My Name is Wendy

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My name is Wendy. I am 54 years young. I consider myself as attractive as I stand 5′ 7″ tall. Shoulder length brown hair. I keep my body in good shape. I have nice size tits of C cup. One of my favorite ways to stay in shape is perusing my hobby. My hobby is young cock. I love young cock and most of all, virgin cock.

I am married. My husband has little to no sexual drive. His cock is barely one and done after 5 minutes of sex. I love to fuck and suck cock. I can go for hours before I am satisfied. I work at a school with young cock all over the place, but I have to be careful at the school. To easy getting caught and I won’t touch a minor.

This is a story of how a met one of my young cocks, Mike. I had noticed Mike at the school. Cute young kid but very shy. Mike had just graduated from high school. I ran into him at the grocery store. Mike was working at the store bagging groceries and bringing them to people’s cars. I was lucky enough to have him bagging my groceries. My pussy was getting wet just thinking about what I would do to this boy.

When I go out, I don’t wear underwear or a bra. I like the feeling of freedom and the thought of maybe someone accidentally getting a peak at my pussy or my tits. Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s not an accident. If I see a group of young men at the skate park, I will sit on a bench near them and slide my skirt up a bit so they can see my pussy. I am such a tease!

As Mike was carrying my groceries out to my car I said, “Aren’t you Mike Nelson?”

Mike replied, “Yes I am. You are Mrs. Johnson.”

“You can call me Wendy. You aren’t in school anymore, so you can drop the Mrs. Johnson. How old are you Mike?”

“I am 18. Yesterday was my birthday.”

Music to my ears. He is legal! As Mike was putting the bags in my car I stood behind him admiring his nice firm ass. I also adjusted my top a bit by pulling it down showing more cleavage and a hint of my light brown nipples.

When he turned around his eyes went right to my tits. “Hold on a second Mike, I have something for you.” I dug into my purse and pulled out a $10 bill. I leaned forward and gave him a little kiss on the cheek and handed him the $10 and said, “A little tip and a birthday gift for a nice young man.”

He blushed and thanked me for the money and scurried back to the store.

When I got home, I was thankful my husband wasn’t home. I was so horny I needed some relief. I got home and took my dildo out and went to sit in my backyard to play with it. My neighbor Jerry, is 72 years old. I have caught him watching me before out his window. I don’t care. He is a widower and let him have his fun. I saw Jerry watching me as I slid my 9 inch dildo into my hot wet pussy. God that felt good. I played with it for 20 minutes and had 3 strong orgasms.

Two days later surprising enough I needed some more groceries. I put on a white v neck top that showed the outline of my nipples. To go with that a black skirt that hung about 2 inches below my ass. My favorite flash skirt is what I like to call it.

At the store I was getting a lot of looks from men. But this wasn’t for them. This was for Mike. My timing was perfect. Mike was standing at the end of the check out in an empty lane. I saw Mike checking me out as I put my groceries on the counter and paid for them.

“Good afternoon Mike. Nice to see you again.”

“Hello Wendy, nice seeing you too. You look very nice today.”

“Such a nice compliment from a young handsome man.” I said and watched him blush a bit.

I took my change and folded a $5 bill up and tucked it inside my top. You could now see the outline of my nipples and folded up money.

As we walked to the car I asked him, “How often do you work here?”

“6 days a week. Trying to earn Şişli escort bayan money for college. This is the end of my shift. Then I am going home.”

“Where do you live?” I asked.

“Over on Locken Blvd.”

“That’s about 5 miles away. You must have a car?”

“No I don’t. I ride my bike. But someone stole my bike. So today I am walking.”

“Mike, you get checked out from work. I will wait here and give you a ride home.”

“Thanks Wendy, that would be great.”

I reached inside my shirt and pulled out the $5 and handed it to him before he left. I watched him going to the store. That naughty little boy put the money to his nose and was smelling it!

It was a warm sunny day. I sat with the car door open and my legs out the door. Just waiting for Mike to come out and letting him see my pussy.

As he came out I could see his eyes locked in on my freshly shaved pussy. It was already wet from excitement.

As Mike got into the car he said, “Ttttank you Wwwendy. It would have been a long walk home.”

“Mike you seem nervous. Are you okay?” I said as I pulled out of the parking lot.

“I am, just a bit nervous around you. You are so pretty and you are showing so much beautiful skin. I am not used to that”

I put my hand on his thigh and slowly stroked it as I said, “Oh Mike, I am sure you have been with many beautiful young girls.” While doing this I could see his cock getting hard under his jeans.

“Well, I hate to admit this. But I have never been with a girl. I kissed a girl once in 7th grade. But that’s it.”

“Mike, we need to take a little drive out into the country.” With that I pulled off the main road and headed to an old unused farm I knew of. Mike didn’t say a word. I just kept rubbing his thigh and occasionally let my finger trace his hard cock.

When we got there, I turned off the car and leaned over and kissed Mike on the lips. It wasn’t long before we were deep French kissing. Mike was a quick learner at kissing. As we kissed, I was able to get his pants undone and his beautiful cock out.

He had a good 8 inches and very thick. I loved it. I leaned over and took it into my mouth and started a wet sloppy blow job.

“Oh fuck, oh my god. Shit!” Mike said as he exploded his hot load into my mouth after sucking his cock for less than a minute.

“Mike, let’s move to the back seat where we will have more room.”

We got into the back seat and took off all of our clothes. It didn’t take long before Mike was sucking my tits and playing with them. He was like a kid in a candy shop.

“Mike, slide down and eat my pussy.” I told him.

Mike slid down and started to lick my pussy.

“Slide your tongue in me, lick my clit, then suck on my clit. Oh yeah like that Mike, keep going. Slide your fingers in my pussy while you suck my clit baby.”

I was getting close to exploding. Held his head tight against my pussy as I exploded onto his face with a wet squirting orgasm.

Mike’s cock was hard and ready. I pulled him up then guided his cock into my hungry hole. God he felt good inside me. I coached him how to fuck me really slow at first. He was a bit over excited and after a few minutes of slow fucking me he was fucking me like a rabbit. I felt his hot seed explode inside me as he groaned in pleasure and collapsed on top of me.

I could feel his thick cock still throbbing inside of me. I wasn’t going to let him go soft on me. Pushing him off me I started to suck his cock bringing him back to full hardness. “We need to change things up. Let’s get out of the car.” I told him.

We got out and I leaned over the seat with my ass sticking in the air. “Fuck me from behind Mike.”

Mike was a quick learner at sex too. He slowly fucked Escort Sultangazi me from behind. This time he took his time to build up. My pussy was gripping his cock tight now. I could feel I was ready to cum and so was he. We were both grunting away when he exploded again into my hungry hole. I reached my orgasm at the same time and almost cried it felt so good.

“Let’s get dressed. I have another idea. I want to take you home and fuck you in my bed where my husband seems to never want to fuck.”

As we pulled up to the house I saw my husbands car in the driveway. “Fuck, there goes that plan.” I said.

I see my old neighbor Jerry waving at me to come into his driveway. We pull in and I row down the window.

“Hi Wendy, I see you have another young man. I know you like to fuck young boys. I have been watching you for years. To bad your husband is home. How about I let you use my basement bedroom. All you have to do is let me watch then let me fuck you afterward.”

How could I refuse. Plus, I wouldn’t think Jerry would last long anyway. “Okay, let’s go.”

In the basement Mike and I fucked in every position you could imagine. I gave him a good lesson on how to fuck a woman. While we fucked, Jerry stood and watched us with his cock in his hand. Jerry jerked off and I watched as he had a thick rope of cum shoot from his cock. Not bad for an old man!

When we were done I told Jerry I have to give Mike a ride home and I would be right back. I dropped Mike off and ended it with a bit wet kiss and my giving his cock a little squeeze. “I will see you again okay?”

“I sure hope so Wendy”

When I got to Jerrys house and walked inside he was completely naked. His cock was hard and ready. Shit this old man had a 10 inch cock and was thick too.

“I want you bending over my kitchen table.” He told me.

I took off my clothes and leaned over the table and spread my legs.

Jerry slowly got down on his knees and started to eat my pussy from behind. I wondered if he could taste the young seed that was still inside me. Then I had the most amazing feeling of pleasure as Jerry stated to lick my pussy. I could hardly stop wiggling as it felt so good.

Jerry took a hold of my hips to help himself stand up. He then guided that monster cock inside me and started to pump me from behind. Fuck, this old cock felt great in my pussy. I could hear him labor to breath as he fucked me harder and faster. Fuck, please don’t let this old man die with his cock inside me, I thought.

I knew he was close, but I wasn’t ready. I started to rub my clit fast and hard. As he emptied his seed into my worn pussy I was able to cum too.

When I turned around he had a huge smile on his face. “Wendy, that was the best pussy I have had in years and your pussy taste like candy. Anytime you want to bring one of your young boys over feel free to as long as you take care of me afterward.”

This was just the beginning of my new adventures at Jerry’s place with Mike, Ken, Tommy and others.

It’s been 2 weeks since I have had a nice young cock in me. I have been letting my old neighbor Jerry fuck me because he can black mail me to my husband as he knows I like young cock and he lets me use his basement to fuck some of these young men. I needed my fix for a young cock and decided to see my cute little grocery boy Mike at the grocery store.

As I walked into the store I saw Mike right away he was bagging groceries. My pussy got wet just seeing him. God I loved his cock and teaching him how to fuck a woman. I was training him to do the things I enjoy the most.

Mike noticed me right away. It was hard not to as I turned a lot of heads when I walked into the store. I dressed with a purpose. I had Taksim escort on a yellow sundress that was a bit shear and showed my nice cleavage. With the sun beaming in the store window door you could practically see through the dress and tell I wasn’t wearing panties. You could faintly see the outline of my brown nipples that were getting hard just seeing Mike.

As I worked my way through the store picking up items I really didn’t need because I was there for Mike’s hard young cock, I enjoyed the looks I was getting from the young men stocking the shelves. One young man was on his knees stocking the lower shelf. I leaned over by him to get a can of tomato sauce so he got a great view down my top. I lingered a bit and watched as his young cock started to get hard in his tight jeans. I thought to myself, He should be my next fuck. I noticed him name was Ken from his name badge and put that into my memory.

I lingered by the cashier line to figure out which line Mike would be in next. I timed it perfect as Mike came back into the store and walked up to the empty cashier line that was near me. He bagged my few items and offered to carry them out to my car. I said, Please do. I parked at the far end of the parking lot and was not sure if I could carry them that far.

As we walked to my car I said, “Mike, I have not seen you for awhile. Everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything is okay. Just been busy working 2 jobs now. Trying to save up money for college.”

As we got to my car he put the groceries in the back seat. I opened my door and sat down and looked around. There wasn’t a person in site. Plus with my door open it would block the view on what I planned to do.

“Mike come over here and stand in front of me.” He did as I told him.

“Now put your hand down my top and feel my tits. They miss you.”

As he complied I could see him getting hard through his pants. I unzipped his pants and worked his now hard cock out.

My mouth attacked his hard cock like it was the last cock I would ever see. I took it deep down my throat and it made a pop noise as I released it from my mouth. I started to stoke his cock hard and fast as I sucked the end of his cock.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck I am going to cum Wendy,”

He unloaded his young hot sperm into my mouth. I sucked him dry until I started to feel his cock go limp. I wasn’t done with him yet. I quickly wet my finger and slowly entered his ass with it. I started to rub his prostate while I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock.

“Oh my god Wendy, that feels amazing.” He said.

In a matter of a few seconds he was harder than before. I looked around and still didn’t see anyone who could see us. I got out of the car and leaned in over the seat and told Mike to fuck me from behind.

Mike lifted up my dress and guided his fat cock into my wet hot hungry pussy.

“Fuck me hard and fast Mike. We don’t want to get caught.” Mike grabbed my hips and started to fuck the shit out of me. While he fucked me, I reached up and held his balls in my hand so I could feel when his sperm was getting close to fill my pussy. Feeling he was close after a few minutes of this intense thrusting I rubbed my clit as fast as I could. The timing was perfect. He filled my pussy with his seed just as I came.

We quickly adjusted our clothes before we got caught by someone. “Mike, my husband is out of town tomorrow. How would you like to come by around 7?”

“Wendy, that works perfect. I only have this job tomorrow and I am done at 5. That will give me time to go home and shower.”

“Great Mike! Question for you. Do you know Ken at the store very well?”

“Yes, he is a good friend of mine. I have told him about you. He is jealous because he is a virgin.”

“Well maybe we should take care of that. Bring him along tomorrow.”

Mike smiled and said, “I am sure he will come.”

Before Mike turned to leave I pulled him towards me and gave him a quick kiss on the lips and said, “Here is something for your college fund.” I slipped a crisp $50 bill into his hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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