my pre cum coated hand. I wanted that thing inside me, and soon.

Daddy opened the waist button on my slacks, opened the zipper, hooked his fingers in my panties and pulled the pants and panties off me in one pull. I was fully naked and open to my father’s lustful eyes..

He laid me back on the couch and with a look of lust and longing just stared at me for a moment. “You are so beautiful.” Then without another word he leaned forward and put his mouth on my pussy and for the first time in my life I experienced oral sex. It was glorious!!

“OOOHH GAWD, DADDY!” I moaned. I raised my hips to try and get more of his mouth to connect with my engorged cunny. I felt his fingers enter me, probing me. His middle finger rubbed the front wall of my vagina with a “come here” motion and the sensation was electric! I wasn’t sure, but it felt like I squirted into his mouth. He sucked and licked with his mouth and rubbed with his fingers. This time I was sure, I exploded into his mouth again and he drank greedily.

“Oh baby girl!” he growled. “You are so wonderful… so DELICIOUS!” “So much more than I expected!!” ” I have wanted this for so long!”

“Me too! Oh Daddy, me too!” I said, as I realized that I had been unconsciously lusting for my Daddy for a long time.

He began to kiss and nibble his way up my tummy to my breasts again, planting soft kisses on the underside of each breast and a brief suckle on each nipple.

He was laying on me and had pushed my legs open to give access to my pussy for his huge cock. He paused for a second and looked into my eyes. “Do you truly want this? There is no going back once we go any further.”

“Oh Daddy, yes, I want this, I really, really want this. More than anything else in the world, I want this.” He looked at me with deep love in his eyes, kissed me once again, deeply, and slowly pushed the mushroom shaped head of his penis into my virgin pussy. I spread my legs as wide as they would go and bent my legs to give him better access to my core. With steady progress, he went deeper and deeper.

I felt a wondrous pressure, a feeling of being filled, and stretched. There was almost no resistance because I was so wet and he was leaking so much pre-cum. I hardly felt it as he broke my hymen, almost like a little pinch, and it was gone. Deeper and deeper that wonderful fullness went. I orgasmed again as he touched my womb and kept going another couple of inches, pushing against my womb, until our pubic bones mashed against each other and he stopped. He paused there, giving my pussy time to adjust to his size.

I wrapped my legs around him to hold him to me, so deep inside. I was in heaven, so full.

I was literally made for this! Made for my Daddy’s cock to fill me, to pleasure him!

He gently rocked back and forth for a moment. I savoured the feeling. My father was fucking me! I felt so full. Little quivers, deep inside my vaginal felt sooo good!

Daddy started slowly pumping in and out of me, bumping against my womb, deep inside me and rubbing his pubes against my now hypersensitive clit and G spot. I was in near continuous orgasm. I could not believe how wonderful it felt. None of my school girl romance novels came close to describing the feeling I was experiencing.

His thrusting became more pronounced, half way out and back in again, three quarters out and back in, now almost all the way out and back in, each thrust a little harder, faster and delicious. Soon it was a constant wet slap, slap, slap as he pounded into my gushing pussy.

Each stroke accompanied by his grunts and cries of “Baby Girl!”, “So good!”, “So tight!” and my cries of ” Daddy, Daddy….Oh Daddy,,, So good Daddy! Harder, harder…I’m cumming… again. Oh God!! God god god! Daaaddddyyyy!”

He must have pumped my pussy for 30 minutes (30 minutes of pure ecstasy), before he began to increase his pace rapidly and I felt the head of his cock swell. Then he exploded inside me.

Warm, wet pulses that splattered all over my womb. One, two, three, four, five, six …I counted at least a dozen spasms. My unprotected womb was full of my Daddy’s sperm, at least a quarter cup worth. I knew then I would get pregnant. I didn’t care. I wanted to bear my Daddy’s child.

Amazingly, Daddy was still very hard. Pressed deep in my vagina, I could feel the firmness. Held tightly in his arms, I still felt his need. He began rocking back and forth again. Longer strokes each time, until again there was the wet slap, slap, slap of two people having sex, making love.

“God, Daddy… Oh God, I can’t stop cumming!” I was babbling now, lost in the pure ecstasy of being fucked by my father. ” Oh fuck…fuck , so good, don’t stop, don’t stop, OOOHHH!” My pussy was leaking a river of girl cum, making our lovemaking sound squishy and wet.

“Oh bursa escort kızlar Baby Girl! I can’t get enough! You feel so good! You’re grabbing my cock with your cunt, I’m going to cum again. I can’t hold back… I’m going to make you pregnant! Make babies… lots of babies!” AAAHHRRGG!

I felt that wonderful cock swell again, making me feel even fuller. I came and squirted all over his cock and loins and then he groaned and spurted load after load of his baby juice into my unprotected vagina, into my womb. His seeds seeking out my eggs. I now had about half a cup of Daddy’s ejaculate inside me. How could I not be pregnant?

Daddy lay on top of me resting, with that wonderful cock still inside me, I felt it begin to deflate.

As it softened, I could feel some of our combined fluids leak from my vagina, and as he pulled out of me and sat up and leaned back on the couch, more of my wetness and his ejaculate spilled from my loins.

His spent cum was thick and creamy making my sopping wet pussy feel creamy.

I sat up too and looked at my father sitting there, resting. His penis was limp, but slick with my juices and covered with his cum. It looked very much like someone had dribbled vanilla yogurt all over his penis.

I got up off the couch, more of our combined juice and cum leaked from my pussy and ran down my thighs. I stepped in front of him and kneeled down between his legs. I looked up at him watching me, then looked at his cock. I wanted it in my mouth, to taste it, to taste him, to taste us. I leaned forward, picked it up with one hand and sucked the head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head gathering the ejaculate pooled behind the ridge of the mushroom head. It had a nutty, yet slightly salty, taste.

I suckled the end of his penis like a baby suckles a breast, getting all of that creamy goodness that was left in the penis, and off of the penis.

I looked up at Daddy while I suckled him and his head was thrown back and he was moaning. I took more of him in my mouth, trying to get as much as I could. He began to harden again.

I ran my tongue along the underside of the penis as I sucked. I pushed myself down the penis until it hit the back of my throat and I tried to go farther but I gagged and couldn’t take any more.

Daddy looked down at me smiling and said “Don’t worry Baby girl, you’ll get that with practice.”

I started bobbing my head up and down on his penis, taking as much as I could each stroke. Daddy dropped his head back again and moaned “So good at that Baby girl”.

His penis got harder and larger. I sucked him harder and bobbed faster. I felt the head of his penis swell and knew what was coming.

“Baby girl…Baby girl” he cried ” I’m going to cum …Oh, Oh, OOOOHHHH!”

With that, he filled my mouth with that wonderfully creamy, nutty, salty, man juice. I had to swallow twice to get it all without losing any of it. I loved it.

I rose up and kissed him on the mouth. He opened his mouth and our tongues fenced and we tasted his juice together.

We rested on the couch for a time then Daddy said “Its late, we should go to bed”

“You’re right” I said, not wanting this to end, but it was about 3:00 AM.

We gathered up our strewn clothing and went up stairs towards our bedrooms. As we neared my bedroom I started to go in it to sleep in my bed.

” Oh no” said Daddy, “You don’t sleep in that room anymore. Come with me.”

We continued down the hall to his room. At the door way he suddenly turned and swept me off my feet and carried me in to the room, like a husband carrying his bride over the threshold, and laid me on his king sized bed, “This is where you sleep from now on.”

He got into the bed with me and cuddled up next to me. He lay on his back with my head on his shoulder.

“I love you so much Baby girl. I’ve been watching you grow into the beautiful woman you are, and tonight I couldn’t resist any longer. You look so much like your mother. You are so much like her when you make love, … yet different, even more loving and passionate.”

I felt a warm glow, knowing that I could, in some ways, replace Mama in Daddy’s heart, (and his bed) so he wouldn’t be so sad all the time missing her.

We cuddled there in his big bed for a few minutes when Daddy reached for me again, holding and suckling my breasts, rubbing my still sopping wet pussy. He rolled on top of me, I opened my legs and bent my knees to give him full and easy access to enter me. That wonderful love pole slid into me for the third time this night. It felt even better than the first two times.

Daddy was taking his time, Slow gentle loving, kisses, suckling and kneading my breasts. Slow and steady pumping into my core with that huge cock of his, making me orgasm over and over and over. The urgency and pent up need was less now, he was less forceful, more gentle.

I was going out of my mind with ecstasy, I mumbled incoherently ” OOOOHHH, AAAH, YYYEEESSSS, DADDYDADDYDADDY!…OOOHHHFUCKFUCK!”

Daddy growled “You will never go another day without my cum in your pussy! I’m addicted to your cunt Baby girl…you are going to have so many babies…” With that he groaned, pushed his cock into me as far as he could and held it there while he shot rope after rope of creamy cum. I could hardly believe how much cum Daddy had left after how many times he had cum already.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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