My Niece Simone Ch. 01


Simone isn’t really my niece. In fact, we are not even related by blood. Actually, she is the step-daughter of my cousin Rita. Rita is 2 days shy of being one year younger than me. During high school and college we were like brother and sister, getting together regularly to talk and smoke grass together. I had lusted after Rita ever since she was about 15, when we had gone swimming together.

Rita had married Simone’s father when Simone was about 2, and our family had assimilated Simone and her father as part of our family. Over the years, Simone became more of a niece than the step-daughter of my cousin’s husband. Simone was now working on a PhD at a local university. I hadn’t seen her since a family reunion when she was 16. She was now 24, and lived a few miles from me.

I received an email from Rita, asking if I would do some mentoring for Simone, as both she and Simone were struggling with an issue between Simone and her father. There were no details other than that. A few days after I received the email, Simone called me as a follow-up. Being very vague on the phone, Simone asked if I would meet her for dinner near the campus, as she wanted to discuss it face-to-face. The mystery surrounding the issue aroused my curiosity, and I agreed to meet her at a pub near her apartment.

Simone was already there when I arrived. I had come straight from work, dressed in my usual Dockers and a shirt. Simone was dressed as a student; jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers. Simone was, in a word, beautiful. She had olive skin, stood about 5′ 7″ tall, with an oval face framed by long straight black hair. The large sweatshirt hid her figure, but her loving hug upon my arrival allowed me to feel her large breasts against my chest.

We chitchatted as we perused the menu. Simone had already ordered a pitcher of beer, and we caught up on recent history while we awaited our food order. As curious as I was, I figured, she’d get around to the reason we were meeting when she was ready.

Our food arrived, and after a few bites, she finally started in, “I’m sure you’re curious as to why I’ve asked to meet with you.

“Well, yes, since both you and Rita have been strangely vague about the reason.”

“There are several reasons for the vagueness, but principally it’s because I’m a bit nervous about talking about this issue with you. But Mom said that you’re pretty liberal, fair and understanding. And I don’t need a parental lecture on this. But that is what my Dad would give me, and even before I finished talking.”


“Well, I want go get into the phone sex business. Mom can accept it, but I know that Dad would probably lock me away for twenty years and throw away the keys. He is so chauvinistic. Mom says she knows he’s used phone sex services, but we all know that he would never allow his daughter to work in the trade.”

“Why?” I asked.

“You know Dad. He’s from the sticks, and …”

I interrupted her, “No, why do you want to get into the phone sex business?”

“Oh, that. Well, three reasons, really. First, I am going into psychiatry with a focus on sexual dysfunction, and this will give me a lot of insight into how men think about sex. Secondly, I understand that if one is good at it, one can make quite a bit of money at it. And, thirdly, I learned last summer how much I enjoy phone sex, when my boyfriend was spending the summer back east.” Even in the dim light, I detected a bit of blush in her cheeks with the last comment.

I offered, “Having phone sex with a complete stranger for money isn’t the same as intimate conversation with the one you love. And besides, how would James react to you having phone sex with strange men.”

“And women, too, I hope,” she added. “James’s opinion no longer counts. We broke up a few months ago, so I’m currently unattached. He definitely had issues with my desire to pursue a sexually focused career.”

“Oh, sorry ’bout that.”

“That’s all right. It was my choice. He was too demanding, jealous, and closed-minded. As much as he was willing to talk about wild sex, he would only do it with me missionary style, no matter how hard I tried to open it up. And I’m not ready to settle down yet.”

“Ok, so how can I help you? It sounds like your mind is already made up.”

By now we had finished our meal, although we were still working on the pitcher. “Well, a couple of things. Mom said that if I could convince you that it was a good idea, a good plan, and that I’d be safe, she’d help me convince Dad to accept my doing that kind of work. Secondly, I want somebody to help me make sure I am doing it smart and not getting screwed. And, thirdly, I’m hoping you can help me get some contacts to get started in the business.”

“Whoa, that’s some pretty high expectations. I really don’t want to get between you and your Dad or Rita. That’s asking for trouble. And I try to avoid staying out of family issues. That’s part of the reason I so seldom showed up for family reunions. Perhaps I can newcratos help with the second reason, and what makes you think I can help with the third.”

“Well, Mom told me how liberal you were, being a hippie and all in college, and how she used to tease you all the time when you were teenagers.”

“That was a long time ago.”

“Yeah, but she told me about the last time you chatted, when you told her that she still turned you on. I figured if you could have that kind of conversation with her now, you must be pretty liberal still, and could figure out a way to get info on this business. I’ve already got some leads on places to work. I just don’t know how to do due diligence on this, and ensure I’m not getting screwed. Hopefully, you could help me find someone in the business that could mentor me.”

I secretly thought about my good friend and phone sex provider Alex, but wasn’t about to admit that I had a regular provider.

She continued, “Really, I’ll take any help you could give me. I’m pretty much sure I’m doing this; I just need some help from someone I can trust. And Mom says I can trust you. Oh, and one last thing that I shouldn’t tell you; Mom has always wanted to fuck your brains out, ever since she saw the size of your cock way back when.”

With that comment, I blushed. “She told you that?”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that Mom and I share pretty much everything, now. I know Mom would never hurt my Dad, but she told me you’re probably the one man that could cause her to stray from monogamy, even today. And from what she says, you found her to be quite sexy back then when you were teenagers.”

“Hmmm. This conversation is moving a bit away from the primary topic, but I guess I understand why Rita suggested you chat with me. Not every mother and step-daughter relationship is as intimate as yours seems to be.”

“Well, it wasn’t always that way. But, it’s been like that since I was about 16, and Mom found my vibrator. Boy was she pissed, but we worked through it, and we’ve been best friends ever since then. So, are you going to help me? Please!” She pleaded. And it worked.

“All right, all right. I’ll help. What’s the most useful thing I can do?”

“Great. Thanks, Uncle Bob. Would you like to look at the information I’ve collected so far. It’s at my apartment which is only a couple of blocks from here.”

“Sure, why not?”

Since she had walked to the pub, we left my car in the pub lot and walked back to her pad. Simone shared a 2 bedroom apartment with another girl. Anna was out, so we had the place to ourselves. We shed our coats and Simone offered me some wine or beer. I took a beer, while she poured herself some wine. Then, she asked me if I still smoked grass. When I acknowledged that I did, she brought out a joint, lit it, and took a deep drag before passing me the j. As I was taking my toke, Simone brought out a couple of file folders, opening them on the table. She had information from a couple of phone sex service providers, and several magazine article reprints that described the business.

We finished the first joint and started another as I perused the material. Simone had certainly done her homework, as she had accumulated substantial information, much of it of high quality and integrity. Sometime during this perusal, Simone had shed her sweatshirt, as the apartment was quite warm. As much as I tried, I couldn’t avoid sneaking peaks at her ample breasts, straining against the too small tee shirt she was wearing.

Eventually she caught me. “I see you’ve noticed my breasts. Mom was right; you’re not very good at hiding your voyeurism.” I blushed a bit, but she continued. “It’s okay, go ahead and look. I’ve always enjoyed being looked at by men. My boobs developed early, and I had to get used to it. Now, I enjoy the attention they get me. I do wish men would look past them occasionally and realize that I have a brain as well. And for women, our brain is a very highly charged erogenous zone. That’s why I enjoy the phone sex idea so much. The men on the other end of the phone line would be turned on by my voice and words, not by my boobs or pussy.”

The combination of beer, weed, and the conversation caused a significant stirring in my loins, and I tried to adjust my slacks for more comfort without being too obvious. But, I failed.

“I see that this is having an impact on you,” she allowed. “But, I’m not going to apologize, nor am I going to change. If I’m going to get into this business, I have to be able to get men of all ages and interests turned on, and then I have to get them off, all over the phone, right?”

“Well, yes, but I’m not one of your customers,” I replied, expecting to put this line of discussion to an end.

Simone was not about to back down, and was clearly feeling the effects of her beer, wine, and grass when she said, “Ah, but when I’m in the business, I’d hope you’d be one of my customers. Anonymously, of course. And I certainly hope that you’d newcratos giriş be a satisfied customer.”

In my mind, I couldn’t wait, but I was not about to admit it here and now. I also figured, that I’d better make my exit before the situation got any worse. I allowed as how it was getting late, and I’d better be going. We mad a date to get together again the next week to further discuss her business plans. Her good-bye hug was considerably more firm than a traditional uncle-niece hug, as she pressed her boobs firmly against my chest. She made sure to press close enough to feel my semi-hard cock through my slacks. “Mmm,” she said, “I’ll be looking forward to next week.”

As I walked out the door, I turned and commented, “By the way, your research is very good and I think you have a clear understanding of what the business is all about and what it will take to be successful, and I wish you the best of luck.”

“Thank you,” she yelled.

And I was looking forward to it as well, but with some trepidation, as this was clearly moving to somewhat dangerous behavioral territory. I definitely found Simone quite attractive and sexy, and would be happy to engage in phone sex or real sex, for that matter, with her, except for the fact that she was Rita’s step-daughter. That made it off limits; right.

I wavered as to whether or not to email Rita about my conversation with Simone, and the extent of its intimacy. Eventually I did, although I kept the content quite vague. A couple of hours later, Rita called me. Rita probed aggressively as to the content of our conversation, and I finally relented, sharing all of the details. When I described Simone’s reflections on Rita’s sexual attraction towards me, Rita gasped audibly over the phone, so I queried her as to her real feelings. Rita hemmed and hawed, but reluctantly admitted that she still found me sexually attractive. I admitted to her that I still had fantasies about her, and we agreed that we would have to find some way to resolve our mutual feelings so as not to hurt ourselves or others. Rita also confirmed that Simone was highly sexual, and seemed to be mature for her age, and again pleaded with me to help Simone do whatever she wanted but in a safe way. Rita even admitted that she was kinda excited about having a daughter in the phone sex business, and hoped that Simone would share some of her experiences with Rita.

My conversation with Rita made the issue even more interesting, as I was now fantasizing about fucking my cousin and her step-daughter. The dilemma got even more interesting after my conversation with Alex, my phone sex friend. Alex was turned on by the idea of mentoring Simone, even though she lived clear across the country. We toyed around with several scenarios for introducing Alex to Simone, and finally agreed that I should just provide Simone with Alex’s contact information, and let it go from there. I emailed Simone the next day with contact info for Alex.

I heard back from Alex a couple days later, and Simone had contacted her. They had chatted on the phone for over two hours, and were due to talk again that evening. They had spent the entire two hours chatting about the business, its risks, its rewards, and lots of advice as to how to safely participate in the phone sex business. The upcoming evening conversation was focusing on content of phone sex calls. Alex allowed as to how she hoped the conversation would get really hot, as she found Simone erudite, entertaining, and quite sexy. I agreed and wistfully commented as to how I would love to listen in. Alex laughed, and agreeing with my desire, promised that she would conference me in on the call so that I could listen.

My phone rang right on schedule. I answered and immediately heard Alex and Simone talking. As I had promised, I put my phone on mute, and listened. It was evident from the start that Alex had already gained Simone’s trust. By the time I had ensconced myself comfortably in a chair, Alex was already sharing call management strategies with Simone. All about how to get a guy hard, and keep him that way while extending the call to use as many minutes as possible, or ensure that the customer got his money’s worth so that he would call back again. This fairly mundane conversation continued for about twenty minutes. But then, it got interesting.

It started with Simone’s question, “So, how do you get a strange man turned over the phone?”

Alex responded, “Let me give you an example of how I turn the temperature on a call up to searing hot.” Alex then launched into a monologue about her and a younger woman, and what she was would do with this younger woman while the “guy” was watching, explicitly describing each move. I was well aware of Alex’s skill, as I had enjoyed it many times, and Alex succeeded once again. My cock was stirring within a couple of minutes after Alex started the monologue. Before Alex even finished her first example, I had unzipped my slacks and freed my cock.

“Wow!” was Simone’s response in a voice somewhat huskier than her normal conversational voice. “I don’t know what effect that would have on a man, but it certainly affected me. My pussy is getting wet listening to you.”

Alex replied, “That’s a good sign. Generally speaking the hotter you can get, the hotter the man is going to be. It won’t always happen, and with some men it never will, but if you want callbacks, which are where you really start making the big bucks in this business, I’ve found it to be more successful telling stories that get you hot. Of course, you need to listen to any guidance the customer may provide. Some men are helpful, some aren’t. But you can always ask your customer, as they are getting hot, what turns them on the most. For example what part of my story turned you on the most?”

“Oh, god,” Simone replied, “the part where you are licking the young girl’s pussy while the man is watching. I just love having my pussy eaten, and to be watched while it’s happening! Wow! That is such a turn on.”

“Mmmm, and I just love to eat pussy,” Alex continued. “So very few men know how to eat pussy, which is why I particularly enjoy sharing it with a woman. Have you eaten pussy before, Simone?”

“No, I haven’t. I have only had sex with two men total. But, I’ve fantasized about it ever since I found one of my parents’ pornos and watched two girls making love. Have you, or is that a silly question?”

Alex laughed, “It’s not silly, and yes I have. And I do it as often as I can as long as I’m in a safe situation.”

“Are you a lesbian or are you bisexual?”

Alex answered, “Oh, bisexual, absolutely. I like cock too. There’s nothing quite like having one’s orifices stuffed with cock for a total over the top orgasm. And while strap-on dildos are useful for an all-woman orgy, nothing beats the real thing when it comes to cock meat. So, tell me about the two men you’ve been with, and the wildest sex you had with each.”

Simone responded, “Well, there’s James. Up until a few months ago he had been my boyfriend since I was a freshman in college. He took my virginity in the back seat of his Malibu. Other than the summer of our phone sex, our wildest sex was when he fucked me here in the apartment under a blanket in the living room while my roommate was watching TV with us. I found out later that we really turned her on, even though we were very careful to not make noise or let on that he had stuck his cock up my cunt during the love scene in the movie. She told me later that she masturbated thinking about us. The only other man I’ve been with is Professor Jackman. I had him for a calculus course, and then TA’d under him for a term. About half way through the term, we got stoned together and I seduced him. As if it was hard to do. So, Alex, is my Uncle Bob one of your clients?”

“I’m not answering that,” Alex responded. “We must respect the privacy of our clients, or potential clients.”

“Yeah, okay. I just figured that Bob must have met you as a customer. I’ve got to tell you though, even though he is so much older than me, I would jump into bed with him anytime. After hearing my mom tell me about the fun the two of them had when they were younger and how big his cock is, and then chatting with him about this line of work. He is understanding and sensitive, on top of being good looking. God, I think I could be his sex slave if he wanted it.”

Alex chided her. “Careful, girl. That is probably a fantasy of most men; to have a young sex slave. That and two women together are probably the two most common fantasies I hear about. To be honest, I suspect that you would definitely enjoy it if it ever happened.”

By now I was stroking my very hard cock, my mind reeling with the new information that I now had, yet knowing that I couldn’t officially know it.

Alex continued, “I’m going to tell you to expand your sex life a bit, because experience will help in this job, but be very careful. Be very selective in your sex partners, and play safely. Broaden your horizons, but maintain full control of who your sex partners are. And on the other hand, if your partner wants to take full control of the sexual experience, submit, and enjoy the experience. Being a sex slave often provides mind blowing orgasms.”

“I take it that you’ve been a sex slave before?”

“Oh, yeah, and I will again. But I also like to be in charge as well. Both are fun.”

“I’m not sure I’m ready to be in charge, you know. I haven’t had enough experience yet to really know what to do. But, I think I’d like to try it.”

“Well, the nice thing about phone sex is that you can try everything out that you want to. Even the absolutely forbidden is within reason, since it is all virtual.”

“Oh, and I want to try it all.”

I had been stroking my cock lightly all this time, waiting for the conversation to get hot again. I was dismayed when Alex spoke next. “Hey, hon, I’ve got a call coming in from a customer and I have to take it. Wanna talk again tomorrow night.”

Simone responded, “Absolutely. I want to get in some more practice. I’ll be thinking about you when I go to bed tonight. I’m already horny.”