My Mother In Law Stella

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My mother in law was always very prim and proper around me when sober but it was a different story when she had a few drinks in her. It was on a Saturday night out during last summer that things changed between me and my mother in law but would it be for the worst or for the better?

Stella was my mom in law and I had always gotten along ever since her daughter Sara had started going out with me and 10 years later Sara and I had been enjoying married life even without children as Sara couldn’t have any. Stella had always flirted with me when she had had a few drinks in her but that was all it was just flirting until one Saturday night when she, her hubby Arnold, Sara and myself went out for dinner and then onto a night club. Stella had sank a few vodka and cokes and was now up on a busy dance floor with me while my wife her daughter and her hubby sat in a corner chatting and drinking.

The music had been a little fast when we were up on the dance floor but before we knew it the DJ had put on a slow one and Stella pulled me in close and when I say close I mean her I could feel her nipples harden against me through my shirt and her top. She had also moved her pussy right up against my groin and it was all I could do to not get a hard on. To be honest I had never really thought anything would go any further than the flirting when she had had a few to many but tonight here she was dirty dancing with me with one of her legs between mine and the other on the outside of me and she was dry humping my thigh.

Even at 48 years old Stella was still a stunner with her cute derriere, long shapely legs, her deep blue eyes and her long flowing blonde hair. But what I really liked about her was her ample 36dd boobs and her big hard nipples that were so damned hard they could probably cut glass. She had got married when 22 years old as she was pregnant by her now hubby Arnold and at 23 she had Sara. And now 25 years later here she was on the dance floor with her daughters hubby (me) dry humping my leg while on a busy dance floor. I was just glad that Sara and Arnold could not see what she was doing to me.

I had always wanted to have sex with my mother in law especially when she would always flirt and tease me by saying bursa escort I was the best son-in-law she had and how her daughter was the luckiest woman alive while running her hand up and down my chest. She would always dance with me and make sure there was some kind of sex talk while we danced. Until recently when her car was broke down and I had to drive her around places she would be very straight laced with me and talk about anything other than sex.

It was a few days after that night that things went a little further. I had taken her to a meeting about 30 miles away from where she lived and waited in the car for her until her meeting was finished so I could drive her home again. About an hour or so later she came out of the meeting and we were on our way home when I noticed that her skirt had ridden up and she was showing what I thought were stockings.

Stella always wore a skirt suit with a white blouse that un-buttoned at the top and today was no different except that here she was with her skirt half way up her thighs and was showing a lot of what I believed to be stocking legs. Our chat had turned more adult and she confessed to me that she suspected her hubby was cheating on her which by the way my wife had already confided in me that he really was cheating on her as he had been seen doing so.I didn’t know what to say to her as she just blurted it out to me and all I could do was try and console her as best I could.

Stella had gotten herself into a real state as we drove so I kept an eye out for a pub that we could stop off at for a drink and to try and calm her down. Once inside a Rose and Crown pub that I found Stella just broke down in tears as I sat beside her and held her hand. I wasn’t to bothered that she was upset and crying as the pub was just about empty apart from a couple of older men over in the far corner drinking their pints and playing what looked like dominos.

I was more worried as to why she was upset as I had heard a few rumours and her and her hubby which I may tell you about at a later date. I put my arm around Stella and she had her head on my shoulder and she had hold of my hand. After the tears had stopped we had a really good chat about things and she told bursa escort me about my wife and how she knew something about her but she didn’t want to say in case it harmed our marriage in any way.

Curiosity got the better of me so I badgered her until she relented and told me what she knew. Stella eventually came out with my wife had cheated on me with another man as one of her friends had seen her with him. The man Stella was talking about I knew who he was as Sara and I often had threesomes with him but I wasn’t about to tell Stella that so I pretended to be shocked.

Stella them told me that her daughter was lucky to have me and how could she cheat on me like that. She started to rub my leg and try to console me even though I wasn’t the one actually needing to be consoled here. I did feel a bit annoyed that my wife had been seen and what other people must be thinking of her even though that’s how we live but that’s another story for another time. The way Stella was rubbing my leg was getting me a little excited and my breath had started to get a little fast.

So I returned the favour by rubbing up and down her thigh until one time on the way up my hand slipped under the hem of her skirt. My hand was now half way between her knee and upper thigh and so far all I felt was what I thought was stocking until my hand travelled up the way again almost to her panty covered pussy and that was when I found out she was actually wearing tights and not stockings as I had previously thought.

I kept rubbing her leg under her skirt until she began to feel my now hard cock through my trousers. I pulled my hand from under her skirt and caught her hand and took it off my cock as I am sure the pub landlord had noticed something was going on under the table we were sat at even if it was sheltered from the prying eyes of the old men on the other side of the pub.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” I said to Stella who looked at me with her big blue eyes as if pleading for me to let her play with my cock right there in the pub.

“Take me somewhere quiet,” She replied which totally shocked me and made my head spin a little bit as we stood up and headed back to my car.

When we bursa eskort got in the car she was straight on my cock like a mad woman, Stella unzipped me and pulled my cock out and began to suck me off. I was able to move the car over to the other end of the car park where no one would be able to see what was going on. I then my hand back under her skirt as she opened her legs really wide for me and as I rubbed her panty and hose covered pussy I could feel wetness seep through and on to my fingers.

All the while we were kissing like teenagers as our hands explored each other’s body. I said to Stella to get in the back of the car and get her panties and tights off which she duly obliged me by doing. As she did I pulled my clothes off and got in the back with her and she was back to sucking my cock. When I looked at her pussy it was totally shaven smooth and soon after I rubber her clit and fingered her pussy she was cumming all over my hand. The way she was sucking me off I wasn’t going to last much longer either so I pulled her head off my cock and told her to sit on my lap and impaled herself on my ready to burst cock.

I undone her blouse and started sucking on her bug dark brown nipples which were as big and hard as my wife Sara’s. For her age Stella was still a very sexy woman and I couldn’t and still can’t believe why her husband would cheat on her. In the backseat things thing’s got really frantic as we humped and fucked each other to orgasm and I filled her pussy with cum. It was the best sex I had had off an older woman and as we came down from our high we both sat in our afterglow and spoke for a while and talked about how things would go from here.

As I was happy with my wife Sara I said to Stella that this should only be a once off as I wouldn’t want our other half’s finding out we had also cheated on them with each other. I love my wife and we do swing from time to time and we both love it but the thought of getting caught fucking her mother I didn’t want to chance losing Sara. So we both got dressed and drove her home in silence.

Stella called me on the phone the next day and told me she wanted to meet me again for more of the same which I declined. I have been to my mother in law’s house though when both of our other half’s have been working but that’s another story for another time. I have also found out a few more things about Stella and her husband that are very similar to the ones me and Sara have and it has opened my eyes over the past few months.

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