My Photogenic Mom Ch. 08

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While Harold was out of town Karen had plenty of time to think about the events of the last couple of days. She had taken a couple of days off of work so that her sore pussy and back could get back to normal. She could walk without pain now and the rug burns were healing nicely. Karen had known for a long time that she really loved Harold. She hoped that he loved her as much as she did him.

What he was going through now was not easy. Her sister was going to try to fuck him over now that she had caught the two of them in bed. As she thought of Susan, she did have some misgivings about the situation they were in. Susan would never forgive her for sleeping with Harold. Then again if Susan had done her job as a wife Harold would not have gone to her.

Karen’s thoughts had gone back to Harold and the first time they slept together. Just the thought of how gentle he was with her made her pussy get wet. He slid his huge cock slowly into her cunt letting it adjust to his size. As Karen thought about it her hand slid into her panties. Her fingers made their way into her wet slit.

Karen realized how much she wanted Harold with her as she started working her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. She could feel herself on the verge of cumming. grabbing her small breasts with her other hand as she fell backwards on the bed with both legs splayed wide apart. Her slender body shook with the force of her orgasm.

Karen was still lying on the bed when Harold came home. She had fallen asleep still lying with her legs spread. The almost dry damp spot on her panties the only remainder of what had recently occurred. Harold stood and looked at Karen’s sleeping form. He also had done a lot of thinking today. He had canceled his trip and spent the day sitting in a local park undisturbed.

He had decided that there would be no way to work things out with Susan after what she had witnessed. They would come to an agreement about Michael and the property that they owned. He was truly sorry that this was happening, but he would be with Karen all the time now.

Harold took off his clothes and leaned over Karen’s bed so that he could reach her firm tits with his mouth. He started to lightly suck her rosy nipples. They responded to his touch and Karen started moving her hips on the bed. Harold pulled her panties off her legs and kissed his way down to her love mound. Karen groaned as he buried his face in her hot wet cunt and started sucking her clit.

Karen grasped Harold’s head and held it in pace over her cunt as she ground it into Harold’s mouth. She started to roll Harold onto his back and sat down on his face. Slowly she pivoted around and leaned over and took his huge cock into her mouth. Karen had forgotten about how sore her cunt had been this morning. She was completely lost in the feel of Harold’s tongue licking her pussy.

Harold had a good view of Karen’s trim ass from his position. She wiggled it every time he licked her pussy lips. Karen had always loved him eating her pussy. He loved eating it almost as much. Harold was intrigued by the small brown puckered hole. Harold started running his tongue in circled around Karen’s cunt lips that caused her to grind her pussy into his face. Harold took hold of the cheeks of her ass with his hands and suddenly slid his tongue to her tight little asshole.

He shoved his tongue into her hole as far as he could get it. He did not think he would be able to hold Karen in place the way she jerked kızıl gaziantep escort when she felt his tongue enter her ass. Then she shoved her ass towards him and when his tongue probed her ass and his chin hit her clit Karen exploded. Harold could feel her juices running down his chin and onto his neck. He could feel her muscles contracting trying to hold him in her. Karen had never had such an orgasm.

Her whole body felt like a huge bolt of electricity went through her when Harold’s tongue went in her ass. She was limp as a dish rag as Harold slid her off of him. He laid her on the bed face down and slid a pillow under her hips. Karen lay totally exhausted on the bed unable to move.

Harold knelt behind her and spread her legs. He sat for a moment admiring the view of Karen’s ass and pussy upturned on the bed just waiting for his pleasure. Harold took his cock and slowly ran it up Karen’s widespread cunt getting the head all covered with her slippery juices. When he continued past her cunt and slid his cock towards her ass Karen began to get nervous. Harold put the head of his cock against Karen’s puckered little hole and took her hips in his hands.

Slowly he pushed against her watching as her asshole spread with the force of his cock. Harold forced his cock into the super tight hole, not wanting to hurt her. He watched as the head of his cock entered her hole completely. There was a soft plop as her sphincter muscle closed over its head.

Karen groaned as he continued his slow invasion of her ass. He slowly started to pump his hips back and forth watching her grasping ass move with his cock. Karen had started to respond to his cock with small movements of her own helping him slide his cock further into her ass.

She thought that she could almost feel his shaft entering her stomach. She pushed backwards against him seating his cock fully in her ass. Harold started sliding his cock in and out at a faster pace with Karen matching his movements. He could not believe it when he felt Karen sliding first one and then two fingers into her cunt. She started moving her fingers in and out of her throbbing pussy at a tempo matching his thrusts into her ass.

Karen let out a scream as she came again, locking her fingers deep in her cunt. The muscle spasms coursing through her body caused Harold to shoot his wad right then. Harold pulled Karen sideways on the bed with him as they both lay exhausted. They fell asleep with his cock still buried deep in Karen’s tight no longer virgin ass.

Michael and Susan came home on Wednesday afternoon. They were both tired from the trip and it was nice to just sit and relax. Michael looked at Susan as they sat on the couch and suddenly an idea came to him. He was thinking about how beautiful both his mom and Kathy were. As far as he was concerned, he was fucking the two most desirable women in town. If only they were both living in the same house and available to him whenever he wanted, he saw lots of possibilities. His only trouble now was to get them together.

Michael knew that his mom had a meeting in the morning that she just could not get out of. He would try to think of something by then. When Susan had left for her meeting Michael called Kathy. She actually seemed to be happy to hear from him. Michael wanted to see her more than he had thought, especially after the way she left him the last time. Kathy said that she would gaziantep kızıl escort bayan be over in a half an hour. This would give them about three hours before Susan came home.

Michael was not sure how Susan would act if she caught him fucking Kathy also. He sure did not want to fuck up now that his dreams were coming true. He knew that Susan was still upset about what had occurred at the cabin. That fact just might be the key to getting Kathy and Susan together. Michael knew that Kathy would not be a problem, he still had the pictures he would have to convince Susan to try it once.

Michael had let the door open for Kathy. He had just finished putting a new tape in the video camera and turned it on when she walked into his room. Michael walked over to her and kissed her hard, sliding his tongue into her hot mouth. Kathy responded to his kiss and raised her arms as Michael pulled her shirt up over her soft breasts. They quit kissing long enough for Michael to pull her shirt over her head and remove her bra letting her tits fall free. Michael kissed her breasts and then started sucking Kathy’s nipples. Kathy was ready and willing for Michael to do whatever he wished.

She could feel the heat building in her cunt, feel the juices starting to flow. Michael kissed her neck and shoulders, moving behind her letting the camera see her topless in his room. When he was behind her he slid Kathy’s jeans off her full hips letting them fall to the floor. He reached around her and cupped her full breast with one hand and her pussy with the other.

He could feel her body shiver in anticipation as he slid a finger between her wet cunt lips and started probing her hot hole. Kathy kicked her jeans off her feet and spread her legs so that Michael’s hands had free access to her dripping cunt. They backed over to the edge of the bed and Michael sat down.

Keeping Kathy facing the camera he told her to sit on his cock. Kathy centered her cunt over Michael’s ready shaft and slid down on it. He felt the head of his cock hit the bottom of Kathy’s cunt he held her still with it buried in her for a moment. She started working her ass in small circles, moving his cock in her cunt.

He could feel Kathy sliding her clit on the bottom of his shaft. Suddenly she cried out and her cunt spasmed tightly on his shaft her whole body shaking with the orgasm she was having. When she was finished Michael told Kathy he wanted her to suck his cock. She stood up pulling his cock out of the hot hole that he liked so well.

Michael moved up farther on the bed and Kathy knelt beside him and took his huge cock in her mouth. Kathy did not have much experience sucking cocks, but she definitely was learning to enjoy it. Michael slid a hand between her legs and finger fucked her cunt as she sucked his cock. Michael watched Kathy’s tits swinging as she worked on his cock, he loved a good set of tits.

Suddenly Michael rolled Kathy onto her back and smiling he straddled her chest. He lowered his cock between her sweat covered breasts and pulled them up around it. He started fucking Kathy’s tits with his cock. Kathy had never done this before either, but it felt good, and she liked seeing Michael’s cock slide out between her tits. She held her tits lovingly around Michael’s cock while he played with her nipples.

Kathy had never seen a man come before and she was surprised when the head of Michael’s gaziantep kızıl escort cock turned red and seemed to swell even more. Then suddenly he started shooting his wad all over her face and chest. Some of it landed in her mouth and eyes. She was fascinated with the way it sprayed out every time she felt his cock jerk.

She could feel some of Michael’s come dribbling down her chin. Kathy took her finger and pushed his come from her chin into her mouth tasting his heat. She rolled him over and quickly started sucking his cock to get the last drops of his come from his balls. When he finished shooting his wad, Kathy just lay where she was and fondled his balls and limp cock.

She could not believe that only a few short days ago she had not done or had done to her what she now enjoyed so much. This boy had turned her into a wanton slut and she loved it. She had been sexually naive before but that was no longer the case. She loved the feel of his cock in her no matter where he stuck it. She could feel her cunt contract at the thought of Michael shoving his cock into her body.

Kathy leaned over and slid his cock into her mouth. She wanted him in her and she knew how to accomplish that. Michael smiled as Kathy started sucking his cock. He reached between her legs and stuck two fingers into her dripping pussy getting them good and wet. As Kathy knelt to be able to suck him better Michael slid one finger out of her pussy and stuck it into Kathy’s tight ass. He was now finger fucking her ass and pussy at the same time. Kathy groaned and started moving her hips in time to his thrusts knowing she was about to come again.

Kathy started sucking furiously on Michael’s cock. She wanted to feel him come in her mouth as she came on his fingers shoved in her pussy and ass. She could feel Michael’s cock swelling ready to shoot his load just as she came again. She sagged forward with the force of her orgasm but did not lose a drop of Michael’s cum as he shot his load into her eager mouth.

Michael kept his fingers inside Kathy as they lay exhausted on the bed. After a short time, he looked at Kathy and asked her if she had ever been with a woman? Kathy said that she had never been and did not plan to be. She said that women had no interest for her at all. Michael asked her if she wanted to take a quick shower, Susan should be home in a while.

Michael washed Kathy off in the shower and told her he really loved looking at her sexy body and running his hands over it. He soaped her tits and could feel her nipples standing up again. His cock also started to stand up when she kept rubbing her slippery ass over the front of him. She smiled when she felt his cock rising between her legs. She liked the fact that youth made Michael’s recovery very fast. When Jim came once, they were done for the night. This would be Michael’s third time in less than two hours.

Kathy reached between her legs and soaped Michael’s cock making it stand to full attention. Michael pushed Kathy’s shoulders forward so that she leaned against the shower wall. He slid his soapy cock between the silky cheeks of her ass and entered her tight little brown hole. He stopped pushing as soon as his cock head entered her to let her ass muscle get accustomed to his size. He felt Kathy pushing backwards against him and he sank his cock completely into her ass.

Kathy had grown used to Michael fucking her ass, she even enjoyed feeling his big cock in her like that. She had to admit that at this point she liked Michael’s cock in her any way that she could get it. She had gone without a man long enough. Michael’s question about another woman still puzzled her, but she forgot all about it as he started moving his cock in and out of her tight firm ass. When Kathy was leaving Michael told her that he would call her later this evening. She was a little puzzled but said OK.

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