My Peeping Brother in Law

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Big Tits

My name is Melanie, and I’m married to Dave, who is in the Navy. We are both 29 yrs.old, and, have been, married for 2 years. Dave has a much younger brother, Scott who is now 20.

When we were first married, we lived in Portsmouth, which is about 50 miles from our family homes, where Dave was based. Scott would, occasionally visit, and spend a weekend with us.

Because I am alone so much, in the flat, I don’t close doors as much as most people. One Saturday night, when Dave was away, I decided to have a bath, while Scott watched a video. As I lay soaking, in the hot, soapy water, preparing myself for a spot of masturbation, later in bed, I sensually washed my 32c breasts, with a large sponge, filling it with hot water and squeezing it, so the contents cascaded down onto my big brown nipples. Although I had a Simply Red tape playing, I heard Scott walk along the corridor, presumably, going to the toilet. I continued washing and rubbing my breasts, stomach and pubes, and forgot about him. After a couple of minutes, I realised that I hadn’t heard the cistern flush. I turned my head, towards the partly open, door, and suddenly heard the sound of scampering feet, and the toilet door slammed closed. He had been peeking through the gap in the door! I guessed that he was now tugging at his young cock. I was blushing, but giggled at how naughty I felt.

Perhaps I was naïve, but, as he was a teenager, I knew that he liked girls, but had never considered that he would be interested in a woman of my age.

I got out of the bath, grabbed a towel to cover myself and closed the door. As I dried myself, I heard Scott leave the toilet, and go back to the living room.

Now, in my short gown, and a pair of clean pair of knickers, I joined Scott. He acted as if nothing had happened, but hardly looked at me, as he continued to watch his video. I poured myself a glass of wine, and decided to forget about the incident.

I didn’t give it another thought until Scott visited a couple of months later. We chatted, as usual, while we ate a take-away meal, with me drinking a couple of glasses of wine, and him a couple of beers. I told him that he could watch a video, if he wanted to, while I took a bath.

I was getting undressed, while the water was running, when the memories of the previous visit came back to me. I put my hand on the door handle, to close it, when I had the naughtiest of thoughts. Deliberately, I left it ajar, about 9 or 10 inches.

When I sunk into the hot bubbles, I couldn’t relax. My heart was skipping beats as I wondered whether he would come back for a second look. I needn’t have worried, after about five minutes, I sensed him tip-toeing out of the living room. Desperately trying not to look at the door I leaned out of the bath to pick up the large jug, to wash my hair, making sure that he got a good view of my firm tits and inch long, ‘rock hard’ brown nipples.

I proceeded to wash my long, brown, permed hair, gently making my breasts sway, when the soapy bubbles ran over them. After 5, or so, minutes, I heard the toilet door close. I chuckled, to myself. It had worked. I didn’t know why, but teasing this teenage boy was really turning me on. After rinsing my hair, I lay back, and just wallowed, letting my nipples peak through the bubbles, as I stroked my pussy under the water. As he probably couldn’t see my tits, anymore, he went back to his video. Again we didn’t mention what had just happened, as I sat opposite him, while we watched the late night football highlights. In bed that night, I couldn’t get to sleep, for thinking about what I had done. Quietly, and quickly I fingered myself to a very satisfying orgasm.

We continued this ‘game’ for the next couple of months. Whenever Dave was at sea, Scott would arrange to visit, to ‘keep me company’.

He would stand outside of the bathroom, watching me wash my tits, then run into the toilet for a wank. Then I would sit opposite him, sometimes flashing my knickers, and long legs. Occasionally I would let my robe fall open, to show him my cleavage, pretending that it was an accident. In bed I would end the night by playing with myself. By now I had convinced Dave to buy me a vibrator, ‘because I missed him so much’! I don’t know which of us looked forward to these nights, the most, Scott or myself. Towards the end of the year, I found a red pair of my knickers in the wash-basket, after he had gone home, with a sticky, white stain in the crotch, which wasn’t mine!

Knowing that he was, now, using my underwear to masturbate into added to the excitement. I began deliberately leaving my soiled lacy knickers and bra’s on the top of the wash basket, for him to find. When he left on the Sunday night, they would always have his damp stains on them.

Scott visited the weekend that he passed his A-level exams. He got really good grades, which meant that he would be able to go to the University of his choice, which was Manchester; 300 miles away. While I was happy for him, it also meant that he would no longer be able Porno to visit, and our ‘game’ would have to stop.

Dave was at sea, that weekend, so when Scott arrived, I was alone in the flat. I greeted him with a big hug and a sloppy kiss, congratulating him on his exam results. I gave him his present – an expensive sweater, which he loved, but I knew that he would like my special present better.

I ordered pizza while he dropped his coat and bags in his room.

We spent the next hour eating, drinking and chatting. When we had finished, I announced that I was going to have a bath. We had still never admitted, to each other, that we both knew what the other was doing. Perhaps, the mystery added to the sexual tension.

As I was getting undressed, I had a Devilish thought, as to what I would do for his treat. Just to tease him, I closed the bathroom door.

After a couple of minutes, I heard the floorboard creak, and knew that he was coming for his voyouristic peek. I tried not to laugh out loud when I heard him try to gently push the door open.

Scott was watching his video, when I joined him in the living room. As I always do, when I sit on the armchair, I curled my legs underneath me. As we chatted, and drank, I shuffled my position, slightly opening my legs. His eyes nearly popped out of his head; I wasn’t wearing any knickers!

During the next half-hour, I was ‘like a cat on hot coals’; I couldn’t sit still, re-positioning myself, continuously, making sure that he didn’t miss an inch of my specially trimmed pussy. Opening my legs, slightly, then closing them, pulling my knees up to my chin, short flashes then long, lingering moments. My fanny was soaking. I started to worry that I might mark the chair! He never took his eyes from between my legs. He, too, had to keep adjusting himself, as his cock must have been straining to get out of his pants.

“I’m going to bed!” Scott suddenly blurted out, and ran out of the room, nearly bent double. Pleased with myself, I too went to bed. As I was a little bit drunk, for once, I couldn’t keep quiet when I fucked myself, three or four times, with my vibrator. I was moaning and groaning, as I thrashed my plastic cock in and out of my hot cunt, thinking about Scott in the next room, wanking for England, into my new black silk knickers that I had wiped my pussy with, before I placed them in the basket.

The atmosphere, at breakfast, was electric. We never mentioned the previous nights’ ‘game’, but he couldn’t hide the cheeky grin, on his face.

When he left that night, so did the black knickers! Thoughtfully he had left me a bra caked with his spunk, so that I could smell him, when I, too, masturbated.

I was really enjoying these nights, but gradually, began to worry about where the relationship was going. Just before the Christmas, Dave was posted to the Mediterranean, for two months. On the Thursday after he had gone, Scott rang to ask if he could bring a friend, from University, to stay the following weekend. Nervously, I agreed, but told him that I would be going out, to a party, with colleagues from work, so they would be alone. He didn’t seem to mind, too much, which disappointed me slightly.

They arrived on the Friday, at about 5pm, Scott showed his friend Rob, to the spare room, where they left the over night bags. Both boys were 18, about the same height and physique. Scott was the most attractive, but Rob had bright ginger hair, and a lovely, warm smile. We sat talking and drinking coffee, for an hour, or so, when I looked at my watch and told them that I would have to shower and get ready for my party.

As I didn’t know what Scott had told Rob, I closed the bathroom door, when I showered. As I was about to turn the shower on, I heard the sound of whispering, outside the door, and the handle slowly move. I smiled, to myself, as I realised that Scott must have told his friend about our ‘game’.

When I was in my bedroom, fastening my bra, I heard someone open the toilet door; I looked in the mirror. My door wasn’t completely closed, and I could see Rob watching me. For a few seconds, I didn’t know what to do. Instead of confronting him, I slowly continued, straightening my black nylon, stockings, bending over as I did, so my tits nearly popped out of the cups. I pulled my knickers high up my thighs, making sure that they accentuated my legs, and framed my tight, round arse cheeks, for him. My heart was pounding, as I took my time choosing a skirt, finally deciding on a black leather one, and a low cut blue blouse. By now Scott had joined him, they had even pushed the door further open, for a clearer view. By the time, that I had put my shoes on, they were back, sitting in the living room.

“What are you plans for tonight?” I asked Scott, while I stood in front of the mirror, applying my lipstick. “We’re just going to watch a couple of videos,” he laughed, and looked at Rob, who joined in.

I was watching Rob and Scott’s reflections, as they stared at me, Altyazılı Porno whispered and began to laugh, again.

“I might be late, because some of the girls are going clubbing. There’s beer in the fridge, if you want it.” I winked at Scott, and left for the party.

Although I am only 29, it felt good to be desired by these two young boys, one of whom, was my brother in law.

The party was held in a City centre pub, and went well. There was plenty to drink and eat, and the music was good. When the pub closed, no one really wanted to go clubbing, so I decided to go straight home. In the taxi, I spent the whole journey planning how I could tease both boys.

As I entered the flat, I could hear the boys making a lot of noise, and the T V was very loud. The first thing that I saw was a black cock, the size of my arm going into a shaved fanny, in Glorious Technicolor on my 30- inch TV!

“What the Hell do you think that you’re doing? Where did you find those?” I shouted, as I entered the living room. They were watching Dave’s porn videos, and the carpet was littered with used tissues and empty beer bottles. “Shit!” Scott gasped, “I’m sorry, I was looking for something to watch, and found these.” He stuttered, as he tried to find the remote control, and pull his pants up to cover his boner, at the same time! “I’m so sorry, Mel. I thought that you would be back later than this! Shit! I’m so sorry!”

The sight of two teenagers wanking at a porn film was surreal, but very funny.

Laughing at his predicament, I told him, “It’s okay. Don’t let me spoil your night, carry on. Who wants another beer?”

Puzzled, they looked at each other, grinned, then both replied, “Yes please.”

When I came back with the beers, they had pulled their jeans up, but had not fastened them. Their cocks were now hidden from view. I handed them a bottle, each, making sure that they could look down my cleavage.

Sitting next to Scott, I picked up two of the empty video boxes, and asked, “This isn’t the first time that you’ve watched these, is it?” Blushing, he replied that he’d found them some months earlier, and had regularly watched them, when I went out. I couldn’t believe how horny he was. Not only had he spent the last few months spying on me, he was also wanking over porn videos. I only wished that his elder brother had been half as horny! “Which one do you like best?” I asked. After looking at Rob, for guidance, Scott pointed at one on the floor. ‘Blowjob Annie’, “I might have guessed! Just like your brother!” I said as I read the box, “Is this what you like your girlfriends to do, for you?” I asked him. “I wish!” he said as he rolled his eyes, Rob nodded in agreement.

“So what do they do?” I teased.

“Not much, only, you know……playing with their…..tits.” Scott started to laugh, at his confession.

“You mean that you’ve never had a blowjob!” I rolled my eyes in mock amazement, “well, if you promise not to tell anyone, and I mean, anyone, we can put that right, tonight!” Even though they were my words, I shocked myself. “I promise, I promise!” they both shouted.

Standing up, I started to unbutton my blouse, “We can’t do anything with our clothes on. Hurry up, get your jeans off!”

In seconds, jeans, socks, shirts and briefs were being flung around the room.

As I dropped my skirt, to the floor, they both stood, with their hand on their hips. Their young cocks were as hard as rocks, jutting out from their firm, young bodies. Stepping out of my skirt, I was left in just my pale blue bra, pants, suspenders and black stockings. Raising my arms above my head, and breathing in, I asked, “Do I look nice?” “Yes!” they answered together.

With a cheeky smile, I then asked, “Who wants to go first?” Already tugging on his cock, Scott nearly screamed, “Me, please!”

“You had both better sit down, then.” I motioned to the sofa. The two naked boys sat side by side. I knelt in front of them. Resting my tits on his knees, I ran my red finger- nail down Scotts’ big blue vein. He winced. “Did that hurt?” I teased. Scott nodded. “I’d better kiss it better then.”

Wrapping my fingers around the slim shaft, I slowly covered the purple helmet with my mouth, “OOOOOHHH!” He groaned. Slowly and firmly I stroked up and down, as I sucked and licked his young meat. With my other hand, I tickled Rob’s balls, and teased his cock with my fingers. Sensing that his balls were tightening, I pulled my head back, and speeded up my rubbing, and “Aaaagghhh” he grunted, as his hot, white spunk shot out of his tiny piss hole, landing on his stomach. With a couple of firm, squeezes, the last drops oozed out.

“Me, me, me now!” Rob squealed excitedly. I straightened my self, and undid my bra. My breasts were aching, and my long nipples felt like pebbles. Moving in front of Rob, I told Scott, “Squeeze my tits.” As I took hold of Rob’s fat cock, Scott knelt beside me, and tentatively held my right breast. “Not like that, squeeze them harder, you’ve Brazzers waited long enough, use both hands.” With that he dug his fingers into my fleshy mounds, and pounded them like clay. Rob ran his fingers through my hair, as I covered his knob with my hot mouth. The pain that Scott was causing in my tits was fantastic. My cunt was watering nearly as much as my mouth, making me squirm. I stopped sucking, to whisper, “Finger me, put your fingers in. Squeeze my arse.” Scott couldn’t believe his luck, and moved behind me. One hand went straight down the back of my knickers, digging his fingers into my arse cheek. I let out a little sigh. Unsure, his other hand slid into the front of my pants, slowly moving through my hairy pubes. His hand was trembling. “Finger me!” I repeated. His fingers slid all over my sweaty box. My cunt lips seemed to part of their own accord; my fanny sucking his slim fingers in, first one, then two. I groaned as I speeded up my blowjob. I stopped concentrating, as Scott twisted his hand around, his thumb touching my clitoris, sending me to new heights of desire. Rob’s cock twitched, and his juice squirted into my mouth. I pulled it in as far as it would go, draining every last drop, into my mouth. I threw my head back, to see Rob shaking. “Wow!” was all that he could say.

Scott was still fingering me and digging his fingers into my soft arse flesh. Like a porn-star, I was rotating my hips, in rhythm, while his thumb kept hitting the tip of my clit. I was going mad. “Deeper, harder, more fingers, more!” I shouted at him. Closing my eyes as all four of his young fingers ground into my sopping hole. Clinging onto Rob’s hips, my face pressed against his still hard cock, I fucked his hand, desperately trying to climax.

Scott was now pressing his own, hard cock against my stocking clad leg. I turned my head to look at my young brother in law, “Fuck me.” I told him.

“I haven’t got anything.” He pleaded, not wishing to miss this opportunity. “I don’t care! Fuck me!” Without being told twice, he pulled his fingers out of my throbbing cunt, and knelt directly behind me. At first he fumbled with my knickers, then pulled them to one side, I was so wet and swollen, he slid in very easily.

Grabbing my hips and suspender belt, he immediately started banging away, as only a young boy can. This was what I needed. “Oh yes Scott!” I groaned, “faster, faster! Fuck me harder! Squeeze my tits! Fuck me, fuck me!”

‘Doggy Style’ is my favourite position. I love the feeling when the cock rubs against my rear wall. I opened my eyes to see Rob’s cock still waving in front of me. I couldn’t resist, and pulled it back into my mouth. It tasted wonderful; still covered in spunk and lipstick. I gobbled on it like it was a toffee. With my other hand, I had to play with my clit. I had never known it stick out so much. It actually hurt as I rubbed it with my finger.

Scott had found another gear, and was really hammering into me, digging his fingers into my tits, occasionally nipping my nipples. With hindsight, he had probably had two or three wanks before I caught him, then I had given him a blowjob, so no wonder he didn’t show any signs of cumming!

I shuddered as my climax hit me, but, as Scott was still fucking me, and Rob was looking very comfortable as I continued sucking him, I decided to keep playing with myself. Three more times I climaxed, before Scott shot a small load into me.

He pulled out, and flopped down, beside me. I, too, was shattered. I rolled over, and sat next to him. I was shaking and covered in sweat. His cock was shining as it was covered in our juices, still poking out like a small flagpole.

As I got my breath back, Rob moved off the sofa, and stood in front of me, pointing his cock at my face. “Can I…..have a turn, please.” He asked, politely! After grabbing a bottle of beer and taking a swig, I smiled as I told him, “Of course, sweetheart. I wouldn’t want you to feel left out.” As I stood up, I slipped my knickers off, leaving me in just my stockings and suspenders, my cunt lips felt as if they were hanging down to my knees. The look on both of their young faces was very satisfying, as I lay back on the sofa, with my legs splayed wide apart, Scott’s spunk still leaking from my hole. Their grins could have lit up the room.

Rob, lay on top of me, and with a little bit of adjustment, his cock slid inside. After the hammering that Scott had just given me, I was a bit tender, but that didn’t matter, as he too, started like a train, which took me by surprise. By instinct I wrapped my legs around his hips, rubbing my nylons against his back. By doing this, his fat cock went in as deep as Scott had done from behind. My aching breasts were wobbling as they rubbed against the soft, red, hair on his chest. He tried to kiss me, but couldn’t make contact, as the speed of his fucking kept making our mouths miss.

“Slow down,” I pleaded, “Okay,” he smiled. As I released my legs from his hips, he moved onto his knees, and quickly put his forearms under my legs. Without removing his cock, he lifted my arse off the settee, so that I was resting on my shoulders, “What the Hell do you think you’re doing?” I shouted, as his cock went in deeper and deeper. “I saw it on one of the films and it looked good!” Was his answer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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