My Neighbor, My Mistress


She took my breath away when she entered the elevator and little did I know that my life would never be the same again from that chance meeting.

She was unbelievably sexy and, as she gracefully slipped into the elevator before the doors closed, I found myself looking at one of the most desirable women I had ever seen. She had long, curly dark hair framing a sexy face with sloe eyes, large, full breasts with her nipples protruding thru the tight sweater, a small waist leading down to flared hips, a beautifully shaped ass and great legs. I asked her what floor she was going to and she told me, also volunteering that she had just moved into the building a few days ago and didn’t know anyone. She smiled and asked if I would like to come to her apartment, have a cup of coffee and fill her in about our neighbors, etc. Since I was free for the afternoon and my wife would not be home until around 6 pm, I accepted and a few minutes later found myself in her very tastefully decorated living room.

She went into the kitchen to put up a pot of coffee and returned a few minutes later and sat down opposite me, flashing quite a bit of gorgeous thigh in the process, which caused a natural reaction in my penis and immediately turned my thoughts to eroticism. She told me her name was Samantha and asked about the building and while we talked, gave me some beautiful views of her crotch area as she crossed and uncrossed her shapely legs. She told me that she was recently divorced and was just getting back to dating again after about 6 months of forced celibacy at the request of her lawyer. I looked at her in mock horror as she said this and she smiled wryly as she told me that she was planning on making up for lost time now that her final divorce papers had come through.

She asked to be excused for a few moments as she wanted to slip into something more comfortable and I almost dropped the coffee cup when she returned wearing a black teddy, garter belt, black hose and black stiletto heel pumps. She was so desirable, I wanted to take her on the spot but let her come over to me and put her arms around my neck as she asked me if I wanted to make love to her. She had a smile on her face as she warned me that, since she hadn’t had a man for so long, I would be in mortal danger unless I was very strong. In answer, I put my arms around her and covered her lips with mine as I slipped my tongue in her mouth and squeezed her beautiful, full ass in my hands. She sucked my tongue into her mouth like a woman possessed and pressed her soft, warm body into mine as she ground her pelvis against my rapidly rising organ. I moved slightly so that my bulge was on her vagina and heard her moan as she dry fucked me while never releasing my tongue from her hungry mouth. Finally she broke away and took my hand as she led me into the bedroom and lay back on the enormous bed.

I began peeling off my clothes and noticed her eyes riveted to my erection as soon as it came into sight and I approached the bed. She got up on her elbows and flicked out her tongue to capture a drop of pre-cum welling up on the smooth head of my penis and then took the entire head between her lips and sucked it as if her life depended on it. As she sucked me, I lifted her teddy and slipped it over her head revealing her full, upturned breasts capped by huge dark nipples which were fully erect. I lightly pinched her nipples as she sucked me and then gently removed my cock from her lips and had her lay back so that I could gaze at her beauty. Her eyes were smoldering and fastened on my thick, throbbing organ as I enjoyed the sight of her spread out so beautifully before me. Her sexy thighs framed a gorgeous cunt which had a small crop of trimmed black hair just above her slit. Her labia were shaped like the petals of a flower and were swollen and slightly parted revealing the glistening, pink flesh inside her opening.

Her clitoris was fully erect and was peeking out of the folds of her clit hood .and I couldn’t resist leaning forward and taking it between my lips as I teased it with the tip of my tongue. Her reaction was immediate as she arched her back and pushed her clit into my mouth while telling me to suck it hard because she was going to cum in a moment. I grasped the little button between my teeth and bit down gently causing her to scream out in ecstasy as she released her pent up passion and flooded my face with her juices as she held my head tightly to her crotch as she came. I kept my mouth glued to her clit as she shuddered and shook in orgasm and as soon as she calmed down, ran my tongue down her wet slit to her sopping wet hole and slipped it inside to lick up her delicious juices. I licked and sucked her labia until she started moving her hips again in passion and she put her hands on my shoulders and asked me to lay back as she wanted to taste my juices now.

She settled herself between my thighs and gazed lovingly at my throbbing erection and then Bycasino dipped her head lower and began licking and sucking my full, tight ball sac while slipping a wet finger into my tight asshole. I watched her as she expertly sucked my balls and then ran her tongue up and over them to the base of my thick shaft where she licked and nibbled her way up the throbbing organ until she reached the smooth, flared crown. I groaned as she took the head in her mouth and licked the sensitive underside all the while slowly and sensuously finger fucking me and cupping my balls in her hand.

Then I heard her moan and she began working my shaft deep down her throat until she had as much inside as she could handle and then I felt her throat contracting around my penis as if milking it. That did it for me and my cock swelled as I started shooting hot jets of cum down her hungry throat. She gulped as she swallowed every drop and when my spasms finally ended, she squeezed my shaft from the base up to get the last drop of cum out of me.

As I recuperated from the mind blowing orgasm she had just drawn out of me, she went inside to bring some cold refreshing drinks and I couldn’t tear my eyes from her gorgeous body as she got up. After relaxing a while, she told me that she couldn’t wait to have my penis inside her and got down to tease it hard again with her talented mouth. It didn’t take long before Junior was wide awake and raring to go so she sat up and straddled me on her knees as she lowered herself onto my hard member. Her eyes glazed over as she lowered herself slowly and took the thick erection inside inch by pleasurable inch until she couldn’t take anymore and began to fuck me with long, deep strokes giving me indescribable sensations. Her cunt gripped my organ snugly and I could see her cuntflesh grasping my shaft, not wanting to let it go, as she lifted her hips until just the tip of the head was inside before sinking down on it again with a gasp of pleasure.

I lifted my head and took her big nipples in my mouth as she fucked me and then reached down and teased her clit which caused her to shudder and throw her head back in passion. She looked into my eyes as she fucked me and saw that I was almost ready to cum so she wriggled her hips and contracted her cunt muscles which brought on my orgasm immediately and we looked into each other’s eyes as I pumped my hot juices inside her. By the time my second spurt splashed against her cunt walls, she went into orgasm and I felt her hot, wet juices flowing around my shaft and dribbling down onto my cock hairs as she shuddered and bore down on my throbbing and twitching penis.

We rested for a while and then I noticed the time and told her I would have to get dressed, as my wife would be home shortly. I told her that I would like to see her again but wasn’t sure just when since my wife and I were going to be quite busy socially for the next couple of weeks and I would be busy at work daytimes. She smiled slyly and told me, as she grasped my pants crotch in her hand that we would be getting together sooner than I think and then giving me a quick kiss and showed me out the door. I couldn’t help but wonder what she meant by that but was out the door before I could question her.

About 2 days later, I received a letter in the mail with no return address and when I opened it, I saw a photograph that made my stomach sink. It was a photo of me laying on her bed playing with her cunt as she sucked my organ. Luckily, my wife wasn’t home yet and I opened the letter with some trepidation and read the note with anxiety. It was from Samantha, my new neighbor, and she suggested that I come to her apartment as soon as I received this as she had something very important to tell me that would affect my future life. I didn’t at all like the fact that she had somehow photographed our sex and had a sinking feeling that this was not going to be good news. Since my wife wasn’t going to be home for a couple of hours yet, I decided to go and find out what this was all about. She answered the door wearing a very revealing dressing gown which exposed most of her gorgeous breasts and caused my cock to respond immediately.

She smiled and showed me into the living room and asked if I would like a drink. When I declined, she suggested that I have one since I was going to need one very shortly. I didn’t like the sound of this and asked her what was so important that I had to see her right away. She sat down and let her gown fall open so that her thighs were completely exposed and told me to open the envelope on the coffee table in front of me. I opened it and found a stack of photographs of the two of us in every conceivable sexual position! She told me that she had a video tape camera hidden in her room and has a very interesting tape of our sex session the other day which she was quite sure I wouldn’t want my wife to see. Then she told me that my wife didn’t ever have to see it as long Bycasino giriş as I became her sexual plaything and did whatever she told me whenever she told me. I was shocked to say the least!

I began to protest but she cut me off with a sharp word and told me that there was no bargaining the point and that, if I didn’t want my wife to see the tape, I should accept the fact that she had me in her power and obey her every wish. I thought of searching her apartment to find the tape but she must have read my mind as she told me the tape was in her safe deposit box at the bank. Then she told me that she wanted to be eaten and spread her legs wide revealing her sexy pussy. Under ordinary conditions, I would have never refused to go down on her especially when she spread her legs and showed me that delicious cunt, but this wasn’t ordinary and I wasn’t really in the mood for sex after her blackmail threat. She saw the hesitation and her eyes narrowed as she told me that it would be very easy for her to make a copy of the tape and see that my wife gets it right away. I realized that she had me over a barrel and, while my mind raced to try and find a solution to the problem,

I got down on my knees between her thighs and started licking her labia. She lay back and told me to suck her just the way I did the other day since she enjoyed it very much and wanted to experience the feelings again. As I licked and sucked her, the delicious flavor of her juices and the heady aroma of her cunt started to arouse me and before I knew it, I was totally enjoying sucking her and she lay back and crooned sexy things telling me that she was going to enjoy having me as her sex slave to use whenever the mood struck her. I was sucking on her erect clitoris when suddenly she cried out in passion and grabbed my head and held it tight to her pussy as she experienced her orgasm and wet my face with her hot juices. When her spasms finally subsided, she relaxed and told me to stay where I was and continue licking her cunt since she wanted to introduce me to someone. I was surprised to hear that someone had been in the apartment all this time and wondered with some anxiety who it was.

She told me to stop licking her cunt and look up as she wanted me to meet a friend of hers and when I pulled my face from her crotch, I looked up and saw a good looking guy with a great body and a magnificently thick and large organ swaying over a large set of full balls as he moved. Sam introduced him as her friend, Roger, and added that I was to consider him my master also and obey his every wish. Sam invited Roger to sit down alongside her on the couch as she wanted me to get acquainted with my new master. When he was seated, she told me to move over in front of Roger and get to know his organ very well as I would be pleasuring him whenever he desired it also. I settled myself comfortably between his muscular and sexy thighs and gazed at one of the most beautiful male organs I have ever seen. It was a thick 8″ capped by an absolutely irresistible, smooth, sloped crown with a deep ridge all around. His balls were also beautiful.

They were large and firm and full and oh so suckable! He told me to start by licking his anus and lifted his hips to give me access. I found a nice puckered hole which I licked and got wet before slipping the tip of my tongue inside and tongue fucking him. I was at this for some time when he told me to go to work on his cock now and I pulled my tongue from his asshole and licked my way up, over his balls, and up to the base of his cock. I nibbled and kissed his magnificent shaft and slowly worked my way up his thickness until I reached that beautiful crown. I spotted a drop of precum forming at his slit and deftly captured it on my tongue and savored its flavor as I swallowed it and then took his entire cockhead between my lips and began to suck his gorgeous, tasty organ. I was nursing on his cockhead when Sam tapped me on the shoulder and told me to come over and suck her cunt as Roger was in proper condition for the next act.

Not knowing what she meant, I lowered my face to her sweet pussy and lost myself in the pleasures of her cunt enjoying her flavor as well as her scent as I pulled each of her labia with my lips and ran my tongue up and down her tasty slit. Suddenly I felt Roger’s hand on my ass as he applied lubricant to my asshole and I felt his thick cockhead pressing into my anus until the head popped inside and he worked it in and out slowly smoothing the way to a beautiful fuck. I was in total heaven. I was sucking an absolutely delicious cunt while having a gorgeous penis fill my ass with meat. Then Sam suddenly stopped me from eating her and got up from the couch. She got down under me and began sucking my cock as Roger kept a steady slow stroke going in and out of my ass.

Soon Roger started to breathe heavier and I felt his cock swell as he started spurting hot cum inside me in spasm after Bycasino deneme bonusu spasm. This triggered my orgasm and I began to shoot hot sperm into Sam’s mouth which she gulped down as she kept sucking hard on my throbbing and jerking organ. After she sucked out every drop of cum from my balls, and Roger withdrew his huge cock from my asshole, she told me to settle myself between her thighs and lick her pussy to orgasm as she was hot from sucking my organ. I buried my face in her magnificent pussy and didn’t need any prodding to lick her swollen labia, erect clit and wet, dripping cunthole.

She directed me to only lick her pussy, not suck it, as she wanted to feel my talented tongue all over her cunt and then, suddenly, her body tensed and she spread her legs wide as she grabbed my head and pushed her cunt into my face as she went into orgasm and wet my face with her juices. She held my head to her pussy as she slowly relaxed and after some time, told me to lift my head as she wanted to introduce me to another friend.

When I lifted my face from her crotch, I saw a beautiful, young lady wearing a sexy black teddy standing alongside of me. She had small, upturned breasts and a great ass and legs. Her pussy was just visible under the teddy and I could see it was completely shaved. Samantha introduced her as Desiree and told me that I was going to get to know her very intimately and whenever she was there, consider her my total mistress also. D sat down on the couch next to Samantha and asked her if she could sample my tongue a while as she had been listening at the door for some time and was very horny. Sam told me to move over and do just as good a job on D as I did on her and I settled myself between D’s sexy thighs and looked at one of the most gorgeous cunts I have ever seen. Her labia were delicate and beautifully shaped and her clit hood couldn’t completely hide the enormous organ which poked out of the folds as it got hard.

I couldn’t resist closing my lips over it and sucking it into my mouth as I teased it with the tip of my tongue. I felt D shudder and her hands grasped my head and held it right in place as she began to grind her hips and slowly fuck my face as she moaned and gasped in heat. I lowered my mouth and dipped my tongue into her wet, open cunthole so I could taste the juices which flowed down her passage onto my tongue. She lifted her hips and gave me more access to her hole as my tongue worked its way inside her and when I started tongue fucking her, she grabbed my head and I heard her cry out that she was cumming. She shuddered in passion and released a flood of her cum juices which I sucked out and drank greedily until she finally relaxed and her cunt stopped throbbing. Sam was sitting in a chair not far from us with one leg thrown over the arm as she lightly fingered her clit and watched us. Roger was nowhere in sight.

When D opened her eyes and seemed to be back to normal, Sam told me to come over to her as she wanted me to lick and ream her asshole. She was on all fours with her ass raised high and I could see her puckered asshole as well as her full labia peeking out from between her thighs. My first inclination was to lick her labia but as soon as my tongue touched them, she berated me and told me to concentrate on her asshole. While I was licking it and getting it ready for reaming, she told D to bring her favorite vibrator and some KY from the bedroom and when she returned, told me to elevate my ass and told D to work it inside and fuck me while I tongued her. As I slipped the tip of my tongue into her tight hole, I felt D’s fingers lubricate my ass and feed the tip of the dildo into my hole which had just been opened wide by Roger’s huge organ. She worked it deep inside me, turned on the motor and then started fucking me with it as I drove my tongue deep in Sam’s ass and heard her gasp in pleasure from the sensations I was giving her.

The vibrator was starting to feel real good as it filled my ass and some of the vibrations reached down to my balls and my cock which was throbbing and jerking in heat. Then Sam told me to get up and fit the head of my organ to her asshole and give her a good ass fucking while D continued fucking me with the vibrator. She also told me not to cum until she had her orgasm or I would be punished for disobeying her. I had no idea how I would be able to hold back since I had wanted release for some time now as I sucked both of them to orgasm and now my cock was being gripped by her gorgeous ass so beautifully that I was about to blow my load right then and there.

Sam could feel how close to orgasm I was and told D to hold my balls in her hand and squeeze them hard if it looked like I was going to cum before she did. As D grabbed hold of me, the thought of having her squeeze my balls, calmed me down somewhat and I tried to think of other things as Sam worked her sexy ass back and forth on my shaft and it seemed like ages before I heard her cry out that she was cumming and as soon as I felt her ass contract in spasm around my shaft, I began shooting hot jets of sperm into her and we both twisted and shuddered together until our spasms ended and Sam told me to pull out.