My New Boss Pt. 26


My New Boss Part 26

Submitted Fetish 1/22

When we got into the kitchen, Rim handed me a pack of wet-wipes and told me to make myself respectable for round two. I wiped John’s load from my face and Rim gave me a nod to signify that I was clean. I grabbed another beer from the refrigerator and returned to Fat John. He was on his phone texting someone, his fat fingers dominating the keyboard. He didn’t even acknowledge me as I knelt by the side of his recliner, holding his beer. I felt like a pussy, dressed as I was in a silk babydoll with matching panties, but remained silently kneeling next to him.

Rim returned to the room shortly after, knelt before him and picked up her pedicure kit.

“Where were we, baby, before we got sidetracked?” she asked him sweetly, as she lifted one of his swollen feet onto her upper thigh, and prepared to trim his nails.

John continued to text, ignoring us as we served and pampered him. Rim worked silently on his nails, cutting, filing and attending to his cuticles, as I held his beer for him in between swigs. John didn’t take long to finish his third beer, and I didn’t need to be asked to get him another one. I took the three empty bottles into the kitchen, removed the bottle cap from his fourth beer, and knelt back beside him until he reached out for another sip.

When Rim was done with his toenails, she put her pedicure kit to the side, and signaled for me to come and kneel in front of Fat John. The two of us looked up at him with adoration, as he began to detail all of his favorite moments in the capable hands of my girlfriend, Suky. He was quite graphic in his descriptions, and I didn’t need any clarification, despite him asking me several times if I understood. Once he was done, Fat John enjoyed my rendition of his favorite “Suky moves”, critiquing me continuously as we worked to achieve a mirror image of my girlfriend’s tender touch.

That fat bastard enjoyed himself immensely that evening, as I worked hard under his tutelage. Rim already knew her part in the highly choreographed sexual encounter, having performed her magic on John, in a co-ordinated effort with Suky, multiple times in the past. His blew his second load all over Rim’s face and neck as he tit-fucked her, while I licked and nibbled his flabby ass-cheeks.

Rim had recently enhanced her boobs, taking advantage of Joy’s employee improvement program. This long running employee perk, allowed the masseuses zero interest loans towards any cosmetic procedures that would improve the customer experience at the spa. Rim had elected to have “D” cups implanted, and at the same time had opted for collagen enhanced lips and a Brazilian butt-lift. The resulting improvement in her physical appearance, and overall desirability, had the effect of immediately increasing her tips, and she wasn’t going to miss the one hundred dollars per month payment to Joy, particularly as it was an interest-free loan.

John was one of the first customers to tit-fuck her new breasts, and the very first punter to ejaculate on her newly pumped-up lips, a tidbit that she shared with him after he blew his load on her. Right before he came, in order to maximize his pleasure, she instructed him to get up on all fours. She held her pert, mammoth breasts aloft for his cock to pound, and I licked his hairy asshole until he unloaded his nuts.

After John came, he remained in the doggy-style position, the implication being that he wanted me to continue rimming him. I ended up eating his asshole for several more minutes as he moaned and whimpered under my expert stimulation. He finally told me to remove my tongue from inside his ass, and after hauling his oversized frame up to his knees, he wiped the tip of his cock across Rim’s forehead. I knelt beside him and helped him to his feet, and as he waddled naked down my hallway, he looked back at Rim and I.

“Let’s hit the shower,” he instructed us.

This was the part of the evening that I was dreading. Best case scenario, I was going to endure the emasculation of licking his semen from the wall of the shower enclosure. Worst case, he was going to urinate all over me. I should have seen it coming as I knelt beside him holding his ice-cold beers for him. That fat fuck had slurped down four of my premium beers, and had yet to take a piss. I knew this wasn’t lost on Rim too, as she had pulled her hair back into a ponytail, in an attempt to mitigate his debasement of her.

John entered my marble shower enclosure, admiring the custom fit of the single slabs of marble that adorned all four walls. The look was impressive, the eight foot by four foot slabs eliminating the need for grout, while highlighting the expense incurred by such a custom creation.

“Nice shower,” John opined, before issuing the one-word command of “Kneel”, to us before I could respond.

I flashed Rim a furtive glance, but the huge smile on her face reminded me that we were playing a part and I needed to get with the program. John’s Escort Bayan program, that which required us to appear enthralled to serve this man, at all times. A feeling of revulsion crept over me as I smiled broadly, and knelt before him. John’s cock was flaccid, coated in Rim’s drying vaginal secretions, and disgustingly unappealing.

“Lick me clean, bitch,” John ordered me, apparently unwilling to wait thirty seconds for the shower to turn on and do the dirty work for him.

It was with great revulsion that I licked John’s cock clean, although as soon as I was focused on giving him a tongue bath, he decided to change things up. John extended his fat hands towards the side of my head, grabbed my ears and started to deep-throat me.

I was gagging as he fucked my face, both from the assault on my tonsils and the fact that he was poorly groomed. His unshaven pubic area was tickling my nose and he was emitting a strong aroma of sweat. He released his vice grip on one of my ears, and removed Rim’s scrunchie, without consulting her.

“Don’t try and protect your hair, girl,” he scolded. “I like making a mess of it.”

Rim lowered her head submissively, shook her hair so that it flowed freely down her back, and looked up at John smiling.

“Whatever you want, John,” she said cheerfully.

John fucked my face for a few moments, although he never really got erect, even as Rim moved behind him and nibbled his flabby ass. I knew why he wasn’t getting hard, even before I felt the warm trickle in my mouth. That asshole needed to piss!

“Sucky hates this part,” John said laughing, continuing to use the derisive form of her name. “She made the mistake of telling me this. Rookie move. I make that bitch drink my golden nectar whenever I feel like putting her in her place!”

John continued to piss into my mouth, although it was a dribble at best. Finally, after he had drained his bladder, he turned the shower head on and luxuriated in the hot shower as Rim and I knelt by his feet.

John stood passively under the shower head making no attempt to wash himself. Rim picked up a bar of soap and lathered it up with her dainty hands. Then, as she handed the soap to me, she began to wash his genitals. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for Fat John’s cock to stiffen, and as soon as he was aroused, he reached for my ear and grabbing it forcefully, repositioned me behind him.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what he wanted, and as Rim started to blow him, I reluctantly stuck my tongue between his fat ass-cheeks. It didn’t take him long to blow his load, and I heard Rim gagging as she tried to swallow it all. After we washed him thoroughly in the shower and dried him off, that fat fuck sprawled across my sofa in his massive jockey shorts, and promptly fell asleep. He was snoring like a hog, as he struggled with his sleep apnea, so Rim and I moved into the kitchen, so as not to disturb him.

“Hopefully, that fat bastard sleeps all night,” I said contemptuously. “How on earth did he make you come so hard, Rim?” I asked the young Filipino. “He is absolutely disgusting.”

“I faked it,” Rim responded with a smile, to my total disbelief. “Every last orgasm.”

“Bullshit,” I countered, “I saw your ass cheeks tense and flex when you came. I heard your cries of pleasure, watch you throw your head back in ecstasy, witnessed you slump forward with exhaustion, after you were satiated.”

“All fake,” she said proudly.

I must have had a look of disbelief on my face because Rim scooted over towards me and straddled my foot. Without making contact with her genitals, she fucked my foot and proceeded to enjoy several fantastic orgasms in quick succession, all apparently faked. My cock stiffened as I watched this beautiful young woman pleasure herself in front of me, my body unable to separate the illusion of her orgasm, from the fact that it was obviously faked.

“I could never orgasm with that fat fuck,” she said contemptuously.

“Can all women do that?” I asked with interest.

“No,” she assured me. “But that is not the question, is it Timmy? The question is can Suky do that, and the answer is most assuredly. She taught me how to fake a penetrative orgasm.”

My mind spun as I tried to remember Suky’s orgasms with me. She came easily from oral sex, particularly when she was in control. However, her penetrative orgasms were very infrequent. The more I recalled them, and the circumstances under which they occurred, the more it made sense that she had faked them.

There was a particularly vocal set of orgasms that my girlfriend had enjoyed on the night that Tim gave me my mammoth bonus. Upon learning that I was to be earning five thousand dollars per month extra, Suky came multiple times as we fucked, two of which occurred after I had ejaculated inside her, which at the time had made little sense to me.

As a man, I had an over-inflated sense of my love-making prowess, and Bayan Escort wanted to believe that I had rocked Suky’s world. To learn that she had faked her pleasure, to bring us closer and heighten the likelihood that I would share my new-found wealth with her, was very disheartening, and quite obviously true.

I had gifted her my new Toyota shortly after my pay increase, and installed a media room in my house to accommodate her love of movies. I felt sick to my stomach as I realized she had played me. As I played back Suky’s most memorable orgasms in my head, I came to the horrible realization that the vast majority of them had occurred, courtesy of my boss.

“Do you guys fake it with Tim, too?” I asked timidly.

“No need,” Rim responded immediately, the truth evident on her smiling face. “Tim possesses the perfect combination of stamina, confidence, and rhythm to get a woman off,” she continued. “Not only that, he is blessed with a very large cock. And he knows how to use it. I doubt Tim has ever experienced a faked orgasm,” she added, possibly not realizing what a kick in the nuts this was for me.

My head sank in despair, as I processed the harsh reality of Rim’s words. I always thought that Suky had left me for financial reasons, and this was easier to digest. However, to know that my boss was a superior lover, as well as provider, hurt.

I never had time to wallow in my self-pity, as Fat John waddled into the kitchen and went to the fridge. After he opened it up and perused its contents, he emerged with a huge plate of pineapple cheesecake. He made a brief attempt to sit on one of the barstools, next to the kitchen island, but Rim anticipated that this was a disaster waiting to happen, and invited him to return to the living room.

“Get comfortable in your recliner baby,” she cooed. “We will bring you some napkins and another beer.”

I was done serving this fat bastard. I had to go with him to the Airport in the morning, and was dreading whatever that entailed. I just wanted to hit the sack and get a few hours of rest. My body language must have telegraphed my true feelings because Rim had other ideas and whispered “Montreal,” under her breath to get my focus back to John’s pleasure.

This did the trick and I grabbed another one of my ice-cold premium beers from the refrigerator and removed the cap. I walked into the living room with some trepidation, and as I came through the door, Rim was holding the huge plate of cheesecake, while John flopped into my favorite recliner in just his jockey shorts. Once he was seated, Rim handed him the plate and knelt to one side of the leather chair. I followed her lead, kneeling opposite her, with the cold beer held aloft for that fat bastard, whenever he felt like a swig.

I became aware that he didn’t have any utensils, at the exact same moment that he stuck his fat fingers into the pineapple cheesecake. He scooped up a large handful of the desert and shoved it onto his mouth. My OCD kicked in, and I watched intently to make sure he didn’t get any whipped cream or pineapple rings on my recliner. He was a disgusting eater, and a few seconds later dug his fat fingers back into the cake and scooped up another large helping. After he inhaled this second portion, he lay his fat arm on top of the leather armrest, his palms turned upright to minimize the spillage on my floor.

Rim and John made eye contact briefly as she looked up at him adoringly. She gave him a broad smile and scooted forward slightly on her knees. Then, in an overt display of submission, the beautiful young Filipino touched her dainty hand on his upturned wrist, and began to suck the remnants of the cheesecake from his swollen fingers. Her actions were both lewd and extremely submissive at the same time, and John’s face lit up as he watched her. Rim licked his fingers clean, sucking suggestively on the middle digit until he removed it from her eager lips, and scooped another portion of the dessert from his plate.

Once he had ingested the majority of his handful, he rested his arm back on the recliner, upturned it to facilitate Rim’s access, and watched her suck the remains of his dessert from his fingers. It was one of the most overt displays of submission I had ever seen, either in person or in pornography. He fed her the way I feed my puppy, allowing the young dog the treat of licking his master’s hand clean. After the third helping, John’s cock had awoken and was tenting in his underwear. This was the last thing we needed, that fat fuck deciding to bust a nut one more time before bed.

This disgusting scenario was looking more and more likely as he fed Rim his leftovers, and she looked up at him adoringly. I made the mistake of looking up at him, catching his eye briefly as he admired his bitches as we knelt before him. That fat fuck removed his hand from Rim’s face, dipped the tips of his fingers back into the cheesecake, and then rested his flabby arm across his chest and stomach, so Escort that the tips of his fingers extended just past his erection.

Even though this next morsel of dessert was clearly intended for my consumption, John was evidently too lazy to extend his arm across his fat gut and rest it on my armrest. Instead, positioned as his hand was between his legs, I had to crawl around in front of him, to eat my pro-offered treat. As emasculating as it was to be hand-fed by this obnoxious prick, crawling into position between his flabby thighs, and resting my chin on his nutsack, in order to suck the dessert from his fingers, was worse. Rim let out a little giggle at John’s dominance of me, and I couldn’t look him in the eye as I licked his fingers clean.

My extended tongue grazed his jockey shorts as he fed me his scraps. His cock jumped around under the stimulation, a wet spot forming in his underwear right in front of my eyes. I guess it was inevitable that the two of us were going to pleasure John one last time before bed, but he took great enjoyment out of prolonging it. He fed me two more times, a combination of cheesecake and whipped cream presented to me, to suck from his fingers. After I had licked the last of my dessert, he rested his hand on his cock with his palm upturned. I cleaned the remnants of the cheesecake from his fingertips, making occasional contact with his genitals.

John had enjoyed enough foreplay, and released his leaking cock from the confines of his briefs. He grabbed the base of it, and slapped his cockhead against my cheek, transferring his pre-cum onto the side of my face. He was obviously enjoying debasing me, and I dreaded having to suck him off again, before bed.

John reached back over to the cheesecake, picked up one of the pineapple rings that adorned the top of it, and carefully slid it over the tip of his cock.

“Are either of you allergic to pineapple?” he asked, as if he gave a fuck.

Rim and I looked at each other, before shaking our heads to acknowledge that we could both eat the fruit, without issue.

“Good. Eat,” he said with a chuckle. “Take turns. Small nibbles. First one to break the pineapple ring wins.”

I didn’t even want to know what first prize was. Tim and his cohorts had suppressed what little fight I had left within me. I just wanted to take my first nibble out of the pineapple ring resting atop John’s leaking cock, and see whether Rim or I won the prize. I am not sure if John had played this game before, but the way he had positioned the pineapple ring, I couldn’t nibble the outer edge of it without making contact with his leaking cock-head. So, after three tiny bites of the ring, alternating with Rim who was having way too much fun pleasuring this asshole, I had his seminal fluids on the tip of my nose and under my chin.

Rim was at a distinct disadvantage, having recently had her lips enhanced with collagen injections. This cosmetic procedure made her lips look incredible, but the diminished sense of feeling, and their increased size, made her break the pineapple ring on her fourth nibble. John let out a loud cheer as the pineapple ring fell into his crotch, and Rim clapped her hands joyfully as she waited expectantly to see what she had won.

John reached over to the cheesecake, scooped up a large handful of whipped cream, and spread it all over his cock and balls.

“Your prize,” he said condescendingly, as Rim lowered her lips submissively into his lap.

I wish I could tell you that the fun and games ended there. However, John had already come three times, and even though Rim and I were totally at his disposal for whatever he desired, it took a while. Rim ate her prize in its entirety, sucking John’s cock between nibbles of whipped cream. He put another pineapple ring over his cock-head for us to eat, and we tried nibbling it at the same time, at his request. When the second ring broke, John asked us to help him out of my recliner, and we removed his underwear.

John had a huge smile on his face as he reached behind his fat ass, and inserted the pineapple ring between his flabby buttocks. Then, as he flipped a coin to determine our respective positions, Rim called heads and was rewarded with permission to suck his cock. I didn’t need to be told what his expectations were for me. I scooted around behind him, pausing once my lips were right behind his ass-crack.

At this point, it occurred to me that I wished I did have an allergic reaction to pineapple. If so, I would have taken a large bite of the potentially dangerous fruit, in an attempt to induce immediate prophylactic shock, and have myself removed from this disgusting situation into the relative safety of a hospital bed.

John coughed expectantly and I snapped back into reality. In total submission I began to extricate the pineapple ring from between his butt-cheeks, using just my mouth.

I truly hated this fat bastard, and being made to perform such demeaning sex acts was really hard for me. However, once in a while John would mention the word, “Montreal” and I would snap back into focus, doing my upmost to pleasure this man. John knew that my boss had the ultimate leverage over me, and he planned to use it for his own personal gain.