My Next Experience – After Smitha

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Hi all,

I am back. Hope you all read my first story ‘Thank you sister- My first incest’. For those who didn’t read here is a brief about my family.

Our family has my parents, me and my elder brother. We were living in a small town in Andhra Pradesh. My mother has 4 sisters and majority of them has daughters. As we don’t have own sisters we used to love them a lot from child hood. We all residing in nearby town we keep visiting each other’s houses frequently. As we all grown up, my sisters developed sexy physiques with beautiful looks. Everyone is like an angle in their own way. The elder aunt is Parvathi. She has 3 daughters and one son. All are got married. But Paru aunt’s 2nd daughter, Smitha got divorce 5 years back due to some personal issues. She was with her parents since then. My first incest experience was with Smitha only.

After that experience, I had discovered the real kick in incest. So, I had started searching for the opportunity.

The second sister Neeta is hot bomb shell. She was 28 then. She is opposite to Smitha in attitude. Smitha is introvert but Neeta is extrovert; she use to maintain the beauty carefully. She is beautiful and hot among all the three. Especially her lips shape is so kissable.

She mingles with anyone and talkative too. I heard she even loved someone but, her parents denied and got married her to someone. He is not so good match for her and he was a workaholic. So, she never seems to enjoying her marital life well. I was visiting all our sisters’ homes frequently. As she was also nearby, my visit was more frequent to her home.

Once, I had been to her home. Her husband had already left early in the morning. We had chat for some time and then she took bath and changed her dress and came out to go to kitchen. I was stunned for her beauty for few seconds. She was wearing black silk sari and as she took head bath she was looking like a fresh white lotus the pond. She saw me staring at her and asked raising her eyebrows, what? I said she is looking beautiful. She smiled and went to the kitchen.

As I had already tasted the incest type sex, I could not stop myself. I followed her to the kitchen. I started chatting with her and helping her in the kitchen and scanning her milky bursa eskort bayan yellow mixed skin expose near the navel and neck. I gradually moved close to her and started touching while acting as helping her. I started conversing with her about her love affair and why she got married urgently. Though she hesitated at first, but later told her love story. Though she didn’t like her husband she was married forcefully. Now even though she has a good married life, but was not happy.

But, I was least bothered about her story; I was trying to touch in every possible way, like helping in cooking, mixing curry etc. Couple of times I stood behind her, while she turns her body, she used to hit me pressing her breasts to me.

Later I asked as if I asked casually, how was her sex life. She looked me with little shock and then asked ‘why do you want know. You don’t need because you not married.’ I said, ‘yes but it would be useful for me to understand, how to be and not to be with wife.’

She hesitated and was silent for a moment. Then told ‘it is OK. Not so great. We don’t enjoy the sex, we just do it and also once in a blue moon.’ She told her life was changed completely with the marriage. She looked disappointed and I saw slightly tears started coming out. She turned back so that I don’t see it.

I came near to her and held her shoulders from behind and started rubbing smoothly by consoling her. She was silent for a moment. I slowly brought my hands down and held her hands and folded them near to her breast. We were there in that pose for a moment. I slowly brought down my hands to her waist and smoothly locked her from behind. She started moving and tried to come out of my hands. I held it little tight and brought my face her to her neck and landed my chin on her shoulder. She started sensing my warm breath behind her ears. She stopped moving for a moment again.

I read it somewhere the point at the neck behind the ear is the one of the best sensitive spot for girls. I implemented and succeeded now. Now I bent head and kissed her neck. She felt it strong, and understood what I am trying to do. She started struggling and held my hands with her hands and tried to open release herself from my grip. I didn’t bursa merkez escort release it and quickly I held her hands also and pushed her stomach towards me.

I murmured in her ear ‘I like you a lot and I want you at least once in my life. Please!’

Neeta stopped for a second, and again started struggling saying ‘no I am your sister, please stop’.

I told again in a romantic voice in her ear ‘just close your eyes and forget that for a moment’ and I kissed her on her shoulder passionately.

Neeta’s body became rigid for a moment and she held my hands tightly. I gradually started kissing smoothly on her naked back. She slowed down her struggle and started responding to my kisses. I took it as a green signal. I released my hands a little and took her hands and placed them on the kitchen platform. I bent forward slowly and she started bending with me. Then by continuing my kisses on her back, I slowly took off my hands from her hands, and moved my left hand down and held her sari and started lifting slowly.

For a couple of seconds Neeta didn’t observe but after she held my left hand tightly and tried to pull down the sari. I again took her hand and placed on the kitchen platform and pulled up her sari some more. Again she tried to stop me. I don’t know what to do to stop her.

Then I got an idea. I moved my right hand under her and her left breast and squeezed smoothly. Neeta immediately tried to stop with her right hand but she couldn’t as she is bending with the support of her right hand only. So, she immediately took off her left hand from my left hand and started to remove my right hand from her breast. I quickly pulled up her sari completely above her ass. She has so round hot ass with beautiful thighs. She was wearing a black panty. I smoothly pulled it down. She tried to stop it twice but I diverted her again by pressing her boobs.

By that time, my dick was hard and ready. I slowly widen her legs with my legs. I pulled down my shorts and then slowly moved my ass forward and my touched her ass.

Neeta alerted with that touch and tried to get up. I her hands again and pressed towards the kitchen platform. Neeta with a tense voice, said ‘please ra don’t bursa sınırsız escort bayan do this. This is so wrong. I request you. I should not do this. Don’t make me to do this’. I didn’t listen to her. I slowly started rubbing my dick under her ass around her vagina. After a minute her pleadings slowed down.

Then I took my hands off slowly and placed them on her waist. I pressed gently and started squeezing smoothly. Neeta began to breathing heavily. I moved down my hands and moved forward and inserted them inside her blouse. I sensed hot skin with round and soft boobs. I moved forward and could able to sense her puffy nipples. I slowly started groping. Neeta moaned slightly and put one her hand on her breast and tried to remove my hands. I started groping more and squeezed them hard. She moaned again and removed her hand gradually.

By the time my dick could able to sense her cunt started oozing. I understood it’s time for the finals. I inserted my dick smoothly inside. Aaahhh. Neeta moaned again. I took out my hands from her boobs and held her ass tightly. I began to give strokes first slow and steadily. With every stroke she a slight moan started coming from her mouth.

After few minutes I increased the speed. This time deep and strong strokes. Neeta’s voice increased with each stroke ‘aahh aaahh oh my yeah, deep, deep. Don’t stop ra fuck me’. With every stroke she started encouraging me and pulling my ass with her hand inside her. I gave more and more deep and strong strokes. Finally, I pumped in my cum deep and she reached her orgasm and moaned ‘ooohh umm oh God.’

I slowed down my strokes and again started groping her boobs by resting my head on her back. Neeta was breathing heavily along with me. I kept kissing on her back.

After few minutes I moved back slowly and she pulled down her sari. She got up. She was standing bending her head down but didn’t turn back. I waited for a minute and then put my hands on her shoulders tried to turn her back. She resisted for a moment and then turned back and slapped me!

I didn’t respond as I know the reason. A couple of tears came down from her eyes. She looked at me for a second and suddenly hugged me tightly. I too hugged her tightly and didn’t speak anything as I can understand her mixed emotions.

I felt guilt for moment but the one thing she told at last, made me to continue our relation and my incest journey.

With tears coming out of her eyes, she hugged me more tightly and told.

‘Why did you born as a brother to me’ and she kissed me on my lips!

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