My New Car

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I had already decided to buy the car so I figured why not make the best of it. I bought my last car from the agency where Janet worked three years ago so I pretty much knew what to expect. Obviously I went to see her again. Anyway, she gave me a great sales pitch and a better deal than I had anticipated, both for the selling price of the car and for my trade-in.

Although petite in size, she is a strikingly beautiful woman, about 5’1″ tall and maybe 105 pounds, slender but with voluptuous breasts, a lovely round ass, long brown hair and creamy skin. I must say it was in direct contrast to my 6 feet, a little portly, 210 pound frame.

It was fairly early in the day and the deal was pretty much confirmed when I said, “Okay, I’ll tell you what, I’ll buy the car for the price you quoted under one condition.”

Her eyes were sparkling at the thought of this easy sale. “Of course, anything you want. What is the condition?”

“I want you to sleep with me, have sex with me, today, this afternoon.”

“I… Er… I couldn’t… My boss… What… How…”

“Just tell your boss that you’re going for a test drive and then you’re going to take the rest of the day off. We’ll go to lunch and then check in at that little motel right down the street.”

“But I…”

“Nonsense, you do want the sale don’t you? We’ll sign the papers right now and then you can get off for the rest of the day.”

She seemed a little reluctant at first but then said, “Okay, I’ll do it. We’ll sign the papers and I’ll tell him we’re going for lunch and a test drive and then that I have to go home for something.”

Just as we planned, we signed the papers, arranged for me to turn in my trade-in and pick up the new car tomorrow. She went into the back office and returned a few minutes later smiling. “Okay Lothario, we are all set, you lead the way.”

We left in my car and went to an intimate little bistro I knew. The lunch was light, the wine was delicious and the conversation was titillating. By 1:30 we had registered and were driving up to one of the little units behind the motel office.

Once inside, she turned to me and I took her in my arms. Her face was fethiye escort looking up at me, her ample breasts were crushed against my chest and her lower torso was molded to my groin. I moved my right hand down and caressed the soft cheek of her buttocks. She put her hand behind my head and held me in place while we kissed. Her tongue was a most delicate morsel as it parted my lips and encountered my own. I answered with mine and we had a duel of flesh, me finally winning when I sucked hers deep into my mouth.

This victory manifested itself by causing an erotic swelling of my manhood.

She acknowledged my arousal by grinding her torso against my hardening member and then leaned back in my arms and smiled at me. “My goodness, I didn’t realize how badly you wanted that car and what a great deal we made.”

Holding her in place with my right hand around her waist, my left began to grope the soft contours of her breasts. She peeled off her blouse to reveal the perfect orbs without any support. As I delicately nuzzled on one I asked, “Do you often go braless like that?”

She giggled. “No, but since we are on this naughty assignment, I took it off in the restroom at the restaurant.” Then she whispered, “My panties too.”

I stripped of my shirt and dropped my trousers as she shed her skirt. In moments she was nude and I was down to my boxers. Slowly I approached her for the second time, my hard cock like a pole in my shorts, aiming at her desirable body. I put my arms around her and kissed her, our tongues dueling again as I pushed her backwards towards the bed. She was completely within my power as I eased her down onto the bedcover. I hovered over her, nursing on first one and then the other of her alluring breasts. She gasped as I licked a beautiful aureole and suckled the hard little nipple between my lips. Leisurely, I kissed a path from the desirable tit to her navel where I probed at the little indentation with my tongue, imitating what I would do when I got to her pussy.

I arrived at my clean-shaven destination and kissed the waiting lips I found there. My tongue probed, parted and explored these pliant folds until I discovered the escort fethiye soft little node hidden between them that I knew was her clitoris. Gently sucking it between my lips, I stroked it smoothly with my tongue. Quietly she began to moan, just enough so that I knew she was enjoying what I was doing. I brought my hand up under my chin and gradually inserted my thumb into her wet, well-lubricated vagina. My fingers, spread eagle, were kneading and rubbing her ass, especially her tight little rosebud. Now, she was making sounds like she was screaming with her mouth closed as I massaged her clit with my tongue and slid my thumb in and out of her pussy in a fucking motion.

I could tell by the thrashing of her body that she was in the throes of a climax but I wouldn’t quit as long as she relished the feeling. Soon, the tenseness left her body and she appeared to wilt, almost as if the spirit had left her. I took this opportunity to move on top of her in the missionary position and plunge my cock into the spot that my thumb had so recently vacated.

Although at first she appeared to be out of it, she wrapped her legs around my buttocks, raised her ass up off the bed to meet me and prodded me with her heels so that my dick was rammed as deep into her pussy as it could go. Each time I withdrew she prodded me with the same results. At the very time I felt the winds of coitus beginning to blow stronger; she again began her closed mouth scream. Her body was having spasms when my semen erupted, filling her pussy with my creamy cum.

I continued to pump in ever weakening strokes until I finally couldn’t go any longer. My soft, spent cock slid out of her warm nest and I collapsed alongside of her on the bed.

I have no idea how long it was but sometime later I was aware that she had climbed out of the bed and I could hear water running in the bathroom. I dozed off again but woke when I felt a warm washcloth cleansing the aftermath of our lovemaking from my limp dick. Suddenly, the washcloth was replaced by a soft, heavenly mouth.

I luxuriated in the feelings that were washing over me as her pliant tongue stroked the underside of my flaccid cock, outlining fethiye escort bayan the sensitive head and probed at the little slit. I wondered how long she could keep at it before I became hard again.

Not to be outdone, I coaxed her body onto the bed and across me until she was placed on top of me in the 69 position. The delightful vessel that I had enjoyed earlier was once again poised directly over my mouth and appeared ready to accept my ministrations. Greedily I plunged my tongue into this damp receptacle to find a delightful mixture of my own semen intermingled with her juices. It was delicious.

Her lithe body was squirming so much that I had to capture her with my arms around her waist to keep my tongue in contact with her pussy. Soon it became a race to see which of us would bring rapture to the other first. I know I was winning when my fucking libido betrayed me. It came out of my toes, my brain, my ass and every nook and cranny of my body to spew the seed of mankind out the end of my ultra-sensitive dick and into her mouth.

I was almost comatose with ecstasy when I realized that I still had my tongue in her pussy and that she was still squirming. Determined that I wouldn’t enjoy this pinnacle of rapture alone, I redoubled my efforts to make her cum again. Now her scream was not closed mouthed but a loud wail.

My dick had fallen from her mouth, her head was raised, her eyes were closed and she was howling, almost screaming as I renewed my attack on her pussy with my tongue. She began to twitch, jerking each time I plunged my tongue into her moist giver of pleasure. Her cries had died to almost a whimper and she twitched each time I touched her before I finally released her from my arms around her waist.

She rolled off of me to lie on the bed with her feet almost in my face. I took one of her big toes in my mouth and sucked on it for a minute before she said, “My goodness, look at the time. Do you know that we have been here almost three hours? I have had a wonderful time but I’ve got to go. You’ll have to drop me by the dealership to pick up my car. On the way home I’ve got to stop at the market to pick up something for dinner. Would you mind picking up Tommy Junior from soccer practice? And Tom…”


“I love you and really enjoy these little excursions but why is it that we don’t have sex like this at home?”



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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