My Mystery Lover

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The day at the office has been long and stressful, everyone wanting something now and nobody willing to wait. I left the office 2 hours late finally walking to my car in a dark parking lot. Getting in and locking the doors I look down on the seat next to me and there sitting alone is a beautiful deep purple envelope. There is no writing on the front of the envelope. I turn it over and on the back there is a delicate gold seal holding it closed, in fine hand writing are the words open if you desire.

I look around the parking lot for the person that may have left this, knowing that my car had been locked, seeing no one I look back at the envelope. Curiosity compels me to open it so I slide one long finger nail under the flap and as the seal breaks I smell this sweet smell of BVLGARI, my signature perfume. I open the envelope all of the way and look inside. There inside is a single piece of delicate white linen paper and with the same fine hand writing in a deep purple ink to match the envelope are the instructions.

Drive directly home, soak in the warm bubble bath prepared for you, drink of the wine chilling for you, sleep well tonight. In the morning, drive to the small town of Ocean View, there you will find a small boutique named Vanessa’s Intimates, enter the shop and ask the sales attendant to show you the newest arrival’s in passionate pink.

As I arrive home and enter the house I smell the wonderful aroma of roses. Entering the living room I see several large vase filled with large arrangements of roses in many different colors, each of them dressed with large ribbons and bows in the matching deep purple of the envelope. I pause by each one and lean down to smell the fragrant blossoms, there is something so sensual with the soft velvet of a rose petal and the gentle sweet smell.

I start down the hallway to the master bedroom and I see rose petals scattered at the doorway. Entering the room I see a trail of petals leading into my master bath. When I enter the bath I see petals all around the raised bathtub, the lights are off and there are candles burning all around the tub, reflecting in the large windows surrounding it. The tub is filled with steaming water and bubbles flowing over the edge and on top of the bubbles there are more petals floating. There on the edge is a folded note of the same delicate linen paper, simply written were these words.

Relax and enjoy the pleasure of the warm water against your skin, indulge in the chilled champagne, and rest peacefully in the softness of your warm bed, for tomorrow you will experience that which you have always longed for.

First I pour the champagne into the Crystal flute sitting next to the chilled bottle and then I see the dish of delicious strawberries, all beautifully prepared for eating. I carry the dish and the flute to the tub, very slowly I undress there in front of the large windows feeling the possibility that my mystery man may be watching me. I slip into the hot water and as I soak I feast on the delicious strawberries and feel the bubbles from the champagne tickling my nose as I sip from the flute.

After a nice long soak I dry myself and slip into the warm softness of my large bed. My sleep is filled with vivid images and erotic sensations. I wake in the morning with a feeling of extreme anticipation. As I am dressing I wonder what I will be experiencing, what will I find at this small boutique, where will the mystery lead me from there. I take the drive down the coast to this wonderful quaint little town and as I pull up in front of this old Victorian home with an intricately carved sign for Vanessa’s Intimates I feel the anticipation growing. I enter the boutique and ask the woman there if there is a new collection of passionate pinks. she looks at me and smiles and directs me back to the last dressing room, where upon entering I find a beautiful pale pink slip of a dress along with a pink strapless bra and matching pink thong. A beautiful pair of white heels accompanies the ensemble. As I put the garments on I feel someone’s eyes on me and I wonder if possibly he is here watching me. As I finish slipping into the heels I notice a deep purple envelope sitting on top of a pale pink clutch purse and I open it to find a note that simply reads.

Drive to the end of the road and there you will find a small B&B hidden in the woods, overlooking the ocean, go to the room at the top of the stairs and using the key in the purse let yourself into the room, please sit in the chair facing the balcony and wait for me, do not turn around, do not try to look for me, just be patient and you will experience that which you have only fantasized of.

As I pull up in front of the B&B I hesitate, thoughts running through my mind, senses heightened. I feel my heart pounding. I’m afraid but I can’t bring myself to leave. I enter the lobby looking nervously around. I walk to the stairs feeling the eyes of the men in the room on me. I wonder if one of them is my mystery man. Slowly I climb to the top floor where there is only one room. I reach into the purse and my fingers close around the key and trabzon escort as I pull it out I wonder if I am doing the right thing. Before I have the chance to change my mind I place the key in the lock and turn the knob. Entering the room I notice that it is beautifully decorated. At one end there is a large four poster bed and across the room there is a chair facing the French doors that lead out onto the balcony. I walk over to the doors, looking out on the beautiful ocean view and I feel the excitement growing. The feeling that I should turn and leave is so strong. I hear soft music start to play and without looking around I sit in the chair and place my hands in my lap and close my eyes.

Without any sound I sense a closeness, I feel his warm breath on my bare shoulder. I feel soft fingers touching my cheek as he whispers in my ear, relax and enjoy the sensations. I can’t speak and I hear myself whimper as suddenly the fear of the unknown threatens to push open my eyes. I sit there not moving and I feel his hand stroking my hair gently. Again he whispers in my ear, please trust me, I only want to please you, I promise I won’t harm you. I feel myself relaxing a little and I softly answer back, I will try. I feel a something soft and silky wrap around my eyes as he tells me that he wants to pleasure me in ways I have never imagined. I feel his hands taking mine as he pulls me to my feet gently. He lets go of my hands and I am standing there not knowing where he is or what he will do next. He tells me to slowly remove my dress, to leave the bra and panties and heels on. My hands come up to my faces, feeling the scarf across my eyes and I find myself wondering if I can do this. Will I be able to bare myself to a man that I don’t know. I feel his hand touching mine as he gently moves them from my face.

My hands come down slowly to rest just above my breasts, I can feel my own breathing lifting them. I trace my fingers along the top of the low cut dress and sliding them back up the straps I hear a small intake of breath as he watches my sensual touching. Slowly sliding the straps of the dress off my shoulders I again run my fingers across the dress, this time dipping down into the cleavage. He acknowledges the affect I am having on him with a low moan and I feel my own desire begin to build. Slowly I take one strap down and then the other, holding the dress to my breast for a moment longer. Lingering on the edge of seduction and surrender. As I release my hold on the delicate slip of a dress I feel it sliding down over my hips and then falling to the floor at my feet.

He comes to me and tells me that he is going to help me to the bed. He instructs me to sit on the corner of the bed and to wait for him patiently. He takes my hand in his and his arm comes around my waist for support. As he walks me to the bed he is telling me that he wants to know my submission, to feel my acceptance and to feel my desire. When we reach the bed he turns me and helps me to sit down and I feel his fingers sliding down my back lightly. My back arches at his light touch as if knowing his touch. His fingers stop at the top of the thong and I feel his fingers go under and slide along around to the front and resting there, he stops. I want to feel them go lower but his fingers won’t move.

He steps away then and I can hear him removing his clothing. I hear as he unzips his pants and I know now that he is very close to being as bare as I am. Anticipation of his skin next to mine is making my breathing quicken. I feel him get onto the bed and then he is coming around me from behind. Feeling his bare legs come up against the exposed skin of my ass cheeks. I feel his lips on my shoulder. Feeling his tongue as it slides along my shoulder until it comes to rest on that delicate hallow just at the curve where my neck meets my shoulder. I feel him kissing me there and then suddenly his teeth bite lightly at my skin. His hand comes up into my hair and lightly he pulls on my hair tilting my head back.

I feel him sliding up closer behind me and then he is pressed up against my back. His lips close to my ear he tells me that he wants to know how ready I am for him, how willing I am to surrender to his instructions. He tells me to slide my hands down over my thighs. Slowly caress my inner thighs and to slow spread my legs farther apart. As I do this, feeling the soft skin of my inner thighs against my own fingers I feel his hand come around to rest on my stomach. I slide my fingers farther up my legs and as I do his hand moves lower to rest just above my mound. Slip one of your hands inside of the thong and gently trace the lips of you pussy he tells me in a low voice. Don’t touch you your clit just yet, dip lower and tell me how wet you are already.

Shaking from the knowledge that I am already very wet and from the thought of touching myself in front of a man that I don’t know, I feel myself unable to stop. Reaching my right hand inside of the pink thong I feel the soft skin of my freshly shaven pussy, so silky and warm and moist. Slipping my hand further I feel my lips swollen trabzon escort bayan already, the wetness has soaked the thong I am wearing.

He tells me to dip my finger in and feel the hot wetness within, as I do he pulls my head back again to his and I hear him moan in my ear. Bring your fingers back up to your clit, hold them there pressing against it but do not move them. The need in me is such sweet agony, wanting to feel that sweet release but unable to move until he releases me. As I moan I hear him say tell me how wet and I whisper that I am soaking all of my fingers now.

He presses harder up against me from behind and I can feel his cock, rock hard up against my ass. Pressing against me he is rubbing harder now. Telling me to slip the hood back away from my clit to expose it, he tells me to touch it lightly. Circle it and tease it and feel the sensation. As I am doing this he takes my other hand and brings it around my back to rest against his cock. This is what you have done to me already, this will be yours as you want it and he pushes hard against my hand. As I feel myself climbing to that exquisite height I hear him telling me to cum, to show him how ready I am. I feel myself cumming on my own fingers and I can’t help the throaty moan that escapes as I climax.

Next I feel his fingers gently slipping around to my waist and then to my lower back. He brings his hands up to my hair and I feel him moving it all to the side. His fingers gently trace the fairy tattoo I have on my back. She is hiding there just below my neck, between my shoulder blades, dancing at the most sensitive erogenous zone on my back. She is an invitation to taste the mystery that is in me waiting to be revealed. His fingers play with her, caressing her and then I feel his tongue warm against my back. There in the most sensual area I feel him kissing me and I am awash with the desire to feel him take me completely.

His fingers move to the clasp of my bra and as he releases the hooks I feel my breast tingling, nipples hard and excited. His hands come around and as he lets the bra drop he cups each of my breasts in his hands and pulling me back against him he holds me there until he feels my body relax against him.

I feel him slide out from behind me and he gently helps me to the side of the bed. He is kneeling in front of me and he begins slipping first one shoe then the other from my feet. I feel his mouth warm and wet sucking in one of my toes, a small moan escapes my lips as the pleasure travels up the inside of my calf to my thigh. I feel the warm wet flow of juices as my pussy responds to his touch. His mouth follows the path up the inside of my calf, lingering at the back of my knee, slowly up over my thigh. His warm breath on my pussy, his fingers sliding up to press against the fabric of the thong. I want so much for him to remove it so that my clit can feel the warmth of his breath, his tongue teases me through the fabric, his teeth pull at the fabric moving it to one side. I feel his teeth pulling gently on the lips of my pussy, such an exquisite feeling. His hands slide up my legs to my stomach, resting there a second, feeling my softness. Sliding up past my breasts with hardened nipples to right under my arms. Gently he pushes me down onto the bed his hands sliding back down to my hips. His hands come up under my ass gently lifting me and his fingers slip under the thong and he slides his hands underneath my ass pulling the thong all the way down. I feel it slide off of my ass and then down my legs as he lifts first one foot then the other to remove it. In the silence I feel his eyes on my body, drinking in my essence as I lay there completely naked and open to him. I feel more beautiful than I have ever experienced, more desirable and sensual, more alive than I have ever known possible.

In a low voice he tells me that he wants me to roll over onto my stomach, his hands take mine and he helps me to sit up, gently guiding me to the middle of the bed, laying me down. As I lay there waiting my body feels so alive sensing the texture of the sheets underneath me, the softness of the bed. Smelling the rose petals around the bed and hearing my heart beating wildly. Anticipating his touch again I feel him as he move onto the bed next to me. He moves to straddle me and I feel the insides of his thighs brushing up against my hips, so warm and soft, feel the muscles straining. There is this wonderful sensation of warm liquid sliding down my back and then his hands begin to massage the oil into my skin. Starting on the small of my back and lightly rubbing upward through my spine into my shoulder blades, down the sides to my waist where his hands pause for a few seconds. I feel his hesitancy to move them, to release my hips as his hands come back up to my back. I feel him slide his legs further down straddling my thighs now and as his hands travel up my back again I feel him leaning down so that his body is touching mine, his cock pressing against my ass, hard.

He slides a little further down my legs squeezing my legs together tighter as his hands travel escort trabzon up through my shoulder blades. His body lowers and his abdomen is touching against my ass and his cock is resting against my closed thighs. I feel his mouth lightly touching my shoulder and his tongue hot on my skin as his hands once again travel down my sides. His tongue travels down, stopping at the small of my back, caressing me with his lips. His legs slide away from mine and his hands gently guide me to lift my ass, pulling me up to rest on my knees. His lips travel across my cheeks and I feel his teeth lightly teasing my skin. He moves his hands to the inside of my thighs, pressing my legs further apart as they slide up to my wet pussy. Fingers lightly touching my swollen lips, feeling the wetness already found there, his fingers slide into the opening and dip in slightly to soak them in my juices. He slide them back out and then moves further back teasing my ass. One finger pressing at the entrance, the other hand lightly massaging my cheeks and pulling them apart. I relax with the feel of his massage, his finger slides in gently, pausing, waiting for my acceptance. I press back slightly and feel him slide further in, such an exquisite pain. He pushes further until his finger is all the way in, holding it there. I feel my pussy reacting to the sensation, craving the feel of his cock to match this sensation.

As I moan, I tell him in a soft voice, I want to feel you slip your cock into my pussy as your finger is pressing my ass, I want you to fill me completely, I want you to cum deep inside of me, please I beg, without moving his finger from my ass he takes his cock in his other hand and gently guides it into my wet pussy. He pushes in a little at a time and I feel his finger begin to slide back out almost all of the way. He pushes deep inside my pussy now and I feel his finger pushing back in, he begins to take long deep stroke into my pussy as his finger slides in and out of my ass. I am completely lost in the feeling of his hard cock filling me and the exquisite sensation of my ass being fucked. My orgasm begins to take me, he sense the rhythm change and I feel his cock throbbing inside of my pussy. He shoots his hot thick cum inside of me, my pussy tightens with the orgasm, my ass tightens around his finger and I cry out in ecstasy

Even before I have finished cumming he pulls his finger out ever so slowly and pulling his cock out of my pussy he grabs my hips and gently rolls me over to lay on my back. With my pussy still contracting from the orgasm he slides down between my thighs, his arms coming under and around my hips. His hands resting on the mound just above my clit, positioned so that my ass is supported by his shoulders. His face buried deep in my pussy, his tongue going straight for the entrance, lapping up the juices. Pushing in further feeling the spasms as my orgasm subsides his tongue slips back out and up over my swollen lips to part them at the top. Finding my swollen clit, pressing hard against it, circling it with his tongue. Sucking it into his mouth. Once he has it inside he sucks hard, biting it lightly and as he is sucking I feel myself climbing again to that height. This orgasm is so intense that when I feel myself cumming I feel my juices flowing out of me all over his mouth. He drinks it all in and his mouth continues to work my clit until he feels my body relaxing.

He comes up to lay beside me and his arms go around me, pulling me to him. I feel the hair on his chest pressing against my cheek. I bring up one hand to run my fingers through it feeling his warm skin beneath my finger tips. I feel his hand touching softly the side of my face, moving to my neck and his fingers slipping into my hair as he massages my neck. Those fingers slip slowly down to my shoulders, to my breasts and nipples. My back arches at his touch, wanting him to take them. Tease them, tickle them. His fingers take my nipples between them and then the exquisite feeling as he pinches them hard. I moan as the feeling spreads from my nipples down through my naval into my hardening clit. He rolls me up so that I can straddle his hips. With his hands on my hips positioning me his hand slips between us to take his cock, I feel him sliding it up against my pussy pressing the head against my clit and holding it there for just a moment, then sliding it back down until the tip is right at the opening to my wet pussy. His hands coming back to my hips he is guiding me down ever so slowly as he is filling me up completely. I lean back slightly feeling his hand go to my lower back to support me and I feel his hard cock rubbing against my G spot. The wonderful sensation, all I know is the exquisite pleasure I am engulfed in, feeling his cock throbbing inside of me. As I lean forward his arms come around me and pull me down to him, his mouth covering mine, his tongue sliding into my mouth and moving in rhythm with our dance. I feel my clit rubbing against his shaft as I ride faster. Feeling his balls against my ass I drive all the way down and then back up again. I feel myself about to explode and I moan into his ear to cum with me and I feel his cock explode inside of me, driving me to cum with him in an explosion of senses. Hearing us both moaning loudly, feeling the touch of our slick skin sliding together, tasting the sweet juices still on his face from my pussy.

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