My Neighbor Molly


When we first moved into our apartment I wasn’t sure if picking one that was directly overlooking the pool was a great idea. We were concerned about the noise, but it was all they had available and we were desperate to move from our old complex. So we took it. That was in February. For several months it was pretty quiet, then around June the pool opened.

As typical with most apartment complexes we had hardly met anyone aside from coming and going, and it was always a simple, “Hello, how are you doing?” Sort of obligatory conversations. We never met the people above, below or across from us. With the pool open we now had a place to possibly meet some of the neighbors. My wife and I are both in our 40s, no children and both work. We both make a long commute to get to Jenkinsville, the nearest major city, and don’t get home till early evening. We were hoping to meet a similar couple.

I am in pretty good shape: one of those lucky people that can eat all they want and not gain a lot of weight; and my wife is not. She is on the verge of fat. A few months ago she was heavy, but now she is heading into that area where it is uncomfortable for her to wear shorts, a revealing bathing suit, and most lingerie. Needless to say our sex life has become almost nonexistent. I love her dearly, but her weight bothers me.

One Saturday we were both decided to try the pool. At first there were only young teen kids — but then the mommies showed up.

There were mommies of all ages and all colors showing up with very small children. They’d plop them in the pool and then lie in the sun to work on their tans. Some of the mommies were gorgeous. Over the next few weekends we became semi chummy with a few of them. One in particular was Molly.

Molly had just gone through a divorce and had both children living with her. She was just a few years younger then us, but had the body of a much younger woman. She had a Michele Phieffer look about her. Not a knockout — but incredibly sexy. My wife and Molly became quite good friends, and several times a week my wife would go down to the pool before dinner and hang out with her. Molly worked evenings, we found out later, and her days were spent at the pool with her children since she had little money to do anything else. I usually stayed in the apartment and wrote stories and articles: I was trying to land a writing position for a magazine. I had been writing for years and a friend got me an interview with the magazine. They wanted to see some examples of possible articles I could come up with. A month later I got the position, and my commute to the city ended.

Wanting me to truly enjoy my freedom and concentrate on my writing, my wife bought me a laptop. Soon I was working on my tan — and getting paid for it. Molly was also at the pool and often times she would sit with me while I worked on articles.

“Let me finish this last bit and then I can give you my undivided attention,” I said to her one Tuesday. I wasn’t purposely flirting with Molly but what I said was definitely something she could either ignore or play up. She decided to play it up.

“I Escort Bayan like the sound of that,” I looked up from the screen. She was wearing a big straw hat and sipping on a can of iced tea through a skinny red straw, looking like one of those sexy girls in a commercial. She was wearing baggy shorts and a tight T-shirt, but she looked absolutely enticing. I tried not to stop typing so abruptly, or stare at her, but I couldn’t help it. “It has been a long time since any man has given me any attention. Your wife is lucky”

I tried to cough, mainly to stall since I didn’t know what to say. But choked. I then tried to recover, but didn’t think enough what I was about to say — or how it would sound. “I find that hard to believe — you are stunning!” Seeing the expression or her face change I tried to stop talking, knowing it was getting a bit real with Molly. So naturally I blurted out, “She isn’t so lucky — I haven’t been overly attentive to her for a while.” What the hell did I just say!? I can’t believe I am so stupid. She is going to think I’m hitting on her. I just —

“That is what I miss the most. Sex.”

My first instinct was to close the laptop. But I started typing again. And tried to sound matter of fact. Just two adults having a conversation. “He probably misses it more than you do.” Oh shit! I’m getting myself in trouble here. She is my wife’s friend. Behave, John.

“Not really, he was having an affair with another man.”

“Are you serious?” I asked, almost incredulously, “What is wrong with him? You are amazing!”

“Why thank you. I like you too.” She sipped her tea and looked to make sure her kids were still upright in their blowup rings. Then she looked back at me. No one was anywhere within earshot. “If I wasn’t so fond of your wife I’d invite you over.” She quickly looked away. “I can’t believe I said that.”

“It is ok. If I wasn’t so … afraid … I’d … show up.”

The conversation developed a lull. We were both hashing things out in our minds, I’m sure. I was also sure I had gone too far. She suddenly sat up, spun around and looked me in the eye. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I was enjoying talking to … probably too much.”

I averted my eyes, which was a mistake. I could see her long golden legs, and lean thighs much better. She continued speaking and was asking me to do something with her kids; but I was too preoccupied. Molly was sitting on the edge of her chaise and spinning her straw through her tiny fingers. I was looking at her delicate hands, then I noticed her shorts. They were loose around her thighs. Very. I could see her panties. Sexy yellow panties peeking out, making me crazy.


I snapped back to reality. “I’m sorry. What were you asking?”

“I want to go put my suit on will you watch me — my kids. Will you watch my kids for a few minutes?”

I agreed, and Molly hurried through the gate and I watched her duck under the pine tree and go into the bottom apartment. She just slid the patio door open. Somehow knowing that her door was unlocked made my stomach Bayan Escort tighten. When I was a kid I had once snuck into a neighbor’s house and stole her panties. Realizing that it was wrong I never did it again. Although I’ve fantasized about it numerous times.

When Molly came back she was wearing a robe over her bikini. She slid the robe onto a chair and told me she was going to go in the water for a while, and then lay out. I couldn’t get her yellow panties out of my head. They were in her apartment — her unlocked apartment.

“Ok, I think I am going to go up for a while. Maybe I’ll see you in a while.”

I watched Molly slip into the pool and start playing with her kids as I walked out the gate.

As soon as I got to my apartment I put down my laptop and went back out the door. Subconsciously I knew where I was going, but I pretended to be surprised when I found myself on Molly’s patio. I scanned the area, her patio was almost completely hidden from view. She was still in the pool, not noticing me sliding the door open.

Knowing that time was an issue I immediately went into the bathroom — no panties or laundry basket. I then went into her bedroom — my cock was already rock hard. Just the thought of what I was actually doing was turning me on more than anything I had felt in a long time. Being in a strange woman’s apartment with my hand on my cock was almost making me feel lightheaded.

I saw the shorts and T-shirt on the floor next to her unmade bed. But no panties. In the corner I saw a whicker laundry basket. Looking in it, I found my yellow panties. Molly had a large bureau with an even larger mirror next to the bed and I stood transfixed for a second, watching myself. I was holding the panties and rubbing my cock through my shorts. The image was shocking — but extremely erotic.

I saw myself shudder when her scent hit my nasal passages, and my knees almost gave. I then stood, inhaling her panties with one hand and fondling myself with the other. My mind was racing! All the deviant thoughts I had suppressed over the years hit me at once, and not one rational thought was getting through.

I watched myself in Molly’s mirror as I pulled down my shorts. I hung her panties them on my cock and admired myself in the mirror. There was a huge dollop of pre cum on the head and I swiped it with a finger and licked it off, while watching Molly’s panties dangle.

Pulling them off my cock I pulled them to my face and tried to suffocate in them. They were quite damp. The thought of Molly getting wet when we were talking made me groan. The next thing I know I’m licking the damp cotton panel and jerking off in a frenzy. It didn’t tale long and I felt that feeling build, from my toes to the top of my head, and there was no stopping me from cumming. I held the panties up to my cock and shot several times into them. I didn’t know I could cum so much. The realization of where I was hit like a crosstown bus, and my legs gave out. I fell onto Molly’s bed. As I was falling and cumming and moaning, I saw out of the corner of my eye something big in Escort the doorway behind me — it was Molly.

It took about 10 seconds: For me to stand, hike up my shorts, stuff her soaking panties into my pocket and try an utter an explanation. Then the true realization hit me, and I was suddenly more scared than any other time in my life. Molly’s mouth was agape and she just stood there. I couldn’t look her in the eye. I fell onto my knees and almost started crying. I then fell onto my face and lost it. “My God, Molly, I’m so sorry. I know how bad this looks but I am harmless. I just wanted to sniff your panties. I am so sorry.” Then the tears started and I started blubbering. “Please don’t have me arrested. Please don’t tell my wife. I’ll do anything! Please, Molly I will never bother you again — we’ll move. Please don’t have me arrested.”

It seemed like an eternity before I finally raised my head up from the floor. Molly still wasn’t moving. I managed to look her in the eye finally. She did not look upset — whew! I started to get up, slowly.

“That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen,” she almost whispered.

I was almost up, but when she spoke I fell onto her bed.

“I … you … you watched me?”

“I saw you close my door and I asked Linda to watch my kids. I’ve been watching you since you got in here.”

“I’m so sorry.”

Molly turned and left the room. Returning a second later.

“Linda is ok. We have a few minutes. You owe me!”

“I owe you?”

“You said you would do anything.” She stepped into the room and sat on the bed. “Take out my panties.”

There was a huge wet spot on my shorts. I pulled them out and drops of cum hung from them. I held out my other hand.

“Eat your cum!”

I hesitated, but then saw Molly slip her bathing suit bottoms off and slide up to her headboard. She spread her legs wide and started to play herself. Her eyes were glazed.

I watched her finger herself with three fingers and I pulled the soaking panties to my mouth. Holding them above me like a spoon with cake batter oozing off it, I let the cum drip into my mouth. Then, turning the panties inside out I sucked the crotch into my mouth. Molly came loudly! But her fingers never stopped. Her room was filled with her moanings and gasps, as she shuddered through orgasm after orgasm. I kept sucking on her panties till I had the entire thing in my mouth. I was sucking the juice out of them and watching Molly pleasure herself. When she heard me sucking and swallowing she almost screamed with an orgasm that cracked her headboard. She leaned back hard and distorted her beautiful face in almost a painful looking way, but her moaning was pure joy.

After a few minutes to recover, Molly got up, pulled the panties out of my mouth and kissed me. Then took the damp panties and cleaned herself up. Putting her bathing suit back on she tried to collect her thoughts as she stood sideways in the doorway and grabbed the frame.

“You still owe me.” She looked at me like my wife used to when she wanted to fuck. “But not today.” She turned and started to walk away. “There are a pair of red panties that I came in several times last night, if you want to fill them for me and leave them on my dresser. Just close the door when you leave.” She then stopped and turned around, “And … you’ll still owe me.”